My Horrific Post-Facial Experience. You Need To Read This.



Caution: This post contains graphic images of a face inflammed with red, angry pimples filled with pus. You might feel itchy and want to vomit after seeing these images. I totally understand if you run away from me if you saw me. Reader discretion advised.

However, I beseech you to carry on reading – for my sake, and yours.

Once upon a time not too long ago, I looked like this.


In fact, this was taken on the day of The Singapore Social Concerts, just 3 days before the skin-ravaging facial on Monday, 27 May 2013 .

I’ve never had ‘flawless skin’ – I’ve discussed that in my Garnier skincare post. I’ve been battling acne my whole post-puberty life and scars, freckles, hyperpigmentation, dark spots have constantly made themselves very much at home on my face.

No Photoshopping was done on the previous photo, to show you how my skin looks like with only makeup. Just in case you want to know, I used Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB as a base, and Lancome Mat Miracle Foundation on my face. They’ve never given me any problems in the past few months of use. This is my best face paint combination in my life, in fact.

In this post, all the photos you see were edited only for size. There was no Photoshopping involved – I have no desire to make the condition seem better or worse than it really is.

I will not reveal the name of the facial salon in this post, NOT in the interest of protecting its reputation, but because I truly believe that no sane organization would intentionally cause harm to its customers. Okie, maybe you’d quote the China fake milk powder stories to show that people would do anything for a quick buck,  but this was a sponsored facial and the salon would obviously not want to incur the wrath of the blogger and its potential clients.

Mr Mode is livid that despite them inflicting so much pain – physically and emotionally – on me, I still choose to keep the identity of the salon a secret.

If you see me on Sunday at the Bloggers Bazaar, I’d most probably be wearing a mask so that I won’t scare people away, and also to minimize further bacterial infection.

Day 1

This was how my skin looked like minutes after the facial.




Dinner with ex-colleagues, feeling very happy and confident because I still looked decent enough to face the world.


Me and Min. I don’t think I can smile so happily again, not at least for the next few months. ='(


Day 2

This was how my skin looked on Day 2. I had on a sheer layer of foundation.


By night, things were starting to look bad.



I’ve rarely had outbreaks on my temples or forehead.


Day 3

I woke up to a rude shock. I had to wear a mask coz I was starting to feel very self-conscious, although in retrospect that was only the tip of the iceberg.


The facial therapist simply said I have sensitive skin and extraction of the pus would solve everything.

Before extraction:



After extraction:



They applied some cream thing to make the skin look better than it really did.

Day 4

I thought nothing could be worse than Day 3. Apparently Day 4 proved me wrong.





They look like barnacles! Just that mine are filled with pus.

These are barnacles:


I’d sent images of my deteriorating skin condition to the people at the facial salon and they asked me to go down and have the pus extracted again, this time to their HQ, where their Director was around. I don’t know how people who have been in the industry for THIRTY YEARS couldn’t tell this was not your normal acne breakout or post-facial sensitivity.

A close-up. Just to annoy you. LOL. Imagine seeing this on your face when you wake up. Not funny at all.


After extraction:


I love how this self-shot was taken. I can see the tears welling up in my eyes, the sorrow and bewilderment of how my skin could become so terrible.


The facial people told me that ‘It has to get worse before it gets better’. BULLSHIT. Anyone who tells you that about your skin is really just lying to you. I have friends who are aestheticians say there’s no such thing. If it gets worse, it can only get worse.

From the first round of extraction, they kept lying to me that ‘tomorrow your skin will be better’. It never did.

At home, my skin turned worse. The glistening layer is not my own oily skin! Mine’s oily but not so disgustingly greasy. It’s the anti-bacterial gel they applied.




I showed the facial people these pictures and in the evening, C and D told me they’re coming to pick me up to see a dermatologist. Mr Mode was there with me.

My skin has been ravaged.

Your Doctor Can Kill You

The first doctor was terrible! The minute he saw my face he nonchalantly commented “Oh, it’s an acne breakout”. And then he scribbled some stuff and looked at me with the okie-i’m-done-with-my-diagnosis-please-get-out look. I was like WHATISTHIS!!! I tried to ask more, to better understand my condition and he just kept saying it’s a normal acne breakout and he would prescribe me antibiotics, some cream and a cleanser.

While getting my medication, we could see that the nurse wasn’t sure what she was doing, she had to double check with the doctor all the time. Worse still, D pointed out that I was given EXPIRED CREAM. WHAT??!?!?!?!!! The nurse tried to smoke us into saying that the printing’s wrong and she’d get another box. The doctor had to come out of his room to help this girl. They rummaged the cupboards and found one new set and I heard the doctor asking the nurse “How many more expired boxes?”. WTF, seriously.

On the way home, I told Mode I didn’t have confidence in the first doctor’s diagnosis. So we went to another clinic and luckily, this second doctor knew what he was doing.

After listening intently to my narration of the past events, he said it’s not your regular acne breakout, it’s definitely an allergic reaction to the facial I had on Monday. Some people are allergic to certain ingredients, and the most common cause is herbal or plant extracts. C and D did mention that the products used on my face at the salon contained plant extracts.

I showed the second doctor the medication the first doctor prescribed and I was even more enraged when he told me that the antibiotics prescribed would cause gastrics and one of the creams would actually lead to very dry skin and redness. The first doctor really should not stay around in the market. Did you know that prescription drugs kill more people than illegal drugs??

I told the doctor to give me a new set of meds. He let me keep a gel and some tablets from the first doctor coz they would work.

He said this skin allergy should not cause any scarring, but will leave me with hyper-pigmentation for at least a few months. He also advised that I go back to my skincare regime before the facial because the new products given by the salon might be contributing to the allergy.

Actually there’re many factors that could have caused my current skin condition:

  1. The facial itself, like the face massage
  2. The products and equipment used during the facial
  3. Subsequent extractions that made my skin angrier
  4. Products applied to my skin during subsequent extractions that hindered the healing process
  5. Products given by the beauty salon – cleanser + toner

I have sensitive skin but never this awful. The second doctor tried to say it in a nice way.

Me: Is is very bad?

Doctor: This is.. um… not mild, at all

Me: Is this the worst you’ve seen?

Doctor: Yes. This is definitely one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

The worst feeling, other than wanting to cry whenever I see myself in the mirror, is when I wash my face and cannot find a single smooth spot. My skin texture feels like those corals I’ve touched at the Sentosa Underwater World.



The only difference is that they look so pretty and I look like I have an incurable disease.

Night 4


Help me. ='(








I’m sorry if I scared you. I have goosebumps too. You can’t imagine how difficult it was to look at these photos and not cry. I cry the most when I’m washing my face.

My self-confidence has plummeted to rock bottom. I cannot remember the last time I was so depressed over an external condition. Mr Mode consoled me by saying that it’s a good thing it’s only temporary and it’s not like I contracted a terminal disease. I guess I could thank the heavens that I’m lucky to be alive, but can my life ever go back to normal? I don’t know. It’s a great fall to take for a person who is image-conscious and with an online personality.

Did I also tell you that it’s FUCKING ITCHY AND PAINFUL??

Severe Repercussions

Close friends have urged me to make a police report and I could sue the beauty for negligence, damages and loss of income. This ordeal has caused me to be unable to take photos of myself for an advertorial and if I am unable to produce the post by next Tuesday, it’s highly likely that I might get dropped by the client. For the time being, I don’t think any company would want to have me endorse their products.

Also, as I’m one of the Top 10 finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards for the Best Beauty Blog category, being unable to publish posts with my face will put me at a great disadvantage. I have to do pictorials, how could I do that without showing my face at all? This Saturday is the briefing for Best Beauty Blog category, where if attendance is not guaranteed, immediate elimination is for certain.

I spoke to Janet, a member of the organizing team, about my skin condition and she said they’ll do away with the video recording of my introduction and will just take a shot of the room with me inside. But I’ll most probably in a mask and thick-framed glasses to hide as much of these barnacles on my skin as possible so I really don’t know how I’ll look ‘normal’ at all.

I will also have to give my girl friend’s wedding on Saturday a miss. Was so looking forward to it. FML.

Tyra Banks taught us that it’s possible to smile with the eyes. Yesterday I tried to smile with my eyes at Mr Mode, but when I was smiling my widest with stars in my eyes, he still couldn’t tell at all. My mask covers all the way to right under my eyes. On Sunday, if you do come down to the Bloggers Bazaar at Zouk and see me with my mask on, please don’t ask me for the name of the salon. I would appreciate if you could just say hi and buy cosmetics from me. BAHAHAHA! So I’m really smiling at you if you see me, but you just can’t tell.


Even if my skin gets better over time, which I believe it will, I will have to live with scarring and pigmentation for a period of time. The doctor said at least for a few months. Who is going to pay for all my treatments?? Tell me!

I have to film for Orchard Scotts Dental, I cannot attend events with this face – heck, I can’t even leave my house with this face, I can’t attend my beloved dance classes, Jay Chou concert is on 8 June, my wedding shoot in Taiwan is in February 2014.

However, I really cannot bring myself to think about police reports and court cases now. All I want to do is heal.

If you know of any reputable skin clinics, dermatologists who are good at treating skin allergies, please drop me an email ([email protected]). Even if you don’t know of anyone suitable, write to me on Facebook, tweet me, leave me a message on Instagram. Your love and kind words will definitely help me pull through this difficult time, and probably make me feel less disgusted by how grotesque I look now.

Lessons Learnt

I used to literally have goosebumps when I see people with a skin condition. I’d think to myself ‘Why doesn’t she see a skin doctor?’, ‘Why would anyone leave the house like that?’. Or even on a more superficial level ‘How could people leave the house without makeup?’. To me, making up is a form of respect, for the event, for the host, for the people around me.

This ordeal has shed light to the fact that actually, there could be plenty of reasons why people look… well, different. Most of the time, they didn’t choose to look like that, they were just born this way. This person has probably seen more skin doctors in her life than I’ve seen a GP for a cold; that person probably has gone through years of depression due to low self-confidence from bad skin but has emerged stronger and immune to the stares of people; the other person probably has skin so sensitive she breaks out from the sheerest of makeup.

There are reasons why people are like that. I have learnt not to judge people by the result of their actions. I will learn to see more of what’s inside a person – a good nature, a pure heart, a fighter.

As a beauty blogger, everyone expects you to put your best face forward. This is an undeniable expectation, totally acceptable, despite it being extremely superficial. I don’t know how my skin will eventually turn out, I could be scarred for life, I could heal over time (after plenty of cash spent). Nobody knows.  If I’m scarred, people will judge me the same way we all judge people with bad skin. I’ll just have to live with it.

Remember me this way:

Lancome-Mat-Miracle-24H-Foundation-BO-01-Review,-Swatches,-Photos-8-Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited

I know it’s difficult to relate to a condition so severe, but have you ever had a skin allergy or reaction this bad? Or worse? Even remotely similar will do to help in knowing that I have a circle of support. Even if you’ve never experienced this (I hope you’ve NEVER and NEVER WILL!), please write to me – in the comments section below, on Bun Bun Makeup Tips facebook page, on Instagram (@bunbunmakeuptips), or by email. Anything goes. I’m at my lowest point now. Feeling very vulnerable, self-conscious, zero self-confidence. I need all the support and love to pull me back up.

Thank you for reading thus far. Putting all these down in words has been cathartic.


Ugly Bun.



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About Bun Bun

Hello! My name is Juli and Bun Bun is my alter-ego. I blog to share my love for makeup, how to apply it, and what works or what doesn’t work, all from an Asian perspective.

My first makeup product was a shimmery light blue lipstick which I proudly wore all over my eyelids and lips. It cost $2.50, felt like $250, and made me feel like a million bucks.

  • rosie16

    I hope your skin will heal quickly!

  • CioeLim

    Please take care! It will recover soon! It will..! You are strong and you can fight this thru! I alway enjoy reading your blog and facebook.!

  • CioeLim

    Niks Maple
    Clinic is located at Block 825 Tampines Street 81, #01-64.
    It is a walk-in clinic that does not take appointments.
    This clinic helps alot of my friend with not so perfect skin. Hope it helps you.

  • CioeLim

    Dr Chua Medical Centre Pte Ltd
    248 Simei St 3
    Singapore 520248
    Tel No: 67853825
    I went there for my acne skin, it turns out well for me. And many other of his patients always go back to buy his facial products. Can try too!

  • natassharu

    Stay strong. You are really pretty outside and inside wise, and you are going to get through this :)
    Fighting! and take care :)

  • sugar7733

    Its my first time here n dropping a note to tell u that I really hope yr skin will get better! And i agree on the part where i think u shd concentrate on healing your skin first.. The lawsuit n reports can wait. I’ll see u at Scape tmr, but dun worry too much :) we can sit together. I’ll pass u my doctors number too. He’s very nice n perhaps he can help u. Keep smiling k? 😀

  • christine_tr

    Hi, I discovered your blog a few months back, and I always related to you because I too have very oily skin. This post breaks my heart, because I still think you’re beautiful. It’s only skin, which I know probably doesn’t sound too comforting because skin is what people see. But before this year, I had horrific skin and was too scared to use makeup in case it made it even worse. I never wanted to be in pictures or meet people, and my acne was so severe and so chronic (I’d struggled with it since middle school even) that I thought I’d just have to live miserably forever. I went to a facial place, hoping that it would help but my skin never made any significant progress even though I’d spent probably thousands of dollars on it (throughout 3 years). I’m so sorry for all the things that you have to deal with because of what has happened! If it makes you feel any better, during my last year of high school, my skin decided to go crazy. I can’t look at my prom, graduation photos, or any of the other pictures, because even though I did resort to makeup, it didn’t really help (I’m also incredibly self-conscious of my body so that doesn’t help either). I discovered DiamondsandHeels14 on youtube, and I realized that I was not alone (everywhere I looked, everyone else seemed to have flawless, radiant skin and no one seemed to understand, because they’d tell me “You should wash your face”). Then, I found out that many of the youtubers/bloggers I followed also had their own struggles with acne, which was such a surprise to me, considering I always see them with beautiful skin. It really drove home that book covers don’t tell the whole story. I hope everything works out well for you!!

  • JeanMoniqueSanchez

    Hi! Sorry to read that happened to you… I know how you feel and it will probably take a long time to heal. I hope your skin goes back to normal…
    Btw, where is the blogger’s bazaar? I’d love yo go. :)

  • Makeupbox

    Hey Juli, stay strong!!
    Totally agree about “Get Worse Before It Gets Better” being complete BS spouted irresponsibly by people who mostly don’t have an answer to what’s wrong. Extractions will solve the problem?? That’s the most avgravating procedure they can put your sensitive skin through at such a time! I DO think you should post the name of the clinic so we know who they are. It’s true reactions to ingredients vary but I don’t think they’ve been very professional at all and made things worse for you, and we should avoid places like that regardless.
    Candice from Makeupbox

  • dropdeadbarbi

    Make a trip to South Korea. I have eczema and I visited Seoul Allergy Clinic in Gangnam. E-mail them for a consultation. Fighting! <3

  • MeganTaylorMemije

    Your eye shadow tutorial for asian eyes is the bible for me and although I don’t read your blog all the time I’ve learned so much from you! Please know that no matter what your skin is like you are still a great beauty blogger :) You have great ideas, advice, and it’s obvious that you put 100% into your posts. Bun, your skin condition doesn’t change that. Please see it as only an annoying bump in the road. 
    Feel and get better soon :) Keep being brave!

  • chellet

    Girl, your pictures gave me chills… :X 
    I have one very important tip: eat well, sleep well and think well. Your skin will heal faster if you do that. No lotion or potion will heal it as fast. I also put turmeric on my face to get rid of hyperpigmentation. You should probably do a spot test to make sure you aren’t allergic to it. :) Your face will be yellow for a while, but that cancels out your redness. If you want more advice, email me. I do holistic healing for acne. :)

  • Sam Lim

    I think you should channel your sorrow into anger and get compensation from the salon for this ordeal you have to go through. Missing your friend’s wedding, losing income because you’re unable to do advertorials…they have to pay for all of that.
    I had an allergy experience once, when I used too much DHC Olive Virgin Oil (manual says 2 drops, I misread & used 2 pumps every night for about 2 weeks and was wondering why it was SO oily). I had little bumps under my skin ALL over the face. The bumps weren’t red or contained pus, but similarly, not a portion of my face was smooth. I also couldn’t extract them because they were under the skin and had no exit points. I felt embarrassed and when people commented what happened to my skin, I could feel myself wallowing deeper into self-pity and my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I understand how you feel because there were times when I touched my face and cried. I saw a couple of GPs who gave me some hormones medication used to treat teenage acne and changed my entire range of skincare product to water-based.
    Eventually, after about a year or so, my skin has completely recovered with no scarring or hyperpigmentation due to change in skincare products, some GP’s medication, facials (have been to my facial place for about 2 years now and I think they’re pretty good!) and birth control pills. I’m not recommending birth control pills since all medication have side effects and there are always risks, but for me, it was the factor that aided in and sped up recovery.
    Anyways, enough of my story (I just wanted to share with you that it WILL get better)! I will still vote for you for the awards even without pictorials since your blog has been the most well-written and detailed beauty blog I have ever read, and it’s also the one that inspired me to start my own (even though I’m no expert, I only share my thoughts on cosmetics). So don’t worry, your loyal readers will not abandon you in your time of need! Get better soon, Juli!

  • roseannetangrs

    You’re a beautiful girl inside and out, don’t let this situation get the best of you, cage you, or dampen your spirit! Praying for you <3

  • glittergirley

    Aww poor girl!! You are so brave and amazing for posting all the pictures! It will get better, I promise. I once developed an allergy to a certain acne medication after using it for 5months. When I went to the derm who gave me the med he said “it’s impossible to get an allergy after using it for so long” so he wanted me to do a small patch test to confirm – of course I was mad at him for not believing me so I thought I’d show him by putting it ALL OVER MY FACE … well my face broke out almost as bad as yours, except instead of pustules I had thicked plaque-y skin, I looked like a burn victim (I guess I technically was, since it’s a chemical burn), it was red, scale-y, greasy AND dry. My face looked like a scary halloween mask. It hurt and itched, especially when I sweat, smiled, frowned. I was mortified. BUT!! It did get better – I didn’t have any scarring or anything from it. So just remember, no matter how low you feel now, it will get better!! And it might get better faster than you think – it sounds like you’re already taking an antibiotic and not sure what cream/gel you stuck with (hopefully it’s a form of steroid) as that will help. BTW be sure to stay out of the sun as much as possible for now to avoid hyperpigmentation from the sun, and if you have to be in the sun use a mask or one of those giant visors that block your entire face. Get better soon, will be thinking about you this weekend!! You’re one of my favorite beauty bloggers, because you always tell the truth, even when the truth is painful :(

  • xikure

    Stay strong!  You are very brave to post this and even though it will take a while, your skin will heal and you will be back to your normal self.  It’s a very smart thing you went to that second doctor, it makes me shiver to think that a person like the first doctor is practicing and treating others (and quite rudely too!).  I’ve never had acne like yours, but I am struggling with really deep, nodular acne.  I’m been trying a bunch of different treatments (BHA, AHA, oil cleansing method, chinese medicine), and it’s slightly getting better, but I am still embarassed about it.  Our acne does take its toll on our confidences, but don’t let your skin keep you from all the fun and exciting things in life!  ???

  • FacesBySarah

    Oh juli :(
    This post moved me to tears. And yes I will always remember u as that gorgeous girl, regardless of what your skin is going through now. You’re still the same sweet juli. And i have a whole new level of respect for you, for this post. Truly, you are blessed to have such supportive bf and friends (and readers!), so chin up and “it can only get better”..i know it will.
    It will take time but it WILL get better, juli :) Have faith
    I wish i could give you a big fat hug now!! ? ? ?
    Sarah Chaudhry

  • VelveteenHare

    I only found your blog a couple days ago, but I wanted to let you know that your tutorials have been very inspirational to me! And I think that you are very brave for sharing these photos so that your readers will learn that such allergic reactions can occur. I once had a condition that made me develop bumps that looked like bug bites all over my body (it’s called pityriasis rosea) and I remember how terrifying it was because all the bumps appeared practically overnight! But eventually they went away and I had a much better appreciation for how my skin looks most of the time and I’m not so hard on myself when I find a bump here or there.
    I hope that your healing process will go quickly and that we’ll see your beautiful smile again soon!

  • mermaidbrianna

    you will be in my prayers. you are a beautiful girl with a lot of support. you will get through this and be stronger for it <3

  • Chufang

    I think you should ask the facial salon to compensate you for the doctor fees you incurred to fix this problem, and also your opportunity cost for not being able to compete in the Singapore Blog Awards without having an obvious disadvantage, which you didn’t have before the facial.

