Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner In 45 Blue Remix For A Wild Night In Town!

A clubber is one who dances to tuneless techno music and downs alcohol like water, in an environment where shouting is the least you can do to vaguely hear what the other person is saying.

A clubber is also someone who wields a club to club the club-ee.

I’m neither.

The Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner in 45 Blue Remix is perfect for a wild night in town with its metallic blue and oddly, appeals to me greatly.

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Big News: Google Friend Connect Is Going Away, Follow Bun Bun Makeup Tips With Bloglovin’!

Oh my! Oh my! Have you heard? Have you heard?

Google Friend Connect will no longer be available for non-Bloggers from March 1, 2012. Non-Bloggers refer to Non-Google sites. That means, if your blog is not on blogspot, your GFC widget will be removed!

I don’t have Google Friend Connect so I’m not affected, but my heart goes out to all those bloggers who depend solely on GFC to reach out to their readers. I once chanced upon a blog that explicitly stated to ‘only follow via Google Friend Connect’, and I was like er… okie… Anyway, I know of many bloggers who have painstakingly worked at building their GFC followers and now it’s all going away. :(

I was late in joining the blogging world, long after the everyone else had GFC so I really didn’t bother adding the widget to my blog.

That it is Google’s way of forcing people to use Google+ is plain for all to see.

Many people are also worried that with the removal of Google Friend Connect comes the subsequent fall of other Google-controlled utlities, like Google Reader. Don’t worry, Google Reader is not dying. Rather, Google is integrating Google Reader into the development of Google+.

I personally don’t use Google Reader and much prefer iGoogle to see updates of the blogs I follow at a glance. That way, all my RSS subscriptions will not be affected even if Google decides to remove Google Reader one day.

But just in case Google decides to remove Google Reader and you follow this blog via Google Reader, here are other methods to follow Bun Bun Makeup Tips:

Get Updates by Email

The most consistent way of following a blog is via email subscription, because it is independent of blog platforms.

Subscribe to Bun Bun Makeup Tips via RSS

When presented with the options ‘Add to Google Homepage’ and ‘Add to Google Reader’, I always choose the former, because this method is also independent of blog platforms.
Bun Bun RSS

Receive updates on Facebook and Twitter too!

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Bun Bun on Facebook Follow with Bloglovin’

A new and very popular way to follow blogs is via Bloglovin’. There, you will see a thumbnail image and excerpt for each post and you’ll be brought to the blog page when you click it. It is kinda like the Bun Bun Makeup Tips’ top navigation panel whereby clicking on ‘Read More’ will bring you to the full post.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Do you have Google Friend Connect on your blog? Do you follow blogs using that? What do you think of it going away?


MAC 109 Small Contour Brush For Contouring Chubby Faces Like Mine

It took a long time, plenty of research and some nerve to buy another MAC brush. Mind you, they’re madly expensive! The MAC 109 Small Contour Brush retails for an insane SGD67. I bought it online, of course, but still.

Before I got the MAC 109 Small Contour Brush, I tried using the MAC 168 Angled Contour Brush to contour my cheekbones, temples and jawline, as what I always see Marlena of MakeupGeek do to create shadows on the face.

But because my face is much smaller and I have absolutely no cheekbones even when I pucker up and do the ‘fish face’, I always ended up with muddy, blotchy cheeks that extended almost to my jawline, when all I wanted to do was contour under my cheekbones. The 168 just made the powder blush/bronzer go all over the place.

I kept thinking ‘Wow, I must really suck’ to be always doing a bad contouring job, but later realized I was merely using the wrong tool!

Bun Bun’s Makeup Tip: Don’t fret if you’re getting it wrong. Sometimes, it’s quite alright to blame it on the tool. Heh.




So began my quest of finding the right tool for the right job. I Googled ‘MAC 109 dupe’, but while it’s usually rather easy to find lists of dupes for other brushes, it seemed the MAC 109 was IRREPLACEABLE and UNDUPABLE.


It bit into my bones to be throwing money on yet another MAC face brush, but when you are reminded of how lasting they are, the initial hefty price tag hence divided over a long time period, you feel much better.

