Revlon Colorstay Foundation Shades For NC20-25


There is nothing more exasperating than going to a store, knowing that it carries the brand of product you want, and then getting hit hard in the face when you see that it carries LIMITED SHADES of the foundation. Not even those counters at Metro or BHG carry the full range of Revlon Colorstay Foundation shades.

Okie, drama queen, there is more to life than frowning over foundation shades.

But mannnnn!!! Why do they do this to us?

There are 20 shades for the Revlon ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex liquid foundation. Guess how many people in Singapore are entitled to?

A grand total of 5.


In the picture are Sand Beige (left; available in all drugstores) and Buff (right; not available in any drugstore). They are just one shade apart, but make a whole lot of difference.


The full range of Revlon Colorstay Foundation Shades goes like this, with the ones available in Singapore in orange:

– Ivory

– Buff

– Sand Beige

– Nude

– Natural Beige

– Medium Beige

– Fresh Beige

– Golden Beige

– Warm Golden

– True Beige

– Natural Tan

– Early Tan

– Rich Tan

– Golden Caramel

– Toast

– Rich Ginger

– Caramel

– Cappuccino

– Mahogany

– Mocha

Whatever happened to the ones in between???

For the love of my motherland, I’m crying out loud to the cosmetics merchandisers: “Do we all constitute just 5 shades out of the 20?”. If I had such a nightmarish episode with finding the right foundation shade for my very common MAC NC20-25 skin undertone with the Revlon Colorstay Foundation, I’m sure many others in Singapore have trouble too. And us being a multi-racial country with Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian, etc, shouldn’t we be entitled to even MORE foundation shades? Oh, and the entire Dry/Normal Skin range is non-existent. How could they assume people here don’t have with dry/normal skin?

It’s the “All asians must look the same” logic again, isn’t it? LOL!

I don’t know, maybe I’m just kicking up a big fuss but it really is annoying that for such a highly raved liquid foundation product, only 5 shades are brought in to Singapore. And I’m kicking up a fuss because I am a victim of this insufficient range of shades. *bangs table*

E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y loves the Revlon Colorstay Foundation. It is all coated with mushy love and sugary kisses and bestowed the Holy Grail honor by thousands and thousands of blogs and videos all over the world.

So one day I went to Watsons and looked for a suitable shade. I didn’t know they had 20 shades then. Nude was too light and Warm Golden onwards was too dark for my MAC NC20-25 skin undertone. Sand Beige seemed a little dark on my skin but that was the nearest of all the 5 shades. Against my better judgement, into my basket it went.

In the ensuing months of using the Revlon foundation, I established a love-hate relationship with it. Despite all its goodness – full coverage, long-lasting, non-irritable to skin – it never felt right. When something doesn’t feel right, negative things about the product start to surface – can feel heavy on the skin sometimes, horrible paint smell, must work very fast otherwise would turn streaky on the skin…….

I always thought there was something wrong with my method of application, or that my primer caused it to react and change color, or that my skin was too oily, or that I had applied too much or too little.  I kept blaming myself. How could I hate it when the whole world seems to worship it?

So I kept giving it chances and hated it even more every time I saw myself in the mirror with my face looking all orange.

It wasn’t so bad when I paired it with NARS Loose Powder in Flesh coz Flesh is the right shade for me, but when I wore it alone, Ooompa Loompa was I!

Look at how dark Sand Beige looks against Buff! To think they’re just one shade apart!

I chucked it aside for many months and only started using it again 2 months ago. Then (can’t fathom why it took me so long) it came to my realization that it wasn’t the product nor my foundation application skills, it was the wrong shade! It was then that I discovered that there are actually 20 shades, not just our measly 5!

I had to order Buff online (from amazon).

( now carries Buff and Medium Beige. We ship worldwide too!)

Since Ivory is definitely too light and Sand Beige turns me orange, Buff was my only option. I mean, other than giving up hope altogether on Revlon Colorstay Foundation. I’ve always have to take a gamble when I buy face makeup online because we have such limited US products here. NARS Loose Powder in Flesh was also a lucky bet. (Oh c’mon Singapore Sephora! When are you giving us NARS???)

Notice the green arrow? It points to where I stopped applying Sand Beige. It looks like an ugly tan line I got from sunbathing in a t-shirt.