  • dblchin

    I’m sorry it happened to u, you are a strong person and I’m sure you will survive through this!
    U are still the beautiful girl inside out 😀

  • Sherlyn

    Hi, I found this post my Miss Rusty’s fb share. Just to share with you, I had super bad eczema breakout (= red angry dry scaly patches) on my face (and i still have eczema but its more under control). I had super low self esteem for the entire period which lasted about 2 years? And I thought it wouldn’t heal at all. So just sharing with you that this period will pass in no time! Hopefully this will comfort u to some extent. :)

  • Gracewakawaka

    This is so upsetting, probably because I can relate… I really feel for you! :( I’ve always had moderate to heavy (cystic) acne since I was 14 years old (that’s heavy acne for 8 years and I still get the occasional hormonal breakouts) and I cannot tell you how angry I am on your behalf. I really, really wish you would disclose the name of the salon so I can go on a rampage…from halfway around the world. I don’t know if you are withholding the name because you feel like they don’t deserve the hate that would follow from people finding out, but if you are then you are clearly a better person than me. Because I would stop at nothing to destroy those sonofabtches you lied to me face and feel they did no wrong. 
    I really wish I could help with the dermatologist search but I live in North America :( It was actually the combination of an esthetican and a dermatologist (not from the same place) that really got me on the road of recovery, so I recommend going in to more that one place just to see what their thoughts are. My first thought, btw, is that you had some sort of extreme allergic reaction to something they used (or if they didn’t sanitize and/or know their shit), so I would also recommend going to see a doctor who specializes in allergies (allergy specialist?). I dont know if you wanna know what eventually got me (semi) clear but I’ll post the stuff I used and you can research/ ask about this stuff if you want. Definitely wouldn’t recommend you trying it without researching it first since your skin type could be completely different from mine. 
    Stuff that worked for me:
    Retin A 0.01% (NOT 0.1%): takes ~2months to see effects, initial breakout so I prob wouldn’t recommend this to you until you’ve exhausted all other possibilities
    Natural skincare oils: jojoba oil, tamanu oil, geranium essential oil, grapeseed oil, lavender essential oil
    Spironolactone (pills)
    Neostrata toning solution level 1 (glycolic acid 8%). I’ve also tried straight fruit acids (AHAs) 
    Hada Labo tamagohada AHA/BHA cleanser
    Dr. Eckstein products (German): azulen paste (spot treatment, brings pimples to head super quick and prevents them from leaving scars), azulen packung (super calming mask), azulen balsam (super calming moisturizer; quite thick though), moor krauter packung (mask that calms down breakouts, speeds healing,..)
     Hydrocortisone cream 

    Have faith, stay strong, and don’t let those bastrds win!

  • helloinfinite

    Hello, I have only started reading your blog as I have recently begun to find out more about makeup and your posts have been the most useful. 
    I am so sorry this has happened to you and I sincerely wish for your speedy recovery. I don’t think that the facial salon should take this lightly and they should be responsible for this.

  • zihui8

    Hi Juli, really sorry that this happened to you! Stay strong and be well, this will definitely expedite the healing! 
    Perhaps you could visit National Skin centre for a thorough diagnosis? I wish you speedy recovery, but remember, you will and always be the beautiful bun!
    – zihui from shu

  • CarrieSim

    I feel so sad that this happened to you! I was so angry when I read it and after when I saw the photos I wanted to cry too! :( I can’t imagine how you’re feeling! This is so terrible and you are so brave for telling the world about this and so kind to not expose the spa. I hope you’ll be able to recover quickly! God bless you Juli!

  • HazelHSChan

    Hi, I got to know of your post from the MakeupBox. I’m terribly sorry about what happened and I can feel your pain, even if you did not have perfect skin in the beginning, it would have never deteriorated into such a condition if you had not gone for the facial and its repeat “repairs”. I would advise you to get claims from the salon and yes, please share the name of the salon to protect the rest of us! 
    I hope you get the right treatment soon, to restore your confidence in yourself. In the meantime, I think you are well protected behind your mask and glasses. Best time to bring out the celebrity big shades! With the array of aesthetic treatments available these days, I’m sure the scarring will be minimal after the pimples go away. 
    I have sensitive skin too and had quite bad skin for a while. I really hate it when random people ask, “what happened to your skin?” c’mon! I know I have bad skin and I’m trying to make it better! I was once approached by some auntie selling some oils at Fairprice and she peered at me and asked me what’s wrong. Erk! Do I know u aunty? It’s not as if she had the most perfect skin and she wanted to sell me her natural oils to heal my skin. 
    Anyway, my friend recommended me Niks Maple Salon, they manufacture their own products and the doctors are trained to treat skin conditions. My skin got better after following their treatment for about half a year, there were improvements after just a month. Ask for Dr Ong Fung Chin, see doc’s roster at The walk-in clinics have notoriously long queues, and the queue numbers are maxed out after half hour of opening so do go early (before clinic opens) and be prepared to wait 2- 4 hours. For me, it was worth the wait to see Dr Ong. I saw many patients with very bad skin and some with not so bad skin. I hope they can help you. 
    Take care and all the best. Maybe drinking lots and lots of water and take vit C to cure the infection? Hope your skin gets better soon and I’m sure you’ll be looking gorgeous again very soon. 


  • Ladies_journal

    Oh dear! I am so sorry for you! I know that will be so hard for you now. Hopefully you can recover soon. I won’t ask what happen if I meet you later :)


  • jiang_yanni

    Hi I’m so sorry about this incident. You’re really really brave. I think I would break down mentally if I were you. Anyway HazelHSChan is right. Niks Maple Salon is really well-known and popular. 99% of people healed and got better. They have one at Tampines and the other at Paragon. Also, if your skin gets better try using Avene. It’s well-known for sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin and I’m using that. It’s very very very gentle. (:
    I really hope you would recover soon!

  • BAMBIx

    Juli, I don’t know what to say but I think you know that I will always support you, right? hehe. I didn’t comment on your blog for two-three posts, I think? though I’ve read all of your posts, because I’m now so busyyyyyyyyyyy that I cannot keep my comment up-to-date (haha – just start working as an office girl for a few months, and start doing a freelance work simultaneously :S ).
    At least it’s going to be healed, and like what your Mr.Mode said, at least what you face now is not terminal disease. When you look around you will see that there are many people who face worse condition than you, both physical and emotional, and not only in terms of skin condition.
    I know now you’re so strong and you’re going to be strong like what you always are. Keep smiling Bun Bun! I can wait seeing your skin come back normal. And tell me any updates, okie?

  • BAMBIx

    Juli, I don’t know what to say but I think you know that I will always support you, right? hehe. I didn’t comment on your blog for two-three posts, I think? though I’ve read all of your posts, because I’m now so busyyyyyyyyyyy that I cannot keep my comment up-to-date (haha – just start working as an office girl for a few months, and start doing a freelance work simultaneously :S ).
    At least it’s going to be healed, and like what your Mr.Mode said, at least what you face now is not terminal disease. When you look around you will see that there are many people who face worse condition than you, both physical and emotional, and not only in terms of skin condition.
    I know now you’re so strong and you’re going to be strong like what you always are. Keep smiling Bun Bun! I can wait seeing your skin come back normal. And tell me any updates, okie?

  • monicaannsantos

    I’m sad and sorry to read this. Its like a nightmare to anyone who’ll experience such thing. You are a beautiful and strong girl, you can get through this in time. I just hope everything will be fine again and all these will heal soon. More powers to you and I’ll still continue supporting your blog and will wait till you get better again. Be strong and keep the faith.

  • shalmw

    OMG! I feel so sorry for you! I hope you heal soon enough although its going to be a rather painful n tough journey ahead, be strong *hugs*. Many years ago, I had a reaction too after I went for a facial. I had red bumps all over my face and it looked n felt extremely uneven, red and itchy. Not even witch hazel could calm it down. My friend brought me to a doctor to get an antibiotic injection as I had an allergy to the product used during the facial and it managed to go away.  I had called up the shop but they said it was my skin that was allergic that their product! I think you should go to CASE so as to warn the authorities of the existence of such a business and also to prevent further victims. Also, I think you might want to try the Aloe Vera gel (Fruit of the Earth brand, 100% aloe vera gel) from Guardian Pharmacy or Watsons. Get the one in blue cap. It soothes my eczema pretty well. After that incident, I swore off facial salons, cos come to think of it you dont really know what products they are using.

  • RoxanneChia

    Omg, I totally understand how you feel. I once went through very similar problems but it was due to genetics and not a facial session. The difference between you and I is that you know what causes this, so you can avoid it, but for me at the time, I had absolutely no clue, so it was helluva frustrating and even more depressing. I’d stay in bed for 3 hours after I wake up, not wanting to meet the world nor see myself in the mirror. Like you, there was not a single spot on my face that was free from this “infestation” of huge, pus-filled blobs. 
    I NEVER NEVER NEVER trust facial salons no matter how reputable they are because there is always a risk, and nobody else really knows your skin better than you do. You can always test them: I always tell the salon that my skin is sensitive to alcohol (it is a fact) and from their reactions, I can tell if they can be trusted or not. Usually, though, sad to say, they seem to never have heard of skin allergies towards alcohol, and worse still, they will even tell me their products have no alcohol even when i can read it in the ingredient list, so how good can they really be? Experts my ass.
    I sincerely hope you will recover soon. From my experience, it’s going to take months before your skin returns to its original condition but please don’t lose hope! Right now, everyone knows what has happened to you and we all understand! :) It’s not your fault, so do cheer up! Don’t do anything to it, I recommend you use Avene’s Extremely Gentle Gel Cleanser to cleanse your face every day and skip all the makeup.
    As for the salon, I think it would be good to do something about it. Perhaps you don’t want to reveal them but there are many people out there who could benefit from you. Do not let them get away scot free because they should be responsible for this.

    Laced Ivory: Singapore’s Beauty, Fahsion & Lifestyle Blog

  • MichelleLim

    Hi, I’ve never read your blog before but my friend linked me to your post. I don’t wear makeup precisely because I have extremely sensitive skin — I’ve had eczema since I was about 2 years old — and a few years ago I had a horrible scaly outbreak that looked a lot like what you have. The moment I saw your pictures I knew it was an allergic reaction, not “acne”. I was just about as miserable as you are and people in my office would flinch and veer clear of me when they saw me, so I feel you. I was very, VERY lucky to find an excellent dermatologist who helped to resolve my issue. Alas, she’s in NYC, not in Singapore, but I’ll tell you everything I can about how my treatment went down in hopes that it assists you in conversations with your own doctors.
    When my cheeks became slightly red and scaly, I first started self-treating with steroid creams – hydrocortisone, betamethasone and fluocinonide – that I had lying around from visits to previous doctors. (Spoiler: This was NOT a good idea.) Then I was misdiagnosed with rosacea, so I was prescribed Rosex (metronidazole) and Differin (adapalene) for it. Those didn’t really clear it up either. So I started using various “cosmeceuticals” from Sephora, the Patricia Wexler and Dr Haushka and NV Perricone lines, and even bought a Clarisonic. The Clarisonic really tipped it over the edge – the abrasive brush on my very sensitive skin made the whole thing super rough and red and patchy and scaly like your patches. The more things I tried to make it better, the worse it got.
    When I finally saw the doc, she listened to everything I had done, and the advice she gave me was: “STOP EVERYTHING you are doing.” Basically, it wasn’t rosacea – it was a bad case of dermatitis / eczema, and the more I was doing the worse it was getting. (Much like your round after round of extra fix-it facials were just making everything go from bad to worse.) “Your skin needs to calm down so it can heal. If you keep putting new things on it, it can’t calm down and return to normal.”
    She prescribed me 4 weeks of oral doxycycline, 100mg 2x a day. She also told me to stop using all the “strong steroids” I had been using (betamethasone etc), as they may have been appropriate for the various rashes on my arms and legs they were originally prescribed for, but should not be used on the face. Instead, she prescribed a “weak steroid” called Desonide 0.05%, and a gentle cleanser called Cerave Hydrating that is available in most drugstores here. For the next two weeks, her instructions were: “Wash your face morning and night with the cleanser. Put the Desonide on the rash. THAT’S IT. Nothing else – not even any moisturizer or sunscreen.” I asked, but my skin is so dry, how can don’t moisturize? and I thought you shouldn’t leave the house without sunscreen?? She said, normally yes, but right now is not normal. You have to let it heal. Trust me. (She was right.)
    In two weeks time I saw her again and she extended the doxycycline for another 2 weeks (so 6 weeks total), and told me I was okay to start using a very gentle moisturizer, called Cerave PM (same line as the cleanser, also available in drugstores). She had me taper off the Desonide, as even a weak steroid shouldn’t be used for too long, and switch onto a different cream she prescribed called Protopic (tacrolimus), which is an immunomodulator. Also twice a day. (FYI Protopic has a relative-drug called Elidel (pimecrolimus), and they are apparently very similar but I found out after spending $100 on Elidel that it did not work on me. Luckily Protopic did.) I stayed off sunscreen for another 3 months, and started using EltaMD 46 when I was ok’ed to start using sunscreen again. The one cream I kept from all my previous misadventures was the Differin, as she said that as a chemical exfoliator it is a good option for pimples when I do get the occasional spot, and better than the other OTC pimple creams which are too harsh for me.
    It took about 3-6 months, but that combo did clear my skin up, and two years later that is still my daily routine. To recap, this is what it took:
    – 6 weeks of oral doxycycline (yes, it gives you gastric, but drink Yakult and it is worth it)
    – 3 weeks of topical Desonide cream
    – Wash with non-drying Cerave cleanser 2x daily
    – Apply Protopic 2x daily
    – Apply Cerave PM moisturizer 2x daily
    – Apply EltaMD 46 sunscreen in the mornings
    – Very small amount of Differin topically as needed for acne
    I’m not a beauty blogger so I was able to survive the 6 months with no big issues. I hope you and a good dermatologist work out a treatment course that works for you the way mine worked for me, and that you are able to bounce back from this better than ever, and a stronger, more compassionate person for it. Please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have, and I’d be happy to help as much as possible. Hang in there.

  • jgfong

    I’m so sorry Juli for what happened to you at that salon! That has never happened to me from getting facials but I get the SAME pus filled bumps from sun poisoning around my mouth and chin. My dermatologist gives me a very, very gentle form of prescription hydrocortisone lotion called Aquanil. It is a milky liquid that calms the itching and reduces the swelling. My outbreaks go away in about a week with gentle cleaning with Cetaphil and the Aquanil. I don’t wear make up during the day and stay COMPLETELY out of the sun (consider a hat with a wide brim when outside during the day). I don’t know if that can help you (of course consult the best doctor/s you can find) but those are two very gentle products that should not aggravate your sensitive skin. Very best of luck for a speedy recovery. I know we will be seeing your beautiful self (inside and out) very soon!

  • Fy Lo

    Hello. I can understand a small portion of how you feel. I had a skin allergic reaction too, and had the exact same type of tiny little clusters of pus-filled bumps on some parts of my cheeks and a little on my forehead and chin. It wasn’t as bad; but I think that might be because I took immediate action against the infection. When I saw a few tiny bumps start to appear, I quickly spammed Oxy10…Haha. I believed it would kill germs at that point. I made sure I never ever touch my face/ squeeze those bumps/ sleep on a dirty pillow. Then I discarded all my new facial products and went out to buy Biore Mild Cleanser and pure aloe vera gel to replace my moisturiser. It all healed much faster than I thought! The Oxy10 is wonderful cos it dried up those parts of my skin and I could just peel the dead skin off. I know this is probably not advisable by doctors, but it worked for me. Don’t worry, if you’re left with scars all over, there are always lots of laser/ skin-peel options you can go for. It is highly possible for your skin to become as good as it used to be, with all these advanced cosmetic procedures right now. I’m sure some of those dermatologists/ doctors/ salons out there would wanna help you with it after hearing about your plight! I know all you wanna do now is for this nightmare to quickly be over. But at the same time, you need to know your rights; you thoroughly deserve some form of compensation from the salon you visited. I understand that you may think that it isn’t entirely their fault for your own skin’s allergic reaction. But I feel that the way they handled your situation was very unprofessional; how could they have advised you to let them extract those pimples? Twice? That definitely aggravated your condition. Please keep all your receipts from all the clinics you’ve visited and have a discussion with the salon soonest you can. Your condition would heal day by day and I hope as each day goes by, you feel a little better, a little more hopeful. We’re all behind you and you still do deserve the award! People won’t forget your years and years of hard work just because you can’t take great pictures for a few weeks or months. Jia you! It looks bad, but it’s gonna heal so much faster than you think. Thank you for sharing this experience with us; this is a lesson for us to be more careful with our body too. All the best! <3

  • lashesandstrokesmsia

    I nearly cried when I saw this post. I have read cases such as yours in the local newspapers (Malaysia) and its one of the main reasons why I steer clear of facial salons since my skin is really sensitive as well. I do go to facial salons but selected ones only. Most of the time is people who are my friends’ relative or someone trusted. 
    The money part is another painful part of reality. Do try googling for specialist in Malaysia since your currency is higher and it is logically ‘cheaper’ than other places. Travelling is also much more bearable since it a drive or a flight down.
    I sincerely hope and pray for your quick recovery as you are considered one of my favourite make-up blogger/guru as your posts are all very informative and real. Remember to keep that. You are an intelligent girl, so keep your chin up and smile bravely. All of us will smile with you :’)

  • elidoinova

    I’m so sorry this happened, you had such a beautiful skin! But skin regenerates – with time and the right medication, it will go back to normal, no matter that this might take some time… We are all with you! 
    Just really try to find a good doctor, that’w what it depends on. A few years ago, I had a strange breakout of small pimples – they were much more than the worst acne breakout I’ve had in my teens. I used a topical solution of an antibiotic, which helped me clear them, but it took nearly 2 months. Now, I’ve stopped my pill, and I’m expecting a burst of pimples, but at least I know and I’m ready for them… However ready one might be for this…
    You’re really brave for sharing this, just keep on posting, we will be here to support you :) 

  • AnnieGoh

    I can feel how sad you are when all those “acne” came out which supposed that facial is to let the face to be more clean n purify..
    But i strongly encourage you to look for this dermatology specialist doc..

  • uglyfatchick

    The last time my skin had an reaction (for no reason, though I suspect the haze) my GP gave me some antibiotics, flu med to help with the itch and asked me to use only plain water to wash face and it will heal naturally. Even the product we are used to could cause new reaction as the skin condition is different from previously. My skin healed in about 2weeks, though I did use a tiny bit of facial wash at night. 😛

  • Joc267

    I hope your skin improves soon love. My skin is like this too, the worse it’s ever been and I can understand the feeling of wanting to cry whenever you touch your face or look in the mirror. I find Bio Oil vit E has helped me a lot to fade marks. All the best, you are still beautiful to me

  • shoppingqueen

    This is soooo terrible and similar to my personal experience last year! I went to a very established beauty salon for my facial and they insisted on using some new products for my ultra-sensitive skin even though I kept telling them to just use the normal products. In the end, I have very bad acne outbreak (similar to your case). The beauty salon even said that it’s normal reaction for some people and refused to pay for my medical bills or refund me the facial package that I’ve bought from them! In the end, I had to kick a big fuss at their salon for a few days with the specialist memo before they compensated me! You should seek compensation from them man!
    Like you, I was super angry with two different doctors that I’ve seen after the outbreak.  Both just said that my skin was sensitive and the acne was probably triggered off by the facial products. They then gave me some creams and antibiotics pills.  So I went ahead to see the skin specialist at the skin centre.  I showed him the medicine given by the two GPs and he told me to continue taking it as it’s the right medicine for my case.  I have no choice but to wait for my skin to get better and just stay away from makeup for at least six months!!! My advice: go and see a skin specialist now!!
    Moral of the story: beware of beauty salons and their products especially if you have sensitive skin!!!

  • tomatotooty

    Bun Bun, please stay strong. Know that you are beautiful regardless of the condition of your skin now. It is only temporary. I pray and hope for your quick recovery!

  • leelas

    It was very brave of you to post this experience, and with so much detail. I think you’re handling it really well– you’ve turned this into a public service! I really think that’s making the best out of a sucky situation.
    It totally could have been worse, but trust me when I say that that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to be upset. This situation sucks! A lot of people feel the need to cover up their frustration with something else for the benefit of other people, but that just seems to increase the feelings of isolation and sadness. I’m sure you know that the condition of your skin doesn’t affect your worth as a human being, even though it might sometimes feel that way.
    It will definitely get better, and I’m sure your skills in makeup artistry will really help bridge that gap.

    In the mean time, you’ve probably heard all of this before, but I think you should seriously consider doing some things for future you, in case you start feeling up to taking some kind of legal action later. While it’s true that businesses probably don’t aim to purposefully hurt their customers, this could have very well been the result of negligence. It would suck if this has happened to other people, too. You’ve been documenting everything well, which is the biggest step in the process. I would also suggest taking pictures of your creams and prescriptions and maybe getting copy of the formal diagnosis from your doctor. Save your receipts and don’t sign anything yet. See if you can get a full list of items, equipment, and procedures used on you and in what order. I know your doctor says it’s an allergic reaction, but I’d be really worried that it could be exacerbated by bacteria and turn into something like a staph infection, so please please keep monitoring.

    Good luck!

  • Airmeli

    Not to worried, I was not afraid of your photos. They are all your sufferings that you have bear so far. I am touched by how strong you are. Not really your reader but clicked on the link from facebook. It will take some time to recover judging from the condition but you will be fine some day and I saw you in person before. I think you are a bubbly person and though you are not in your best conditions, it doesn’t mean you are not u anymore. Jia you!!

  • mmomz

    Hi Bun Bun, I’m so sorry to hear what’s happened to you :( 
    I totally understand what you are going through and how you must be feeling right now because I’ve been through a similar situation. I’ve been battling severe acne all my teenage life, and just when everything became better after much effort and treatment, I had an allergic reaction towards some things in a new workplace and it gave me some terrible bumpy rashes that KILLED my self esteem. 
    When I read that you cried when washing your face, it totally struck a chord with me because so did I. I refused to look in the mirror because my heart would break and my tears would just flow on and on. If you’d like, maybe you could visit my blog at to see which salon and products that helped my condition. Maybe it’ll do something for you too. Hang in there babe!

