Spa At Home With Panasonic Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer



What do you do when you have a beautiful Sunday afternoon, two good friends, and the Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer? YOU PLAY SPA! =D

Before we started, Min cooked lunch for me. Her specialty – instant noodles.


Her instant noodles are no joke! Everyone can cook instant noodles, but not many can make such a delicious bowl! Really yummy!!!

This is how the world sees us:


This is how our friends think we behave all the time:


What we really are:



That was taken last year at Sentosa’s Halloween event – Spooktacular. I was a zombie nurse and Min was a Gothic character. You can read about our crazy night out in the Halloween Zombie Nurse & Friends post!

Okie, to neutralize the scare factor, here’s a picture to make you go “awwww~~~”


Min’s niece is such a happy baby! Alyssa smiles at everyone and looks at people with wide-eyed wonder, observing every part of you, every movement you make and is responsive to your advances. And her hair has a life of its own. So cute!

Ah yes, that’s me without a mask… because babies don’t judge. Lol.

She and her toddler sister are the reason for the erm, very colorful mess in the background. Quite a refreshing change for a post, really.

Vapor needs water, so we filled the water chamber.

Full = Steam for 6 minutes

Half = Steam for 3 minutes


And then realized that we have to place it on a flat surface otherwise it will leak. Min’s scurrying for tissue at the back. “Tissue! Tissue! Fasterrrrrr!!” HAHAHA!


We managed to find a box and propped it on top. Funny noises emitted from the steamer.


Steam appeared after 10 seconds. We were very amazed.




Keep it about 20cm away from your face.


While you’re at it, belt out some tunes.


And, DONE!


The nano-ionic steam supposedly reaches the deepest layer of keratin in your skin to achieve deep moisture retention. As compared to normal steam, nanometer-sized steam particles can better penetrate your skin.

I would love to try out the steamer for myself, but given my current vulnerable skin condition, I decided not to risk it. Thanks Min for being my model!

After that, Min went on to apply her toner and moisturizer, which you obviously cannot tell from this picture. HAHA.


I had SO MUCH FUN! So precious to have an afternoon dedicated to just spending time with Min. 😀

Alright, see ya in the next post! Even MORE FUN!! HAHAHA!!

By the way, our matching blue-white striped tops were completely coincidental.  😀


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  • CioeLim

    Hi Bunbun, glad to see you blogging confidently again. We can see the improvements in your skin too! Sincerely feel happy for you! *Fighting* 
    P.S: I enjoy reading your blog always! Cheers!

  • sleepinqueen1

    Hi juli, im so happy that you ( skin) are recovering and improving. U nearer to your normal days everyday! I too was a victim of some skin condition and I’m still is and currently still seeking the right dermatologist. So I can definitely relate to how u feel now. Jiayou! Really enjoyed reading ur post . Very detail and I like your writing style ( cheerful& cute) . I’ve seen u at the bazaar at zouk last month, but too shy to approach u. Just bought a few stuff from u and left . Thanks for the above post. Will like to find out the black portable brush holder u brought along for travel some time ago? Will u do a review on that anytime soon too?

  • Ashara

    hey ya Juli. I pray that your face condition gets better day by day. >.< btw, can that face steamer help making comedo removing process easier? 😀