So That You Can Get Your Brows Filled In 10 Seconds, Get The Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow Pencil!


We can’t go running to the store or click ‘Add to cart’ every time a blogger raves about a ‘Holy Grail product, can we?

Coz if that were really the case, there would be no war in this world since all Beauty Bloggers are people with big hearts and ambassadors of all things beautiful, and the governments would employ us all to spread the message of love and world peace. Lol.

Ah, but then there’s always the lure of the dark side. And that’s why there are bad people in the world in the first place.

I took long enough to buy the Lioele auto eyebrow pencil because I was happy with my NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil. For a softer and more natural look, I would use The Face Shop Cake Eyebrow too.

Not that I’ve become unhappy with those two excellent eyebrow products, but it’s in my blood to constantly seek change. And great change I experienced when I dyed my hair more yellow-gold and brown than my normal shades of dark brown. The NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil was simply too brown.

My interest for the Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow Pencil was piqued when I first watched frmheadtotoe‘s review of it, but it was my readers who got me off my butt and go get it. They were like “you’ve got to try it!”, “it’s the best eyebrow pencil ever!”, “you will love it!!”.

Upon application I immediately understood the enthusiasm of its strong following. The crux of writing this review of the Lioele Auto Eyebrow Pencil is really to tell you:

GO GET IT!!!” 😀

Flat, Angled Tip For Precision

This is how the brand new pencil end looks like – edgily sharp. It may hurt a teeny tiny little when you use it for the first time, and takes a couple of uses before the edges are rounded and feel smooth during application.

Brand new

After some time

The shape of the brow pencil is what makes the Lioele Auto Brow Pencil stand out from the rest of other auto eyebrow pencils: (NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil review) (MAC Auto Eyebrow Pencil review). It is thin enough to create light strokes so that you get feathery and natural-looking brows instead of those that look very much drawn-on. I’m sure you’ve seen those some time in your life (I see those often enough; I like to observe people’s eye makeup when I’m in the train, so brows included).

At the same time, that thin wedge of brow product is balanced out and held firm by a larger base on the other end, so that it does not feel flimsy nor threaten to break if you are heavy-handed. There are many other Asian cosmetics brands, like Kate, that make similar eyebrow pencils, but they don’t have the triangle shape that Lioele eyebrow pencils have.

Best Attached Brow Brush Ever

When I saw the brush, I thought “Meh – must just be another useless brush attached at the end to make the consumer think she’s getting more for her money”. But no! I’ve never used an attached brow brush that is gentler and blends brow makeup better than this Lioele one!

How To Use Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow Pencil

I use the thin tip to draw on strokes for the middle and outer part of the eyebrow, and the flat platypus beak-like side of it to fill in the inner part for a softer feel.

I prefer natural-looking brows than those that at one glance tell you they’re drawn on. In Asia, natural-looking eyebrows are preferred to, erm, artistically drawn ones – like those with high arches and super thin lines. I’m not a fan of those but such brows are more popular and well-liked by the Caucasian audience. I think it’s also due to the position of the brow bone that gives them higher arched eyebrows while Asians have mainly gentler angled brows. Anatomical differences that result in different eye makeup techniques once again! Many Asians have sparse eyebrows and do well with brow pencils that allow them to create well-defined yet natural-looking brows.

This is my left brow – bare, naked, undefined, unfilled.

Fill in the outer part of the brow first with light strokes. It’s easy to prevent overdose of product on the brow with the Lioele Artist Brow Pencil – very easy to control. After that, use the flat side of the brow pencil to fill in the inner section.

It takes less than 10 seconds for me to fill in each brow with the Lioele pencil. Awesome stuff.

Oh I’d applied the Urban Decay Primer Potion (my favorite eye primer) before deciding that I should make a brief tutorial on how to use the Lioele auto brow pencil, hence the spots of beige stuff near the lash line.

Use the brush to blend out the brow pencil strokes so that they look natural against your brow hair color.

DONE! Compare this to the first picture of a bare brow.

The color of the brow pencil looks very natural with my brow, eye and skin color, right? But that’s because I’m not showing it against the color of the hair on my head. Used in this tutorial was 02 Dark Brown. 01 Light Brown is more suitable for my current hair color.