The first time I tried Buff, OMG. I tell you, I felt like a carebear sliding down a rainbow. It looked a little light when it touched my skin, but upon stippling it looked better and after the makeup settled in an hour, my skin appeared more natural-looking. There was no two-toned skin between my neck and jawline. And by mid-day, it oxidised to such a natural shade I almost wished I could kiss my own cheek!

See what a GREAT difference a shade lighter makes? I couldn’t be happier with Buff on my NC20-25 skin. I LOVE the Revlon Colorstay Foundation coz everything is right! (I’m one of you now!)

If a Revlon Colorstay Foundation turns orange on you, your skin most likely reacted to some components in the foundation causing it to oxidise and turn orange. Oils in our skin or moisturizer can intensify and alter the color of the pigments.

So if you find that a foundation looks barely right when you swatch it at a drugstore and you have had experiences of foundation oxidising on you, don’t think it will get any better if you bring it home! Do some online research and see what people of your skin undertone and skin combination say about a certain foundation shade.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation is priced at SGD27.90 (edit: SGD30.90 as at Nov 2012) in Singapore. It feels expensive coz Sand Beige’s just gonna lie there and be wasted. Boooooooo!

Buff: 1

Sand Beige: 0

Get Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff and Medium Beige at:

US: amazon

Singapore & rest of the world: dolltodoll

Bun Bun rates the Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff for NC20-25:

Did you have any trouble finding the right shade for the Revlon Colorstay Foundation?

Wherever you are, do they have a huge range of foundation shades?

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About Bun Bun

Hello! My name is Juli and Bun Bun is my alter-ego. I blog to share my love for makeup, how to apply it, and what works or what doesn’t work, all from an Asian perspective.

My first makeup product was a shimmery light blue lipstick which I proudly wore all over my eyelids and lips. It cost $2.50, felt like $250, and made me feel like a million bucks.

  • a!kO

    I have always wanted to try this cause of all the rave and all but like you said since the color are limited I always say, ok next time. =___= but I want to love it too! Now I am using LA colors foundation which was a gift that I currently love and hoping I won’t finish it anytime sooner ~~ Although I wonder if you could just mix the sand beige and ivory together? I know a lot of beauty guru mix at least 2 foundation together to get the right shade. I hope I wont have to, but you are right about us being multi-cultural, we need our own foundation range 😀

    • Bun Bun

      Hi a!kO, yup I do mix foundation shades. For an upcoming post, I will show how I mixed 2 foundation shades from Stage Cosmetics to get the PERFECT shade for me. Are you living in Singapore too? =)

      • a!kO

        😀 I can’t wait for that post! ^^, I actually don’t really care for foundation but I am gonna need it for my bestie’s wedding since I am one of the bridesmaid 0__o would be in pictures…*sigh* I live in Sarawak, just across the pond 😀

        • Bun Bun

          haha love how you say ‘just across the pond’

  • Lisa

    I love foundation I use it almost everyday. I like Mac, but the only problem is the hot weather cause it to get oily throughout the day….maybe I’ll try Revlon Colorstay.

    • Bun Bun

      Good idea! In fact many people prefer the Revlon Colorstay to Mac.

  • gayathri

    hi…….i hav oily skin n black spots on my face.tis revlon color stay makeup wit softflex is suit for me?pls tel me………if its suited,nd which shade s suit for me?

    • Bun Bun

      Hi gayathri, the Revlon Colorstay foundation is suitable for oily skin. Just make sure to choose the one for Oily/Combination skin, and not the Normal/Dry skin. I have spots on my face too and as the Revlon foundation provides full coverage, it covers the spots quite well. As to finding a shade suitable for yourself, it is best to visit your local cosmetics stores (Watsons, Guardian, Metro, Robinsons, etc if you’re in Singapore) to check out which of the shades available best fit you. Hope this helps! =)

  • gayathri

    nd which compact powder suits me?tel me……….

  • sharlynn

    I swear…singapore pharmacies are either too cheap skate…worried no one will buy the other colors or can’t be bothered…I think a whole bunch of us people should flood guardian and watsons headquarters and force them to bring in all the other colors!

    I mean…we have plenty malay, indian and foreigners who are much lighter, darker and in between!

    Sure we’ve got chinese…but lots of us still aren’t as light or dark as the colors available! It drives me insane too!

