Salon Says It’s None Of Its F*cking Business




My dear friend,

How have you been? Thank you for staying with me.

Let me start by saying that it is no easy feat writing such posts – posts related to my horrible facial experience, my emotional and mental well-being, and the lengthy legal repercussions.

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for an update on this whole facial debacle. I know some people will tell me I don’t really have to apologize because I am entitled any length of time to recover, but as a blogger with a story who has touched the lives of many, I feel responsible to keep you guys updated, especially when I get asked about my case all the time.

But it is as difficult writing this as not writing this, if you get what I mean.

Every day as I go about my daily life and every night before I fall asleep, I weigh my options, I calculate consequences, I feel vexed. Underneath a cheerful exterior breeds tumultuous dark waters, suppressed only because my mind is strong enough to dispel negative thoughts. Most of the time, at least.

You’d think that by simply narrating one’s personal experience and sharing thoughts of anger, frustration, fear and moroseness is akin to writing a journal.

But NO, every single word that you read is borne from weeks, and for this particular post, MONTHS, of brainstorming, imagining best and worse case scenarios, conceptualizing angles, writing, editing, writing, deleting, writing, and wanting to give up.




*sian = slang for saying one is feeling despondent

SIGH. I am so tired of the salon’s nonsense. Are you tired of keeping up? Coz if you are, I totally understand. But this should be the last of my marathon of a case. More than anyone else in the world, I want to end this.

If you’re up for the last chapter of this story, let’s carry on. :)

(Note: I will switch between using ‘them/they’ and ‘it’ because sometimes I refer to the salon as an entire entity (it) and sometimes to the people working for the salon (them/they). Different context calls for different naming. You’ll get it somehow, I’m sure.)

I wish I knew who is the person/people behind all these, instigating the salon to give me never-ending trouble. They can’t all be that bad, right?

These people in the company, they have wives, daughters, girlfriends, or are women themselves. Have they not a single cell of empathy in their body? Or are they all blinded by undying loyalty to this salon and must slit their throats for showing remorse and understanding?

I have, from the start, emphasized that it is no fault of anyone that I had an allergic reaction.

Time and again, if you read all my posts, I have shown them mercy and and hoped only for them to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

Here are snippets from past posts, of me trying to show that I am not out to defame them; I sought only to get back what was taken away from me after I had the facial and extractions. I wanted to remind the good in them.





I feel so stupid for having said good things about them before. They only went with me once to Dr Joyce’s clinic, and I thought they would continue to take responsibility. I tried to evoke the good in them by dropping subtle hints. It was also to show that it’s imperative to work together and not against. I did not see going to court beneficial for either party.






I kept giving and giving…….

….but you know what?

The people from the salon disclaimed responsibility, denied negligence and despite the promises of C &D, ultimately threw me away like a used piece of toilet paper.

When I received their letter of reply to mine, I was extremely hurt, angry and vengeful. I mean, what did I do to deserve all these???

To Sue Or Not To Sue

Even till this day, many people ask me why I don’t disclose the salon’s identity.

I’m glad I didn’t – despite my highly emotional state then – because judging from the way the salon has decided to turn tables on me, I should be eating jail food (吃牢饭 – meaning serving a sentence) now.

Then again, I’ve let people who know law read through my posts and they say the salon has no case for defamation against me. But better to be safe than sorry!

Letters, Letters, Letter

So yes, I finally engaged a lawyer, and had him send a letter to the salon seeking compensation.

First and foremost, let me clarify that I was not paid a single cent as I was initially promised for a facial review required of me. Okie, I did not write a review on them so I should not get paid. But it’s only wise to not write it given the state I had become, no? I really wouldn’t mind writing a full review for them now and have them pay me. WISHFUL THINKING, Juli! BAHAHAHA!!!