  • JoannaLim

    followed you for quite some time. seriously, you should let your readers know which salon you went. You may not want to spoil the salon’s reputation, but it will be good for those that has sensitive skin to know to be careful when they are going to that salon. At least they’ll know what to look out for? Just a suggestion anyway. Be strong, recently i’ve also got weird breakouts but not to your extend, but still, it’s enough to get me go crazy (I think i will go nuts instead of blogging). My reason of the breakouts was most likely the medicine that i took for delaying period though (bad choice). I’ve been skeptical about salon facials (just going after 2 series of facials) that i’ve stopped and started doing home facials like putting natural honey on places with acne, ginseng powder + honey + yogurt etc. I would say these natural masks helps, but at an extremely slow rate. Maybe you could start exploring doing natural masks? the only thing that we’ll be missing would be the extraction process though, unless you could do it perfectly. For my case, i would usually use some products of warm water to loosen the “stuff” in my pores and extract them with either tweezer (sounds weird, but you could actually pull the white “stuff” in your blackheads out!) and those that the salon usually use to prick and squeeze at your pores. 
    Don’t worry too much, stand tall and walk with confidence. It’s your posture and attitude that changes everything. With a positive mind, you would heal faster. *thumbs up* Looking forward to seeing your clean, nice skin with great reviews soon!!!

  • rougedeluxe

    So sorry to read about your traumatic experience, hope your skin heals quickly. It’s a terrible thing to have to go through, do seek regular dermatologist advice if you can.

  • mjacqueline

    I am so so sorry to hear about your experience Bun Bun. I hope your skin will heal quickly. I think you did the right thing to post this to let others know the dangers of going to the wrong salon. It was very brave of you to show us these pictures and like what the others said, I’m not scared by the pictures. Be brave dear, your skin will heal surely but be patient too. The tendency will be to want a quick solution but I realise that it not always the best. We still love you. Hugs.


    you should go to national skin center!! the specialist will give you the right kind of medication!! i hope it helps. take care. (:

  • NyxWholesalePh

    be strong , you’re a pretty & brave person :) i’m sure it’s not just me,,but I think this salon must be named. I really felt bad on situations like this. They should be doing serious customer check up first before applying anything to face. take care dear & be well <3

  • duckie12

    Poor Juli, hope you get better soon. 
    As a person with very sensitive skin like yours (I cannot use any vitamin A creams at all or even AHAs as well). I would like to share with you my experience with really bad allergic reaction to skin creams. Btw, I am also a qualified pharmacist in Australia.
    What you have is a pustular allergic reaction. It is an allergic reaction plus pimples. Your skin is so inflamed yet oily at the same time such that it get clogged up and pustules form really quickly.
    Unfortunately, antibiotics are the only way to get rid of the pustules. You can use the oral ones instead of the topical ones as the topical ones tend to irritate your skin further, which is something you don’t want.
    What you need now is to use creams and washes that are perfect for sensitive skin. Please note that all your skincare now would be temporary. Just think of your skin as being red and angry. It requires gentle products to calm it down. Once the skin calms down, then you can go back to your old skincare routine.
    Cetaphil and QV make really good washes that you can use for now. You would need oil free moisturizers that do not clog your really sensitive skin. Creams such as clinique’s moisture surge can be something you could try. 
    There is another cream you could try and it is called Dexem cream. This cream is like magic and works for people with raised rashes on the face due to allergies. You can check it out here. This cream worked really well for me, working even better than steroid cream. My skin became smooth after 2 applications! No more rashes on the face. 
    Another favourite brand of mine is Moogoo. It is an australian brand that makes skin products for people with sensitive skin. They do deliver to Singapore. I am based in Australia so I do adore this brand alot. The creams are gentle (try the MSM cream as a general moisturizer) and do not irritate the skin one bit. 
    If you start to find your skin starting to flake, then you should try rose hip oil in addition to your normal moisturizer. Do get the ones in airless containers like that of the Moogoo brand. They work really well. 
    Feel free to contact me if you need more advice. But I guess the dermatologists will help you (if they wanted to speed up the recovery, they could prescribe some short term oral steroids for you. You could also try some anti-histamines such as Zyrtec, which could help with the itchiness). 
    Be strong and have faith in your dermatologists. The above recommendations are from personal experience. Australia does have alot of products for people with sensitive skin. 
    Take care

  • yayamama

    It’s most unfortunate for anyone to have such horrible facial experience. Hope your skin heals well fast.
    Actually, the resident doctor at the clinic that you mentioned is my family doctor for the past three years.
    I found him quite patient and good. Personally, i feel unjust and unfair for you to vent your anger and blame on the doctor who’s trying to help you out of this bad situation. I rather you share with us which beauty salon or products causes this acne outbreak or allergy, so that we can all be more wary and don’t become the next victim.

    • Fy Lo

      yayamama No. Juli’s not venting her anger and blaming on the doctor at that clinic. She’s stating facts about the expired meds.

      • yayamama

        Fy Lo I went to see the doctor at the named clinic today for my health screening and while waiting, I kaypoh a bit with the senior clinic assistant. Apparently, it was a new girl on duty that night who took the cream from the box that was meant to be discarded. It was a one off simple mistake by the assistant and a new cream was issued on the spot. I can only say that the doctor is suay to treat a patient who has no avenue to vent her frustration as BUN cannot reveal the beauty salon as they sponsored her facial (according to the asiaone article).

  • Jacqzxc

    Please stay strong! My heart goes out to you. I wouldn’t know how to react if I were in your shoes.

  • Anna Wang

    Ok bun, let me just start by saying that i think you’re absolutely beautiful makeup or no makeup.
    but you’re right this acne is super bad. and your skin is probably feeling on fire. i think one thing to consider is natural products right now. I recommend St Ives and Aveeno. These two brands have no harsh chemicals that will cause that again. 
    second of all, when i need to clear my pores, gently!!!! and i have breakouts, i always use St Ives apricot scrub which contains salycilic acid <– #1 acne medication chemical, the other is benzoyl peroxide — which on my skin is less effective
    after gentle exfoliation, which does not SCRUB OPEN these pimples, it simply massages them with the crushed walnut shells and crushed corn meal kernels.
    after this i apply moisturizer lightly – I recommend vanicream, dermatoligist tested….
    and then i go to sleep. at night the skin goes through a recovery process. i have used this trick of mine before i feel a breakout coming, while its still young, and when i’ve had a severe one and I see noticeable improvement within 4 days.
    the st ives scrub should be used every other day at max! i have relatives who are dermatologists and close friends’ parents. so this is the best thought i can give.

  • JasonGoh

    Don’t worry. You have very nice facial features!
    God – if I could I’d vote you for Best Beauty Blog – for being so courageous and teaching everyone that even with bad skin, you can have a great heart… and I don’t know it’s your photo-taking skills of what.. but you’re still photogenic! 😀
    Take care, drink more water, eat right and God bless!

  • BrandonChai

    Hey, don’t sweat it. I’ve seen worse 😉 as for my own experience, I had this one GARGANTUAN, radioactive green edifice on my face back when I was 15 and it was absolutely HORRIBLE! The pus inside tossed about whenever I moved my head and I endured it for a few months! Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I had my mom needle it out LOL. I’m not lying when I say that I absolutely, positively heard a pop when she pierced it! The pimple shot out like a loaded gun and the pus splat onto the mirror in front of me! After that, everything was back to normal 😀 
    Things might be pretty bad now, but hey! You’ll get through it and become stronger mentally and emotionally! You’re very beautiful by the way :3 so chill babe!
    I’m no expert, but have you tried tea tree oil? and sleep early! They call it “beauty sleep” for a reason :) eliminating oily foods for now would be a good idea i think (except good oils like olive and fish, coconut etc.) Coconut oil in particular is anti-microbial and an antioxidant. Might want to try that out :) not SANTAN ya! hahaha! 
    Anyway hoped I helped in some way. It’s perfectly alright to wallow in misery for awhile, because it is a process of healing :) everyone here is with you, so don’t worry! 
    Wishing you a speedy speedy recovery from Malaysiaaaa! 😀

  • WomanBerry13

    Amazing post! Thank you for writing it! You are so brave girl! Really – thanks for sharing!
    I truly, deeply wish you to get well soon! And I believe in that! 
    Sending you a lot of hope and dont give up! Be strong, girl!

  • meowshirl

    I read your blog not long ago .. Now it’s a totally a shock!  I feel like to cry too.  You are truly BRAVE gal – I think no one in Singapore can show a ugly side of your face to world,  except angmoh gal who has serious acne on her face and how to transform herself flawless at youtube.
    I’m like you, got sensitive skin .. one wrong product use, that is, breakouts will come in a second. Oh boy, it takes a long time to heal but never got a clear and crystal skin. 
    I am planning to get African Black Soap because I hope that cure acnes.
    Stay Strong … we people love you and always support you!   
    Oh yeah, hope that you can share us – a journey to recovery in near future.
    Sending my love energy to you for a speedy recovery :)

  • Tanya Toneva Ilieva

    Today I woke up with what seems to be a terrible allergic reaction to a sunscreen. I got literally scared when I woke up. I hope it won’t get worse. 

    I am very sorry about your terrible experience. I know you are probably feeling bad right now but you still try to be happy that this is just temporary and soon you will get better. 
    I can recommend you Avène Thermal Spring Water. It really makes wonders with inflammations and allergic reaction.

  • Miucha

    You will never be ugly.
    Son’t ever forget you’re beautiful…

  • MarilynTeo

    Thanks girl! This is really an eye opener for me too! I have sensitive skin, so I had been careful, and I’m allergic to vinegar which gives me rashes. If it does not get better, go to the National Skin Centre and have this checked out! God bless you! and no matter what, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

  • IssieRei

    Dear Bun Bun, 
    Thank you for being strong. Revisiting one’s ordeals are never an easy thing to do and you have done this for the benefit of others so thank you, once again. MichelleLim is right that Doxycycline does work, however, please be wary that it can cause allergies as well. My best friend is a real-life example of someone who is allergic to Doxycycline. A new allergy on top of your existing one would be unimaginably tragic.
    Now, regarding the beauty salon you went to, it’s understandable why you do not wish to destroy their reputation. Of course no salon out there would deliberately destroy someone’s face but this is no longer about them, it’s about you. You are truly kind and when a person is that way, it’s sometimes difficult to act in self-interest and self-love. Just let go for a bit and focus on the minimum that you deserve, which is compensation from them, for restoring your skin to how it was before this ordeal. There seems to be a degree of negligence here. As a beauty salon, how can they not understand the basics of how skin works?
    – If they weren’t aware that certain products can cause allergies, they shouldn’t be in the business.
    – If they were aware that their products can cause allergies, did they check with you prior to treatment? (If they knew your skin’s sensitive they could have offered alternative products and in the first place, they should be using hypoallergenic products because allergies can kill.)
    – By the second time you went back, they should have been able to identify that it’s not normal. If they can’t, once again, shouldn’t be in the skin business.
    – They lied to you that it would get better and proceeded to ravage your face with their needles. Once again, ignorant about how skin works- destroying surface evidence while ignoring root cause.
    – They brought you to a doctor but no decency to choose a proper specialist. Inferring from what yayamama has commented, they seemed to have brought you to a GP?! And GPs are generally quite ignorant when it comes to uncommon ailments. (That’s why there are specialists.)
    Your friend will only get married once in her life— missed out for good because of this. Opportunity loss, income loss and emotional trauma. It’s only right that they compensate you. It’s not personal, it’s just business, and you have every little right. Don’t feel too bad for them because they sure as heck were only thinking business when they laid their irresponsible hands on your face.
    I hope you can consider revealing the salon name in private, especially for those with sensitive skin, or they might end up undergoing the same trauma when they could have known better. Even if the salon is now aware that their products are not too good, they are likely to continue to use them on others. Getting rid of all their current products and replacing them with new ones would mean thousands of dollars of loss. And it might shock some but businesses think business. It’s also likely that they’ll just write you off as an outlier and carry on their ways, thinking that as long as the majority of customers are fine, they can remain in business. If they really have this attitude, they should not be tolerated. Any self-respecting business would ensure the safety of each and every customer.
    Bun, sorry if I sound too harsh but the above is just a different perspective for you to consider. Don’t be disheartened— help is all around and on its way. Before long, things will get better. xx

    • IssieRei

      Edit: sorry, I misread. I thought the salon people brought you to the doctor. Didn’t mean to accuse your friends of not having any decency. >_<

  • celestialdelish

    Sorry to hear about your nightmare. You will recover a matter of time. With all the high technology, the scare will be gone after all the angry acne is gone. Eat more veggies, fruits and drink plenty of plain water. Don’t extract the acne anymore, leave them alone as the pulse will make it worst and spread. You should seriously ask the beauty salon to compensate your medical fees and loses. But rest well and take care for now. The Omy awards happen every year, I’m sure your readers and fans won’t give up on you, so look forward to the next award! You will still look great and do well then.

  • autumn_candy

    My heart goes out to you! As a blogger myself I really wish you could tell us what’s the name of the salon so that we could be warned about this terrible experiences but since you already mentioned that you’ll not say I shall not be asking too.
    I myself have sensitive skin and sometimes if the products/facials doesn’t works well I get breakouts similar to what you’re getting. Hence from the first picture I know it definitely is due to skin sensitivity and the salon shouldn’t have asked you to go back for extractions which is a sure way to make things worst!
    In any case, I personally always stop what I’m using that might be the cause of the breakouts, use the products that I’ve used previously to have cleared the breakouts (for me, it’s Shiseido The Skincare Purifying Cleansing Form + Aqualabel White AC Lotion + Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream). Also, I would apply Thursday’s Plantation Tea Tree Oil which I got from Watson’s or Guardian on the pus. It works well for me to stop the itch and pain each time. 
    I hope you will stay strong and in the meantime, get well soon!


  • whitepaperboat

    Although I’ve never experienced this but as a person who’s very conscious of her self-image (in other words, vain haha), I really can’t imagine all sorts of emotions I’ll be going through if this were to happen to me. I wouldn’t be so sure if I’ll ever be brave enough like you to face the world at all. 
    You have a kind heart and I hope that this ordeal will go by as smoothly as possible for you because you clearly do not deserved this. ): Hang on tight and know that no matter what, you will always be beautiful. (:
    Spreading my hugs and love to you dearie.

  • min2min

    Hi Bun Bun,
    I once experienced the same thing as you. It all started when I tried a clay mask from a well-known company (those kind that is use to remove blackheads). At first it went well but after peeling off the mask, I start to notice tidy bumps around my nose and chin. It wasn’t like my normal acne breakout, there were MANY tiny little rash with yellow pus.
    As I thought it wasn’t very serious, I did a wrong choice to squeeze them. Bad idea! The condition of my face worsen and it starts to spread. Super itchy and painful at the same time. I didn’t even dare to see a doctor due to past experience with dermatologist. They kind of prescribe me a pimple cream that cause me to have breakout and burning to my skin. Just like you, I cried very badly. I didn’t want to step out of the house and putting on make up will only worsen the condition. No amount of concealer can even cover it.
    So I thought to myself, I need to do something about this. I can’t just sit around and let the condition worsen. So I started drinking lots of water, making sure that my body is always hydrated so my face won’t produce more oil to worsen the rash. Next, I add apple into my everyday diet. It has anti inflammatory properties and it really works for me. Then I try not to touch my face and always wash my face with a mild cleanser. I also used aloe vera gel to help ease the pain abit. Not sure if you are willing to try this. I’m not trying to promote anything but I use a kiwi yogurt mask from skin food every other day and it helps to clear up my face. I stick to this routine everyday and soon my face clear up in about 2-3 weeks.
    If you have time, you can take a look at this video:
    It is an advise given by a beauty guru, bubzbeauty. She uses oatmeal to cleanse her sensitive skin and the result looks amazing. I have not try this though but hope it helps.
    Just want to share this and let you know that you are not the only one out there facing this problem, hope you can stay strong. <3

  • KikiLim

    Hi Bun Bun,
    I have been following you before you got ‘popular’ and have witnessed you blossom.
    I’m so sorry you have to go through such a bad ordeal and the timing couldn’t be worse.
    Before I share my personal experience, I hope you could clarify some questions that I have.
    – this was a sponsored facial session. Was there contract signed? Were there expectations of you to do a review of your entire experience, just like the tonnes of many other sponsored posts written by other bloggers where they always add a caveat that the review was a honest representation of their personal experience? Because the majority of these sponsored posts are POSITIVE, are you not obligated, in you and your readers interest to review a NEGATIVE experience too? And that includes posting the details of the salon. Will the salon take legal actions against you for posting your honest review? It’s scary that this salon has a weak knowledge in this trade would continue to service customers who are naive about what you have went through. You could have saved many other potential victims or even those who could be going through the same traumatic experience as you.
    – there is a window period to seek compensation. I know how devastating this whole ordeal is but at the same time, like what your other readers have said, it is only your right to seek compensation for the loss of income and once in a life time opportunity costs and emotional trauma imposed on you due to their INCOMPETENCY. I have friends and even family who are in the industry and they tell me straight up its not the most ethical trade. You wouldn’t wanna feel further aggravated and indignant when you have missed the period to claim compensation. It’s only your rights.
    As for me, I was one of those blessed girls where everyone remembers me as having the perfect skin. Baby soft, spot less and heck, even pore less till my mid twenties. Perfect skin is synonymous with me. Until I I turned 30. And I lost that gift forever. I had a baby at 27, that’s when my hormones started to have a life of its own. I went through many changes in my life in the year I turned 30, and they included the deaths of two family members, one of whom was my favourite uncle who lost his battle to cancer.
    The amount of stress I went through totally wrecked my body. People who saw me never fail to ask if i am sick – i looked anorexic and my aunt even suggested i went for a body check up. I started having acne. And I can’t explain how devastated I was to have that one gift of perfect skin tainted forever.
    In my desperation, I started doing extractions on my own. And it was like how the beautician tried to clear away the pus (its actually oil) and totally aggravated the skin. I got goosebumps when I wash my face because they felt like crocodile skin. The extractions that I did made the situation worse and I could feel my skin thickening. It was red and itchy.
    Eventually I went to see a GP. I can’t remember if I was prescribed any oral medication but I was given a topical cream called Clindoxyl. I started going back to my beautician and she was quite shocked to see my skin condition. She did the basics of cleansing and told me to keep everything basic. I got this set of product from the brand Junka which was very costly but I slowly saw results. The M+ fluid had vitamin C and eventually helped clear away my skin. I kept my skin are and washing regime to a bare minimum, not even exfoliating. It took a long time to heal. I still get the occasional spots but nothing as bad as then. The pigmentations stay and serve as a reminder on how we have to fight battles like this to make us a stronger person and also learn not to take things for granted.
    You have great friends and family support, esp Mr Mode. Make the best of the situation and never let yourself be taken advantage. You are letting the salon off for a very heinous crime performed on you and you should speak up for your own interest and other possible innocent victims.
    Things will turn out well for you, I do not need to hope for that. Meanwhile, take the time to appreciate what you have around you and this is a great lesson learnt. You will turn out stronger than before.

  • Eflat Major

    Hi Bun, 
    I totally feel you. I used to have a rather decent complexion — not flawless, but makeup can do wonders to hide minor flaws. Three years ago, I had a similar experience where I suffered severe breakouts and eventually, very bad scarring on my face, all stemming from facial treatment. Like you, I’d gone back to the salon, listened to the beautician (because I didn’t know better), had repeated facials in hope that the problems would resolve, but instead had to deal with worse breakouts and scarring after every subsequent facial. 
    I eventually stopped going to the salon (even though I’d already paid for $2k worth of facial treatment) and went to a proper dermatologist to get my severe breakouts treated. It took about 6 months with the dermatologist before I had somewhat normal skin without pus on my face everyday. It was a really demoralising time where I couldn’t even put anything on my face to hide the redness and pus.
    Eventually, the breakouts settled enough for me to look somewhat normal and I went to an aesthetic dermatologist subsequently to get laser treatments to reduce the appearance of scarring on my face. It was all a rather painful and long journey to get my morale and normal looks back, but I’m glad to say it’s over now. 
    I’m sure you’ll get better with time and the right treatment, but I wouldn’t be too quick to step into another beauty salon again because facial doesn’t yield the same sort of results for everyone. 
    I hope things get better for you soon.

  • WenNy

    you are a brave and kind girl, dont cry anymore. i really feel so upset for you. i understand your stand in not revealing the salon’s name or not even feeling anger at them. i think the beautician thought its something normal. my beautician told me i have pimples under my skin so its normal for them to erupt after the facial.  i believed her because my face did not turn red and irritated even after she did extractions which is a testamount to her good skills.i dont know if trying to justify that salon’s action will make you feel better. everyone’s skin is different. like hey, if i dont wear foundation and head out, i will get pimples immediately that night -.- very different from others yeah? 
    but even if you dont want to deal with that salon anymore, i still think you should follow all these people’s advices and get legal compensation from them. its what you deserved really. by not revealing their name is already more than what they deserved for making you go through that. 
    visit a dermatologist. you can do chemical peeling after your acnes are all healed so that the scars will lighten faster.