    I haven’t tried it yet because the colors here are…too light and too dark..I’m in between the FIVE..-__-…

    thanks for sharing! I think I’ll start sending periodic complaint messages..hehehe

    • Bun Bun

      If you start a petition or strike to make them bring in more colors otherwise we will all boycott their stores, let me know, I WILL SUPPORT YOU! Wahaha!

      I’m so glad someone is with me on this! Why can’t they just bring in more colors?! We’re a multi-ethnic country that doesn’t promote multi-ethnic liquid foundation shades. Tsk.

      You mean you wanna send complaints to Watsons or to me? If you wanna send to me, no problem, we can complain together hahaha

  • Recherche

    Yup, I totally get you girl. I wish they brought in a wider range of shades from the already limited number of make up lines they bring in. Until then, there’s always ebay. *sighs*

    • Bun Bun

      What have you bought from ebay? Sometimes I really feel like buying from ebay when I cannot find a product sold elsewhere, but I’ve heard horror stories so I’m afraid! Share with me your experiences! =D

  • Recherche

    Oh and some sellers are really nice! Two of them included a thank you note (handwritten, mind!) and one also gave me a nice sample packet of body glitter to try :) Haha I suppose I’m lucky. Either that or I must have done my research pretty thoroughly to ensure I’m buying things with minimal risk.

    • Bun Bun

      You’re really lucky! Hand written thank you note, free samples, and all… Maybe I should try one day. Haha

  • Recherche

    Hmm it seems that my other comment didn’t show up 0.0 Anyway what I was saying there was that on Ebay it’s important to get things from a Top-Rated Seller, or at least one with close to 100% positive ratings. If the seller has 90+% positive ratings, check the negative feedback given by other customers on the sellers’ profile. If it’s quite serious e.g. “seller didn’t give me the thing i wanted!” or “fake product” or “seller didn’t reply me” and other things like that, then don’t consider that seller and find another more reliable one. It’s the same on Amazon, I guess. I usually compare prices on Ebay and Amazon to see which sells the thing I want for cheaper (incl. shipping) but still from a reliable source. Sometimes, the price different is quite stark. I just bought Ultraflesh Panthera Mascara (based on an “A” recommendation by Karen – I found your blog through your guest post on hers!) on Ebay for only 17 USD + ~ 6 SGD of shipping from vpost, whereas if I were to buy it from Amazon, it would cost 49.99 USD not including shipping from vpost! The seller is a Top-Rated Seller who’s selling these products at 55% discount. We’ll see how my purchase goes :)

    • Bun Bun

      I once bought a dress from ebay for an important event but it turned out like !@#$#!&%!*. Thing is, other customers gave the seller a high rating and said the clothes were exactly as seen on the site. Mine looked like crap. X_X BAH. Bad experience! Thanks for the advice though. I might give ebay another try one day! =D

      • Recherche

        *patpat* what a pity! Don’t let that bad experience deter you from potential good ones though :) good luck!

  • Gen

    I’m thinking of ordering a lighter shade online to mix with my current shade. Would just like to check what are the undertones for the 2 colors you have, Sand Beige and Buff? I’m looking for one with yellow undertones!! I have Early Tan and its way too orangey for me but I love the finish/oil control too much to give up on it just yet :]

    • Bun Bun

      Hi Gen,

      Both Sand Beige and Buff are good for yellow undertones. I have yellow undertones, and pink undertones show up really badly on my skin, like immediately. I look like I have the face of Pink Panther and the body of Crayon Shinchan. 😆 That said, Sand Beige and Buff have somewhat neutral undertones so are also suitable for pink undertones.

      The Revlon Colorstay foundation tends to oxidize on my oily skin (making me look orangey), that’s why I had to go a shade lighter with Buff even though Sand Beige blends into my skin well upon application.

      Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

      • Gen

        Thanks so much for the advice! Haha pink panther and crayon shinchan XDDD I’ll take note about the oxidisation too as I have oily skin as well. I may just get both shades to mix them up.
        (I initially did not know they had 20 shades!!! I swatched all 5 and also against my better judgement, bought the nearest shade cause I had read so many great reviews about it)

  • sarah

    hey there :-)) imagine, I bought colorstay sand beige as it worked perfect in the store. than, after some use (and it even turned summer = little tan) I began to get a certain orangey glow… I tried everything, now I know what’s the problem because of you :-))) thank you! now I’m going to glimpse in one of our make up-stores (where there are about 6 shades of colorstay…) to see if they carry Buff. I am between NW20 and NW25. I’ll let you know how it goes :-) have a nice day and thanks again, greetings from europe

    • Bun Bun

      Hi sarah!

