Estée Lauder New Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Collection Review

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Hyperpigmentation in Asian VS Caucasian Skin

Both Asian and Caucasian skin types are similarly prone to acne. However the risk of scarring from acne is significantly higher in Asian skin. That is why Asians usually have more hyperpigmentation from acne scarring than their Caucasian counterparts. Melanin is a natural skin pigment that protects the skin from UV damage. Dark-skinned people produce more melanin and light skin people produce less, and therefore Asian skin produces more melanin than Caucasian skin types. That is why Asians are more prone to dark spots and hyperpigmentation from sun exposure.

(The terms ‘Asian’ and ‘Caucasian’ are loosely used here and you know I’m just generalizing, don’t be so hard on me! *muack*)

Brightening Treatment Specially For Asian Skin

Isn’t it funny how most Caucasians love to sunbathe while Asians slap on sunscreen, wear makeup with SPF, wear sunglasses, hats, and carry umbrellas to shield their skin from the sun? Asian skin tends to tan more and burn less, which explains the need to pile on and protect ourselves!

To cater to the Asian woman who has a higher propensity to produce more pigmentation-related problems, Estée Lauder has included skin brightening ingredients to its newest range of skincare.

Estée Lauder New Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Collection

The Estée Lauder New Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening range includes 6 new skincare products that work together to activate the skin’s ability to self-brighten and repair.


1. Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Cleanser

2. Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Treatment Lotion

3. Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Spot Correcting Essence

4. Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Creme

5. Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening UV Protector SPF50/PA++++

6. Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening BB Creme SPF50/PA++++ & Brightening Balm


The three core products of this range are Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Treatment Lotion, Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Spot Correcting Essence, and Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Creme. All three feature Light Cycle QD Complex with QD Whitening and QD Anti-Inflammatory.


Here are three of my favorites :) :

Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Crème


In hot and humid Singapore, air-conditioning is essential to daily life. The sweltering sun outside is blissfully tempered by the blast of cool air that greets you in office, malls and even at home. However, we all know that being in an air-conditioned room for an extended period of time can dry out the skin. That’s why it’s important to keep our skin moisturized!

The Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Crème is a face cream that helps restore moisture balance in the skin and provides brightening benefits.

I like how this cream is light enough on my skin so that I don’t feel that there’s a thick layer of substance sitting on the surface, yet powerful enough to combat the potential dryness that comes with sleeping in an air-conditioned room.



Don’t forget to extend the good stuff to your neck too! =)

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New Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover: Smoother, Softer, More Superior

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We all know the importance of a proper cleansing routine – the lack of one will lead to outbreaks, puffiness around the eyes, formation of fine lines. It shouldn’t take longer to remove your makeup than it does to put it on but you still need to be thorough.

My definition of a good makeup remover is one that quickly and effectively removes makeup while at the same time is gentle to my skin, does not make my sensitive skin go haywire, and does not leave behind an uncomfortable residue.

The new Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover is an improved version of its predecessor, and I am happy to share with you just how much better I think it is!


But first, let me share with you The Swatch Story:

The Swatch Story

The Swatch Story is one that is close to the hearts of all (hardworking and professional *ahem* hehehe) beauty bloggers. We aim to produce accurate swatches of products – foundation, gel-liner, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, lip gloss, and more.

The reader takes about 2 seconds to scroll through swatch images, maybe more if she’s interested in a particular shade, but it would have taken the blogger about 1000 times of those 2 seconds to create the image from swatching > photographing > editing > writing > publishing.

Here’s my illustration of The Swatch Story:


And so on.

You see, in order to quickly switch from one set of swatches to another, I need an all-rounder makeup remover that can remove long-wearing makeup eg. waterproof mascara, smudgeproof eyeliner, super red lipstick.

It must get the job done quickly, without the need for rubbing or scratching as these will leave red marks on my skin which will show in the next set of swatches. It must also leave a non-sticky and non-greasy after-feel for the next set to go on as clean and soft skin is the best base for accurate swatches.


The new and improved Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover is all of that and more. Makes my life so much easier now! :)

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Clinique Sonic Brush In The Life Of A Corporate Slave

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That natural glow (meaning no makeup ) on my face, achieved only through proper cleansing and skincare, makes me very happy. =)

I’ve done a thorough review on the Clinique Sonic Brush previously, so in this post I’m going to show you how essential a tool this brush is in my life.

How is a typical day at work like for you? I’m sure many of you can relate to the below events! ^_^*

A Typical Day At Work

Time: 8am

At 8am, you’ve got your game face on, your makeup is fresh, and you are ready to start the day!



