8 Days of Christmas Eye Makeup Tutorials: Day 3

Have you ever wondered why we use red and green for Christmas?

Honestly, I never questioned why red and green are symbolic of Christmas. This combination of colors is so deeply associated with Christmas that we hardly ever question the origins of the ‘colors of Christmas’.

I’m not a Christian, but celebrate Christmas as a special day of being with family and friends, and gifting my beloved ones presents carefully wrapped in brown paper packaging tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things….. LOL! Actually I love using colorful wrapping paper, makes the present look even more endearing! =D

This is a summary of what I found to be the reasons red and green are used as the official colors of Christmas.

GREEN represents hope given to mankind through the sacrifices of Christ, and the evergreen trees that we use as Christmas trees represent everlasting life.

RED represents the blood of Christ, shed for all humans in order that they might be saved.

Whenever people put together an apparel ensemble of red and green, they’ll receive remarks such as “Celebrating Christmas already huh?” Bet you must’ve said that about some person at least once in your life! Heh heh.

Okie! Now that we know the origins of Christmas colors, here’s an eye makeup tutorial using red and green.


A Wonderful Gold-Themed Beauty Bloggers Christmas Gathering 2011

December is probably the favorite month of the year for many of us because the air is filled with Christmas spirit – glitzy lightings that dot the streets of Orchard Road, catchy jingles playing from every shop that make a bad day seem that much better, shops that put out gift sets for people who have no idea what to get for random people for the office gift exchange…

And it gives reason for people to get together, to put work and other commitments aside, and just meet up and have a good time. Gift-giving adds another layer to the joys of Christmas. We all love to receive, but there is great comfort in giving too.

When Diana from adorebeauty blogged about a Christmas get-together, I was elated! I was soooo looking forward to meet like-minded girls who share the same interest as I – makeup and beauty.

I mean, my friends seek my advice on all things makeup and I love to share with them, but they’re not crrrrrrazy about makeup, you know what I mean? So it was definitely an event I was looking forwad to – an event where no one will judge me based on my love for makeup.

We all have ‘that kind’ of friends who sorta give us ‘that kind’ of look when we say we love makeup, right? Well, I certainly have.

The theme for the party came rather late (3 days before, to be exact!) and I was like “Gold?? I have no gold clothing!”. *mentally goes through wardrobe

I LOVE costume and themed parties and do my best to adhere to themes, be it color, fabric, mood, season, etc. For Halloween this year, I dressed as a Geisha with a torn left cheek, and had a smashingly awesome Halloween weekend. I have another Native American inspired look here which I did for Makeup Geek’s weekly challenge.

Every time I put on makeup, I feel like I just got a ‘LEVEL UP’ – you just get better each time. =)

Suddenly I remembered a gold and black dress that I wore for CNY in 2009. YES!!! I wasn’t sure to wear it though coz it makes me look fat. Hmph. I did, in the end, coz I had no other options.

My eye makeup was mitchy-matchy with my outfit for the day – gold and black!

When I was getting ready and also during the bus ride, I was both excited and worried.