  • theluggagegirl

    Hi, i suffered a similar scenario but to a lighter extent in comparison to your situation. It was the aftermath of using a clay mask recommended by someone at a facial shop. It totally burnt my face leaving marks all over. Dark marks that look hideous, i had to cover with layers of make up and even then, dark marks are extremely hard to hide. And it was made worse by the fact that I had to travel overseas at that period of time, meeting a relative for the first time and making such an impression. My uncle who saw me with my makeup less face was horrified. I never had the best skin, but that, was a definitely a low point in me. Picture something like pimples and many many many pimple marks and dark burnt scars (from the product recommended). I used to love the mirror, but during that period of time, I shied away from any reflective surfaces. I felt extremely self conscious. But my uncle recommended me a kind of horse oil and surprisingly it helped, and even improved my complexion, evening out the skin tone. 
    And recently, I had another bout of pimple outbreak as mentioned at the start of the para (sorry for the lack of organization), I have like deep comedones on my chin and acne along the jaw that dont change no matter what medicine I used. It got better now, after 4 months? but I have dark pimple scars on my chin that I cant covered up. I tried to cover it last week and after a korean bbq, my friend actually passed me a tissue saying I have dirt on my chin. I didnt know whether to cry or to laugh. The scars are still there, but I’m trying my best to live pass it, regardless of the comments made. I have changed my lifestyle, trying to live healthier as a google online shared that pimples on chin are due to indigestion problems or kidney problems.
    Anyway, there have been a silver lining in both cases now that i reflect back. I managed to gain a healthier complexion after weeks of seeing no hope from using a product that damaged my skin and the second incident taught me to live healthier. I hope you will be able to see a silver lining in your dark cloud soon. If not, there is always the supportive readers of ur blog (us) whom will be here to share your pain and your recovery with u.
    Hang in there!

    Ps: the ‘dirt’ on my chin is still there. let’s jia you together. we are here with you:)

  • bettertoday

    Oh sweetie I am so so sorry to hear this has happened to you. I can really relate, believe me. I was looking for a solution to my acne last year when I found a place that specializes in plants/herbs based treatments/products and I trusted them for almost half a year (seriously I can’t even believe my educated self now in hindsight) as they COMPLETELY RUINED my skin. I went from like 5 spots on my entire face to like ~20 pus filled swollen ones on each side. They told me the same story – it will get worse before it gets better (yes complete bullshit) because of all the suppression from chemicals I have been putting on my face for years and I have to stick it out to see results. Now that I read your post, I am convinced it was some form of allergic reaction aggravated by those ruthless extractions.
    My confidence was shot to hell, and I would go home straight from work everyday to hide in my room. Weekends were just extended hours of seclusion. It was the darkest period of my life, and I dealt it all by myself.
    Today I am much much better being under the care of a proper dermatologist, but am still battling the leftover marks. I won’t recommend any products because you should know by now everyone reacts differently to different products – what works for me might not work for you. But please see a dermatologist, especially one you feel comfortable with because he/she will not only help you with your skin but also with your depression through counseling.
    Thank you for sharing this, believe me when I say I wish I had one tenth of your courage and confidence. You are definitely not alone, and even though I don’t know you I wish I could give you a big hug. It will get better, in time, I promise! Keep the faith! xx

  • Blingylingy

    I’m so sorry to hear about your situation, but i feel your pain. I’ve had bad acne growing up and still have adult acne now. And i know how devastated bad skin can make u feel especially for vain ppl like us. Everyone else has said most of what i wanted to say, but i would like you to see this video of this girl with really severe skin problems… maybe you might feel abit better after seeing it…Wish you a speedy recovery!

  • ENC

    This was a pretty horrifying read, but thank you so much for sharing. Even though you didn’t reveal the salon’s name (but I’m in the camp that feels you should, to save other unsuspecting potential patrons), you have at least alerted readers to the risks of seeking such beauty services. I’ve come across stories like yours before, but to now be able to see for myself the kind of damage that inexperienced beauticians can inflict is a really precious warning.
    I hope that 2nd doctor you visited can salvage this situation. I have sensitive skin and rarely put on makeup to avoid outbreaks, and my skincare routine before heading out consists of slathering on Avène moisturiser. As several other readers have already shared, this brand is known for being really great for people with sensitive skin. You could try their thermal spring water mist, it can help soothe irritated skin. My skin goes bad every month in the days leading up to my period and I combat that by drinking lots of water, sleeping early, cutting down on fried foods and loading up on fruits. Perhaps a dietary shift towards foods that help with skin healing could speed up your recovery? You could seek advice from dietary experts on that. Stay strong!

  • Ginn1127

    Reading this makes me want to cry.  I totally feel for you.  I’ve been reading your blog for a little over a year now (back when you did that green infallible shadow review), and you’re always so upbeat and happy.  It makes me so sad that you were treated so badly by not just the dermatology place, but also the doctor that you went to (who had expired meds?! eww!).  I truly truly hope that everything heals quickly and soon.  You’re beautiful.  Not just on the outside, but it truly is whats on the inside that counts.  I grew up as an ugly duckling, had a “pretty” phase, and now I’m a young mom with lots of freckles and rosacia on my cheeks.  I dont let it get me down.  I use sunscreen and foundation, but as long as I feel good, I’m fine.  
    Remember how amazing you are!  You’re an amazing writer and blogger, and entrepreneur! Your wounds on the outside will heal.  It’ll just take time.  Remember that it will pass, and you’re loved! Stay strong!

  • autoblessfuel

    I might don’t have a very good solution for you but I just want to send a
    hug for you from Indonesia, be strong girl… I also suffering adult
    acne until now and try to use natural remedies as long as I can. I use
    raw honey, honey feeds the skin with its natural nutrients and plays a
    role in
    killing the bacteria that causes acne. After having thoroughly cleansed
    your skin, you can then apply pure raw honey
    to the affected area. Keep it about 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse
    off. I also use other natural remedies such as green tea, cinnamon
    honey, yoghurt. Natural remedies might be the best if you want to avoid
    any chemical on your skin that might worst your skin. I also use Aztec
    Indian Healing Clay Mask because it has a detoxifier ability.

  • asdasdas

    yesss it’s so annoying when people say things like “Why don’t you see a skin doctor?” or “Do you wash your face?”. Because it’s the same with everything else, people just take for granted what they have and don’t bother to put themselves in other people’s shoes, or understand any difficulties they might have. And I’m sorry that this happened to you, but hey at least you learnt something from it and will be able to appreciate your skin better when it heals. Also I think you’re really brave for posting this, so stay strong and it’ll be over in no time.

  • kiradyn

    It’s terrible what happened to you!! D8 I hope you’ll be able to heal well from this allergic outbreak! My sister’s been battling a bad skin (allergy?) reaction on her limbs, and I’ve seen the same dermatologist with her for my back acne. Maybe he can help you with your skin problems. K.B. Lim Skin Clinic @ Gleneagles Medical Centre. He was recommended to me and my sister by a doctor friend of the family. His fees are on the steep side, though, so just a warning there. However, I figure since he was recommended to us for an allergy condition and an acne condition, he must be good in both areas of expertise, so maybe he can help you too.
    Stay strong, Bunbun! Just because your outer beauty is temporarily diminished, doesn’t mean your inner beauty has been affected too! :) You’re still as beautiful as before!
    You may have to take a break from regular beauty/makeup blogging, but why don’t you take the opportunity to experiment and review and blog about natural remedies and cures for your skin condition? It’s still something that I think people with regular acne will want to read about, and it keeps you in good blogging shape, and you won’t feel so alone, because you’ll know we’re all still reading your blog. 😀 And perhaps as you update us with the progress of your recovery, you’ll also begin to feel better about yourself too. ^u^
    Hugs and prayers! <3

  • kiradyn

    Also, never think of yourself as ugly, Bun, because you aren’t. :) The fact that you had the courage to post those pictures and blog about what’s happened shows how strong and beautiful you are! :)

  • Iron Maiden

    I am so sorry that this happened to you, and think you’re very brave to post about it in such detail. Posting about your experience is also a public service–I think everyone who sees it will be more careful about who they let touch their faces and check out what’s being put on it.
    I agree that you shouldn’t ever think that you’re ugly. You have a temporary condition (like someone going through chemo who loses his/her hair) and, hopefully, you’ll heal completely. It’s so sad that it happened at all, but especially at such a bad time for you.
    I wish you all the best as you go forward after this, and will send healing thoughts your way.

  • bingbing1987

    First off, I’m so very sorry that this happened to you. You are very beautiful and it sounds like you are very strong emotionally too. However, I would urge you to disclose the name of the salon that did this to you – not for revenge – but because others need to know not to use their services. The salon needs to be held responsible for your medical bills and for also educating their employees on allergic reactions. They should also be publishing the ingredients that are used in their services so that those with allergies can plan accordingly. They were negligent and irresponsible, and they need to improve. You deserve at the very least to be compensated for your medical bills and time lost from work.

  • gabiearodriguez

    Poor baby! Don’t worry, you’ll heal soon!

  • lydtorres

    Hang in there Juli, I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Don’t overuse products, reduce them to the minimum necessary, because using different products will actually make your skin reacts worse. Consult a nutrisionist or do research online and change your diet, that can help too. Don’t be sad, remember is temporary, do what is in your hands to recover, and don’t worry about pigmentation, that is easy to solve with TCA peels, or other topical treatments. Remember your readers love you!

  • Jenny86

    I´m really sorry this happened to you! I´m totally agree with lydtorres, don´t overuse products, and keep calm, I´m sure in a few months you´ll look exactly life before (or even better!). But don´t give up, you´re a beautiful person no matter how your face looks now, before or after what happened :)

  • DanBrochstein

    I know you hear this from many people. Beauty is more than skin deep. Despite your blemishes, you’re still very beautiful. I feel in time this will heal, and since the pustules don’t appear too deep, I don’t think any permanent scaring will occur. Skin regenerates itself, and my hope is that you’ll once again have the appearance you desire.

  • Chocolattelodia

    have you tried dr. loke? I’ve had something like this before and honestly, he’s done a fine job with mine.

  • schwabj

    I just had a skin reaction myself, so I was comforted to know that I wasn’t the only one. Mine was an infection of the hair follicles on my arms and legs, and luckily I’ve started to see an improvement as of today. It did really scare me however, since my first reaction was whether or not it was going to spread to my face. Although I was lucky to have a milder reaction, the scare did remind me of how it feels to be self-consiousness of one’s skin. As a teenager I had moderate to sometimes severe acne, and I used to be so embarrassed of my face. And though my facial acne (minus minor blemishes) has healed with time, so will the skin on my arms and legs. I’m so sorry that this has happened to you on such an extreme level. Just know that time will heal your skin and your heart. Don’t let others dishearten you, and know that many people stand behind you both within your own life, as well as within the blogging community. Thanks so much for sharing your experience, and please take care!

  • xin203

    I had similar condition as you. I signed a facial package and ended up with worst condition. The so-called specialist told me this is “normal”. I demanded refund but I only got back half. I went to National Skin Centre. You can go to poly clinics and ask for referral. It will be cheaper. Their medications are very good. My pimples cleared very fast. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  • kairin



  • kairin
    your skin is reacting harshly to the chemicals that was applied on your face.

    you need something to help it heal… and heal in such a way that is as natural as possible.

    try the oatmeal wash to calm the skin and soothe it.
    while it exfoliates at the same time. 

    hope the best of luck for you.

  • Satiricpaper

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. Please remember that underneath it all, you are a beautiful girl, inside and out. It’s a shame you had to experience this to learn to walk a mile in another’s shoes, but you will emerge stronger and more empathetic, with renewed appreciation for what’s under the skin. In the meantime, laugh when you can, accept love from those who love you, and drink alllll the water. It will get better.

  • CSCO

    I once had an allergic reaction to the sun.  I went on a 1-day cruise from Miami to the Bahamas and just sat and read a book in the sun, while the cool breezes from the ocean washed over me.  I had a hat on, so I thought I’d be o.k.  No sunscreen or sunblock.
    I started to feel a bit woozy, and slept most of the way home on the ship.
    The next morning I woke up and couldn’t see properly.  My face was so swollen, that I looked like the Elephant Man.  The bridge of my nose had spread and was blocking half of each eye.   My husband went to the drug store and bought some medication recommended by the pharmacist. 
    I had sun poisoning.  After a day spent in the hotel room, I went out shopping with my husband.  He asked “Are you really going out like that?”.  I said “No one knows me here, and they don’t know that I don’t always look like this  After that my skin peeled off in sheets.  I still have very sensitive skin and have to be careful with new products. 
    As I think back, I may have been using Retin A before I went out in the sun like this.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  • oraclebabyyy

    Hi babe,
    I had an allergic reaction six years ago on my forehead. It began with a huge zit, about the size of a pea. I applied some cream onto it and I felt a burning sensation. I cleaned it off immediately and thought nothing was wrong. Next morning, I spotted a few more similar sized ones around it. By the third day, my whole forehead was covered by them. I thought that it was just an ordinary outbreak and didn’t realize it was an allergic reaction to the cream that gave me the burning sensation.

  • oraclebabyyy

    Then those started to combine together and my whole forehead swelled, severely painful and itchy. I totally looked like a luohan fish and I was so depressed. Went to the first doc at jurong west st 52 and he sucked. Went to national skin centre instead. No more swelling after one month but the forehead was severely pigmented like dark brown in color. It took me another 8months before I completely heal and the skin was back to normal again.
    This is my first time at your site. You’re beautiful, strong on and get well. Support !

  • cactusflowers

    Please go to a doctor, I had a similar reaction once and my doctor gave me oral antibiotics and a topical cream, and it worked. I wish you the best! <3

  • wildangel105

    Hi! I am not a consistent reader of your blog but this post was linked on /r/skincareaddiction on Reddit. I just wanted to urge you to go back to the doctor if you are not on oral antibiotics and a topical antibiotic. This isn’t an allergic reaction, but what seems closer to a staph infection from dirty instruments used at the spa. Specifically, it looks much like superficial pustular folliculitis (, which results from the staph bacteria. At the very least, you should call the spa once diagnosed and let them know that you got a REALLY BAD infection from their facility. This will prevent other people suffering from this, too.

    *Hugs* Good luck. I’ve always had bad skin and have seen so many dermatologists. It’s such a struggle. Some days I just didn’t want to leave the house or put anything on my skin, out of fear that it will exacerbate the acne. 

    One thing I’ve learned though is that skin WILL and DOES heal. Hang in there.

  • AnnamariaAlberghetti

    BEAUTIFULBun, I just stumbled to your blog and saw your condition. I am anaphylaxis-level allergic to avocados. There’s loads of avocado oils in makeups and hair products, and this exact, excruciating thing happens to my skin when I come in contact with it in face cream/wash/makeup in ANY concentration. It will last at least a month, I won’t lie. It will HURT and be horrifying, but it WILL GO AWAY!! Keep your chin up, you’re a gorgeous young woman who had to walk a month in the shoes of someone who wasn’t as blessed as you aesthetically. Take perspective from it. Find out what did it, avoid it like plague. Please try to hold your head high. You didn’t do this to yourself, and it’s only temporary. Even with allergy face you’re still prettier than most women…… Lol

  • vampygirl1313

    I’m not a usual reader of your blog but I will be since we have similar skin types and issues with acne and pigmentation.  I know what it’s like to hate your skin and have to fight to keep it looking good.  So let me tell you how my heart goes out to you after reading this.  This will take time but your skin WILL get better and you WILL heal.  If you can, please get a 2nd opinion just to make sure you are the way to healing the best way for you.  
    I don’t know the laws in Singapore, but if you are able YOU NEED TO SUE FOR DAMAGES.  This ‘facial’ (which I also believe was caused by dirty instruments) is preventing you from doing your job and blogging and making a living.  That means you have every right to sue them and recoup damages.   Their lack of empathy is horrible.  I can tell you are trying to be nice but it’s time to get mean.  
    Again, I just want to offer you hugs and best wishes and vibes for fast and healthy healing.  I don’t know if you take any  supplements for your skin, but I have found that tumeric and borage oil pills have worked very well on my skin. 
    Best luck and take care of yourself.


  • bathroomsinger

    Hi there.. my friend had me visit your blog as I was sharing with her my own bad skin allergy over a few days ago. I have sensitive skin and it is prone to breakouts – acne during teenage years have made my facial skin thinner with the harsh acne topical creams.
    Anyway, my skin seems under control recently. But just last Sunday, I developed itch all over my face and neck, right after cleaning up my house. Suspected it was an allergy to dust. Anything supposedly soothing I placed on my irritated skin, actually burns. I then woke up the next day with red pustulent bumps all over my face, and like you, there was not a smooth surface on my face at all.
    My colleague (also prone to allergies) confirmed my suspicions of an allergy breakout instead of an acne breakout. So I popped Zyrtec, which is an anti-histamine that will curb itch and inflammation. It took a while for it to take effect and the itch to subside. So while I waited for the anti-histamine to take effect, I smoothed a thin layer of Nixoderm (a topical cream which treats a range of skin irritation and can be found in Watsons) on the affected areas. It is acidic but it dries up the pustulent bumps quick (which could look like they are rotting because they look so raw).
    The next day, most bumps were thankfully gone and my skin looks calmer. If there are hyperpigmentations, you could rub in some pure vit E oil to speed up recovery process.
    Hopefully your skin is better by now. I feel you!

  • Janicephua

    Hi dear!
    You can try Loke Skin Clinic at Novena Medical Centre or Kin Mun clinic at 66 Lor 4 Toa Payoh.
    I visited the former when I suffered bad rashes resulting from dry skin and the itch and rashes subsided within a few days! The doctor should be able to help with skin allergy too :)
    As for the latter, Dr Victor Wee is my saviour. I have visited him a couple of years ago to seek treatment for my acne problems and have never looked back since then. The products that he prescribed worked wonders for me and other friends of mine whom I have recommended the clinic to have seen almost instantaneous and lasting results too.
    I would strongly recommend you to try either one of the above should you still be concerned with your skin allergy :)
    But most importantly, stay positive that your skin will heal itself back to its original perfect state and it will. I’m a strong believer of the law of attraction and it has never failed me so always have faith that what you ask for will be delivered to you and you will receive what you desire.
    Bless you <3


  • missychippy

    Hey. You can try medical aesthetics. They have two branches. One at clementi the other at hougang. Their products will not cause peeling as I feel peeling is very ugly. :(
    Clementi: 6774 4377
    My face got pimples after facial too, at my jaw bone area. I thought it will heal but it didnt. So after 6 months, I finally decided to go see doctor.
    My condition is so much better after 2 months. Actually after one month, you can see the results already. Now my face doesn’t have the pimples anymore except a few pimples that you will have when menses is coming.
    I hope medical aesthetics will be able to help you!
    Recover soon! :)

  • honeybeve

    I’m someone with sensitive skin and had an issue like this but mine was a burning sensation after a facial it was not good cause next few days my skin overreacted. For you I highly reccomend to use Cetaphil Cleanser to wash it has no alcohol so that will help to recover faster. And twice every week dip a cloth in warm water with a teaspoon in salt and drenched the water out. This will help the pus to dry out quicker and the bacteria to not stay there. :) It’s definitely help me. Hope few of these two solutions can help but can see alot of people has recommend things for you 😉 too many to try ! take care sweety! :) I feel you!!!

  • isandy

    Hi, Bun! Someone quoted this link and I am completely lost in words looking at your photos. Deep sympathy for your skin condition. Please, please, don’t lose hope in getting your skin better. Our body including skin can regenerate their cells. Give time to your skin to heal. Avoid using any makeups too. I know it may sound repetitious, but time will heal you. I also believe you have friends who keep lifting your spirit in improving your skin condition. Best wishes for you, Bun.

  • mitsukichan

    Please stay strong, BeautifulBun.. All best wishes for you..

  • thisisdianaaa

    Hello! I’ve had a really bad experience with facials too. My face post-facial was really swollen and had more pimples growing out too, so i definitely understand what you’re going through now. :( 
    After that horrible facial experience, i went to consult a dermatologist and she has since cured me of my acne. maybe you would like to give her a try?  
    LL Cheong Skin and Laser Clinic, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre 
    Don’t give up hope!! :)

  • Chinitafania

    Poor you… It’s a shame you have to go through this bad skin condition. It must be horrible. I’m really sorry for you :(
    I don’t have sensitive skin. I rarely ever have any breakouts but I don’t normally use foundation. Only for certain events. I’ve also never had any facials. Looking at your breakout I will never get one in my life… Oh my… I always use the same products and I will try to stay with them because they work and they’re mild. I’ve never realized how important it is to stick with products. Thank you for sharing your experience. We all know how hard it must be.
    All the best wishes to you!

  • supcakesandtea

    I feel for you sooo much! I have sensitive skin too, in the form of eczema and at the moment I’m in the healing stages too. A couple of days ago, my skin looked a little similar to yours, without the pus, just lots of little red bumps with inflamed skin, and yeah, it was itchy and hurt like hell!!! Just a few tips that I take myself is drinking A LOT of water!!! and also the food that you eat can also contribute to your healing process! So try to eat foods that help encourage healthy skin! Especially salmon and carrots!!

    Hope all turns out great for  you soon!!

  • samiki2008

    I feel so sorry for you. I was told that the green tea leaves mixed with honey and rice flour could bring some benefits when applied once a week for a couple of months. If I were you, because it is made from natural intredients, I would give it a try.
    Hang in there and stay strong. Soon your skin will be back to normal again.

