Something I Use Every Single Time: MAC Blot Powder Pressed



Before I even had the time to write a fabulous review on the MAC Blot Powder Pressed, it has unknowingly panned out on me! I didn’t expect it… I only use it erm, every single time I apply makeup… Heh heh.

I tried my hardest to like loose powder; I’ve tried the range from expensive ones like NARS to drugstore ones like e.l.f. I could never deal with the hassle of being very careful not to get the powder all over the place when I open the cover, take product, close the cover, and the mess of every step of the way.

Loose powders are also not very travel-friendly. You should see how much trouble I went through to transfer the NARS Loose Powder just so that I don’t have to lug a huge container that threatens to spill its contents at each tilt.

For A Matte Finish

Oilies begone with the MAC Blot Powder Pressed? Hmmm, I guess if you have oily/combination skin, then it will keep oil at bay. But I have oily skin, and in the typical hot and humid Singapore weather, the oilies usually start to show probably after 5 hours. For shine to show only after 5 hours means a lot for my oily skin already! If I didn’t use the MAC Blot Powder to set liquid foundation, my face would look greasy in half the time.

Then again, it really depends on what primer and foundation I have under the MAC Blot Powder Pressed. If I use Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation which dries matte (and smells wonderful), my face makeup would stay on at least a few hours longer than if I had the Lancome Blanc Miracle Foundation, which has more of a hydrating formula.

I use the MAC blot powder over every single foundation to absorb oil and set makeup.

Feels Light On The Skin

Loose powders, even when I apply them with a brush, tend to feel heavier on the skin. NARS definitely feels heavy, and the e.l.f loose powder oxidizes badly on my skin.

Just a random thought: If I pair the e.l.f loose powder with Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand Beige, I’d look like a very Annoyed Orange! HAHAHA!! 😆

I’ve tried the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder before, went through one and a half pans to be exact, and I think I prefer the MAC Blot Powder Pressed. The MAC Blot feels like nothing on the skin due to the finely milled powder and since it is like a translucent powder without any tint, you don’t feel like there’s an additional layer that blocks pores.

I apply it with the ecoTools Blush Brush, instead of the puff that comes with it, for a lighter application. The general feedback about the puff is that it tends to give a bit of a cakey look.

MAC Blot Powder Pressed Or MAC Studio Fix Foundation?

MAC Studio Fix Foundation is a compact foundation, provides more coverage and therefore feels heavier on the skin than MAC Blot Powder Pressed. I only use MAC Studio Fix Foundation when I have very good skin that day (hasn’t happened in a looooong time) as it tends to accentuate pores more than liquid foundations.

MAC Blot Powder, on the other hand, plays an entirely different game. It does not provide any form of coverage or texture, it does not even out skin tone and you can barely notice or feel it at all.

When I use it to set liquid foundation, I see that it mattifies the skin slightly, but only for the duration of my makeup routine. Once done, it would have blended nicely into the foundation.


The only kind of makeup I bring around for retouch are lip products – lipstick, lip gloss or sometimes just a lip balm to prevent my dry lips from cracking. I rarely bring powder around because as tough are they claim to be, they are after all powder and are susceptible to breakage.

The MAC Blot Powder Pressed is travel-friendly in the sense of being portable and easy to bring on vacation (but stays in a makeup bag that doesn’t leave the hotel room for the rest of the trip). I don’t have to wrap it up in a plastic bag, or use sticky tape to ensure it doesn’t spill like loose powders. When I travel, I’ll put my pressed powder eyeshadows housed in a Z-palette wrapped in a bubble wrap in my hand carry luggage, just because having 20+ eyeshadows in one palette calls for tighter security.

There’s no reason for me to use the puff at all since I don’t touch-up during the day – a blotting sheet from Gatsy is my best friend, and the idea of bringing around a separate brush to apply the MAC Blot Powder puts me off. If you really had to bring the MAC Blot Powder around, I suggest using a brush with a cap, like the super cute and pink Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush which has a cap to keep dust and bacteria minimal.


Where to buy products mentioned:

MAC Blot Powder Pressed (Amazon)

MAC Studio Fix Foundation (Amazon) (Strawberry)

Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush (Amazon) (Too Faced)

EcoTools Blush Brush (Amazon)


5 Shades To Choose From

The five shades available are Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark and Deep Dark. I am NC20 and the color Light looks well, really light in the pan, yet it doesn’t change the color or texture of my foundation. Light looks so light I was worried it would make me look like a Geisha.

But of course it hasn’t and now that the crater in the pan is expanding, I’ll have to buy another one soon! Well, unless something better comes along. Any recommendations, my dear friends?