It’s an investment worth making. In the long run, you will save money by purchasing a high quality brush.

Let’s get to the part where I tell you why the MAC 109 Small Contour Brush is part of my daily makeup routine.

Picks Up And Deposits The Right Amount Of Powder Product

Made of natural hair, the MAC 109 is dense yet soft, making the application and blending of products very easy. MAC suggests using the 109 for contour powder products and that’s what I use it for.

The 109 face brush picks up the right amount of contouring product with its dense bristles and deposits it on the face where you want it. It also buffs out products nicely so you don’t have ugly stripes down the cheeks.

The thing I really like about the 109 is its precision, something I could never achieve with the 168 Large Angled Contour Brush (or any other brush in my makeup brush stash) even though it is highly recommended by many beauty gurus for contouring.

Bun Bun’s Makeup Tip: No two faces are created equal, so just because someone said a face brush is The Face Brush doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to use it.

(Just in case you’re wondering what that silly thing on my hair is, check out this post on the Hair Velcro Pad)

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You Don’t Have To Be In Sunny Singapore To Look Sun-Kissed With The NYC Bronzer In Sunny

Now you can have the glow of summer air on your face all year round with the New York Color Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny!

Actually, without Sunny, it’s still summer all year round here in Singapore. Yay to sweat and stickiness!

But for those who have the luxury of looking pasty white and drawn of blood in the cold, blue, winter months (That’s how they describe it in storybooks like The Little Match Girl), a touch of warmth on the face will naturally leave you feeling like you just cupped a mug of hot chocolate in your hands while it’s snowing outside.

Sheer & Natural Coverage

NYC Bronzer in Sunny is sheer in pigmentation for all the right reasons.

You can swipe your brush across the product and dispense it all over your face to add color and for a natural glow.

You can use it to warm the face when foundation is a little on the lighter side. Whenever I use the Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation, I tend to use Sunny to bring color back to my face. I gave the Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation a ‘Quite Good!’ rating (which is 4/5), but recently I find myself using it a lot and actually think it deserves more a ‘This is LOVE!’ rating (5/5).

You can use bronzer to contour the face to make it look more chiseled by receding the sides and temples of the face.

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Mitchy-Matchy: Colorful Eye Makeup To Go With A Colorful Dress

The basic rule is that if your outfit of the day is colorful or outstanding in some way or other, eye makeup should be kept to be a minimum – at least with the colors used – so that the different elements do not contest against one another.

That’s what I normally adhere to, but you see,

“In all matters of creativity, rules are meant to be broken when necessary.” – Haley Langford

So for the first day of 2012, I wore a new, colorful, asymetrical dress and matched it with statement-making eye makeup.


Eyeshadow Primer – UDPP Eden, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk

Eyelid – Sugarpill Chromalust Absinthe

Contour Area – MAC Parfait Amour

Outer V – NYX Mermaid Green

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How To Deal With Negative Comments On Your Blog?

That would be how I think you’d react after reading the comment below left by a troll:


This ‘Jason’ person will be charged under the Sedition Act in Chapter 290 of the Statutes of Singapore for attempting to ‘promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore’, had he made direct insults at us.

Unfortunately (and fortunately), he did not speak of Singaporeans, nor are there laws strict enough on the Internet.

I wanted so much to reply him, but that would mean I’d to ‘Approve’ his comment, and that would be an invitation for a torrent of rage from all directions. On top of that, his impoverished soul would be feeding on all the ensuing comments, and I didn’t want to let the devil win.

On another note, I found his comment utterly hilarious, and it truly showed how shallow of a human being he is.

And so I went:

As you would have read from the previous post on Why People Leave Negative Blog Comments On Blogs, there are many reasons why people would make the effort to put down a name, email address – regardless of legitimacy – and write things just to tell you how sad and pathetic they really are.

Dealing with negative blog comments requires more than just the ability to click ‘Delete’ – it requires some skills and mental strength. We are not all saints or zen-trained mediators.

Here are some useful tips on how to deal with negative blog comments:

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