  • katwall

    Oh my goodness, this looks exactly like what I had all over my entire
    body last year for a few months, but it never really appeared on my
    face. I have extremely sensitive skin as well, but what I had was said
    to be first impetigo, then folliculitis, and another doctor thought it
    was a staph infection. I was prescribed oral antibiotics that helped a
    ton, but I had to take them on and off for MONTHS before it finally went
    away and didn’t come back. It probably isn’t the same thing, but be
    sure not to pop or scrub at the spots, because the pus may be contagious
    and popping them could worsen the spreading. Definitely keep up on the
    antibacterial creams. It will go away, I’ve had many horrible skin
    problems before throughout my life–horrible eczema, horrible allergies
    that literally made skin all over my entire body just peel right off,
    hives all the time, many wide-spread infections, cystic acne… things
    have improved greatly for me within the past 6 months. Keep your head up
    hun, everything will go back to normal in due time. I wish you the best
    of luck<3

  • falleen

    Hi Bun, I think you should totally name that facial salon you went to. Not were they not apologetic, they even lied to you to say it will get worse before it gets better. I don’t want to be lied to like that. I think neither of your readers would want it either.

  • sunniefaith

    Hi Bun,
    In a way, I can understand how you feel. My face has lots of potholes and the potholes are so huge that sometimes they can’t even be covered up by makeup especially on hot days. Worse still once, my face turned red and scaly and there were flakes everywhere because guess, I changed my skincare and was traveling between 2 climates that my skin finally gave up on me! Like you, my self-esteem went down. 
    I saw a doctor and he told me to lay off any skincare and basically rinse my face with water and that’ll be fine. I tried to make an appointment with Dr Georgina Lee but she was too busy to see me but the time she was available, my face calmed down. Look, I know it’s hard and I’m turning 39 this year and am still thinking what can I do about my potholes. Married with a kid and it still bothers me. But I guess, my pothole face is a part of me. And I’m still learning to accept me. And actually, you can think about a civil suit or get some form of compensation from the salon. Seriously, this is not cool.

  • pearlyn

    Hi, its really brave of you to show the world your pictures. Be strong and know that you will pull through with patience and time. 
    I have extremely sensitive skin, so only very specific things will work for me. Even make up removers that are not suited will turn my skin red and itchy.
    You probably have heard this a million times before, but just try to keep your skin as clean as possible until there are no more new ‘breakouts'” (for a lack of a better word) 
    After it allergy has stopped, its likely you will experience dehydrated skin. You may like to try Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. It work wonders for me. But only use it when your skin has calmed down.

  • nakashimakana

    Hi Bun, I have a similar experience with allergy to Aloe Vera which I never knew until after I tried on a waxing strip ( that claims to be for sensitive and dry skin) without doing a patch test.( Unlike you, I deserved it) I was soo horrified when my both of my legs are breaking out in itchy hives and the rash extended to my arms and my face. It was so serious that  I just looked like some sort of red bumpy meat probably bbq a few times. I woke up the next day, feeling all scared and itchy and painful. I have to drag myself to see my GP and she could only prescribe me steroids and gel and yada yada. I could imagine how you feel because the bumps extended to half of my cheeks.
    I felt so terrible and shameful of my looks especially when my mum scolded me for being vain. T_T And the bumps were soooooo painful and the fact that i may have hyperpigmentation didnt make things better. The worst thing? I have my A level Exams a week later. I nearly considered going to school in track pants since eventually, even after a week, the bumps were still there. I had to walk around in a long sleeved jumper even under this hot weather :(

    Try to avoid the sun to prevent hyperpigmentation, I dont know if avoiding alcohol,spicy,chicken,seafood will help in reducing the possibility of scar formation. Meanwhile, try to consume as much good food(nutrients), food with lots of vitamin C and vitamin E to help with bacterial fighting and scar formation. Drink lots of water and regularly apply your medicine and DONT TOUCH YOUR FACE! – REDUCE BACTERIAL INFECTION.
    Each time your skin itches, you tell yourself that it is not itchy. IF you feel the itch to scratch, try putting some cold water to calm your face. I recommend you asking your dermatologist for special facial wash ( I think your skin is too sensitive to even apply Cetaphil- one of the more basic and gentle facial washes in the market).

    Stay positive and try to avoid looking at the mirror if you feel too self conscious and believe me, your face will get better!

  • Cherrygal58

    Hi Bun,
    I’m sorry to have read about your horrific incident. I have to say you are really really brave. 
    I can totally imagine how you are feeling right now.
    But remember, time passes very fast and you will recover and get back your beautiful skin in no time.
    No matter what, you are still beautiful in our eyes.
    Stay strong and beautiful. :)

  • JosieKang

    So sorry to hear that this is happening to you. If you have not yet found a good dermatologist you can consider My friend who used to have a serious breakout or allergy often went to them and have since improved tremendously.

  • saythelove

    I still feel that you look beautiful, just don’t feel vulnerable. In another point of view, you’ve gained new insight, find people who truly loves you for who you are! Keep going! :)

  • nindittawidya

    hey,, this is my first time visiting your blog because someone recommend yours for beauty blog.
    Is your 2nd doctor treatment goes well? if your skin got worse just stop the treatment. 
    Maybe you could try SK-II?? Just try the Facial treatment Essence, dont try anything else. You would see your skin got better. I’ve read some reviews from girls whose acne prone skin and it helped their faces to find their balance. 
    For me it had reduced my dry skin problem and refined my skin textures with almost no break out. See, my face also had found it balance. As beauty blogger you may already heard about the pitera thing, trust me it works!
    Don’t think too much and don’t wear too much make up for a while. I hope you’ll get better soon. SK-II’ Facial treatment essence is my only recommendation for you. I don’t trust many doctor though.

  • NaizatulZamrinaKarizaman

    hi, so sorry to hear what had happened to you. FYI I’ve been fighting pimples/acne/breakouts whatever people called it until now. i was diagnosed with sinus and therefore it caused pimples/acne/breakouts to appear on my face. I was called Acne Doraemon due to my round shape face and etc. After a visit to University of Malaya Medical Center in Petaling Jaya and I was prescribed with Roaccutane and had been on this medication for about 2 years and now i have a cleaner and better skin. i am still having pimples/acne/breakouts but not as bad as before where the pimples/acne/breakouts will just popped out anywhere and everywhere even in my earlobes. i have stopped taking the prescribed medicine and just focus to a simple facial regime. you can try asking any dermatologist about Roaccutane. Good Luck and be strong!

    • anontoyou

      NaizatulZamrinaKarizaman hi Naizatul! how much was the cost of the prescribed Roaccutane UM Medical Center charged you? two years. thats quite a long period. btw, do you just walk in or you have to make an appointment first? thnaks!

  • oozaimee

    Hi, I would like to suggest to use the ACNE AID BAR SOAP. In Malaysia, the price is RM14.90 per bar and it last for 1-2 months. I would suggest to use the BAR cleanser rather than the Liquid cleanser as the bar works perfectly but the liquid seems to have no effect.

  • AldebaranWong81

    try those more established skin clinics in paragon!

  • NurhidayahBintiKamarudin

    i just can suggest u to use the traditional method for ur pimple n ur condition right know.. for example, use the cucumber, aloe vera.. somthing u r not allergic.. this is very horrible.. its like u put the rove beetle poison to the whole of ur face.. u can find the rove beetle in google.. im feeling sorry for u.. dont give up! :)

  • SitiNurAisyah

    So far the best dermatologist i heard is dr lim huat bee. His clinic located in penang.very famous.even patients from indonesia come to get 6 months meds.go n hv a try dear..

  • anggypea

    Hi Bun,
    I know it much have hurt so much, not just physically but also emotionally but do know that there are so many of us here rooting for you, sending sincere well wishes for your recovery! <3
    I believe DRx is a good option for dermatologist, many bloggers (Rachell Tan, Eric, Kaykay) have gotten positive results from their treatment.

    Wishing you all the best, ???

  • themistymom

    I empathize with you Bun. I can look for a lawyer to represent you if you don’t have loads lining up yet. My goodness, that clinic must go down!!!
    I hope you feel a bit better. May I suggest spraying your face with Avene Thermal Water? That has helped me in my breakout battle. The only thing that calmed my skin (although it didnt get to that point but please just try it). I hope you get over this soon. I’m with you.

  • Lindenbrook2000

    I am so sorry this happened to you. This does not look like an allergic reaction. This is called folliculitis which is an infection of the hair follicles in your face due to dirty instruments in the salon where you had your facial. You have to name and shame that salon, if not this will definitely happen to someone else. You had no problem putting down the name of the clinic you didn’t like. So do the same for the salon. You owe it to your readers.

    • fafachu0308

      I feel the same that this is not an allergic reaction but an infection. BunBun, do you have any lab test on the pus? That may help you to find out the casue of the outbreak.

  • SyakirinKeika

    Sorry for bad English..
    i before this have similar problem like you before
    more badly, my skin very sensitive with most of product and any facial treatment
    but now i manage to solve it.. here my tips a for you :) Hope it will helped
    1. Please take less Sugar per day 
    2. Drink a lot of water
    3. Avoid carbonate food and drink like bread and coca cola
    4. Don’t use any cleanser for a while, just every time you need to clean your face. use warm water every time especially before sleep at night. 
    5. Change your pillow sheet every day
    these will kill root of the mini acne at your face and it will healed naturally. any kind of physical skin treatment will not helped very much
    after a week of these diet, you can see better progress to your skin, and please not to extract it. it make more worse. believe me. my skin become worse because it extract it and become a lot more day afterward. (much worse than you)

  • ShannonChowz

    Hi, this is the first time am visiting your blog after a friend shared this post. 
    Don’t give up hopes. I believe after overcoming this, you can share your heeling progress. Although I’ve never had any major breakouts but I could relate to how you feel. As my face had been injured with a scar, throughout that period, I felt so emo. 
    I know sometimes, what we say may not be able to motivate you, but then I hope to leave a phrase with you… 

    “Happiness is a choice, despite the circumstances your in.” :)

  • KellySiew

    It’s is my first visit to your blog and I really just want to say you are so brave for sharing this, I can imagine how depressed you must feel. I have sensitive skin too and tend to be careful with introducing new products. I also avoid going for facial after my course of microdermabrasion + gentle peel to get rid of my acne scars. Btw I became acne free after swapping my oral contraceptive pills. SKII is another product that I have stuck with for years as the FTE has improved my co lexicon too.
    However, couple of weeks go I gave the now very popular ePure Jelly Masque (maybe you have heard of it) and few days after I started to get minor bumps all over my face = it was a rash and it was itchy! It actually kind looks like yours except no pus. I was horrified! Now that it has subsided, I don’t know for sure if it’s the mask but I sure as hell won’t try anytime soon. Upon reading your blog, it makes some sense as this masque apparently contains algae and other plant extracts.
    As a doctor myself (although not specialised in dermatology), I can advise you to go back to your original regime that has worked and remove any newly introduced products. Take some antihistamine pills (Zyrtec, telfast etc) if needed for the itch (as you might imagine scratching wont help). Most of all, take is opportunity to do a complete detox to heal from within. Cut out sugar, caffeine, alcohol, meat and drink lemon honey everyday.
    I hope your condition improve soonest!

  • KellySiew

    FTE has improved my complexion* sorry about the typo.

  • CindyTong

    Hope you will get well soon..I believe your face will recover from all this damage…. Like what you said just be glad that this is not permanent and it will be over soon….much love from me…

  • SimonSeow

    Maybe you should try Herbalife shake and build up your new cells from inside out.

  • SweeSan

    Hi, this is my first time visiting your blog. I feel so sorry for what had happened to you. be strong and don’t give up. Best wishes for you beautifulbun

  • SchaIriney

    hi.. I’ve seen something like this.. the only difference is this person has been battling for acne since years (more than 5 years) and no results. So, I don’t have any good advice for you. One thing for sure, yours can be healed in time. it seems temporary, and I really do hope u not giving up yet.
    p/s: u can try some detox products. it helped for me.

  • TimothyTiahEweTiam

    Hi Bun,
    I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now. I don’t have any advice or medical tips since I don’t know much about your condition but I hope sharing a story with you might give you a bit of hope. Years ago my sister had some kind of skin infection that also damaged her skin really badly. There was a huge red patch of acne looking things that took up the entire surface area of her cheek. So much that she was afraid to let people see her in that way too. The first doctor blamed it on “stress” and gave some cream that we later found out was meant to try to cover up the affected area rather than heal it. It didn’t work. So we went to see a second skin specialist and was then told it was an infection of sorts. After some medication that he prescribed, things started to subside. 
    Today my sister once again has beautiful skin. 
    I think you’re brave for sharing this with us. Please stay strong. I shall pray for your speedy recovery.

  • lion_nyan

    Ganbatte!! I pray that you will heal and find your confidence back soon! All the best for you!

  • darkmotives

    Hi Bun,
    Firstly, thank you for having the courage to write this post and sharing your pictures with us all. I felt tears welling up in my eyes too as I read this post. It is the most unfortunate thing that can happen to a lady, what more a beauty blogger. 
    As a person who has sensitive skin myself, I know what it’s like to put your trust in facialists and facial products. I’m sorry I cannot recommend anything as I have no knowledge of these things but just know that we fellow bloggers are here to support you. 
    Please try to avoid using makeup for awhile though. The less that’s on your face right now might be the best way to go. And only use what you know works for you. I know how hard it is to find products that work for your skin type that also suits our sensitive skin. Please try not to use too many things with lots of chemicals in them. Your skin will heal in time! Look forward to that. And makeup will help when that time comes. That’s what makeup is for anyway right?
    So put your chin up and stay strong. I know it’s easy to say but we have to be positive in times of challenge like these. Get well soon! In every way.

  • rosamundwo

    Hi Bun
    Saw STOMP about your case. From what i see, ur face develop pus because ur skin is trying to expel toxin beneath the skin layer. In order to cure without any scarring, you have to avoid all chemicals on your face from now on. Also avoid seafood and sugar, additives food coz this produce more toxin. Start to eat raw vegetables and sleep early, drink more water. And one thing, sugar will lower down your immune system to fight. Eating raw vegetables and fruits will build up immune for ur body to start to combat that bacteria on ur face.  This is all i can say. Hope you be patient and let ur body immune system heal itself.

  • rosamundwo

    Our body is an auto healing. Eat healthy and stop eating unhealthy additives food, eat raw vegetables, and our body will take care the rest for us. Chemicals from soap and skin care, commercial food those selling in supermarket, these and also meat makes our body toxicated. FYI, fever, flu, cough all these is our body trying to expel toxin from our body. 
    Fever – body temperature rise to combat virus
    Flu – liquid from nose to expel virus
    Cough – coughing to expel virus and bacteria from body
    So, u see ur skin is trying to expel by this pus. when ur body immune system is high by eating raw food and healthy lifestyle, it’ll take care and helps ur heal more rapidly. But u need to be patient, coz there is no cure but ur own body immune system.
    Which is also why, i don’t use skincare it’s loaded with toxin ingredients.

  • EvanChang1

    I’ve been a reader of your blog for the past 2 years, and I feel you.
    You really should disclose the name of the salon to us

    Keep you chin up
    You are still beautiful not matter what

  • Calamity

    They should have never expelled the pus. The best thing is to not touch your face or pop any of those. They would have healed quicker and with minimum scarring had it not been for the extraction. However, I have a little hope for you. For years now I have used a face mask of green tea (decaf, very important) and honey. As a topical green tea is an anti-inflammatory and honey is an anti-bacterial. I would steep the green tea leaves for tea, then take the used leave and grind them, bond them with honey, and apply as a mask. For best results I would freeze the mixture before applying. The cold paste of the mask will take down the inflammation quicker. Also you can take used tea bags and just freeze those and wipe a thin layer over your face before bed to also take down some of the inflammation. Don’t let this get you down to bad. It is horrible, but it still an opportunity for you to write about it. You can get endorsements for other products from dealing with this. 
    A good website for acne and understanding the science behind pores, bacteria, and breakout is

  • Sosorry415

    Bun bun,
    I have to admit, I only just stumbled onto your blog because of the social media frenzy surrounding it. I wanted to extend my EMPATHY towards you. 
    Three years ago, I developed small zits on my face. They seems to multiply exponentially every couple days. It turned out that I had developed flat warts all over my face. I am a clean person, love cosmetics, and take pride in my makeup talents and hygiene. How they got there, we will never know. My dermatologist frankly told me it’s a type of herpes virus, but I had only ever had 2 sexual partners my entire life. My entire face looked like this:
    Soon after discovering this, the derm burned all of them off and what began as reddish, raised bumps, soon morphed into giant bloody scabs from the treatment. This was expected but, damn, was it brutal to face in the mirror for three weeks. That time period was absolutely one of the most depressing and humbling experiences of my entire life. The dermatologist told me that the warts could come back and that the scabs could potentially scar…but it is with relief and happiness I am able to disclose to you that they healed completely and the warts have since been dormant ever since my first treatment. 
    I feel your pain. On some level it’s very disconcerting to know that something so superficial can cause such a devastating depression, but physical confidence is a factor of contentment that we are BORN with. Every species is. Don’t feel ashamed. This experience will help to shape you and that is something to be grateful for. Have faith that things will get better; I have faith that they will for you. While this is a skin condition, it is bread for an allergic reaction from products you will never use again. Therefore–I’m certain this will pass soon enough. I’m so sorry you are dealing with this, but remember, smooths seas don’t make skillful sailors.
    All the best, 

  • grow


  • grow

    You have went through something very horrible indeed…but I have seen this before.  People get allergic reactions to specific astringents, exfoliates and you had a terrible reaction to it…I know I will get hate mail over this but…I am going to say it anyways… And I don’t mean anything bad or cruel by saying this… let this be your lesson learned that external beauty is only skin deep.  IF you are a vain person, there could be a lesson learned in this… Beauty is in the soul…not in the face or the body.  If you have paved your road by your external looks because you ARE a pretty girl… and IF you are vain and IF you were once overly confident…. then this is karma.   Your skin though will return to normal…. just give it time….

  • zenohart

    Hey, just came across your blog as it was posted on a forum. Please stay strong, keep us informed about your latest battle with the acne issue okay?

  • AdriMontano

    I am so sorry this happened. Your blog entry touched my heart. Wishing you a fast recovery.

  • samanthaclysdale

    You are not ugly it takes a real beautiful person to warn people, You are beautiful on the inside.

  • bridgetgnixon

    I just read your article on Buzzfeed, and I feel compelled to tell you that I truly appreciate your vulnerability in this post. I truly commend you for posting these photos and sharing your story. I have struggled with acne as well, and it feels awful. As women, especially as a beauty guru yourself, our appearance so greatly dictates our respectability and perceived worth. I would like to tell you, from one young lady to another, you are beautiful, you are important, and you will get through this. I am sending you much love and support, and I hope your skin heals soon!

  • jilly08

    ? you are beautiful

    • alenaencantadia

      jilly08 No more…

  • alovelyallure

    I cringed looking at the close ups. I hope your skin gets better quick. I have breakouts but nothing as bad as this (knock on wood). Can you at least tell us what kind of facial/ what ingredients or special extracts were in it? I am very curious. I never go to salons to get facials done and I am more scared now. 
    I have very sensitive skin too and I know what its like to battle constant minor acne and pimples and scars. Please update us, I wish you the best.

  • plcruz23

    found your article through buzzfeed, and I showed it to my father, who is an allergy doctor. He thinks it looks like a severe allergic reaction. He says it will heal in a few days to a couple of weeks. You should go see an allergy expert, aside from a dermatologist!

  • SaidaAmirova

    My coworker had a similar skin reaction a week ago VERY VERY similar and the doctor gave her an antibiotic and she stopped using facial products. I hope you get better like my coworker did

  • Rita B

    My dear!
    Be strong — allergy can’t lasts  forever.
    Don’t de depressed — it’s slow down recovering.

  • jen_go1

    Definitely allergies. Had these when I took Amoxicillin after a tooth operation (which I learned only later that I was allergic to when the same thing happened to my face). It will get better soon. Good thing you were able to consult a GOOD dermatologist right away.

  • Ashihana

    oh my..i wish you would see you best skin soon. don’t give up yet, there are tons of supports out there for you 😀

  • feliciasong

    hey Bun, i’m sorry about your ordeal but i subscribed to this model on youtube who has really bad acne and she covers up her acne really well to the point where you could barely see it. hope this helps you to take pics for ads :)

  • A Certain Vintage

    you are so brave to post this, you must be feeling so downhearted.  Bloggers really are expected to be flawless skin people but remember what makeup, good photography and photoshop does.  So many of us suffer and so so many will feel compassion for you! I hope you heal soon.  Remember that decent people always look beyond your skin and still see your pretty face!

  • SallyRebecca123

    Please Please read this. I think you have a herpes infection, I don’t mean to scare you, and it is NOT a STD. Its known in england as a coldsore  most people get them on their lips, but i get them all over my chin and chest. They look exactly the same and spread rapidly if the spots are burst. you need an antiviral cream. you say they itch and are painful, this is the exact symptoms of a coldsore. I think you should go back to your doctor and mention them, although I am surprised that he wouldn’t recognise this. I hope this can solve your problem!

  • AineBeauty

    Well done for posting.  I would definitely seek some sort of compensation for loss of earnings.  They should cover the cost of your treatment at least!  I’m not a tad worried about going for a facial again.  Will make sure I do my research before getting one.

  • kirstenmcnee3

    I hope your skin gets better, people really under estimate just how much skin conditions can affect a person and how they can rob you of your confidence.
    For the past two years I’ve had the most awful rash all over my arms which, besides being unbearably itchy, looks disgusting. It was so bad that I was wearing long sleeves in the middle of summer. Now I’m left with horrible scarring (the rash has gotten better) and the dermatologist has no idea what the cause is!
     If i were you, I’d stay out of the sun, stick to really simple skin care products, no make up. and take vitamin e and b12 to help with the healing

  • Bows_Ribbons

    Hi Bun, I am sure with your strong determination and will, you will be able to get through this ordeal. You just have to stay strong okay? What you did here- by sharing your experience with everyone here is a really brave thing to do! I applaud you for your courage. I am sure you will emerge a winner through this. You will recover definitely. It might take some time, but not to worry we will stand by you. You can do it, just follow the doctor’s advice okay. Get well soon and bless you.

