The Brush Guard Review – Protect Your Makeup Brushes!

If I even knew how to turn on a sewing machine, I’d totally make my own brush roll with my choice of fabric, design and number of slots. Like maybe 20. There are makeup brush rolls sold everywhere, from pricey sleek black ones for professional artists, to those that come with a set of brushes like EcoTools 6-in-1 set and Sigma brush travel kit.

Then again, even if I manage to create my dream brush roll, it’d probably meet a fate like my EcoTools brush roll. I like flexibility and brush rolls just don’t give that. Just how many slots are ideal? Ideal for everyday use, ideal for a glamorous function, or ideal for a short trip? And there’s the putting back into individual slots that I don’t like, and lastly, the washing. Too troublesome!

I leave the house barefaced and only put on makeup in the office. I bring my makeup brushes and some essential makeup items home on Friday and bring them all back on Monday. Even though I know I won’t be going anywhere fancy over the weekend, I need to bring them back home. Just to feel secure. LOL. Some things I only just have one. Like the Shu Uemura eyelash curler and MAC #219.

All that transporting of brushes around in a plastic stationery folder used to leave them beautiful bristles squashed, crooked, and sometimes entangled in the zip! AHHHHHH! Horror of Horrors!