MDD Skin Perfect Brightening Nano Gel & Skin Perfect CC Cream Review

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What we do to our skin in our 20’s and early 30’s can positively or negatively affect the health of our skin and the rate at which it *GASP!* ages.

This period is when we should be most cautious because that’s when the aging process starts to accelerate (our skin starts aging at 18. =.=”) >>> oxygen levels decrease, moisture levels drop, fine lines surface, dull and uneven skin tone occur, and pigmentation darkens.

We all know a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet do wonders to the skin, but as we live in this world that doesn’t sleep, it’s hard to keep 8 hours of sleep and have 3 square meals daily.

What we cannot achieve naturally due to work/study stress, environmental factors and bad lifestyle habits, at the very least we have HOPE in the form of MDD Brightening Skincare Range.

I have 2 products from MDD Cosmeceutical to share with you and you can get a FREE 😀 MDD Age Fight Repair+ Elixir and even a FREE MDD Skin Perfect Brightening Peel!

MDD Cosmeceutical Japan


MDD (My Daily Dose) Cosmeceutical empowers individuals with skincare that offers multiple benefits, for ultimate fuss-free skincare efficiency. MDD Cosmeceutical products are designed and formulated with 0% paraben, 0% scent and 0% fuss. Formulated by a lab in Japan, the products are created with the latest cutting-edge skincare technology to deliver key, active ingredients to the skin’s deeper layers.

MDD Skin Perfect Brightening Nano Gel

This high-performance day moisturizer contains Vitamin C and Pearl Essence to brighten skin and increase luminosity. The Seaweed Extract helps to keep skin moist and Cermamides calms the skin.



I like that the MDD Skin Perfect Brightening Nano Gel allows me some time to spread and work it into my skin, those few seconds of lightly massaging my skin promotes blood circulation and relieves stress. The lightweight, non-sticky texture feels extremely comfortable on the skin.