High End Packaging

While most of Lioele’s products are in pink and white, the Lioele eyebrow pencil is in black and silver. When I do my brows and have it in my hand, it makes me feel that I’m doing some serious, sophisticated business. Lol. I love that the logo is a pumpkin carriage too! So princessy!

Like the NYX Auto Brow Pencil, the Lioele Auto Brow Pencil is in a twist-up fashion. The caps on both ends of the latter’s is however more firmly locked in place. Everything just looks very sleek and professional. I don’t know if it’s because the NYX one is already a year old and that’s why the cap sort of rattles.

Stays On All Day

Be very assured that your brows will look exactly the same shade as when you first applied it in the morning (or afternoon… or night). It lasts very well and is excellent for those who do not have naturally thick and defined brows. I’ve mentioned before that the MAC Auto Eyebrow does not last as long as the NYX one, and I think the Lioele one lasts the same or even longer than the NYX one.

Get The Right Shade For Your Brows

01 – Natural Brown
02 – Dark Brown
03 – Grey Black

Jen uses 03 because she has black hair. I thought I should use 02 Dark Brown since I also used Dark Brown for the NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil. But this time I had my hair dyed a lighter and brighter shade of brown – more golden – and thought 01 might be the best match.

At the store, I tried the shades and 01 Natural Brown looked best with my hair and skin color.

All’s well and I was excited to bring it home and try. When I opened it, I realized too late that the Ah Lian store assistant had given me 02 Dark Brown!! Ugh!!! She’s a very convincing sales person though; I got the magical Lioele Magic Lip Treatment on her recommendation.

The journey back to the store to make an exchange and come home again would be too much trouble. So I used it. It is a little dark for my golden brown hair now and having darker brows than my hair color makes me look fierce. I did go back to the store a couple of months later to get my 01 Natural Brown because 02 Dark Brown was really too dark.

Lesson learnt: Always check that the store assistant got the right shade, size, model for you! At any rate, the serendipitous mix-up gave me a chance to do a review on two shades of the Lioele Artist Auto Brow Pencil.

And here’s a comparison of the Lioele Dark Brown and NYX Dark Brown eyebrow pencils.

You can see that NYX Dark Brown is redder than Lioele Dark Brown.

Bun Bun’s Makeup Tip: I’m pretty sure most of you know this already but for those who are new to eyebrow art, always use a shade close to or lighter than your hair color. Well, that is, unless you’re blond. Then you’ll need to go darker.



Here are some more tips on eyebrow application using the Lioele Artist Auto Brow Pencil:

You might have noticed in the Eyeshadow Tutorial on Horizontal Gradient Method that my brows are very much lighter, and some of you have asked me about it. That was created using a perfect combination of Lioele Artist Brow Pencil in 01 and Kate Brow Eye Brow Color (an eyebrow mascara).


Now you can get Lioele products at! We ship to anywhere you are!


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Bun Bun rates the Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow Pencil:

Thanks to my readers who urged me to get the Lioele eyebrow pencil! I LOVE IT!

Do you own any Lioele products? Which ones do you like?


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  • Jyoan

    I like those brow pencils that are angled. The Empro brand from Malaysia, that I talked about has it too. Super liking it. And like you, I am also loving that too much to switch brand now. =PP

    MUJI also has an angled one.

    Apparently, the Liole BB Cream is amazing too… =)

    • Bun Bun

      BB creams are usually too moisturizing for me… they turn me into a greaseball within an hour. Very ugly sight. Besides, BB creams generally provide less coverage and my skin needs at least medium, buildable coverage. Where can I find the Empro brand? I’ll look out for it the next time I go to JB. =)

      • Jyoan

        I found it at Sasa there. =) I hope it will work for you.

        The eyeliner is actually very watery, so you may find that it prints onto the inside of your double eyelid (which does happens to me). But it is still the blackest, and finest yet firmest tip I’ve come across.

  • Dayna

    Sounds like love! Now to wait for John Little storewide 20% sale. 😛 This is definitely more affordable than Makeup Forever!

