Falling in Love with the L’Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadow Emerald Lame!

Recently, I find myself incredibly drawn to green things. I was never a sucker for green, in fact, I HATED the color green.

When my Orientation Group Leader for our Freshmen Orientation Camp back in university called me up a few nights before camp and told me to wear a green t-shirt because our group’s team color was green, my face turned green too. I had not a single thread of green in my wardrobe and had to borrow a green tank top from my sister.

So, I have no idea why anything green attracts me so much lately. I’ve been buying green tops, green bottoms, green bags, green eyeshadows, green eyeliners… I think I’m going through a green-phase. I hope it doesn’t turn awry soon, meaning I suddenly dislike green again overnight.

In my previous post, I did a review on the Pupa Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencil 02, a unique malachite green eyeliner. Please go get impressed with it. Lol.

One of the green things acquired in my green phase is the L’Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadow in Emerald Lame. There were only 2 colors available when I was at the 30% BHG sale. The other was purple.

Also, even though it clearly spells as Infaillible on the packaging, it is spelt as Infallible everywhere else. Why? Just use Google Translate ‘la couleur infaillible’ and you’ll get ‘Color infallible’! The former is recognized as French. So, there. =)

Green is Gorgeous

Asking a green-crazy me to make a choice between a purple and green is akin to asking a spider to make a choice between eating a flower and a big juicy beetle.

The green was the choice to make, more so because the color captivated my heart the moment I swatched it! I was like swatch >> WOAH! >> take a new one >> throw it into my shopping bag.

By the way, I got the last one. Whew!

L’Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadow in Emerald Lame is a black-based green peppered with a uniform distribution of gold shimmer.