Bausch + Lomb Biotrue ONEday Lenses Let You See The World In A Whole New Way


It’s a little ridiculous how I became myopic. I was in my graduating year in secondary school and one day the classroom light above me became dim. They didn’t fix that so after 2 weeks I moved to another spot with better lighting, but the irreversible damage had been done and so from then on I was myopic. VERY SAD RIGHT!! It’s not as though I used the computer for hours, or sat too close to the TV, or read books lying down; all I wanted to do was study, but one stupid classroom light took my perfect eyesight away forever. :(

Fortunately my myopia isn’t too serious. I can do without spectacles or contact lenses, but I prefer to have crystal clear vision. It’s not a good feeling to be asked why I don’t respond when people wave at me.

The problem with most contact lenses is that they tend to feel very DRY and UNCOMFORTABLE after extended periods of time of wear. There was once when I removed my contact lens from my eye and saw that the LENS WAS TORN. It was so dry I think it tore in my eye. Where did the missing bit go??!?! =O

We all know Bausch + Lomb for their contact lens and solutions, but did you know that they are also one of the world’s largest suppliers of eye health products like medicines and implants for eye diseases? #learntsomethingnewtoday

Bausch + Lomb introduces their latest line of contact lenses called Biotrue ONEday lenses, which evidently from the name, are daily disposable contact lenses.


16 Hours Of Comfortable Wear

Optometrists always advise that contact lens should be worn for no more than 8 hours, but HELLO?, who is out for only 8 hours these days??

Work already takes up at least one-third of every 24 hours. Add to that traveling to and from work, going out after work, and other things we do like having:

  • Stairs to walk down from……



  • Social media to attend to……



  • Makeup to retouch……