Instead, I have spent thousands of dollars to recover from all of this. I didn’t even get reimbursed for my taxi fare when I was feeling drowsy and ready to faint all the time from medication but had to press on to negotiate with the salon, seek help (from others) for my skin and this case. They didn’t even want to reimburse me for taxi (less than SGD170)! Can you believe it! =.=

Along with the letter, we attached all supporting documents – receipts from the GP, taxi claims, and even my income tax – to show the amount that I should be rightfully compensated for not being able to work and function as before during those months of suffering.

Justice Prevails Only For The Rich

When I received the salon’s reply letter, I wanted to puke. I was disgusted and enraged by the salon’s attitude towards this whole matter.

Let’s go back a little in time for a while.

This is my story, put simply.


They invited me to their salon,

I let them open my pores,

I let them do whatever,

Couple of days later,

I looked like that.




I went back to them,

The beautician immediately performed extraction.

I looked like that.




I went back again.

The beautician immediately performed extraction again.

I looked like that.




And then the barnacles blossomed. BOOMZ! Like popcorn.



I couldn’t go out, I couldn’t function as before. I lost an advertorial I was engaged for because I couldn’t take photos of myself. I lost many other job opportunities in the interim. I cried, I felt disgusted by my appearance. I had mild depression, I had suicidal thoughts.

Being drowsy, tired, stressed and sad all the time caused me to be unable to focus on Doll To Doll Cosmetics as well. ='(

Everything was crumbling.

The salon said all that has happened is none of its business. Clap hands, whistle in the air, dust dirt off their asses.

It makes me sick knowing that the people from the salon were going about their daily lives, merrily lunching, spending happy weekends with their loved ones, receiving their monthly salary while I was crying by myself at home, out of job for 4 months, digging into savings to prepare for lawyer’s fees, and hoping the world would come to an end.


= End of my sad story =


Every cell in my body wants justice to be done.

But as you will read below, the salon states they will only act upon ‘STRICT PROOF’. There are no fingerprints of the beauticians who performed the extractions left on my face, there is no evidence of the room where they played with my face being unsanitary, there is no way without spending thousands of dollars on tests to find out which specific ingredients in their products used that caused my allergic reaction, I couldn’t possibly turn back time and let the facials and extractions happen all over again. I wouldn’t even if I could.

Here are excerpts from the salon’s extremely lengthy letter that keeps repeating the same points – very LOH SOH (long-winded).

I chose only certain points to address coz some points are so… -.-” I can’t even.


Irresponsible Facial Salon Singapore Lawyer Letter 6


I failed to disclose I had an allergy.

This was what went through my mind when I walked into the salon:

“Hell yeah, I am totally allergic to XXX but I’m so gonna hide it from them coz it’s gonna be so fun to have a million pustules grow on my face overnight! Hooray! Death to me, please! -__-”

Yes, I have PCOS. And so does 1 out of 4 women. It’s actually very common but not many women who have it know it unless they go for a medical checkup. I had three gynae coz I am a paranoid health junkie and wanted a second opinion and the third was because my TCM doctor asked for my report and I didn’t know where I kept it.


It matters not whether I have acne or PCOS, right? Have you heard of the Eggshell Skull Rule? A reader alerted me to this tort law, which states that ‘if the victim is more susceptible to injury than an average individual would be, the defendant is still liable for all the damages that occur’.

Besides, how does having PCOS have anything to do with my allergic reaction? In their letter they said ‘renders her prone to acne’.

Can anyone tell me if this looks like ACNE?


Acne that grew OVERNIGHT by the dozens and was extremely ITCHY?!!

I wonder, to what extent do we lay all our medical conditions to a facial salon?

Next time when you guys go for facials, please tell them everything – blood pressure, blood type, whether you have back problems, constipation, hairline fractures, piles, thyroid disorder, sinus, migraine, gastric problems, piles, meningitis, urinary infection, etc. Best is if you bring your full medical report along.

Never in my more than ten years of having facials have I faced any problems, yet when something happened, it’s my own fault for not having a ‘perfectly healthy body’?

