Simple Eye Makeup Tutorial Using MAC Gorgeous Gold and Stage Poison on the Eyelid


It’s the weekend! Yippeee!!

Some day this week I put together a look that required just 2 colors on the eyelid. I usually use at least 3 colors on the eye – on the Contour Area to diffuse a strong color, on the Outer V to create an accent, or just multiple colors on the lid itself.

But on that fateful day I just thought of using these 2 colors – MAC Gorgeous Gold (really gorgeous duo-toned eyeshadow that reflects gold and green) and Stage Poison (an electrifying shimmery blue that looks great applied subtly and built upon).

To find out where to place eyeshadow colors, check out this eyeshadow makeup placement tutorial!

Blue and gold are not exactly, what you call, in the same ‘color family’ and those less adventurous with colors may feel less inclined to use these 2 colors together. I feel, though, that this eye makeup look is easy enough to carry off even for a person who is new to makeup or who claims to be less daring when it comes to using colors other than brown on the eyes.

You can see that it is not screaming LOOK AT ME!, yet stands out from the usual ‘corporate’ or basic color combinations I see during commute.

Just a sidetrack >> Do you feel like you can’t help but stare at a person who has got gorgeous eye makeup on? It’s rude to stare, I know, but I have a habit of checking out every single woman’s makeup within 2 metres of myself during a train ride. LOL.

Okie, let’s get back to business.

You want the intersection of the blue and gold colors to look natural, not 2 separate chunks of color divided by a harsh line. So blend the area where they meet, and you will see that the harsh line has now been replaced with a transition of green.

You may want to spiff up the look by adding a dash of bronzey brown on the lower lashline. I love having Urban Decay Smog on the lower lashline. Smog in the NAKED palette is rather different from Smog in the Ammo palette though. Hmph. Has anyone noticed?

Complete the look with your usual eyeliner and mascara! Oh, see that the eyeliner is not just black? I actually applied a layer of Stage Poison on the upper lashline first, then went over it with eyeliner – Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink.

Simple look achieved with simple steps!

Have a great weekend guys!

What was your best makeup look this week? What is the minimum number of colors you must use on your eyes?


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My first makeup product was a shimmery light blue lipstick which I proudly wore all over my eyelids and lips. It cost $2.50, felt like $250, and made me feel like a million bucks.

  • shusheshe

    That’s a beautiful look!

  • nicole’smirror

    I love your eyes! how I wish I have eyelids like that too :(

    • Bun Bun

      Your eyes are pretty too! I love the looks you did with the Sleek palettes. How can I get hold of those?

  • nicoles mirror

    A friend of mine just came back from UK and she help me with those. You can order online too. Not too sure about singapore but there is this online blogshop call beauty fiks in youtube doing preorder for them :)

  • christina

    yes, i check out the makeup of other girls as well in trains. i’ll see if i’m able to mimick her eyeshadow look :X

    • Bun Bun

      It’s a great way to pass time! =D

  • BooBooNinja

    I just tried doing this :) And I almost did it!
    Well, I (think I) got the eyeshadow part mostly down. My eyeliner was pretty bad. I messed up my left eye and went too far out on the right eye. How do you know how far to take the wing? I understand the “border” idea, but couldn’t get my liner to look right.
    I’m still proud of myself. I feel like I’m making progress.
    I’m on such a high, I’m going to try some of your other tutorials!

    Cheers :)

  • BooBooNinja

    Never mind — I figured out the winging bit.
    The solution?
    Practicing! :)

    • Bun Bun

      Haha! That’s great! Yea, there’s really no secret to getting the wing done the way you want but practice. =)

  • AilecKim

    Oh my!! This is one is incredible beauiful and  i can say it captive >.< 
    i’ll try it tomorrow i guess >.<

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    AilecKim Thank you! It’s very easy too! =)