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The Stage Cosmetics Picture Perfect Foundation had “Cleo Award Winner” stickers on them, while the Photo Pro Foundation had none. I asked the very unapproachable SA for help but she kept going back to playing Angry Birds on her iPhone behind the cashier counter every time after I asked her a question. I have higher tolerance for sales assistants at crazy sales, like the Stage Cosmetics Moving Out Sale.

The difference between the 2 liquid foundations is actually the amount of coverage. The Picture Perfect Foundation gives less coverage while the Photo Pro Foundation provides more. I’m not one who goes for anything less than medium coverage – I don’t get the point of tinted moisturizers – so the option was clear.

They were selling at 2 for S$19. Gotta grab some! But I didn’t understand their weird numbering system.

02 Take 1

03 Take 2

… and so on.

I had to ask the unapproachable SA again what they mean and which one suited my NC20-25 tone. Leaning against the wall with one leg over the other, she mumbled that even numbers are pink-based and odd numbers are yellow-based. Okie~~~ But which part of the ’02 Take 1’ should I assume as even or odd??

She swatched, no, POURED, 03 Take 2 on the back of my hand. I hate it when MUAs pour a large amount of product on the back of my hand coz that would leave me no space to try other shades or products. So my entire hand looked like it had jaundice.  My skin undertone leans more towards yellow but the 03 Take 2 was a little too yellow. Then I tried 02 Take 1 on my own (she went back to Angry Birds counter again) and it was too pink. I took a gamble and bought both, hoping that either one will work and if they don’t, I guess I could try mixing the shades.

I used the foundations for an entire week and then some days between other foundations for the weeks after. And here’s my review of the Stage Photo Pro Foundation!

Easy To Blend

They run rather watery, but not too diluted. Blending the foundation on the skin is a breeze! It takes me less time blending the Stage foundation onto the skin than other liquid foundations. On the downside, I think it being less thick in consistency results in fewer hours of lasting power.

Need To Mix Shades

Indeed, neither 02 Take 1 nor 03 Take 2 could work on my skin alone. They had to work together. So I pour a little of each out on the back of my hand, mix them, and paint the mixture on my cheeks, nose, chin and forehead before stippling. PERFECT MATCH.

Lightweight With Medium Coverage

Probably because they are thinner in consistency than foundations that give full coverage like the Revlon Colorstay Foundation, I’d say the Stage foundation is of medium coverage. Glad I didn’t buy the Stage Picture Perfect Foundation which had the Cleo Award stickers because they would have provided even less coverage. I use the Stage Foundation on days when I feel like I need a little more glow, don’t mind less coverage to hide my blemishes, or to let my skin breathe in between full foundation coverage days.

Packaging & Fragrance

Before I looked carefully, I thought the Stage foundation had a lot less product because the tube looked so small and weighed so light. But no! It actually has AS MUCH product as the Revlon Colorstay Foundation! Both have 30ml. So, YAY!

I like the smell. Kinda like a face moisturizer. I guess I’m just used to the revolting paint smell of Revlon Foundation that any foundation that smells nice or at least neutral is welcomed with open arms.

One thing I don’t like is the screw cap. Product is wasted on the underside of the cap and at the entrance of the tube. Do leave them lying down instead of on their base to prevent any leakage. They can leak while on their side, can you image if they stood upright?

Subtle Dewy Finish

I like the glowy, not greasy, look they give. After application they set to a subtle dewy finish. The foundations also feel very lightweight on the skin. Most foundations that give a glowy finish don’t agree with my oily skin and make me look like a greaseball by mid-day. The Stage Photo Pro foundation can, however, keep oil to a minimum till about 3pm, which is usually blotting time for all other foundations.

Okie~ much of the luminosity is from the reflection of the warm glow of the afternoon sun, but the Stage Foundation really does give that healthy glow to the skin!

I wouldn’t have bought these if not for the sale. Truth be told, they aren’t raved in the makeup world because not many people know about them in the first place. Maybe because Stage is only available in 2 countries – Singapore and Malaysia? And I would definitely have hated the shade if I only bought one because it wouldn’t match.

Stage never looked very inviting with its posh black exterior and interior of black walls, dim lighting, stale atmosphere and… black everything. Such indicate that the price would be steep and not for the masses. Before, I even thought they were more expensive than MAC! But they actually cost just slightly less than MAC. For example, MAC eyeshadows cost S$26 while Stage prices theirs at S$20.

It’s a pity Stage is moving out soon because they have some really good products. I only wish they priced them lower.

So go and take full advantage of the Stage Moving Out Sale!!! I heard from the Angry Birds girl that they might extend the sale till June!

And here’s my look for the day! Purple always looks gorgeous with gold and brown!

Me and my trademark eyebags that are as large as my eyes. Teeheehee.

Bun Bun says that the Stage Photo Pro Foundation is:

So tell us, have you tried any products from Stage Cosmetics before?


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Hello! My name is Juli and Bun Bun is my alter-ego. I blog to share my love for makeup, how to apply it, and what works or what doesn’t work, all from an Asian perspective.

My first makeup product was a shimmery light blue lipstick which I proudly wore all over my eyelids and lips. It cost $2.50, felt like $250, and made me feel like a million bucks.