If someone wants to blame shit on you, they can think of ANYTHING.




How do I even rebut this? LMAO. I try to see the logic behind them using this as an argument but the joke’s really on them.

And acne, again? Tsk tsk.




I REQUESTED!?? They saw my face, told me to lie down and extracted the life out of me. What was the alternative? There was none given. They NEVER advised me to see a doctor until I after I asked them if I should. Of course I was free to do so!

And do you see from Points 10 and 11 how they try to push the blame back on me again?

Point 10: Our clients’ therapist notified your client.. to remove the pus from the acne by extraction

Point 11: It was your client who then specifically requested for further extraction

They gave me one option – extraction. And then they twisted it to become that I requested for it. Er… wokie~~




They wanted strict proof.

I gave them strict proof of my income tax and medical report and all other claims.

They no like my strict proof. =(




‘It was your client who seemed to be stalling any consultation with a dermatologist and not insisting on consulting a dermatologist’

How preposterous! Seriously?? I had barnacles all over my face and I STALLED CONSULTATION?!?! I was furious when I read this allegation!!

I was asleep from having taken drowsy medicine and replied immediately when I saw their message. Why do they keep pushing all the blame on me, the victim?

I feel so disgusted. *gags*




Firstly, I had only one medical report and I submitted that to the salon. Dear salon, please do not malign me.

Secondly, can anyone tell me what do they mean by ‘it is your client’s own skin allergy condition that caused the acne breakout suffered?”

  1. My own ‘skin allergy condition that caused the acne breakout’. Wait, what? When did I have an ‘acne breakout’? (Actually it should be ‘outbreak’ and not ‘breakout’ right? A prison breakout, a skin allergy outbreak. Just sayin’.)
  2. I’m sorry I did not disclose my skin allergy condition to the salon. I really wanted to have a shot at being Ms Barnacles!
  3. How many times must I repeat that’s it not the cause, but how they handled the aftermath when I trusted them to put things right? Omg I’m so tired of repeating!! =.=


“Our clients are a beauty centre and do not profess to be skin allergy specialists”

Their beauticians all said they have never seen a skin reaction like mine before. And what did they do? They asked me to lie down and extracted the pustules. Since they do not profess to be skin allergy specialists, why did they perform a normal procedure on an abnormal skin reaction?

I have had SO MANY beauticians and spa owners and people in the beauty industry write to me saying it is very obvious from my pictures mine wasn’t a normal reaction. We’ve done our research, and learning to diagnose skin conditions and allergies is part of the syllabus taught in beauty schools.




‘Our client also denies all or any negligence on their part as alleged or at all’.

No matter how many times a pig tells itself it looks like a unicorn, everyone still sees it as a pig.




This means that should I ever publish their name, THEY WILL SUE ME. (Please don’t email/facebook/tweet/instagram me for it!)




50% of medical costs!! What an insulting, unfair and ridiculous offer! I’m sure they know it’s a disgrace to their company’s tagline (I cannot say coz they will sue me)!

For all that I’ve been through, my tears, anguish, depression, they are only worth a ridiculous SGD1000+.

Yes, 1000+ is still money and I did consider taking it because I have spent money on lawyer’s fees, transportation, medical fees. But I eventually chose integrity over this puny monetary compensation. I mean, really, it’s only a measly 1000+ compared to what I have spent and lost (at least 10 times more, I’m serious). If I should take their 1000+, they will get me to sign an agreement with ridiculous terms and I won’t have the freedom to write this post at all.

I never wanted to profit from this mishap. I gave them everything I had – medical report, transport claims, income tax report – all factual and evident. But right from the start, they never thought of compensating me.

I say ‘right from the start’ because we met to negotiate once (before I had my lawyer) and they were difficult from start to end, thinking it ridiculous of me to think it’s any of their fault and said they only wished for me to ‘get better’. Anyway they abandoned even me before I got better. So, I don’t know. *shrugs*

Salon, You Win

Some of my options:

  1. Fight the salon
  2. Drop the matter and silently move on
  3. Drop the matter, but give myself and everyone a proper closure

If I still looked like Ms Barnacles, I guess I might go for Option 1.