  • ElleVirto

    check out ReCell – but I’m not sure if it’s legal and available in Singapore. Europe and Australia however approved it for skin / scar treatment.
    Get well soon!

  • mysarah159

    I am so sorry to hear what have happened to you, Cheer up Bun ! Your skin will definitely be better in no time.. 😀

  • lillice87

    A few years ago I had an allergic reaction to a massage with plant oil. My forehead and chin were covered in cystic acne. Of course I couldn’t leave them alone and had to pick them all the time because it hurt so badly. After a few weeks I got no more new spots and after a few months my skin was clear again. Initially I had some discoloration but I have no remaining scarring. Go back to what you used before on your skin, because you know it works for you and don’t experiment. It will get better, but it takes time.

  • livinlife024

    Bun Bun,
    I also found your post through Buzzfeed.  I’m so sorry this happened to you :(  Last month, I was diagnosed with perioral dermititis (not nearly as bad, but an embarrassing skin condition w/no cause or cure that will flare up from time to time with no explanation for the foreseeable future.)  I’m asian and grew up with “perfect” skin and rarely experienced blemishes.  I looked like, and felt like, a monster for 3 weeks.  I truly feel your pain.  It may feel like it’s never going to go away right now, but it WILL.  In the meantime, you should be considering your legal options against this “spa” as it seems like they not only caused this problem but exacerbated it once you made them aware of it.  As another commenter mentioned, you should shame them publicly if need be.  Don’t let them do this to anyone else!  It will help to feel as though you’re taking control of the situation while your skin heals.  Take care, and know that you do have the circle of support you’ve hoped for.  Your skin WILL heal!

  • pilateschik

    I am so sorry!! Yes, I have experienced something similar. Not on my face, but my elbows, wrists, ankles, and feet. While people may say, that can be covered, I am a Pilates Instructor and, therefore, could not cover everything. I had Dermatitis Herpeteformis. It is a bad form of excema related to Celiac disease. Took about 2 years for the diagnosis. It was itchy, and deep red. If I scratched, it burned and spread. I wish you luck, and I hope it clears up soon!

  • SmilingSeattleite

    What a terrible experience.  I feel your pain, especially because I’ve battled with acne-prone skin my entire life.  It was at its worst when I was in junior high, but I’ve never completely recovered.  I do have a somewhat similar experience – I was in high school and feeling really down confidence wise… I just didn’t feel pretty with all of the acne on my face.  So, I went to the store and grabbed a new face scrub that was sure to clear things up.  I went home and tried it, and when I washed it off I was left with a filmy feeling to my skin.  So I used another face wash I had to really get my skin clean.  Unfortunately, I’m no chemist.  Something about the 2 face washes reacted, and I ended up with severe chemical burns all over my entire face. I couldn’t wear makeup, I felt mortified going out of the house – even to see the doctor – and had to use a ointment all over my face for days.  I was embarrassed and felt ugly.  I cried about it every day.  All I was trying to do was clear my skin up, and I ended up with burns that would leave my skin changed forever.  It was a rough few weeks.   But once it cleared up… I never felt so confident.  My skin smoothed out, and sure, it was not by any means flawless, but I knew it was not as bad as it COULD be.  You are a gorgeous lady, and you’ll get through this!! The person that did this to you, though, should definitely be held accountable for financial loss, emotional trauma, etc.  Give it time and be patient.  You are still beautiful now, but you’ll be feeling beautiful soon!! Hang in there.

  • lylacavila

    I, too, found your article via Buzzfeed, and I could immediately relate. I’ve always suffered from light to mild acne problems and it is only now, at 23, that it’s started to recede a bit. I know how terrible it feels not to feel comfortable in your own skin and losing opportunities just because one feels just too hideous to go outside. I hope you get better and will look forward to your updates on your skin’s progress. In the meantime, pamper yourself and remember you’re not alone in this struggle. Also, cherish the fact that this is only an allergic reaction and that you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to deal w/ acne on a daily basis thanks to genetics.

  • IrinaTrofimova

    I`ve had such thing once. So sorry for you. Whatever I did made it WORSE. So the last doctor said – no stress, no make up (it was so difficult, but obviously no make up could help to conceal by this point), nice long walks. It took 2 weeks, but there`s no sign of it on my skin left.

  • marialoretoroasilva

    hi there!
    Im truly sorry about what happened to you, you should try Aloe vera,the gel that comes from it or snail drool, it sounds gross but it is very good for healing and minimize scars and such.-
    Good Luck there, regards form Chile

  • blondieesquire

    My heart is just breaking for you, what a nightmare!!! :(  Have you ever tried coconut oil on your skin?  It’s a natural antibiotic and is really good for preventing scars, so it might help.  Hope that your skin heals soon!  xoxoxoxo.

  • astridanaturals

    So sorry this happened to you! It will get better. Hang in there. Thanks for being so courageous with your post.

  • EldenRay

    :( Your skin looks like mine did when my dermatologist prescribed me antibiotics. My spots were an allergic reaction to the antibiotics, and they went pretty fast as soon as I stopped taking the pills. But then I take pretty strong antihistamines on a daily basis for other allergies. 
    I found Shu Uemura cleansing oil is nice and gentle on my skin, so maybe see if you can get testers?
    Good luck, and I hope you heal soon. 
    PS, even with the spots you’re still beautiful :)

  • http://kelseyjeannnn kelseyjean

    I am just now recovering from an allergic reaction from apple cider vinegar so I completely understand how low and depressed skin problems make you feel. You just can’t know until you’ve been there.  Once your skin calms down & realizes no more trauma is coming its way it will calm down & heal.  The body is amazing at healing itself we just have to let it.  Praying for you! This will pass :)

  • crischan

    I am so sorry and so sad to hear that. Two month ago, I got a skin reaction from a spa. My skin started becoming red, felt burning & uncomfortable overnight. I called up the spa manager and she did not hold accountable. I went back and had to pay for a calming treatment that did not help. I have not seek Dr’s help in fear their products would cause a reaction. I keep my face care regimen simple. Until today, my skin is not as good as it used to be before the spa experience. It is too sensitive. I have milias that popped on forehead and cheeks, visible red broken capillaries, and redness that flush up with contact of certain products, sun and body warmth.

  • RebeccaVillemaire

    My skin is really sensitive too. I used this one product before I knew I was allergic to specific ingredients in beauty products and a few days later my skin actually started peeling, as if I had a sun burn. It stayed like that for a few weeks and left my skin raw for a few months. Completely red everywhere. The only thing I could do was my normal skin routine and hope for the better. But now it’s back to normal except for a few red flare ups once in a while. I feel for you :(

  • LarissaBavcevich

    Hi BunBun, I need to know, how is your skin? Did you have it tested for a Staph infection?

  • Willpower_8

    I’m really sorry to hear about our condition, I really am. It just kind of makes me sad to know that this is happening to you. I don’t want to use all that emotional, cheesy crap, but from this post, your personality sounds beautiful. I might not have any beauty information to give you (sorry…), but I”ll remember you as beautiful. Good luck, and you WILL get better. :)

  • sfcasun

    I am sorry this happened to you. I want to commend you for your bravery in putting forth this post and all the pictures — that took a LOT OF GUTS!!!  It’s obviously a severe allergic reaction, especially the itching and burning part.  
    I had a similar reaction to a skincare line that’s available here in the US that begins with an “M” and  ends with a “D”.  The first time it happened, my face and neck were red, swollen, and itchy — it looked like I had a really bad sunburn — I thought maybe it was the retinol in the product.  The second time I tried an item from the same company — an eye cream sample — I made sure that there was no retinol in the eye cream.  I woke up the next morning with two red, swollen eggs for eyes.  Both times, I had to pop Benadryl like candy and ice my face to soothe the burning and itching.  My skin healed like it had been burnt, too, the skin flaked and peeled. :-(  
    It sucks, and it’s awful to go through, but remember that this too shall pass.  I certainly hope that you reach an agreeable solution with the salon — they should have readily admitted their fault in this, if they haven’t already.  Sending wishes for a speedy recovery to you!

  • SarinahFarooq

    I wonder if Isotretinoin would help? I had really bad acne, so my doctor gave me a perscription for Isotretinoin pills. They took a few months to work, and at first your skin goes really dry, but it really worked wonders. I only have pigmentation and scars left – and that gets better with time and lots of bio-oil! I wonder if that would be worth looking into? 
    So incredibly sorry to hear this happened. I had a facial in attempts to reduce my acne, and it just made it worse! I’ve learnt that facials and my skin (which is also sensitive) do not mesh well. I really hope it gets better for you!

  • hanarara

    hi ! i once had a allergic action to tea tree oil, a few large patches on my face literally swelled up and filled with water-like burns and wept for a few weeks. the bets things i found to do is take the cream my doctor have me, apply it thickly and then use a melolin bandage and micropore tape on the worst areas. this worked so well! it basically meant that the cream wouldn’t dry off my skin and was staying wet still and doing it’s job. also as your doctor says thus us an allergic reaction are you taking antihistamine- it helped me soooo much! inside out is always a good bet . maybe a vitamin e supplement also?i’m really sorry for you sweetheart, i have no doubt this will get better ! i’ve literally been covered in eczema face to foot before now- it’s not nice i know- but you have to persistant in your methods of getting rid of it and it will go ! xoxoxo

  • ariisa

    get well soon :(

  • misfitol

    :( Hey just wanted to drop by and let you know that the skin is an amazing organ!  It detoxes itself and regenerates fast!Don’t lose hope! Judging from your pictures, the skin pores  are infected/inflamed.Just stay indoors as much as possible, and keep surroundings clean. It should pass soon. XOXO

  • peihuaa

    Get well soon. My heart aches for you :”( 
    I just went to the same clinic 2 days back and I’m not sure if it’s the same doctor but my doctor was super nonchalant as well and he couldn’t wait for me to get out of his office after a nonplussed “yeah ok im done” attitude. GOLLY! …. 
    GAH! I hope the pustules clear up soon. xxx

  • iyan1990

    Gosh… Please stay strong & have a positive outlook. All the stress and negativity wouldn’t help the skin get better! I really hope you have a speedy recovery!
    – Someone who also has sensitive skin.

  • upbuttercupup

    my heart broke when i saw what happened to you after something so routine as a facial — your close friends are right, you should definitely sue those creeps!
    you are so brave for posting this and sharing your story, i hope that it gets better soon.
    keep smiling, even if no one can see it…it will help you feel better, even just a little bit.

  • XiaoXian

    Hi. I have never read your blog till this incident and I feel really bad for you. When I was in Secondary 4, I had one or two spots on my chest just below my neck and my mother insisted I go to a doctor to get them cleared. The doctor gave me some cream and medicine – turned out I was allergic to them and I broke out in a HORRIFIC rash all around the chest area just below the neck. I went back to the doctor who prescribed me another medicine to cure the allergy.. AND I WAS ALLERGIC TO IT TOO and a second rash breakout occurred ON TOP of whatever I had. All this happened about a few days before my Sec 4 prom graduation night as well and I had to go out and buy an ugly dress that covered my rash the night before. It was depressing so I know exactly what you are going through. It’s been more than 10 years now and that chest area has just gotten especially sensitive and still tends to break out a little once in a while but thankfully, not as bad as the horrid rash I had which made me look diseased. I wish you well and that you recover soon. Take care!!

  • sherrythia

    Hi dear, have you tried going to the National Skin Centre? I believe that the dermatologists there will be even more experienced than any GP because they’ve treated so many more patients with severe skin conditions. I will be keeping you in my prayers, everything will be alright.

  • treboranizev63

    I am a model…male nude model in ottawa, though i don’t necessarily have to worry about just my face, my whole body.I keeo it clean “all over”, my genitals, and all underneath, and my bum area also. honestly i would not know where to turn if something as serious as that singapor model’s face ended up all over my body – 1st – i could nort model in that condition.
    2nd   i would be forced to quit….
    robert v

    • TobiDamaris

      treboranizev63 safe your BS for yourself you are not helping at all.

  • thecraw

    Bun Bun! go to a naturopathic doctor immediately! Meanwhile, keep icing the area! You are still beautiful!!! I know the pressures of salon ppl telling me to get a facial, because “I need one”. Be strong! you can get through this!

  • patriciahar

    Hi Bun Bun, sad to see you have to endure this terrible condition/experience. Please keep your skin well hydrated all the time, keep away from make-up as much as possible. Use lots of water based gels – keep yr skin cool and do apply the medication given by yr skin specialist till all the itchiness and redness calm down. Do take in lots of liquids, have more juices and vitamin C , cut out those seafood and oily stuff for now. Take care and all our prayers are with you for you to heal fast. Relax and be calm always…

  • CocoB

    I know you are traumatized by this experience, but it is NOT the end of the world. Your skin will heal, but you will need to exercise patience. I think you should give your facial skin about 2 to 3 months to get back to its original condition, naturally. I had a not-so-attractive skin experience a few months ago and it actually took about 3 months to get back to normal. You will not be like this forever and I am quite positive that you will not have permanent scars. As for the facials, they are not necessary and there are other ways to “treat” your skin. You are still beautiful. :)

  • AuburnKay

    Looks like a form of MRSA. You need to put prescription Bactrim or the generic Mupriocin on itright away. That strong of an ointment typically isn’t prescribed for acne because you can rapidly build up a resistance to it but considering that you have a base of normal non-acne prone skin, this would not be an issue for you. I hope you can get some. I wish I could send you mine. It would clear it in a matter of 72 hours.

    • similarstory

      AuburnKay  Actually, it does look almost exactly like MRSA. Some forms of MRSA can be treated with Bactrim but it is best to have a doctor run some tests to see what antibiotic would be effective. Go do a doctor who will do this asap and do not try and pop any more of the spots that appear.

  • PorcelainFS

    Hi Juli, 
    I’m Anna, Clients Relation Specialist from Porcelain The Face Spa. 
    I’ve sent an email to [email protected] I hope I can convince you give us a try as we’re very confident that we can help you. 
    I hope to hear from you soon :) 
    Warmest Regards,
    Anna Teng

  • n_aninie

    Hi Bun Bun… First of all, I would like you to know that I am so sad right now. Reading and looking at your pictures made me feel so terribly sad for you. As a reader, I have this aching pain inside me trying to not to cry. I don’t know how and couldn’t imagine how you really feel, but I know you are a very strong person judging from your writing. Be strong.  I sincerely hope your skin will get better. Especially when the wedding shoot in February next year. I am a Muslim, but I will put your name into my five times a day prayer. I really hope you can get through this. Please make sure the responsible salon take the responsibility to cover all your expenses for recovery.  I am not an expert in skin problems at all, but I just wish that you will have your beautiful skin again.


  • DerrickPwnography

    ewwwwww wth !!! ><

  • diauntea

    I feel sorry for your skin. I hope it will get any better PRETTY SOON. My suggestion is — keep a healthy lifestyle!
    Sleep earlier, wake up earlier in the morning, work out, drink water 8 glass per day minimum, EAT A LOTTTTT OF FRUITS AND VEGGIESS! I really hope these natural things will help your skin getting better, Bun Bun (and please don’t call yourself ugly :( It will only make you more stressful and depressed, at some point will affect your skin condition also. 
    And remember, when starting your day, start with 2 glass of water before having your breakfast, then continue with with fruits. fruits are best to be eaten when you haven’t eaten anything yet. I hate the doctor you’re seeing :( I really hope you’re getting better.

    I hope this would help quite a lot! :) Us in Indonesia use a lemon to reduce pimples. Maybe you can try (this might be REALLY PAINFUL, but it will have a good impact. But if you don’t like this one, then maybe it’s best to keep a healthy lifestyle.  

  • saidMeli

    I stumbled upon your blog on twitter, and this article, to be exact. 
    To be honest, I want to cry for you. I know what it’s like to have these terrible break outs- and it be natural. I suffered terrible, and I’m be serious when I say TERRIBLE acne breakouts as a teenager in high school. 
    But as a beauty blogger, you and all of the other bloggers should know that quite frankly, shit happens. Anyone can talk about the dangers of using used/old makeup or new products and how you should test it out beforehand, but that won’t help people be more cautious. It takes someone who’s been there, who’s done with that, who’s dealt with that to move someone. Basically to say “Look, shit can really happen- and you won’t like it.”
    I’m so sorry you have to deal with this, but try to stay optimistic! It’ll go away sooner or later. 
    Just remember, before and after all of this, you’re beautiful. Not were, note use to be. You ARE beautiful. 
    I want to wish you the best of luck with everything.

  • AshleyYap

    I cried reading this post.
    I can honestly say that I know how you feel, only because I have gone through the same thing (similar situation). My skin was alright (like yours, not perfect, but decent) during high school and I only needed basic and cheap skincare. When I started college, friends around me were telling me the importance of taking good care of your skin since young blah blah blah. So I started going for facials etc, and before I know it my skin got sooooo sensitive and bad (think redness + itchiness + SMALL BUT EVERYWHERE breakout) that people gave me the stare as if I was an alien or something. Yes it was that bad.
    I spent so much just to cure my skin. I tried everything, heck, I even drank frog soup! (not the one we eat w porridge, a real frog!) and nothing work. I avoided mirrors, outings, any gatherings… Like you, I was at my lowest point. 
    Thank god the right doctor came along and after three months of clean eating, meds swallowing and going back to basic skin care regime, my skin is better now. And I try not to be wishful and hope for my skin to go back to high school condition, but be thankful for the current situation.
    It would be almost impossible to stay “strong & positive” for now. You don’t have to. But what I would suggest you to do is to avoid staring at the mirror but start looking at the rest of your body and realize how beautiful these ignored parts (neckline, lower back, back of your arms) are. 
    And I pray that in time, you will heal :* Take care.

  • Lipo4ka

    Dear Bun!
    I was really shocked wha=en I read your post.
    Hope these doctors will DIE IN HELL!!!!!!!
    Hugs and support from Russia, Anna.

  • AlinaBraverman

    Thanks for sharing, that takes courage. I’ve also had horrific experiences with facials guaranteed to be good for sensitive skin. I have stopped having any facials and only see my dermatologist. Recently I’ve even started making my own cleanser out of natural products. I know that honey works to soothe and heal the skin, maybe try that, at least you’ll smell good. Also drink tons of water it may help flush out the bacteria. Some people swear by urine to help clear the skin but I haven’t needed to do that, yet. I have also done tons on research on lasers etc and my best advice is stay away from all that. For now all you can do is breathe. GL hope it clears soon!

  • debx3

    I’ve been battling with acne for close to 5 years now and I just couldn’t bring myself to see a dermatologist. Internal struggle with finances… but Please be strong.

  • ChenHuitian

    Try niks maple clinic at orchard central. My ance problem got save. Find doc ong. JIAYOU! I have won my battle against severe ance problem so will you! :)

  • TobiDamaris

    Hi there. So sorry to hear about your condition. I really do =(
    Me myself is not an expert in Dermotologist, but from my experience is: pus extraction will cause lifetime, I repeat LIFETIME, scars.
    Thus, in my opinion, the first thing that you have to do is to stay away from that. And to people who told you that you need to have another and another and another yet another pus extraction: shame on you!
    Those people are just don’t understand and they really will not tell you that pus extraction can cause LIFETIME scars. All that matters to them is your hard-earned money.
    Now, I’m going to tell you how I treated my acne long ago (almost a decade ago). 
    First you need a liquid face wash for sensitive skin (so far only 2 brands I can recommend: Sebamed and Cetaphil, in which both are available from Watsons and from Guardian)
    Next, you need acne medicine. And THE ONLY acne medicine that I can recommend is Isotretinoin / Retin-A 0.1% (do not waste your money and time on the 0.05%). This medicine is kinda hard to buy. As far as I know, if you want to buy this medicine in Singapore, you will need a recommendation letter from a doctor. But the good news is you can buy this medicine freely in Batam at Kimia Farma pharmacy.
    Ok, we have the liquid facial wash, we have the acne medicine. The next step is how to apply these 2 stuff on to your face. I strongly recommend that you only wash your face ONCE in the morning. In the evening just wash your face with warm water. After you wash your face with warm water, gently tap it with dry towel and leave your face dry for 5-10 minutes before you apply the medicine acne. 1 finger tip of Isotretinoin / Retin-A 0.1% is enough to cover all your face. Caution not to cover area under your eyes and your lips.
    Leave it overnight and while you asleep, you may also want to remind yourself not to cover your face with pillow or bed cover or anything since it may wipe the medicine off from your face.
    In the morning wash your face with the liquid face wash (either Sebamed / Cetaphil) and DO NOT put any make-up through the day. Then repeat these steps for 1-2 months before you can see the result.
    I hope my suggestion will work as it worked last time when I had my worst acne breakout a decade ago.
    Good luck and keep up the spirit!
    God Bless, 
    – Tobi Damaris

  • ewhitelipstick

    Hi Babe, please stay strong, this is just temporary. totally can sense your fear. I salute your courage to put this up, truely a  beauty blogger who shares her ups and downs in the path of seeking beauty. 
    Thank you for sharing, though sharing the name of the salon would be even better to warn girls out there. Because, I feel they should have scanned and check if your skin is suitable. And extracting?!!! come on, that is gonna aggravate. And after the first time, they still recommend to do it. I feel they are not professional. Facial salon is not clinic, they dont know how to heal problem skin. 
    In any case, its your blog, you have to right to share what you want. I wish you well.. and sincerely hope u get better babe. You are very pretty. and Mr Mode, is worth to mentioned too! he stood by you, through this you know he is for the long term! Congrats on your up coming wedding. I strongly believe you would be healed by then!!! :) Stay happy, all the ladies here root for you!

