Are You Afraid Of 2013? I Am.


Everywhere I look, people are celebrating the new year, embracing the year of the Snake with new hopes, dreams and resolutions. They bid 2012 farewell along with a pat on their backs, thank it for being a great year and with much aplomb, charge forth to vanquish the untrodden.

Am I the only one reluctant to say goodbye? Is it just me, or does anyone else feel hesitant to leave a year you knew so well behind and apprehensive towards one you have no idea what lies ahead?

(I’m sorry, allow me to break the momentum by telling you how much fun I had creating this image for Bun Bun. HAHAHA! Look at her eyes! SO SAD! She looks aged already, just by not smiling and having her eyeliner turned down. I’ve never taken fancy to the Japanese droopy sad eyes makeup look and looking at Bun Bun, I never will. Gimme my up-wing anytime.)

I spent the nights of 30 December and 31 Decemeber 2012 tossing and turning in bed, and the whole 01 January 2013 moping. Couldn’t get anything serious done, had too many thoughts in my head.

Refreshing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, emails tirelessly, it was as if feeding on updates would let the harsh reality of the end of 2012 sink in.  It’s as if I was waiting for a sudden phenomenon to freeze the present I held so dear. I don’t know, maybe I was hoping for pink rain to fall from the sky, so that that moment would be eternalized as The Day The Sky Dripped Pink.

I know there’s no other option than to move along with time, but I’m sentimental like that and it’s hard to say goodbye to a year that was so well-lived and eventful. WHY SO EMOTIONAL. lol.