Got To Know My Skin Better At Bellabox Event | Clarisonic | Goodbye Purple Hair



Ah yes, let’s go back in time for a teeny wee bit when my hair was still pink-purple then purple. Haha! So much backlog, I need to get it on!

The Bellabox event was held at Antoinette, at Penhas Road. I’ve only been to the one at Mandarin Gallery outlet; the Penhas Road one was larger and allowed more space for intricate furnishings and charming ornaments.


Tsk. Look at Evonne‘s thick juicy lips. iJelly.

I look like Jessica‘s maidservant in her very posh mansion. HAHAHA!


This was the most interesting and useful booth! The friendly lady from Nuxe, who has really beautiful skin, did a detailed skin analysis for every single person who asked for one.



This is my skin analysis results! OMG. Thanks to this machine, I finally know my skin type. And all its horrible connotations.

It’s a little hard to read, isn’t it? Let me type it out:

  • Sebum (U): Much (L)
  • Sebum (T): Much (H)
  • Moisture (U): 27. Little
  • Moisture (T): 27. Little
  • Pore: 6. Very Large
  • Wrinkle: 8. Thick (H)
  • Pigmentation: 2. A little severe
  • Elasticity:  5. Very low
  • Skin Type: Oily (lack of moisture)

So I have a lot of sebum on my… basically, EVERYWHERE. Lol. Coz I have it on both the U and T zones. And despite having oily skin, my skin has very little moisture which means it is extremely dehydrated. And I have VERY LARGE PORES, THICK WRINKLES, a little SEVERE PIGMENTATION (the ‘a little’ really doesn’t ease the annoyance), and INELASTIC SKIN which means I’m a lot closer to the day when I poke myself in the cheek and the dent stays there for like 1.5 minutes.