      Really glad my post helped to explain the orangey glow << it's annoying, isn't it! I hope you manage to get Buff! =D

      As mentioned in my reply to reader Gen, Buff and Sand Beige are good for pink and yellow undertones since they have neutral undertones, so Buff will be good for your NW undertone too! Let me know if you feel like a carebear sliding down a rainbow once you've tried Buff. LOL.

      Have a nice day!

      • sarah

        thanks for your sweet reply!!! I’m so gonna try that buff, already excited! it’s just a pity that revlon is so expensive here, nearly as much as mac… oh well, I’m glad that I might find the right shade for me. thanks again, greetings :-)

  • nitnot

    I’m glad it works for you. I am NC30 with a deep yellow/beige undertone and even Sand Beige doesn’t work for me. I think I would be ok with Golden Beige, but as with Singapore, Jakarta also has very little shades. I’m forced to go for MUFE :(

    • Bun Bun

      Awww shucks, they really should put us out of our agony. Just give us more shades! Which foundation from MUFE are you using? I love the MUFE Mat Velvet Plus! =D

      • nitnot

        I am using HD, but recently it’s just not working as well as it used to so I’m actually thinking of yep, Mat Velvet! I really think stress has done a number on my skin, plus I think I need to revamp my whole skincare routine. My cheeks are too dry, Tzone too oily, it’s been crazy. I’ve even been looking at Guerlain (!!!) Parure Aqua because a friend swears by it and she always look AMAZING.

        • Bun Bun

          Add all that to the time of the month and we get a field of poppies as canvas for the face. =(

  • Izzy

    For reference, I’m a 120 in mufe hd, so I’m presumably a nc 25 in mac, but I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know for sure. I have light olive skin/yellow tones.

    I decided to make the switch from mufe hd since it’s a fraction of the price, but Revlon doesn’t have samples in US stores anywhere. In the store in a hurry, I went off my list that suggested sand beige or buff as matches and got something ridiculous like fresh beige that looked so right in the store (probably due to current tan). Well, that was a total miss. It looked alright at home, but as soon as I went outside, I could see a pink streak on my hand where I was applying, and it looked like I used a light layer of blush as finishing powder. Ugg! But…but…it covered so well, and it lasted!

    I exchanged it for Sand Beige after being away from the store that has the wider selection for a week. I stepped outside, used it on my arm, and yelled at the pinkish stripe. My internet research and frustration led me here. I’m going to give Buff a go. It just looked so grey and sickly in the bottle inside! It’s my last hope. Thank you so much for addressing this issue! You’d think that someone would have brought this up by now considering how popular it is!

    Don’t even get me started about how totally different the dry skin formula colors are!

  • Jess

    Thank you! I just found out today that my true undertone is warm even though my face is cool, I got a sample at MAC and tried to find it in Colorstay today. Needless to say I was overwhelmed and left with nothing, so excited now thanks!

    • Bun Bun

      Same here! I’m on the cooler side of the warm undertone spectrum. =D

  • shirlene

    Hi. The shade that Im using curently is Sand Beige, at first it will be alright but subsequently throughout the day my face will turn darker? and that i realised that it’s really brownish on my inner forearm.
    what shade i should use if i’m NW20?
    I’m also kinda confused because i’m told im nw20 at one time and yet somebody else told me i was nc20. So if I’m really nc20, what shade should i use too?
    Thanks in advance! ^^

    • Bun Bun

      That will be the effect of oxidation, shirlene. That happens to me when I use the Revlon Colorstay too, that’s why I got Buff, which looks lighter when first applied but oxidizes to a more natural color later.

      Oh dear, Sand Beige is definitely too dark for NW20 or NC20! Personal experience! I would recommend Buff. I am NC20-25 and Buff works for me. If Buff is available in your country, I suggest going to a cosmetics counter and try it. Otherwise you would have to take a gamble like I did.