It would be uncharacteristic of the writer DNA in me to go for Option 2. I had to write.

I wrote this post not to anger the salon (how ironic is it that I am worried about making the salon angry when I’m the victim! LOL!) nor invite a nasty letter from them. I wrote this post because it’s been such a life-changing experience that it’s worth writing about.

I did this for myself, to get it off my chest, to stop having thoughts of what other stupid things this salon can propagate. Writing is always cathartic for me.

What you’re reading is probably the 147th edit. HAHAHA! It’s a tough balance to keep – safe and boring VS truthful and dangerous.

I’m sorry I cannot say the salon’s name. You can say that I’m selfish for not naming the salon despite having a seemingly strong case against them. But I really cannot afford to play this game with them anymore.

As much as I want to protect my readers from visiting such an irresponsible salon, I need to protect myself from the evil forces of this salon too. I don’t want to go through another round of letters and time-wasting and throwing away money that can be otherwise used for far more important things in my life.

Besides, in every case, nobody can say for sure who will win because at the end of the day it all boils down to whom the judge believes. This episode has taught me that there are no real consumer rights, you can have your rights only if you have money to fight for your rights (disclaimer: unless it’s a criminal case?).

I hope I don’t sound bitter, because I truly am not, but this is the reality of life – money makes the world go round. Some of you kind souls have offered to donate to my legal fund. Thank you very much, but no, let’s not let throw good money after bad.

If the salon can tell a convincing story and win the case, I would be in deep shit with money received just for a chance to see if justice prevails; I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

So yes, the salon has won this case without me even putting up a fight. I tried my best, but they have continued to treat me unfairly. So what can I do?

I don’t want to waste anymore money nor time to fight them. I can almost hear them cheering and clinking their champagne flutes in jubilation from not having to compensate me a single cent, getting me to remain silent forever, and being able to carry on with their practices.

Moving On…

The thing I wish most for is to move on with my life.

So despite what you have read above, I actually harbor no hatred in my heart towards the people from the salon. What’s the point of hating people who don’t give a shit about you? I forgive them……. but maybe I cannot forget. HAHA! I just want to move on.

I want to start blogging again like a normal blogger, without thinking about whether such heavy posts will look odd among makeup tutorials and product reviews, without thinking about this facial salon case all the time. I want to go out and not have this heavy, dark cloud hanging over my head threatening to turn into a thunderstorm any time.

I haven’t had an income from my blog for four months. I need to pull up my socks! Please give me business!! BAHAHA!!! XD

I don’t want to waste any more time on people who don’t deserve my time and effort. These should be spent on people I love, like all of you reading this, my business and this blog.

I wouldn’t have been able to emerge so much stronger from this episode if it weren’t for all your love and encouragement. I had the opportunity to engage with so many people I would otherwise never have gotten to know; I had true friends being there for me when I was vulnerable and helping me so much at every step of my journey; I could never thank my mum enough for being so understanding and loving me regardless, and Mr Mode for being all that he is to me.

It has been… I would say, an educational journey. Not only for you, but for myself. I feel happy knowing I have helped so many people in the world, I’ve gained knowledge about skin conditions and depression, and I begin to see myself in a different light. Looking back at pictures of my terrible skin, I am impressed by my own fight and determination to get out of it, no kidding. *pats own back

You know what, maybe I should even thank the salon for….. (erm… need to think of a word that is not defamatory…) for everything (LOL!), because I have gained so much from this episode.

Okie, this should be the last of such lengthy posts. I’m seriously over and done with it.

Onwards!!! ^_^*



Always a beauty blogger. =)


Keep calm & love life,

Liberated Juli


I’m so excited to re-start blogging! Will you walk with me? 😀



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  • irorus

    HUGS!!!! Onwards to better things in life!!!!!