Time: 9am

After tolerating inconsiderate people who push their way in before allowing passengers to alight, the exhaust fumes of passing buses and sweat streaming down your temples while you race against time to reach the office, you reach doors at 9am sharp, adjust your dress, and chirp ‘good morning!’ to everyone. It’s a brand new day, my friends!



Time: 12pm

Ah hah! It’s time for lunch! The sun beats merciless on your face, but steadfastly you head to the hawker centre to have your favorite fishball noodles. The char kway teow stall smokes up the whole cluster of tables and chairs, and your skin starts to get oily.


(Somehow the fishball makes my face look like a fishball LOL!!)


Time: 6.05pm

Somehow, in between Facebook, Instagram, Dayre, and reading interesting blog posts like this one, you manage to get through the day! Weeee!!! Time to celebrate!


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MAC Spring 2015 Collections: Cinderella, Bao Bao Wan, Julia Petit, Miley Cirus, Toledo And More


Since its founding in the mid-80s, MAC has been the go-to cosmetics line for professionals and color-loving amateurs alike. But what keeps people coming back?

Besides being known for having every makeup color in the rainbow, my other favorite thing about MAC is its amazing collaborations – from working with top designers to fictional characters. I’d love to see a Powerpuff Girls or Pentatonix collaboration happen some day! =D

Here are the MAC Spring 2015 Collections:

MAC X Cinderella Collection

I attended the premiere of Cinderella at MBS MasterCard Theatres last night and it was a truly a visual and aural delight! The story is simply and safely told, with not much deviation from the original storyline, just bringing to life characters from a childhood fairytale we all grew up with. Cate Blanchett did a great hamming it up as the villainous stepmother. I thought the stepsisters could afford to be more mean and destructive though. And I remembered them to be really fat from storybooks; they weren’t fat enough in the film. LOL.


M.A.C. has teamed up with Disney’s Cinderella to launch the sparkliest, dreamiest makeup collection.



M.A.C. Cinderella Eyeshadow x 6 palette in Stroke of Midnight (SGD80.00)

Shades include Vapour – light peachy-pink; Phloof! – frosty off-white; Omega – beige-taupe; Quarry – plum-brown; Satin Taupe – silvery taupe, and Stroke of Midnight – black sparkly plum.


M.A.C. Cinderella Fluidline in Macroviolet (SGD33.00): A shimmery, smoky violet cream eyeliner.

M.A.C. Cinderella Lipstick in Free as a Butterfly (SGD33.00): A sheer golden nude lipstick.

MAC X Cinderella Collection is limited edition and available from 26 February 2015.

MAC x Julia Petit Collection

Julia Petit is a hugely influential beauty/lifestyle blogger, TV presenter andmodel Brazil’s super cool IT girl, so cool that our favorite makeup brand MAC has deemed her worthy of having her own collection. How cool is that! Imagine you started blogging for fun and then one day the world’s coolest brand comes knocking on your door and wants your name on their products. That’s what dreams are made of.


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Keep Skin Sensitivity Under Control With Curél Instant Foaming Body Wash

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I love blue-green shades that you cannot at one glance decide how to name it, probably not even after many glances.

So imagine my delight when I received the new Curel Instant Foaming Body Wash and saw that it has a huge pump in my favorite indiscernible shade of teal/mint/cyan/turquiose/aquamarine! :)

To put together this flatlay I went scouting for items in these shades and it was harder choosing which ones to go into the picture than finding them. I have so many! I love the sophistication and retro feel of these shades.

Curel – No. 1 Sensitive Skin Care Brand In Japan


Did you know that Curel is the No. 1 sensitive skin care brand in Japan?

Its products are developed from over 30 years of extensive dermatological research on sensitive skin and combines the latest dermatological science and technology.


A long time ago, I reviewed the Curel Moisture Face Milk and Moisture Cream. Wow, looking back, I’m impressed by my improvement in photography – angles, lighting, placements, even my poses. Lol!


Foam Away!



Curel Instant Foaming Body Wash is my first foam format body wash and every time I use it I’m impressed by just how dense the foam is. It doesn’t disintegrate in mere seconds like other body washes, glides on my skin smoothly, lathers up quickly, and is very easy to rinse off! No oily or uncomfortable after-feel. Just clean and moisturized skin. :)

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6 Activities Newlyweds Do Together For The First Time


Newlyweds are in a cocoon of post-wedding bliss where everything feels fabulous. But besides passion and intimacy, you also need to develop friendship to sustain your marriage. That’s why they always say that after the wedding comes the real marriage!