  • Shirlene

    Oh im singaporean through ^^ Do you know of wheree i can get it? ^^ hehe ty

    • Bun Bun

      Awww man! Even though I’m happy that you’re a fellow Singaporean, I have bad news. There is no Buff in Singapore! You gotta purchase it online, unfortunately. You can join online sprees that order from,, etc. That’s what I did. =)

  • Faye


    I love both the MUFE and Revlon CS foundations, but am looking to try another foundation, preferably from a drugstore (so I’m not breaking the bank!). Do you have any suggestions, any great foundations you love that are relatively cheap? And if you do, what color/shade do you use (I ask because I also use the same shades from MUFE and Revlon!).


  • Faye


    I also love both MUFE and Revlon CS, but I am looking to try another foundation, preferably one sold in drugstores (because they’re cheaper!). MUFE is getting a bit pricey for me, and Revlon CS feels a little unnatural (it’s not as “creamy” as MUFE!). Any suggestions? And if you do have a great find, can you tell me what color/shade you use (I also use the exact same shades for MUFE and RCS!).

    Thank you~~

    • Bun Bun

      Hello Faye,

      Oh yes, I agree that Revlon Colorstay doesn’t feel quite as natural on the skin as MUFE! MUFE hurts the wallet though. Hmmm… The liquid foundation that I find myself reaching for almost daily nowadays is the Lancôme Maqui Blanc Miracle Liquid Foundation in BO-01. It feels light on the skin and matches me quite nicely. It is a little pricey though, but less than MUFE. To me, anything above $50 is pricey. Haha.

      Another liquid foundation I like is the Stage Cosmetics Photo Pro, but Stage has moved out of Singapore. I got it for real cheap! =(

      Actually it really depends on what are you looking for in a liquid foundation. Coverage? Mattifying? Moisturizing? Glow? For me, I like medium to full coverage, and a mattifying formula for my oily skin.

      • Faye

        Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely look into it!
        Hmmm, so nothing fantastic from L’Oreal or Almay, eh? I guess I say that because I just see those names often in the average drugstore :)
        (I’m in the US, but I figure many brands will have products out in both Singapore and the US!)
        Again, thank you!

        • Bun Bun

          We don’t have Almay here. Gah. In fact, we didn’t have many US brands imported here before Sehora arrived on our shores. Thank goodness for Sephora! The shades we have are also usually limited, as you would have read from above. 5 out of a possible 20!

          L’Oreal doesn’t have my vote of confidence, attributed to bad experience with many of their face products. Somehow I tend to breakout whenever I use a product labeled ‘L’Oreal’. It’s just very weird since the brand has many other brands under it and my skin is fine with them. It’s like my skin has eyes to see the brand name for itself. Lol.

  • Teemetric

    I’m not going to lie, I use sand beige even though it’s quite a bit darker than my skin color. Usually when I use foundation that matches my skin color, I end up looking very pasty. So I rather be slightly darker than slightly whiter. I also think it photographs better :).

    • Bun Bun

      I see, then it’s not so bad for you yea? Sand beige looks extremely orange on me; I think I look like a burnt bun (insert Bun Bun puns). =O

  • Meiying

    I use Buff too! Its right for me during the winter time when I’m super pale. (I am in NYC during the school year) so the buildings block out the sun and make me paler <– theory.

    I find though that Revlon Colorstay foundations are too heavy. Sometimes I use it as a concealer. When I use it on my whole face (I use my fingers to blend) it is obvious that I used foundation. When I'm having a bad skin day though, this thing is life saver. Normally I use Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, but that is light-medium coverage so I need to wear concealer when I have blemishes. For Revlon Colorstay I don't need to put anything more on.

    • Bun Bun

      It feels like a mask, doesn’t it? I rarely use it anymore because I’ve got other foundations which feel more ‘breathable’ on my skin.

      I’m interested in the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, heard quite a lot about it. Is it good for oily skin?

  • Joyce

    Bunbun, thank u for ur thorough sharing abt this product!

    I’m looking for a liquid foundation that wont oxidise so fast, this sounds good!

    But i have the same prob that sand beige is a tad too dark for me :(

    Possible if i can buy a tiny sample of buff from u to try before i purchase on amazon pleeeeeeeeease? =D

    Hope this foundation works for me, being cabincrew trainee for the next 4mths i hope no need splurge too much with my training allowance hehe!

