How To Remove Stubborn Waterproof Eye Makeup Without Tearing Your Skin – Biore Makeup Remover For Eye & Lip Review

Take it all off! Your makeup, I mean! Teeheehee!

It is important to remove all traces of makeup before you turn in for the night. NO EXCUSES! This is my third bottle of the Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip and I can proudly say it will be my HG eye makeup remover until the end of time, unless one day it gets discontinued or is reformulated. =(

I always read about people having trouble removing makeup – waterproof mascara especially – on forums and wonder why, if they’ve always been bugged by that problem, never found the solution that I have? Is because those people in forums didn’t know about the oil-based makeup removers that hail from Japan? Or they didn’t have access to them?

Hmmm, I wonder.