Of course Bun Bun rates the MAC Blot Powder Pressed:

What is one makeup product you use every single time? Ah, primers don’t count. Hoho.


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About Bun Bun

Hello! My name is Juli and Bun Bun is my alter-ego. I blog to share my love for makeup, how to apply it, and what works or what doesn’t work, all from an Asian perspective.

My first makeup product was a shimmery light blue lipstick which I proudly wore all over my eyelids and lips. It cost $2.50, felt like $250, and made me feel like a million bucks.

  • Sunny

    Hey Bun Bun, what an excellent review! I use Tarte Smooth Operator for loose powder. It does a good job controlling my oilier T-zone, and the packaging is slightly smarter than NARS (I remember reading about your depotting article. It’s like some crazy military operation lol). It only has one little hole, and I put the stopper back systematically so that it wouldn’t spill all over the place!

    This looks great though. I like how it comes in 5 shades so that the loose powder doesn’t risk changing your complexion. I never really go out with a blotting/loose powder either. Blotting sheets are more like my best friends!

    • Bun Bun

      HAHAHA! Nice way of describing it, Sunny! Yes, it was tedious and I don’t even use it enough to justify the hard work put in. I only use it on rare occasions when I want to prove I’m right that it’s messy and should stay in the dark corners of my makeup cabinet. How’s traveling with the Tarte one?

      • Sunny

        Since I put the stopper back every time, it’s actually not at all a problem! If I EVER lose that stopper however, it might spill. The thing with Tarte is that there is only one little hole instead of 500 million, so I’m saying in general it’s just less messy!

  • Jacqueline

    Awesome review! I’ve been thinking about buying this for quite a while but haven’t brought myself to actually do it. I heard there’s a pressed powder from Hard Candy, welcome matte mattifying powder, that’s comparable at a fraction of the price? Comparable in terms of effect/wear, not sure about travel friendliness. I don’t have that one either haha 😛 I’m thinking about trying that one first due to price.

    • Bun Bun

      Well, if it’s as good as you described, then go for the Hard Candy! I’m all for looking for cheaper alternatives. I have no loyalty towards any brand so I never tell anyone to go for a particular brand. Quality matters over brand, right? 😀 I’ll be interested to know what you feel about the Hard Candy one. Keep me posted ya? =)

      • Jacqueline

        Will do :)

  • Ashley

    I tried the Hard Candy Welcome Matte Mattifying Powder because I read it’s comparable to MAC Blot Powder but it sucked. Somehow along the way, I forgot to try the OG and now I’m currently using the MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Power. I’ll jump on the Blot Powder bandwagon when I’m finished Prep + Prime though. Loose powders are too fussy for me too! 😛

    • Bun Bun

      Oh dear! I just replied the previous comment before seeing your comment! Hey Jacqueline, you might want to take Ashley’s opinion into consideration, even though it’s not clear why she didn’t like it. Thanks for the note Ashley!

      • Jacqueline

        Oh good to know, thanks! I also learned today that my Walmart doesn’t carry the hard candy powder anyway :( so guess I will have to pick up a MAC blot sometime. Looking forward to FINALLY trying it!

  • Sarah

    Thanks for another great review. I never find the need to powder over my foundation because it is never that humid here in Northeastern USA. Besides, I don’t like powder in the pressed form. I don’t know why, but after a few uses, I find that it develops this harden top layer on top of the powder. Once this annoying layer formed, I can no longer swirl my brush on it, because no product would get picked up, since this layer essentially is blocking the “fresh” powder underneath. Does that make sense?

    I think it’s because there are oils on the brush that I use? Either from the last usage or just from dipping it back and forth into the pan. And this oil reacts with the powder in the pan, and hence, causing a “harden” top? Have you ever encounter that?

  • sharlynn

    Haha! Geisha? Well, lucky it doesn’t! I’ve been turning towards loose powders recently tough, the NYX loose powder has been doing me well since I’ve been trying to go for lighter coverage. I also use the eco tools blush brush for pressed powders! That and a ‘cala’ natural tools brush that’s an even better dupe to it in my opinion I got from sasa! although it isnt tapered! I really look forward to getting mac concealer and foundation in the near future! thanks for sharing this though!

  • chellieya

    Hi!! :) your blog has been my bible for everything face-related..haha..until now I still really don’t know my sade :( but what I do know is that I use Medium Dark for the MAC Blot Pressed Powder. You mentioned that you use shade 52 for the Bourjois123. I was just wondering what shade for the Buoujois you can recommen to me as someone using the Medium Dark for the MAC? Your reply will be very much appreciated :)