    • Bun Bun

      SUPER LOVE!! Lol! Let me know when there’s a John Little sale okie? 😀

      • Dayna

        Sale sale! from 9 – 22 April. :)

        • Bun Bun

          Aahhhh!! Thanks Dayna!! 😀

  • Melisse

    Haha I was so excited to see this review! glad you love the brow pencil. My hair is black, so 03 suits me the best. Between nyx and lioele on your brows, the lioele wins hands down. Your brows look very natural :)

    • Bun Bun

      Totally! Lioele wins hands down in every aspect! Sturdy handle, well-angled tip, sleek-looking product… Well, except maybe for the price. But you and I seriously don’t mind spending just a teeny tiny bit more for a more well-made product that saves us time and gives good results, right? 😀

  • Sunny

    Oh wow Bun Bun, this looks like a REALLY good product! I’m a big fan of Jen too, and I’ve seen her use this. I guess I’ve always wanted to try but it’s impossible to get it here. I’ll make sure I check it out when I’m in Taiwan this summer though! I like how the color isn’t too dark, so it’s super natural!

    • Bun Bun

      It is! Getting my brows done in less than a minute is awesome. Hope you can find it in Taiwan!

    • Bun Bun

      It’s hard not to be influenced when you see bloggers (or friends, even) rave about a product they use all the time! I think bloggers are all great influencers, what with all the swatches and reviews. Haha! Jen uses it like 90% of the time, I believe, and my readers can expect to see me wearing the Lioele eyebrow pencil for subsequent eye makeup looks too. I think you can get 02.

      • Sunny

        Thanks for the recommendation Bun Bun! I just checked, and we do get Lioele in Taiwan. Now I can’t wait to try!

  • BooBooNinja

    Yay! I’m so glad you got it too.Like Melisse, I’m a fan of the 03.

    • Bun Bun

      Thanks for urging me to get it! =D

      • BooBooNinja

        By the way — you’re lucky. I paid more than that for mine. Probably because I’m not in Asia, so vendors here can charge exorbitant prices. booooooo

  • kelina

    you make drawing the eyebrow sound so easy! 10secs! omg. i take super long to draw cause i’m afraid of drawing too thick/out of shape when i draw too fast. and yet i still can’t get the right shape. faints! i’ll prob try this pencil next time though when i buy a new one! :) thanks for your review! :)

  • Carleen

    I’ve been wanting to try out this eyebrow pencil for awhile now. I just bought the etude house drawing eyebrow and it has the same kind of tip. Can’t wait to order one if these pencils!

  • sharlynn

    I’ve never used eyebrow pencils, since I’ve got quite thick brows but would really want to try one! The only one i’ve tried was an old one from my mom and it’s far too dark! I think shade 2 would do me well! I really want to try their liquid felt tip liner! going to get that next! Thanks for sharing julie! :)

  • Chelsea

    Your eyebrows look perfect! I definitely agree on the preference for more natural brows – it seems all the girls I know fill them in to the extreme, which I just don’t find attractive!

  • Kelly

    Where to purchase Lioele products in Singapore? I wanna get this eyebrow pencil too!!

  • San

    Aw man… I feel going on a make-up spree soon! HAhaha! This will be on my shopping list! 😛

    • Bun Bun

      Hahaha! The feeling of buying new makeup is simply amazing, even better than buying new clothes, to me. :) I LOVE makeup sprees! But most of the time I don’t plan for it, it just happens. And that’s even more dangerous. Hoho

      • San

        Haha! True… I walked into Sephora… and walked away with the Naked 2 palette in under 5mins. I need help from myself. 😛

  • dr.kaye

    hello guys, where can i buy this lioele autobrow? i’m in the US

  • Bernice

    Hi Bun,

    What stores sell Liole in Singapore? Thanks!

    • Bun Bun

      You know those Far East shops that sell all kinds of chapalang cosmetics? I’m not sure what floor… Erm… I think a floor above Watsons.

      • Bernice

        thanks, Bun.

  • annedreshfield

    Man, these look awesome! Wish they were easier to buy in the States. I’ve been looking for a new brow pencil (currently use Benfit’s Browzings). I love the shape of this one! 

  • cobugi

    Wow, you have really nice brows!
    I came upon your site while looking for color swatches of number 1 and 2. Loving the website! Keep it up :)

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      @cobugi Thank you for coming by and saying hi! I appreciate it! Hope to see you around again. ^_^*