    • Bun Bun

      Oh no! I used up almost all of Sand Beige when I did my friend’s makeup for some event, and Buff for the Halloween makeup. I purposely tried to use up most of the product as I’m probably not going to use the Revlon Colorstay foundation anymore.

      Hmmm, I reckon there is a serious lack of moisture in planes so the Revlon Colorstay foundation may not be moisturizing enough. I’m just guessing coz I’ve never had makeup on for too many hours on a plane.

      • joyce

        my friend in texas is helping me to get from :)

        but i am wondering,for the combi/oily skin one, could it be the oil controlling agents that made the foundation very dry on the skin :S cos usually if i get oily/combi skin products, my skin will feel too dry and have loads of oil emitted :(

        at the same time, i am worrying if the dry/normal skin formula will be too rich for me. haha! think i will just go ahead to order and try since its only USD$10 now :) will let you know if i have any revelation with the dry/normal skin formula :p

        btw, thanks for your recommendation for the seaweed mattifying daytime moisturizer from TBS. today first day using, like how its a breeze putting on the make up this morn. hope my face is intact when i get home tonight :)

        [[ describe my skin: i have combi skin, but even when i go jogging, i cannot make an entire sheet of oil blotting film transparent =P ]]

        • Bun Bun

          Combination skin is usually harder to tackle than say, full oily or full dry skin. A product for oily skin used on combi/oily skin may make the combi area too dry, especially if the product has mattifying or oil-control elements. Same as for combi/dry skin. I have read that some people apply two kinds of products on the different combi/oily/dry areas of the face. If your skin usually feels dry from foundation, I think you can try the dry/normal one.

          The Seaweed Mattifying daytime moisturizer from TBS is amazing right? I love it for its nice smell and oil-control. Eh~~ does your skin feel dry under this moisturizer? Coz this actually helps to control oil.

          [[my skin: I have OILY skin. I can stay at home all day, not sweat at all, and can make 2 sheets of oil blotting films transparent @_@ ]]

          • Joyce

            No eh. It doesnt feel dry. It think it cos it use moisturising stuff to condition instead of “spot dry up” with things like kaolin clay. When skin is moisturize it emits less oil to take care of the dryness ba :)

          • Mishi

            I would think golden cmaeral would have a yellow base from the word golden in the name unfortunately you are right it has a pinkish cast to it. I’m going to try mixing it with a lighter tone cause i’m having a hard time trying to get a match since goldne cmaeral is close but a tad dark and pink. In mac i would be a nc40.

  • Pak

    Hi Bun bun, thanks for your thought on this particular same problem I always have.
    I’ve been living + working in Singapore for several years, and repurchased this foundation in Warm Golden for 3-4 times now. It definitely looks too bright and pinkish on me because my skintone works best with Natural Tan which I can go back to buy it only in Bangkok! I tried Early Tan but it looks too golden orange – it looks better on my Portuguese friend after she’s a bit sun tanned.

    what I think it works to darken and neutralize the makeup – I usually use some dark mineral makeup as a bronzer. I have Everyday mineral in Tan, Medium Tan, and Medium Beige Summer. They last for yearsss.

    • Bun Bun

      Hi Pak,

      I use bronzer to twitch foundation shades too, especially those that tend to make my face look a little too flat – like the Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation, which I still love nonetheless.

      I alternate between NYC Bronzer in Sunny (which I just reviewed) and MAC Careblend Pressed Powder in Gold-Go-Lightly.

      You can try buying Natural Tan online, or a few more bottles when you go to BKK? :)

  • ayen alvia

    I got this in Ivory and Sand beige.Can u imagine having your passport pic taken with an oompa loompa face?! ivory oxidized on me real bad! after reading your blog,it wasnt just i who had the same experience with colorstay. i got also one in sand beige,now that im tan,i regret for giving it away. oooh the irony! i betcha buff too gives a white cast on does ivory.
    Now i dont know what foundation to buy,its way too expensive here in the philippines ! i tried bb cream,but the creamy-ness just turns me off sumtyms. im oily already,non of the dewy look works for me.
    any suggestions?
    im sensitive,and vy oily t-zone.should i give mac powders a go?

    • Bun Bun

      Sorry about the oompa loompa passport photo face, dear. Must have felt terrible to be forced to carry that around the world. :( Sand Beige oxidized like mad on me too! Buff is too light at once, but the formula oxidizes so that it looks quite okie after a while.