  • uglyfatchick

    Just want to let you know I support what you choose to do and hope everyone respect your decision. :)

  • Emily NA

    You are way too strong. I’m glad you didn’t sign away their problems and accept the blood money. With all the facts out there on your blog, you have helped us all (not just those in Singapore) be a lot more critical of those handling our skin. I’ve asked to have a list of ingredients before facials and asked about the things I KNOW I’m sensitive or allergic to. You know this is the right thing to do FOR YOU. Not all of us would be that strong, I would have taken them to court and rallied everyone with expertise to support me… and be in debt for a while afterwards and suffering more from the long-lasting effects of being reminded of the icky experience every time I remembered the debt.

  • CatherineChua

    Hi. Im glad that you have recovered alot since this incident. Take care gorgeous:). To protect people around me, i would like to know what is the salon name if possible.

  • CarolineRing

    So sorry you have been through all this, it sure has been an experience.  We live and learn, it has taken up a lot of your time and energy, I hope you can put this incident behind you and move on.  I think it is best just to let go and put it down to a bad experience, move on and be positive about the future.  I know I would be wanting some form of revenge or compensation, I think you have done what you can and now time to focus on being happy and looking forward to enjoying the last couple of months of this year.  Take care, thinking of you.  When I am in Singapore I will stick to having facials in the Hotel Spa.  Look forward to receiving more regular blogs :o)
    HUGS :-)))

  • ginnmarie07

    Of course I will walk with you! It’s so good to see you happy again. We all love a happy Bun.

  • themistymom

    You look more beautiful than ever! I think you should pursue #1, though. Is your atty weak or something?! Fire her and get a better one than the salon’s bullshit atty!!! Please do it for others who will or may or have undergone this and have no way to air this out like you. You have the media power to this – please push through with it. If not for yourself, then for women and their rights!! Juli, just because youre not Ms. Barnacles anymore doesnt mean that you should give up this fight. Ive admired you for your strength and courage
    – but am disappointed you’d let this finish because your face is all better. Hope you reconsider your choice.

  • orqngefirefly

    Thank you for bringing all this to a closure. I was quite shocked to see that the salon was irresponsible. They could not even admit to what they have done. I hope the salon will get what they deserve, or at least, no one else will fall prey again.
    And you know what I would say: Kudos to you for picking yourself up. I believe you will get many new opportunities and lifelong memories that will overwhelm this horrible episode, in a good way. Without a doubt, I will follow you into your Brand New Day! (Yes, I have to make a Spider-man reference here, sorry.)

  • nerdingCats

    I’ve started following your blog two days after reading some of your reviews and tutorials, and I saw the posts on your skin condition today =O. I am very sorry to know that such horrible things have happened to you =(. Although a bit late, I want to send you my support and good wishes nonetheless =).
    Your decisions to move on is a fair one. Unfortunately the world is not always fair and justice may not always be served… I’ve heard stories of people dying form medical conditions because the doctors they saw weren’t able to diagnosed the conditions correctly >= *angry face*, and I don’t think there were any follow-up consequences to the doctors involved… At the end of the day, we need to take on the responsibilities to ensure our own well-being, instead of leaving it entirely up to the hands of others, even though they are professionals/experts/specialists. It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable the other party is, at the end of the day no one knows our bodies better than we do, and no one cares enough to pay as much attention to our health as we do. Therefore, always keep an extra eye on things that might have been overlooked.
    Anyways I am glad to see things have been getting better for you =D! I really enjoy reading your posts, your reviews and tutorials. They are very useful and I like your cheerful, funny and genuine style of writing =). Please keep it up!!

  • FrauFrau

    Yes, you move on with your life, because the salon forgot about one point in all their replies to you. Karma.