  • a!kO

    Awww now I wish I did buy them 😛 I hope they have the sale again somewhere in the future!! 😀 I did read a few other blogs and the numbering is a lil weird though. Too bad your Stage SA was unapproachable, my Stage SA(s) were awesome! I went there twice and both of them were so nice and even help me pick out stuff 😀 A lil too much I say cause then I feel like I want to get everything 0__o In the future I definitely want to try this and the Revlon, cause I heard so much about it, probably would have to mix color cause I can never find one that suit my changing tan colored skin, fail. 😛 I love your simple day look and yes eyebag are horrible, I have them too =___=

    • Bun Bun

      Lucky you! And…. unlucky you? Hahaha yes good SAs can make us want to get e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!!! Thanks for liking my simple day look! =)

  • nicole’smirror

    I just bought the picture perfect foundation just because it was on clearance. LOL!! I don’t even know whether I will like it but it turn out I DID!!!! LOL! so cheap during sale! I wish the price stay the same! XP ANGRY BIRD GIRL! ROFLMAO!!!!

    • Bun Bun

      Me too! I took the gamble without doing any research on the Stage Photo Pro Foundation only because of the ridiculously low sale price! And I chose it over the Picture Perfect Foundation coz I prefer fuller coverage. How’s the Picture Perfect so far? Perfect? =D

  • Solacevy

    I tried out the Photo Pro. Just like you said it has a medium coverage. For my oily skin it does an okay job to cover up the dark spots and the glowing effect. Does not help to cover up my blemish scars though. I like the coverage, even though it is not so thick but it stays quite longer than other medium coverage foundations that I tried so far. The tube is indeed terrible. Too bad Stage is not in Brunei. I bought this at Miri for RM12 during its clearance sale :)

    Thanks for the thorough review. Really helpful

    • Bun Bun

      Hi Solacevy, yea it didn’t excel in the blemish covering aspect for me either! I have many of those dark brown/red acne scars and this didn’t really cover. Which medium coverage foundations have you tried that didn’t stay?

      • Solacevy

        Those are like Bodyshop’s Moisture foundation. That may be because it’s not suitable for my oily skin. I should have tried the oil-free foundation hehe.. Then,La Tulipe’s Soft foundation, Maybelline’s Clear Smooth Minerals liquid foundation, and Maybelline’s Clear Smooth Aqua Gel foundation.

        • Bun Bun

          I see, I’ve never tried any of those you mentioned though. Yup, I also have trouble with foundation sliding off my oily skin when I don’t apply primer first. That’s why it’s important to prime! =)

          • Solacevy

            I don’t know why I tend to ignore the importance of priming the skin beforehand. Haha… I am doubting the effectiveness of it hehe.. that’s just because I haven’t tried one. But I used BB cream as my primer.
            So far how good is a primer on you? Can you suggest me some good products? I’ve always wanted to try Revlon’s. But I’m not dare to purchase it as yet.

          • Bun Bun

            Primer is really important for people with oily skin like us! XD It acts as a layer between the skin and makeup, creates a canvas for subsequent makeup application, and really helps makeup stay on longer. MUCH LONGER. Gone are my days of foundation and eye makeup fading within a few hours of makeup application! Actually there are primers for every part of the face – the overall skin, eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, lips… If you want recommendations for face primers, I have a post on 5 good face primers that I’ve tried before. Check it out here:

            This is my favorite primer as of now:

            You can also check out the ‘face primers’ category on the side bar for more info. Happy reading! =)

  • Sharlynn

    Looks lovely on you! Such a nice even glowing tan color! I never liked squeeze tubes like those…I’m too prone to squeezing out waaay too much!

    Get more sleep girl! Cold tea spoons, chilled tea bags…do the nine miles and watch them shrink! I always get an eye bag on only one side when i dont sleep enough…weird…

    • Bun Bun

      Thank you Sharlynn! I’ve tried both before! Cold spoons become warm after like, 15 seconds? And tea bags just drip all over my face. HAHA.

  • barbiewaiyee

    hey gal , have you tried their 2way foundation compact ? personally dumb in using liquid foundation … it’s having sales in Msia’s stores too , while stock last …

    • Bun Bun

      Hi barbiewaiyee, I haven’t tried the 2way foundation compact. I’m not really into compacts, I’m more of a liquid foundation girl because I prefer the better coverage to conceal my blemishes. I have acne scars, spots, existing pimples, flakey areas, so compact foundations tend to be unable to conceal all these. Sometimes they even accentuate them. HORROR! @_@ Liquid foundations can better conceal all of these and they last longer on my oily skin.

      So they’re still having the sale? You know, they keep saying they’re moving out. But moving out to where?!

      • barbiewaiyee

        oh no … my skin condition is the same too .. I need good coverage for my scars , acne skins and spots ….. yet I dont know how to apply liquid form evenly … used to become uneven skin tone in the end …. I’m not sure are they moving out Msia or not .. but currently having promo buy 1 free 1 for certain items and some as low nett prices …

        • Bun Bun

          Hmm… How do you apply liquid foundation? I use my favorite Sigma F80 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki brush, and then stipple the foundation on my face. Really love how quick and easy it is to apply liquid foundation with it!

          I’ve been meaning to do a tutorial on how to apply liquid foundation soon, your question just expedited it! =)

          • barbiewaiyee

            haha ! that’s great . I used to use sponge , but sometimes take too much foundation then become thicker ..

          • Bun Bun

            I think it’s harder to get precise application with sponges coz [1] they absorb too much product. too much in the sponge and too little on the face! [2] IMO, they don’t apply very evenly quick enough, so ppl tend to just put more and more and more. And I guess that’s how the cakey-ness occurs. =(