      Hmmmm, do you have Bourjois in your country? Bourjois has some really good foundation and I recommend the Bourjois Flower Perfection and Bourjois Healthy Mix.

      I do use MAC powders. MAC Studio Fix for full coverage, MAC Blot Pressed Powder for setting foundation. Powders are great for travel and can give good coverage, but can appear a little flat. So you need to decide what are your priorities. :)

  • Denise

    Hi Bun Bun ! I have a question for you. Do you think Revlon Colorstay in buff will work for me? I have pale/fair/white-ish skin or something like that with yellow undertones since every Ivory shade in every foundation I’ve ever used turned to be too pink for me . Also I’ve been said I have oily skin, my face kind of sweats some more during summer and I have a slighty tendency towards acne. I don’t know why sometimes some of my pimples are dried out, maybe I’m using the wrong mostuirizer.

    • Bun Bun

      Hi Denise,

      Do you use any MAC foundation? If you know your shade in MAC, it will be easier to tell you your Revlon Colorstay shade equivalent. You can drop by any MAC counter and ask them to analyze your shade. Bear in mind that not all MUAs give accurate analysis, some are wayyy of the mark. I would ask for at least 2 opinions to get a general idea of my shade.

      But for now, from how you describe it, I think you can try buff. I am MAC NC20-25 and buff suits me well.

      I have acne-prone and oily skin too so I know exactly how troublesome this type of skin is! What moisturizer are you using? Try to get one that is not too creamy or thick, and one that absorbs well into the skin. I know it is such a waste to buy a brand new moisturizer only to find that it doesn’t suit you well at all. But it’s better to keep finding one that suits your skin – your skin will thank you for that! 😀

  • Denise

    I’ve never used MAC foundation before but I’ve heard only good things about it but it’s a bit too expensive here. As for the mosturizer I was using this one before noticing it wasn’t very good for me.

    It does indeed softens my skin but it gives me the sensation of dry skin expecially on my acne area.

  • theindigold

    I love Revlon Colorstay! It is the only foundation that sticks after a whole day of perspiration and running around. My only gripe is Singapore doesnt stock it in Golden Beige (cries!). Back when i first using Revlon Colorstay, I started out with Warm Golden and it just didnt look great.. Got my sis to purchase a bottle of Golden Beige from US, and I’ve been hooked ever since! Even the Lancome matt miracle I tried didnt hold out as long as Revlon Colorstay did. HOW. Just have to purchase from amazon now.. Sigh. Any suggestions as to where else I can purchase it online?

  • HenriettePetersen

    I have olive undertones which are more yellow during winter, since my tan goes away.. During summer i use No7 ”warm sand” but it’s too dark now, so I’m looking for a ligt foundation for yellow/green undertoned skin that does NOT look pink on me :( 
    Will buff (mixed with my ”warm sand”) be good for me then? so glad I found this post, thank you xx

  • sydraa

    Hi! I’m having troubles finding out what is ONE shade darker than sand beige because sand beige is too light on me? Btw, love this post!

  • gigitzu

    Hey in South America it’s the same thing. We just get a few shades. I’m a green eye blonde with very fair skin.. and forget it, we don´t get Ivory here and I love this foundation so badly!!!!

  • pearlyswirlly

    OMG I completely agree with u! It’s so annoying! I mean isn’t singapore first world country and one of the most globalize do and urbanized in the world?? How can it be SO lacking if that’s that case?! Finally someone completely and utterly gets it. What a relief to not feel like a dummy who feels so strongly abt something as trivial as makeup n foundation shades :’)

  • RebeccaTraub

    hello! I just bought colorstay in buff, since I saw this post, and the one with burjois flower perfection. I wore burjois in vanilla too before this one! So I took a gamble on this one. It is a bit too light and maybe even pinkish. I think I am warm toned, yellow or olive(as my friend says). When I swatched sand beige 180 in the store after a while It got soooo orane I was scared to buy it haha.
    I was wondering if you ever tried to mix those two? I don’t know if it wold be a good idea, and I don’t wan’t to waste my money if it wouldn’t…
    Btw, I am from Croatia, and even our small country offers more shades! (4 million people only)

  • yllasville1110

    I feel ya girl :( It’s so hard to find an exact match to your skin with only 5 shades available!