As newlyweds, Mr Mode and I are experiencing plenty of first-times together. Living together with another person, who is both a lover and friend, has its ups and downs, and it is certainly a whole lot different than regular dating even though we’ve been together for… OMG 15 years before we got married.

Here I want to share with you 6 activities you can look forward to engaging in with your new spouse!

1. Planning The Angbao Budget

Finances have a way of wreaking havoc on even the closest bonds and good financial planning is essential for a happy family, but if you’re looking to find answers on money matters, please go elsewhere. Hahaha! There are plenty of articles online and offline that will do a better a job at explaining couple finances.

Instead, I will talk about something more interesting and that happens only once a year. 2015 is our first year giving out angbaos, having graduated from ‘Single’ to ‘Married’ status. The first form that required a tick on my marital status after I got married had me squealing in delight (in my head). Finally, ‘Married’ – tick!


According to some traditions, newlyweds are exempted from giving out Chinese New Year angbaos during their first year of marriage. But to most people, there is sadly no such exemption. Lol.


So this is one new thing that Mr & Mrs Mode did together for the first time! Read my Dayre for CNY 2015 highlights. Dayre is where I microblog, follow me if you haven’t already! I am super fun to read HAHAHA. (You can read it from browser, but it’s easier to download the app and read from your phone)

2. Exploring More Places Together

We haven’t found time to plan for our honeymoon, but we’ve gone on a short trip to Bangkok this year and Mr Mode has promised to bring us to two new places every month.


‘Two’ might seem like nothing to most people, but it is a mighty feat to a person who would rather spend all his free time at a fish pond or at home.

I usually plan where to go, but recently wanted to get the husband involved in the planning of our activities. So far we’ve been tourists in our own country and some places include Punggol Stables, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and Gardens by the Bay.


Knowing that he makes the effort to do some planning makes me a very happy Mrs Mode. :)

3. Shopping For Groceries

I am living with my in-laws now and while I feel very loved and well taken care of, we do want to have a place to call our own. House renovations will start after Chinese New Year! Can’t wait to share them with you guys on my Dayre (@bunbunmakeuptips)!

Mr Mode and I have gone on a few grocery-shopping trips after we got married and it is such a wonderful feeling to ‘lose’ the other person in some aisle and then suddenly find him! Hehehe.

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First Chinese New Year As #MrMrsMode – Gardens By The Bay Flower Dome


The number one question I get asked is “How’s married life?”.

Oh well, there are other (annoying) questions like “When are you going to have kids?” and “Have you started on family planning?”, but that’s a story for another time.

So, how’s married life?

I always thought Mr Mode made a not-too-shabby boyfriend, and despite the risk of him getting an inflated ego, I’d go ahead and declare that he makes pretty good husband material. He takes good care of me, washes the clothes, tidies the room, mops the floor… Hahaha. We still have our arguments but I think being able to see each more often than before allows us to clear any misunderstandings more quickly. Being married also makes us more accepting of each other’s shortcomings. Like, BO BIAN ALREADY. LOL!

2015 is our first year celebrating Chinese New Year together, and besides being first time angbao givers, there are so many new things to do together – one of them being visiting Gardens By The Bay! We didn’t know until we bought our tickets that there was an Asian Tales Garden Trail at the Flower Dome that runs till 8 March 2015.

It’s the Year of the Goat!



Reminds me of the Three Billy Goats Gruff story.

Anti-Photography Husband

Mr Mode doesn’t like having his photos taken and would avoid it all costs. However, having had our pre-wedding photos (one in Taiwan, one in Singapore) and wedding day photos taken, I think he’s slightly more comfortable now. He still doesn’t like it, but he’d oblige for my sake. :)


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Dr Nu:ell Enzyme O2 Bubble Cleanser, BB Cream, Spot Concealer Review


I wasn’t actively searching for new skincare products but I remember my Korean friend who came to Singapore for a student exchange program showing me hers from a Korean brand, Dr Nu:ell. You know how much Koreans love their skincare. There was this super amazing cleanser that foams up, removes makeup AND cleanses. Unfortunately she bought hers in Korea and I didn’t think much of it.

Recently I spotted Dr Nu:ell products OG People’s Park! I’d have to say the promoter did a great job in demonstrating the efficacy of each product. I was completely sold on so many of them, and also because there was a promotion going on haha. :)

Oily Skin & Acne

We all need a certain amount of oil in our skin to keep it healthy and radiant. But having oily skin means the oil glands are in overdrive and are producing above the required amount. This excess oil (sebum) leads to blemishes and acne. Therefore people with oily skin are more prone to suffer from acne problems.