  • jounderthestars

    here’s an idea – like you said, there are so many people out there who are genuinely concerned for you right? they asked you to fight back, to name and shame the salon etc. so you’ve got support but you need money to properly kick their ass. how about turning the support into money? set up like a fund for these people to contribute to and then use the money to sue the hell out of the salon? if you have 50,000 readers, each gave you $1, you’d have $50,000 to fight for a public cause (public cause which woman out there wouldn’t want to know where NOT to go for a barnacle facial?!). if it’s not enough then you can just refund the money. it’s too disgusting they got away with this!

  • BAMBIx

    I love when you smile like this. As I believe in Buddhism (and I’m working for translating a Buddhist book, lol), the salon will finally get what it did to you, either physically or mentally, in one way or another in the future. At least in the end they will understand what you feel when they actually face it themselves, or when their relatives face it, who knows?. It is good that you are this good and forgive them, really!. 

    No matter what happened, or happens, or will happen, you are a true winner Juli 😀

  • xMilkx

    Seconding jounderthestars – if you choose to fight, I’m sure many people from all over – including myself – would be more than willing to contribute financially.  Was CASE able to do anything about this on your behalf?

  • andieme

    Hi Juli, I’ve been reading and following this incident on and off for a while.  I have a legal, contractual background.    It sounds like to me the Salon had good intentions until they consulted with a lawyer for advice.   I do not mean to trivialize or sound cynical about your experience (that’s not my intention at all), but based on my experience the letters you received can be pretty much viewed as standard legal practice.    Its a strategy called “lets come on strong to get the other party to lower expectations.”   Its actually fairly standard practice in the corporate world.    What makes this tricky now is I am sure no one anticipated dealing with a media power like yourself.   Your posts unfortunately makes you more of a threat in the legal denomination, and that meant they need to come on even stronger.  Just my 2 cents from experience.

  • AngelaWan1

    I am so glad you’re back T_T

  • psastry

    It is so good to see you back! I am one of the many you have inspired through blogging about this experience, and I hope to always be able to come back and see new posts!

  • ethibaul

    I just want to let you know I’ve been following your traumatic experience, with a heavy heart for the misery this salon has put you through.  Whatever your choice, I hope you prevail.  It’s clear you’ve emerged on the other side of the fire with an even stronger character, and as a brighter light for all your readers.
    I’m sure it’s available in Singapore, but I had a treatment to even out skin tone and discoloration (including red spots, which are supposed to be the hardest to treat,) with IPL (intense pulse light) treatment and I was beyond floored with the results.  My doctor used a system called the Lumenis One IPL System, so if you want to ask your specialist if she uses it and if she would reccomend it, it could be an option.  (Like most laser treatments, I believe it works best on fair skin and darker pigments.)  I do have to say, though, I think you look fantastic again, and it’s always nice to have your outside match the sunshine from within.

  • AshleyND869

    Honestly, I’m glad you’ve decided to stop with this post. I’ve been following your story since I found it on Buzzfeed. I get regular facials, so I wanted to keep track of everything and I also felt bad for you. I hoped (and I keep hoping) that everything would get better for you. That being said, from reading your journal posts it seems the salon will try to get you for anything. They are doing classic victim blaming. So if you keep talking about it online, I worry they’re going to try and go after you even if you don’t publish the name. So I feel at this point (and I guess you do too, since you said it’s your last post) that you should not talk about this anymore online. You’ve done a good thing by sharing your story and letting many of us know what can happen with an allergic reaction, but now it’s time to fight it without telling us about it. I really do hope everything gets better for you.

  • ellebeaute42

    Please fight, here’s why: 
    First, I’m so sorry that’s this has become your journey. I work for a big luxury retail store and we were sued once for a similar matter. I’ve been following this series because we engage bloggers by offering complimentary products and “suggesting” an honest review. We do this ONLY because a category is suffering and bloggers offer cheap PR. We’re usually desperate to get a product to work. Bloggers need to remember that it costs pennies for us to give away products, versus the tens of thousands (more if we use a supermodel) to produce a professional campaign and reach the same audience. The settlement you were offered is very low, so I imagine that this brand isn’t doing too well.
    You should not let one event define your life — it could be divorce, disease, or in this case, a poorly executed facial treatment. The suffering goes away when you change the conversation and bury the pain underneath other events. I think that’s what you would prefer at this point. I know it’s hard. 