  • kawaiinailart

    Your not ugly bun – your bad skin at the moment but will be back to her normal pretty self really soon bun
    I hope it is improving every day x

  • AlexandraZakharova

    The product used during a facial aggravated already existing mild
    allergy. To say ” I have allergy to something” doesn’t say anything. You
    have to do WIDE allergy test to all herbs, food ingredients. And do it
    BEFORE trying new product to cure this condition. At the end it may be
    necessary to alter the diet to eliminate ALL irritants. As an
    aesthetician, I’ve had cases the only way out off bad skin condition was
    finding out exact source and quitting it. Good luck. In 2-3 months
    your skin should be clear with no scarring at all! Can’t wait to see
    your pictures after!

  • ChooiKimTeh

    Don’t worry. Don’t scratch or use any more chemical on the face. Trust me! I was there before. Tips – wash face with crush fresh tomatoes, wash with luke warm water – very light soap if need. Take more vitamin-c and zinc, magnesium. Higher dose of Vit-C or barley grass/chlorophil drink on empty stomach. Stay away from seashell food or chilli food if can. You should be on the way to recovery.

  • chinatown

    Hi ,
    I have just read your blog and I feel extremely hurt for you . I have always suffered from mild acne nothing major just the usual teenage greasy skin and a few spots.Within 3 months my skin flared badly so bad to the point i was in constant agony and pain with cystic lumps all over my face i was unable to work socialise and turned deeply depressed my skin was never perfect but by no means was it thisd bad . I remember counting 16 cysts on my face one day and sobbing i thought it would never end
    I was given tablets called Roaccutane everyone may turn there nose up at the word and thin the worst but it was the biggest god send of my life i am now living a normal life after 7 months with my cysts cleared up please dont rule it out it saved my life and i hope you get some help.
    Please be strong i promise you there is help out there dont waste your time on these beauty shops you need a recognised Dr or dertamoligt who is accredited and can help you ….. you are at high risk of scars by messing with chemcials and people which arent right for your face
    please seek private help !

  • amalchan

    Bun <3
    This is the first time i read  your blog. And trust me, you’re pretty, beautiful and gorgeous!!! You’re not ugly at all :) Everything’s gonna be okay. Stay cool babe xoxoxo we’re supporting you!
    Hugs from Malaysia 😀

  • Anon1964

    Seriously?? You can’t leave your house??  Try living life as a severe burn victim or perhaps surviving a gun shot to the face and having no nose or jaw to speak of and end up getting a face transplant or maybe having acid thrown in your face and get burned from that – that’s when you shouldn’t leave the house.  Get a freakin’ life and work on your inside instead of being consumed by the outside.  My guess is that you spend too much time worrying about the outside that karma gave you a little slap in the face to remind you there is more to life than blogging about beauty and cosmetics etc.  What you have to live with is nothing compared to victims of real injuries.  Get an allergy test done to figure out what you are allergic to and get over your ‘horrific’ face that really doesn’t scare anyone….

    • CarolinaBec

      Anon1964 Anon, this person is actually suffering. It’s easy to point out people who have more serious and definetely permanent problems, but this in no way takes away from her suffering. And making a person who is already feeling bad feel even worse, what does that make of you? Perhaps you should get “slapped by karma” too.

    • yw8808

      Anon1964 that’s a bit harsh. If you are a severe burn victim / comparables you’ve mentioned, i think you should understand to go through such an experience, show more compassion and help this young lady going through this difficult time. If you are not, then you are really in no place to say anything – because unless you’ve been there, you don’t know how it feels like.

    • Laurie4

      Anon1964 You are heartless.

    • TinaRaeThompson

      Anon1964 I think you need to realize that this is more than just her worried about her looks. Her BUSINESS is built on her looks. Give her a break and try to offer some encouraging advice. She asked for support, not to be beaten down. FYI, most everyone with a skin condition kind of freaks out during the beginning. It is not something that is easily hidden and covered up. In fact,  a lot of times, covering up makes it WORSE. So she is not a burn victim, or a facial disability. She still feels like they do. You deal with some of these conditions, and see if you don’t feel every eye on you and hear every whisper about how you are contagious and disgusting. I have heard things come out of the mouths of people that should never be said. I have had some salons react with utter disgust, even though they are SUPPOSED to be taught about these conditions. We have to deal with enough crap from the rest of the world. Don’t you DARE lay a guilt trip on her for being strong enough to put her story out there. I don’t see you doing the same thing.

  • MarKam1

    I’ve never read your blog before, but I just read your story on the Internet. I just wanted to say I’m sorry this is happening to you. I have acne and rosacea (I’m 26!) that I live with on a daily basis, but I understand you suffering from this ordeal. Someone mentioned in one of the comments that it looks like shingles. It’s a herpes virus, maybe someone or something from the spa infected you? I’d talk to the dermatologist about it. I really hope things will get better soon. Take care!

  • uqilin

    Hi. I could not imagine if this happens to me. I think u should see a doctor instead. You can try John Chiam Medical Clinic, 21 Ghim Moh Rd, #01-145, S(270021), Tel: 67633811. My friend had eczema and her condition improved after seeing him. In fact, her eczema hardly come back. Someone recommended her to a TCM. Saying it will solve the root problem for eczema. They told her the med will purge out the toxins. Like you, she had outbreak on her face after taking the med & she could not go work. She had to see Dr John and she recovered.

  • JessicaAnbara

    S U E  T H E M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paschatmua

    Can you PLEASE tell us the brand of skincare used on your skin that caused this reaction?

  • Rachyeap

    Hi there, this is the first time i’ve read your blog. But your story made it into the Canada’s Yahoo page. I just want to say I’m really sorry to see this happening to you. I had severe eczema on my face and neck, and I had to a complete dietary switch and see multiple health professionals, so I completely sympathize with you. You’re a gorgeous girl (and extremely strong and courageous to post this online! even though it might take a while but I believe you will make a full recovery. :) Wish you all the best! :)_

  • trueallie

    That appears to be a dermal infection. The infection was spread by the extractions…If you not already seeing a dermatologist, please do so; you need an internal antibiotic. Witch hazel will ease those pimples, as will a peroxide based cream.  It breaks my heart to see you in such discomfort. Your skin is young and scarring should be minimal.  Please consider legal action to cover your medical bills.  An application of cornstarch at night will help with drying. Bless you darling and let us know how this proceeds.

  • TinaRaeThompson

    I actually found your blog through
    I do have a tale to tell concerning skin conditions. For most of my life, I have dealt with what I thought was severe dandruff. Medicated shampoos helped, as did NOT using hairspray, mousse, gel, ect. After I got married, I noticed that when I got really hot and sweaty, the redness on my scalp would migrate down my neck. And if I went to bed with damp hair, the back of my head and neck would start seeping this sticky substance that would then crust and after 2 to 3 days, flake off in these HUGE yellowish flakes. I adapted to it, started using T-gel shampoo after researching that it was most likely psoriasis, not dandruff. My life was doing good. I was able to avoid having an outbreak. 

    Then, I got a cold. A normal cold.  Except it wasn’t.
    My cold had actually went far beyond a normal cold and had turned into strep throat and I didn’t realize it. As the cold symptoms finally started going away, I noticed spots appearing on my legs at first, and then gradually, EVERYWHERE. Think about taking a pencil and dipping it into a shimmery red paint and then making dots all over your body. That’s what I looked like. I thought maybe I was allergic to something I had eaten. After all, we did just try a new recipe. I thought maybe it was our detergent, but no one else had a reaction *my husband is very sensitive to detergents so he would have reacted first*. So many different maybes went through my head and yet every one of them had a reason to not be the cause. 
    So I finally went to the doctor, two weeks after the first spots appeared. *I was lucky it was winter, so I was inside and covered up mostly.* He took one look at my arms and back and legs and told me that this was a full blown case of psoriasis and that his diagnosis was to lay outside in the sunshine, naked. NO LIE. I told him he was crazy. He then explained that the best treatment for this condition is a UV light table that can cost several thousands of dollars and most insurance won’t pay for it. 
    He also told me that making sure to get as much sun exposure as possible * no more sunscreen* and boosting my vitamin A and D intake with supplements and good eating choices* already being done* would help get it back under control. He did tell me there really is no cure, and that I would be dealing with for the rest of my life. 
    So, here’s what I do when I have a flare-up * which I am currently dealing with one that is SLOWLY going away. It was worse than my first one, which my dr said would happen. They are usually brought on by a low immune response due to a bad cold that turns to strep throat or a bad flu, which is what happened 2 weeks before this outbreak*
    1. Make sure I regularly take a multivitamin, a vitamin A and D supplement, and if it’s cold and flu season, vitamin C in MASSIVE doses. I also become almost obsessive with washing my hands and spraying things down with Lysol.
    2. Keep T-gel shampoo on hand to help control minor outbreaks in between the big ones. It also works as a good body wash for when the big outbreaks do happen.
    3. Keep Yardley’s Oatmeal and Almond Soap on hand, as it helps with the itching and it moisturizes and smells yummy too. I also keep stocked oatmeal lotions since the oatmeal works WONDERS for the itching. I have also noticed that if I keep the itching to a minimum, then I don’t have to deal with the painful burning from the frazzled nerves under the sores.
    4. I wear shorts and T-shirts around the house as soon as possible. I go outside as soon as possible. I do everything I can to soak up sunlight. *Hence, no sunscreen. And yes, I know it is bad to go with no sunscreen. I use sunscreen on my kids when they are going to be outside. I just don’t use it. Sunlight keeps me from turning into a walking red sore.*
    So, I can relate to your problem. Especially the merging sores thing… NOT FUN. I think the only I don’t have to deal with is the pus. My sores crust over with a shimmery silverish white look to them. Oh yeah, and my face… while it doesn’t necessarily get the SPOTS, it gets huge flaky, itchy, red , dry patches on it.  And I get mysterious bumps on my face. They aren’t acne, just another wonderful side effect of the psoriasis. 
    I definitely feel your pain. I was TERRIFIED to go anywhere after the first outbreak. Now, eh, I do what I have to do. No, I am not a beauty blogger who relies on her appearance. I am a mother to five wonderful children, the youngest two who tell me my “spots” are pretty. We do learn to deal with our conditions. I do understand what you are going through. I won’t tell you that it will get better, because right now it sucks :(  I am not doing you any favors by lying to you.
     Mr Mode, gets awesome guy points. For being there for you and not just brushing it off. You get awesome points too, for getting that second opinion and not letting that first dr screw your face up even worse. I don’t know about the lawsuit thing. It sounds like it was an allergic reaction * which can’t really be predicted or prevented especially if you don’t know about the allergy* more than a salon hygiene thing. I agree that the extractions probably aggravated it. I know my breakouts get worse when I mess with them *oh the itching!!*
    You aren’t alone. You are extremely brave and strong. One thing, don’t let it take your life away from you. Sometimes, we just have to take a breath, and make a leap. Go to your friend’s wedding. She will understand. Not sure about the business aspect of things. Be honest though. “This is what I am dealing with. This is what you get. I can’t change it right now, even though I would REALLY like to.” I will be praying for you. Keep us updated on your recovery. We want to see that smile back… that is what I notice first. Your smile is gone, understandably. I want to see that smile light up your face again. Because even with the hyper-pigmentation, or the possibility of scars, your smile is what makes your face beautiful, not the condition of your skin.

    • Otterpop

      TinaRaeThompson Your story sounds like what we went through.  My daughter had a sore throat which seemed to get better and disappear with rest, fluids and OTC medication.  A week later she broke out in hundreds of red prickly spots.  Dr. said she probably initially had strep left the throat and entered her bloodstream. This meant it had turned into Scarlet Fever.   I was floored as I thought that was an antique, eradicated disease.  The danger in having SF is the toxins from the bacteria can attack the heart.  She was put on a serious antibiotic regime and was well within a week.  You may have gotten over it with your own immune response.  I’m wondering if what you had was this, but you were not diagnosed because you are an adult and the occasional case appears mainly in children.

      • TinaRaeThompson

        Otterpop TinaRaeThompson yeah my dr said that can happen, the stress of the cold or strep throat on the body can trigger an psoriasis episode. now my son, if his colds aren’t watched closely, they tend to flip into scarlet fever, thankfully, though, he knows what to watch out for and he hasn’t had an outbreak in several years. but man those first couple of tears, it seemed like every cold turned into scarlet fever.

  • jeana24

    I have already posted a comment on buzzfeed, but i feel like i should post here, for you as well. Something very similar happened to me about 3 months ago after a glycolic acid peel gone wrong. As it turns out, I am also VERY sensitive to almost everything on the skin care market, but i assumed my derm knew best and allowed her to apply a glycolic peel. My skin broke out horrifically about 3 days after the peel. I expected discomfort, but nothing like this. Most of the pustules erupted on my forehead and chin, and i had redness and inflammation all over. I did not require a steroid, instead I literally did not touch my face, save for washing with Cetaphil and applying a vitamin E oil on my eyes. Two months later, my skin finally cleared up and it looks comparable to how it looked before. I was able to get a full refund for this debacle. I hope you are doing better. I fully understand your heartache.

  • CarrieG

    I’m so sorry to read about what happened to you, but I think you are very brave for sharing your story and opening up a dialog about this.
    I’ve had moderate acne since I was a teen and over the years I’ve found that the less I irritated my face the better things got. As long as I am keeping on top of things I rarely have a breakout, but the beauty industry keeps pushing this myth that you must exfoliate the hell out of your skin, and use acid and drying creams in order to clear up your skin. Maybe this is something you can dedicate some of your blogging to as your skin heals?
    Since it looks like you have a pretty serious bacterial infection, you might want to try Manuka honey — it works even on antibiotic-resistant bacteria and would probably be more gentle than other creams. As things heal I would really recommend Lush’s Fresh Farmacy cleanser and Catastrophe Cosmetic mask. They both contain calamine powder which  helps calm the skin. I use the cleanser with a Clarisonic which helps get rid of any lingering discoloration when I do have a little breakout.
    Your skin WILL get better.

  • Div2994

    I’ve just had a thought: yes, you need to be reimbursed for loss of earnings, etc. But as a beauty blogger you have a duty to protect beauty consumers – you wouldn’t want anyone else to suffer this so the salon must suffer some kind of legal repercussion to avoid any future customers catching what you did. So taking legal action would be good for you and other customers.
    Once again, I really hope your skin improves :) xxx

  • Chiori

    I’m sorry this happened to you and that you are feeling like this. Of course anyone would feel horrible if one day you have perfectly nice skin and then your face turns like that. But, I think you are overreacting a little. You didn’t develop some horrible skin disease or even acne. Your allergic reaction will most likely be completely gone in less than a month, and you won’t be left with any scarring. Do you even read yourself?…you said so many times that your doctor said it won’t scar, then you say that you will have to “live with scarring”. He said it won’t scar, so why would you have to live with scarring?…also your comments about how it even gave you goosebumps when you saw someone with a skin condition and would wonder why they would even leave the house like that, it’s really disgusting. You are super shallow. I hope that now that this has happened to you, you truly learn to be less shallow and more understanding of other people with skin conditions THEY CAN’T HELP. Because just going to the doctor doesn’t guarantee your skin condition will go away. Just like people with acne, they have to battle with it for years, and then stupid ignorant people like you are like “Why don’t you go to a doctor?…”Why don’t you wash your face” “Why this and that?” when they have clearly done all of that and more to have good skin and they are still not able to get it. 
    Look, you only got a bad skin allergy which will go away eventually. You didn’t get skin cancer or something incurable. I think you are overreacting. I don’t know why would people find your story so inspiring and blah blah, like you just recovered from cancer or something. IT’S JUST A SKIN ALLERGY. Also, I don’t know why would you want to sue, because obviously the people that gave you the facial couldn’t possibly know that your skin would react like this. It could happen to anyone. It’s not like they were trying to ruin your skin. It’s the same as you buying a skin cleanser, and then your skin breaks out. Will you sue the company for that?…no. Everyone’s skin is different. What might have worked wonderfully for some, might give you the opposite results.
    Probably once your skin condition is gone, you will forget about it and go back to your vain and shallow self. But honestly, I do hope you learned something from this and that it will make you a better person. Just stop taking things out of proportion and talking like it’s the end of the world or as if you got an uncurable skin disease. It’s not. So calm down.

    • lauriewashburn

      Chiori Having struggled with acne my entire life, I completely understand why she is so traumatized. If I had decent skin and woke up one day with the skin I have now, I’d freak out! Even with my acne, if I woke up one morning and had the same breakout she is experiencing, I’d probably call in sick to work! Everyone sees your face and it is extremely difficult and emotionally painful to go through something like this. I distinctly remember many times I was made fun of, bullied, and harassed over my skin, and it hurt to go through feeling like an ogre. People are finding it inspiring that she is being so transparent because I could NEVER post those pictures of myself online, and I am amazed at her bravery. 
      Although I agree that it is shallow to look at someone’s bad skin and judge them, it happens. Just the same as when people judge those who are overweight but have a medical condition or judge those with ugly clothes who are poor. People judge. What she is saying is that now she is starting to see the other side of it. She is admitting to being superficial and judgmental and saying that she now knows a little more of their side of the story. 
      Also, although in her situation I would probably not consider legal action, she would be within her rights to do so seeing as she is losing money, awards, and business due to this. My face is not how I make my money, but it really is how she does. The issue lies in the fact that the spa refused to acknowledge there was a real problem and did not recommend she seek professional help after she sent them photos to prove this was by no means normal. And it could also be a health issue as many have stated this looks bacterial, meaning this business should be inspected to be certain that they are clean. 
      My father has cancer and my grandfather recently died after fighting brain tumors for years, I have experienced emotional abuse for most of my life, have an older sister who resorted to damaging herself to deal with pain, I struggled with mild depression last year, the list goes on when it comes to difficult things my family and I have endured, and none of this dulls the pain of having terrible skin since puberty. To this day I struggle with letting my husband see me without makeup. So please don’t beat her down anymore, I know personally how crippling bad skin can be and trust me when I say she does not need anyone else to be unkind to her right now.

    • SanderLin

      Chiori I agree that her problem isn’t as serious as cancer or whatever, but like you said, “anyone would feel horrible if one day (they) have perfectly nice skin and then (their) face turns like that”. You seem to empathize with her in your first two sentences, but I don’t understand why you feel the need to belittle her problems and insult her when she already feels the way she does. Contrary to what you said I don’t find her story inspiring, but I do applaud her bravery. For someone so “shallow”, like you said, she has been very open about her experience and all she asks is for support, which is probably something anyone who feels horrible would ask for.
      I don’t usually read blogs and post in the comment section, but your comment was really uncalled for, especially: 
      “Probably once your skin condition is gone, you will forget about it and go back to your vain and shallow self. But honestly, I do hope you learned something from this and that it will make you a better person.” 
      Are YOU a better person for putting her down and belittling her problems?
      It’s easy to create a fake account and post whatever you want–like I’m assuming you did since this is your only comment and your blog no longer exists. Why can’t you say what you have to say without the guise of anonymity? At least have the balls to back up what you wrote.

    • NekoKun

      Please be sympathy on others, think before writing a comment as you seems like putting her down.
      If you are feeling annoying then please don’t comment anything, That’s all =.=

  • BBbbs

    Dear Bun Bun:
    Exact same thing happened to me. I got a severe reaction after paying $75 for a facial, which was supposedly to help clear my not so badly acne-infested face. After the facial my face and neck got covered with large acne with puss. I could not see your posted photos due to outdated program, but I can imagine, because, I have suffered the same self-esteem diminishing fate which I still have until now, for the large acne scars are still apparent. I had a skin dermabrasion done some over 10 years ago and I need another one, maybe laser dermabrasion, which I cannot afford right now.
     The person that did the facial, said it was not the facial that did it.

  • MartinVongsavanh

    Cure through DIET. 
    No more products. I was 26 and still had bad skin, tried everything, seen every doctor possible. I went vegan and cut out fried foods, excessive sweets, and everything not natural, and it took me 2 years!! until I consistently had clear skin. I know this is an allergic reaction but you’ve got to give your body the fuel it needs to rid this.

  • angela2004ve

    Friend, quietly located, it is a difficult time … but still could have been as kind of burn, the skin reacts know to protect yourself …. that is their defense! is the way to protect yourself … as I explain the second dermatologist, you must follow your treatment to the letter and I guess when I send blocker you go out to protect your face from the sun’s rays in the city. Keep treating your dermatologist and see that “do not stay brands” Quiet  friend quiet.  He appreciates a friend from Caracas-Venezuela Kisssssssssss

  • jecopperman

    I was once on a high dose of steroids for a medical condition I’d had and my skin ended up with the same kind of crazy acne on overdrive. People would make comments to me at the grocery store (“you should try such and such a cream”). I agree that aside from the emotional embarrassment (I kept thinking people would assume I didn’t take care of myself), it was actually super painful! Smiling hurt! On the bright side, it did eventually go away (took about 3 months but that’s also because I was still on steroids for a while) and my skin is pretty clear now. I have a little scarring but I think that’s because I picked at my skin. So if you can help it try not to do that.
    Best of luck! I hope it gets better quickly and I know how it feels. Hang in there! It will clear up!