Besides having oily skin, I also have sensitive skin. :( Having sensitive skin means having to be extra careful about what I put on my skin, so I’m especially particular about my skincare products. The moment a product triggers a response in the form of redness, itch, or burning sensation, I stop using it immediately.

Let me show you the three items I bought:

  1. Enzyme O2 Bubble Cleanser
  2. BB Cream SPF 30 Triple Action
  3. Micell Spot Triple Action Concealer

Oh, before I elaborate, I’d like to add that I love the photos I took for this post. Hahaha! I was thinking of where to take photos of them when I remembered a close friend was going to have her house-warming ceremony so I asked if I could take some photos in her house. She was honored and even more surprised that I was in love with her bathroom. LOL. I also want to make my bathroom cosy and dim like that.


Dr Nu:ell Enzyme O2 Bubble Cleanser


The Bubble Cleanser must be the star buy of the range coz it was the first product the promoter demonstrated to get my attention. And I later realized it’s not the star buy without reason!

It’s a makeup cleanser AND facial cleanser that should be applied on dry skin, allowed to sit for 10-20 seconds to let it foam up, massaged to get the grime and makeup moving along, and then rinsed away.

I’m now a big fan of it myself!


This is one pump. I usually use 2 full pumps for the entire face.

Look how it foams up! All these happened in less than 10 seconds.

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Affordable Luxury – Bangkok Mode Sathorn Hotel


I usually don’t blog about hotel stays – this is my first, in fact – but Mode Sathorn Hotel made such an impression on me I had to share it. :)

I didn’t go research on hotels in Bangkok then find the best price, instead I went to a deal website and from the narrowed-down options went to research on each of them. I read from reviews that the hotel is just beside Surasak BTS, has a very nice rooftop bar on the 38th floor, an infinity pool on the 11th floor, a fantastic room view while taking a bath, super comfortable bed, and is relatively new.

I specifically asked for a room on the 32nd floor coz a reviewer mentioned anything above 32rd is awesome. We were also given a complimentary upgrade to Deluxe room.

Turns out, everything was true and Mr Mode and I enjoyed our stay tremendously.


The last time I stayed in a hotel with such a wonderful view of the city was in Macau, overlooking casinos with bright neon lights and people going in and out at any time of the day.


This was taken from our room, it was a great view to start the day with compared to typical concrete walls and fake windows, or bad views like facing the back of a building or carpark.


What wowed me most was the toilet. You can enjoy the city sights while soaking in the bath….


… or taking a dump (coz the toilet bowl faces the window). Very therapeutic.



The toilet was huge by normal hotel standards. It was cleverly divided into 4 sections – dresser, toilet, shower, bathtub, with non-obtrusive partitioning and space planning.

I also appreciated the many little details around the toilet: hooks for towels, space for putting dry clothes, a simple glass panel to place toiletries instead of on the floor or a huge marble/concrete slab, plenty of open space cabinets for storage; and around the room: touch-sensitive lamps, a long mirror at the side instead of in front of the bed, a separate walk-in wardrobe area at another section of the room, fluffy bed room slippers, partially concrete floor (not a fan of carpet coz I’m paranoid), 2 air-con controls for different parts of the room, torchlight, umbrella. You know, the little things.

And it’s the little things that count. :D

Apart from the many positive reviews, the greatest motivation for choosing Mode Sathorn was its name – MODE.

There was MODE in everything. HOHOHO.


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A Market Like No Other – Bangkok Talat Rod Fai Vintage Night Market


Mr Mode and I have next to nothing in common except for our love for old things, which we discovered only very recently. I’m glad we share the same old-school taste, which is the theme of our future home! ^_^

Another interesting thing we did besides cooking Thai cuisine at a cooking school was a trip to Talat Rod Fai Night Market, an abandoned Railway Station owned by State Railway Thailand. This retro shopping village is a haven for vintage lovers like us, and a different kind of shopping experience for anyone who is tired of the usual street markets. 



There’s a shopping area with shops laid out a little like those of Chatuchak, but brighter and cleaner. I think most people would skip this section altogether and go straight to the bars and more exciting night market area.


Love this cute old-school mama shop turned cafe. Look at the old Milo cans, tingkats and childhood snacks.


I was looking forward to the vintage market so imagine my disappointment when I thought reaching the tents signified the end of the market.

But see the brightly lit building on the far left of the above picture?

That’s the warehouse that contains all the beautiful things of the past.







Guess what is this?

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