    The spa that you’re accusing stands to lose their entire business, thus the terrible letters. But it’s a good thing. They should be forced to re-evaluate their procedures and prove their worth to clients again. The store I work for was recently sued… and it was a very good thing. We needed to change a service, and the wrong would have continued has the brave customer not had the strength to come forward. You didn’t get an ugly lipstick or eyeliner that smudges… you had to see a doctor after their misguided treatment and you lost wages (though, I’m hoping this story earned you a ton of new fans!!) Fight, they owe you more.

  • KlausthePB

    Legally, can you never mention the salon name? Even if it was phrased: “I’ve been to XXX salon before.” No mention of date, before/after context. Just simply dropping the name. That’s technically legal, no?

  • sang_ok

    >> This episode has taught me that there are no real consumer rights, you can have your rights only if you have money to fight for your rights (disclaimer: unless it’s a criminal case?). <<

    I’m kinda baffled that it seems to be this way in your country.
    But, after winter last year I know it’s the same (or probably worse) in my country. 

    Just to let you know – you are not alone!
    Last winter, I got hit by a car while crossing a street. I checked before I set foot on the street if there were any cars coming – there weren’t. Still I didn’t see him although he was driving down straight which means he must have been too fast. Police protocol states the same, unfortunately it wasn’t that much over speed limit to matter legally. 
    Amongst other things I broke my skull and got reanimated directly on the street by police officers. Luckily they were present since it took the MICU 10min to arrive – I would have been dead otherwise.
    Amongst other things to this very day I suffer from parosmia, cacosmia to be more exact. This means I don’t smell & taste things how they smell & taste in reality (parosmia) but pretty much everything smells & tastes rotten, burnt or chemical. It varies though, sometimes tastes like burnt chemicals the one day but like rotten food the other day, yay!
    There’s no treatment, if my senses will EVER go back to normal is unknown and can’t be determined – time will show.

    It took me months to recover and I’m still not quite there, still I decided to not sue him because I simply wanted to leave all this behind me and I am happy I’m still alive after this.

    It looks like he wasn’t able to simply shake it off – I guess his car must be really really important to him, or why would he sue me for damage compensation, although he has an insurance that I’m pretty sure would cover the expenses (or might have already done that, I don’t know that right now).

    In short: I got hit by a car. I nearly died. There might be an impairment to my health for the rest of my life. Not to speak of all the money I lost because I couldn’t work and had to spend at the same time for medical treatments – AND HE SUES ME.

    This is NOT how a nation of law is supposed to work. It’s just not right.

    So please don’t follow the advise of ellebeaute42 and continue fighting.
    Drop it, let it behind you and go back to your inner peace. It’s so much more worth it.

  • sang_ok

    Forgot a part:
    I totally see her point so this is a really hard decision to make, but in the end the only thing that matters is which path YOU decide to go down and would make you happy eventually. And you’re the only one capable of knowing that.

  • CarolineRing


  • CarolineRing


    I just read your story, I am totally horrified that the driver sued you.  I would be totally devastated if I ever hit someone whilst driving, it would never even enter my head to sue for damages to my car.  What a total CREEP!

    Please know that you are the better person, please concentrate on getting better.  Keep thinking positive thoughts and keep repeating to your brain that your taste and smell will return to normal.  I have been unwell since 2007, it was 3 years before the Doctors could find out the problem, I almost lost hope.  Now things are nearly back to normal but I have had to (with help) re-train my brain to think positive thoughts all the time and do yoga and meditation, it was tough going at first but now I really believe it has been helpful.

    I also agree that we have to let things go, holding onto resentment can be a waste of time and your energy. 

    Take care, positive energy and thoughts for you, take care, xx