  • mocabegamer

    just keep popping everything and enjoy. soon the skin will realize this is OK and no need to overreact.

  • euthiopia

    Please get well soon. One thing that can keep your skin from healing is high stress and getting really emotional. I know at this time it’s really hard for you to keep yourself calm at all time but try your best because it can affect the healing rate. I just randomly found your blog today and I look forward to all your future posts! 
    Much love, 
    Your new follower

  • AnitaRivas

    You poor thing, I’m so sorry that happened to you.  It looks like Herpes complex 1 – I would sue them if I was you.  Don’t trust hole-in-the-wall places, ever.  Speedy recovery.

    • PutinaHarumi

      AnitaRivas are you fucking dumb or something? Herpes is open sores, not pimples. When the sores heal, it crust.. not fucking pus-like pimples. Jesus.. don’t act smart and scare Bun Bun.

      • AnitaRivas

        PutinaHarumi AnitaRivas  Putana you need to go and educate yourself:
        And she needs to be scared, I’m scared for her, she needs a professional dermatologist to see her and take a blood test – Herpes Complex 1 are small clusters of grapelike puss, not adult acne or herpes complex 2 – they are not open sores, you are mistaken.  I’m not surprised you probably live in a third world country yourself. As for everyone else, don’t get facials at hole-in-the-wall places, make sure the place looks sanitary. Did you hear about MAC being sued? A young woman in New York City recently tried on a lipstick tester and ended up with herpes complex 1 – she’s suing  MAC now, you can read it on Huffington Post – everyone needs to becareful and to be scared, more and more people are  being contaminated by people that don’t cleanse their equipment etc correctly….I know what herpes complex 1 looks like, because I’ve had it since I was a child, and thank God I have a dermatologist and my outbreaks are tiny, but enough to freak me out. Go get a blood test, and hopefully I’m wrong, but it’s best to be sure. If I am right, you will need to be on Valtrex for the rest of your life and sue those people.  My best,

        • Ko1

          i developed herpes simplex 2 on my right arm for >10 years and i stopped taking Valtrex bcuz of the high cost. mine is not pus-like, it’s clear blisters and crusted when the blisters dry-up. i merely control the itch  using Tea tree oil duing outbreaks.
          it’s not curable & the outbreaks is triggered by stress. whenever i feel moody or stressed for a prolong period, there comes the group of blisers.

  • oceanwaves8288

    I have had mild acne since I was 13 years old. My skin condition did not bother me very much until I was 16.  I am 18 now. I used to and I still get really self conscious with the way I look without makeup. Even though I had mild acne, I had tons of spots. I always compared how I looked to others around me. I wondered why I had to have such bad skin and why others can just wash their face with water and have clear skin. But all that wondering got me nowhere. Over the past several months, I started following a strict beauty regimen. Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and prescription acne medication. I also use a scrub and moisturizing mask once a week. My skin slowly started getting better, but my self esteem is still not high as I want it to be. I still have occasional acne, oily skin, and many post acne marks. But, through this experience, I became a stronger person. I learned to value inner beauty more than outer beauty. 
    I think I can understand how you feel. But I want you to know that even with acne, I believe you are beautiful. Just posting these pictures alone show me how courageous and strong you are. I have stumbled across this blog today and after reading this post, you immediately have earned my respect and gained a new reader. Your skin will get better. Don’t give up. With or without acne, you are beautiful. Stay strong. :) — Lydia

  • judz

    have u tried traditional remedies like aloe vera or pure marine seaweed?

  • reddplanet

    I am not convinced this is all allergic. There’s something bacterially wrong, and possibly they are not sterilizing their hands and tools properly, and their products are probably all contaminated because of that.  You rely on your face and your images to make your income, so I would absolutely do something litigious about this. You cannot just roll over and take it. If nothing else, out the culprit who did this to you so someone else doesn’t go through this same thing. 

    I hope whatever medications you were prescribed help, or maybe some cortisone. Put a hot, wet washcloth on top and see if that helps draw everything out without popping things and put some neosporin or something on.  Simple is better. The less you can pile on though, the better.

  • TeddyTwinkle

    Hey hey hey…. you are a brave girl alright. my saluations to your bravery for all these postings. You are definately not a just a pretty face (even with the current state), but I view you as a solid lady with character and confidence. You write all these knowing people might throw spanners at you, however, you still did it. At first, I thought this blog (first time visiting, me), is just… you know… some kind of postings by wannababe trying to get attention… But after reading, I am astounded and make my standings to you. I shall be staying around and hear from your posts. No worries about your current state. I wish you well and hope you stay around in great thinking. Even if, in the event, things didn’t happen so well, your personality will carry you further to new heights in life. Come on! Fight the good fight babe!

  • chenastasia

    You still look beautiful. We all love you, and will be here to support you through this. <3

  • grilledscallops

    Be strong..Soon enough, you will be looking back at these horrible memories and be glad you have walked out of them. Ill pray for you and have a confident attitude that you will return to your beautiful self and you will. All the best.

  • blackjackgoh

    just leave it alone for a while it will go off…dont push it or you will have more infection and more damage to your skin.
    i will use normal hazeline cream to cool it off dont apply to heavy just a lil to let your skin breathe.
    dont forget our skin is very soft can be damage very easy.
    hope this will help….good luck n take care 😉

  • Shirley_ELF

    hi, i would recommend you this skin doctor which is extremely good because i used to have alot of pimple and after visiting her, it cures everything. The address is
    Chungkiaw clinic pte ltd
    118 Upper Bukit Timah Road S(588173) 
    Tel: 64662255

    The female skin doctor is only available on every Tuesday. I hope it helps 

  • AniaSant

    I hope you get and feel better soon. I admire your strength, you are such a strong lady. maybe your skin is not perfect right now but you still beautiful, just have patience. I send you a big hug and remember we are with you.

  • lex232000

    Get help from national skin center. Plenty of skin doctors there I’m sure they can help you with your current skin condition.
    With Regards

  • balbindar2008

    A few years ago, I tried out a Clinique starter set for one day and ended up with pimples along my jaw. The salesperson said it was ‘dirt’ coming out of my skin and I should continue with it. I did the second day, had more pimples and threw away the set.
    Moral of my story: if it’s bad the first time, it will be bad all the time. 
    Take care and be gentle to your face – it has suffered enough trauma.

  • crystalskyes

    Well, I never wore make up in my life and my skin is near flawless and fair.
    It is the vain girls who want beauty that will have such difficulties.
    True, who doesn’t want to look good but for me, I don’t go out of my way to get it.
    Sometimes, the forces of the universe will give it to you if you do it the right way.

  • ChoColateNDiamond

    Look up Obagi! I love this product. It will help but it càn be expensive. Much luv and thanks for haring ur story.

  • beauchief

    I have been burnt by AHA/BHA acid years ago by a local doctor. My face gone very red, swelled, peeled and dried up. It was disgusting and I don’t know how to face the whole as everyone was looking at me when I took the train to work. Then I visited Dr Woffles Woo. He treated my face using a laser and a cream. Only one treatment and the next few days it was all about recovery. My face heeled after that. You can look for him at Camden.

  • YelloWMonkEy

    Hi bun bun, this is yellow monkey here. I’ve send message to your Facebook page few minutes ago, you need to check it, I believe that is your solution of your situation. Those ARE NOT ACNE AT ALL AND ANY FORM OF ACNE TREATMENT WILL NOT REMOVE IT. THOSE ARE INFECTION RED PATCHES OF RASHES SO THOSE PUS ARE THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM. IF THE PUS CAME OUT, IT WILL SPREAD AND FORM MORE AND COMBINE WITH OTHERS. THE ROOT OF THIS SITUATION IS TO DRY THE PUS AND THAN THE PUS SOURCE OF CLONING WILL STOP. ONCE THE PUS IS DRIED, IT WILL BE THOSE SMALL DRIED PRICKLY SMALL PIMPLES THAT CAN BE SCRATCHED OFF EVENTUALLY. HOW I KNOW? I had this situation 1 year ago after using ampoule pimple product. See my message from yellow monkey account for more information

  • YelloWMonkEy

    FYI I’ve had this situation of bun bun twice. Yea twice so I know this situation better now and keeping my guards on

  • persimmone

    I have a girlfriend who, being  a magazine writer, was given a facial by a local fairly prominent chain of salons that offers eyebrow embroidery and facials.  She ended up with severe pigmentation on her face that still remains after more than a decade.  This salon also did a horrendous job on another girl friend’s eyebrows…she was only in her early thirties but ended up with two heavy strokes of navy blue ink for eyebrows, which aged her horribly!
     There is also a very prominent plastic surgeon, who purchased skin products with near expiry dates, and whose staff literally scratched off the expiry dates.

  • shensaddiction

    That’s why i don’t accept sponsored posts reviews from clinics easily. I make sure it’s a reputable clinic that would take responsibilty should anything happen to my skin. I have acne-prone and sensitive skin. I get acke from smallest things. But nothing like this. I’ll pray for your speedy recovery. You’ll surpass this.
    But really, the clinic should take care of all your bills.

  • namelessmon

    i use to have smooth skin..went for a chemical peel..and everything is ruined. the doctor also tell me it wil get worst b4 it gets better. now my face is filled with pitted takes me 5 years to walk out of depression…i m still afraid to face ppl now though..i totally know the helplessness that you feel..and yup its a great lesson for me to understand how other ppl with the same condition feels..its not what they choose to have. i have seen countless doctor. in the end prayer to our Daddy God saved me!

  • DarPrincess

    Hey Bun,
    I feel so bad for u after reading your post. *Hugz* Really sincerely hope you will get better soon.
    I know of a clinic that is known for treating skin problems, however their queues are horrendous & its best u go before they open, if u want to go. Avoid evening time, you might only see the doctor at midnight.
    The other skin doctor i go to is Dermatology Associates at Paragon, Dr Lawrence Khoo. He is very patient & nice, but prices there are on the high side,
    Take care & hope things look up for u soon!

  • lovelyg214

    Omg I used a neuttogena grapefruit face wash it made me break out like your skin but before the first day I used it night /n day and the second day it burned my face by the third day I broke out like you I called the company they only gave me what I paid for…you should sue em for making you skin worse n put a claim on the doctor who gave you the expiration cream…good luck I feel your pain I would cry seeing my skin with the allergic reaction

  • KayM

    I’ve had GREAT results with Clinique’s Even Better Dark Spot Corrector with fading acne scars.  In December I was wearing full coverage foundation, concealer, and the acne scars still showed through.  I can now go out without makeup on for a quick trip to the grocery store or to work out (I used to even wear makeup to the gym!!) or just a quick dusting of mineral powder for every day makeup without feeling self conscious!!!  I would recommend looking into it and check the ingredient label to see if it’s something you might be able to use.  Good luck and hopefully it’s a speedy recovery.

  • Julie_Fortune

    I’m not an expert but I have seen this before on a girl in school when I was younger I’d say it is impetigo and the draining of pus along with application of lotions has made it worse! Google impetigo xx

  • silehancock

    The fact that it took four days to develop suggests that it’s not an allergic reaction. It looks like impetigo (as Julie says), and you need antibiotic cream and you also need to shut down the clinic that gave it to you.

  • OngSiewSiew

    I understand your pain :( Meanwhile, get a cute mask for yourself with whatever cute character such as hello kitty etc on it to make yourself happier than a normal mask. No choice do we? But make the best out of it. Drink lots of water and rest well… Don’t agitate your skin and eat healthily! Never eat black soy etc if not your face will have more pigmentation in the future! I DON’T RECOMMEND YOU TO PUT ANYMORE STUFF ON YOUR FACE! Just put a good sunblock when you go out like dermalogica sunblock. well, think logically, your body has self heal abilities. Sleep well, drink well, eat well… it will be better don’t cry. :) serious

  • onepatel

    believe me when i tell you i have seen worse, and what u have on your face is not in any way permanent! 
    drink plenty of water while you’re at it and if its too itchy use lime juice to dab at it. the face skins love it the most
    consider birth control pills as increase in male hormones will suppress your acne

  • in_infinitum

    I think you should reveal the name of the salon because it could save many other people with sensitive skins from suffering a similar kind of ordeal if they were to ever go there for a facial.

  • Beerendah

    I am not a doctor but what you have looks exactly the same as what I had on my chin a few months ago. While on vacation, I forgot to bring sun screen which led to me developing a sun burn. The next morning, I woke up with pus filled groups of tiny spots that look just like yours. Over time, the spots increased and I felt hideous. I was so worried about my skin. I didn’t treat it with anything special, just kept my skin cool with cold water and a rag when it was sore and itchy. It ended up healing in a few days and by the third or fourth day, my skin had scabbed over. By the fifth or sixth day, my skin healed enough that I was able to exfoliate the dry skin off. If i am correct and you do have something similar to my heat rash, don’t worry, and be patient, you will get back to your old self soon! Did your facial use heat related products on your skin?

  • MeiyenKwan

    Wish you all the best and get well soon! Stay optimistic! you’ll be fine!!

  • Clabibi

    Dear BunBun,
    I want to give you a big hug and tell you it will all be ok. Yes, you may have to live with some scarring or pigmentation for a couple of months after the pus goes away and your skin clears up. But nothing some good concealer can’t fix. So you won’t be depressed for as long as you imagined.. Since you are trying to dry up pus, you are also drying up the surface of your skin, so drinking loads and loads of water. You don’t want flaky dry skin to become yet another problem once your pus heals.. Religiously follow instructions from your trusted doctor even though urges of trying other suggestions are strong.. I suffer from pot-holes (yes pot-holes not enlarged pores.. pot-holes!) on my cheeks because I tried all sorts of suggestions to heal my acne, including over-exfoliating, extracting and putting lemon / tomatoes on it etc..

    Be strong, have faith. You will be surprised how powerful positive energy is xxx

  • Ben Lawliet

    i’ve been through this kind of situation, just like yours few years ago. it happens when i put on the turmeric on my face. my face changes to lil bit yellowish and then it shows the symptoms like yours. i’ve tried so many products to heal it but it doesnt works. i’ve started to give up and i let my face without any beauty products. thank god, my face heals by itself without any usage of any face cleanser/ect. all i used to do is washing my face with water, let it dry by itself (dont wipe your wet face with towel/anything).. and get enough rest :) just sharing my experience, it takes abt 3-4 years to heal. btw wish you to get well soon :) be strong okay ~

  • AnniWong

    You can go to Niks Maple clinic. Actually you should not poke the pus, it will worsen the acne problem. Sometimes I have a pus like pimple on my face, I just simply leave it. Do not touch it. I apply antibacterial cream using a cotton bud at night.

  • samidha18

    apply 5% of benzoyl peroxide on a clean face during the day only at nght after cleaning let it be just the way it is.The 2nd doc is right its allergic reaction. benzoyl peroxide acts best when there is a opening or pus formation on the tip of your acne and you have only that. Keep applyinh till it actually dries out n kills the bacteria from inside. It wont happen over night but you see the results at least from the third day. It will def make your skin dry tho but that can be taken care of later.

  • Alvin Sim

    Some doctors really sucks big time. I was given medication for my bad acne before and my face got worse. The doctor told me that it would get worse before getting better, really bullshit. I think that you are really brave to post this, which I would be afraid to do. Think positive!

  • winnhtun

    Would like to introduce Myanma Thanaka: “a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark”. If you want to know what it is, try to google about Myanma Thanaka. Images for myanma thanaka can be seen as well. It’s a simple, safe and traditional way to promote smooth skin, protect from sunburn and it is believed to help remove acne and also an anti-fungal. Before going to your presentation, it can be applied with thick layer and can hide your current facial condition to some extents. It can be bought from Peninsula plaza where many Myanmar shops are opened. Best wishes, a user of Singapore yahoo.

  • Ko1

    No doubt bun bun did not contract skin disease or cancer, but it is bad enough. some may think she is shallow and she’s making a mountain out of a molehill, but i beg to differ.
    she is a beauty blogger. the face is where her income comes from. if a model or a flight stewardness experience the same as her, would you think that person is shallow too ?  no. she will freak out too.
    i am not in the beauty line nor do i earn a living from my face. i worked in the front line banking. I need not be beautiful or have flawless skin, but i must maintain my skin becuase i see different people everyday. so its really devastating if i go to work with pus all over on my face.

  • Ko1

    No doubt bun bun did not contract skin disease or cancer, but it is bad enough. some may think she is shallow and she’s making a mountain out of a molehill, but i beg to differ.
    she is a beauty blogger. the face is where her income comes from. if a model or a flight stewardness experience the same as her, would you think that person is shallow too ?  no. she will freak out too.
    i am not in the beauty line nor do i earn a living from my face. i worked in the front line banking. I need not be beautiful or have flawless skin, but i must maintain my skin becuase i see different people everyday. so its really devastating if i go to work with pus all over on my face.

  • AnitaRivas

    Dear Juli,
    I’m not an expert but I have a lot of friends that are and they are going to contact you via your regular email.  They are going to reffer to you a professional dermatologist that works with Zo Skin Health.  My new friend Chris is the VP of international affiars for Zo Skin Healthy by Obagi and he already alerted his contacts in Singapore.  If you want to see what the experts were saying, you can go to my facebook page, my friend Wendy Lewis asked our group of friends, and that’s all we have been discussing.  Everyone in the skincare industry is upset over your experience and want to help you and help others avoid these types of situations.  More than likely they might comp you the visit, since you are going to write about it, i’m just sorry this is the situation you’re in.  I wasn’t trying to scare you, I know you’re already scared, and we are all scared for you, but you really need to seek the help of a certfied professional.  One of my friends said for you to stop using any topical products on your skin, if you have to cleanse use cetaphil or something organic, at this point until you see the professional you need to stay clear of anything with chemicals, drink plenty of water and go to the doctors asap.  I would listed to whatever the professionals will say…..let me know how it goes and I am going to email Chris to ask about having the service comped.
    My best,

  • AnitaRivas

    Dear Juli,
    I’m not an expert but I have a lot of friends that are and they are going to contact you via your regular email.  They are going to reffer to you a professional dermatologist that works with Zo Skin Health.  My new friend Chris is the VP of international affiars for Zo Skin Healthy by Obagi and he already alerted his contacts in Singapore.  If you want to see what the experts were saying, you can go to my facebook page, my friend Wendy Lewis asked our group of friends, and that’s all we have been discussing.  Everyone in the skincare industry is upset over your experience and want to help you and help others avoid these types of situations.  More than likely they might comp you the visit, since you are going to write about it, i’m just sorry this is the situation you’re in.  I wasn’t trying to scare you, I know you’re already scared, and we are all scared for you, but you really need to seek the help of a certfied professional.  One of my friends said for you to stop using any topical products on your skin, if you have to cleanse use cetaphil or something organic, at this point until you see the professional you need to stay clear of anything with chemicals, drink plenty of water and go to the doctors asap.  I would listed to whatever the professionals will say…..let me know how it goes and I am going to email Chris to ask about having the service comped.
    My best,

  • SabrinaDawn

    This is my first time reading you blog, and I’m so terribly sorry this happened to you. I have problem skin too, and I guess all I can say is avoid dairy because a few weeks ago my friend told me to try that method and my face looks less inflamed.  Maybe you could try that? Even if it does nothing, no harm done, right?
    I also started to cleanse my face with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda, but the pure kind that has only sodium bicarbonate) because I was told that all those chemicals in facial wash can be very harmful, but I guess with your condition, you’d need to make a really diluted solution because baking soda is very scrubby. But then again it might not work for your skin.

  • charlenecarso

    Ice cold wet facecloths (always fresh and clean to minimize bacteria) are the best to help deal with the itching.

  • SpreadingLove

    I’m so sorry this happened to you, lovely. I am hopeful your face will heal with time.
    This time last year I suffered from an extreme case of stress-induced eczema.
    It spread over my ankles, calves, thighs, stomach, back, butt, arms, chest, neck, and ears.
    It was an extremely hot summer but all I wanted to do was cover my body up. My skin was bumpy, red, and so inflamed and itchy. I found myself subconsciously scratching all the time which only made everything even more inflamed and scar even worse! 
    I was also misdiagnosed twice  – even with a biopsy done on the rash – and given all kinds of creams, one which actually CAUSED even more severe skin pigmentation. The rash lasted for 4 months before I was finally able to reduce it to smaller, maintainable areas.
    I still have a grapefruit-sized, dark brown scar on the back of my leg from where the rash was at it’s worse; back then it looked just like your chin did on night 4, but in a huge cluster. I was wearing pants – even pantyhose if I absolutely had to wear a skirt – up until a few months ago. That scar is so bad that friends will often be shocked and ask me how I “got such a bad bruise”.
    I missed many important dates, parties, events, and was self conscious during my long-awaited and thoroughly planned 21st birthday trip in Las Vegas. I totally and completely understand your pain of longing to be out and about and feel free to put on creams and where whatever you want.. but just feeling so gross and ashamed of your bumpy skin.
    My eczema still continues to return in small spots on my legs, chest, elbows, forearms, and now even my breasts :(
    I’ve grown used to seeing large red bumpy patches on my skin, but I know we never really get over it…
    Keep on keeping on, gurl. Hold your spirits high and maintain your suggested regimens. With time you will heal and learn to love your skin all over again. Don’t let it bring you down, try to focus on making your confidence in your inner beauty even stronger. <3 
    You are a beautiful person and so so brave to share your story! You’re not alone! We’ll stay strong!! :)

  • LochanWhitely

    Some months ago I passed something like this
    I went to a makeup test a well-known cosmetics brand.
    I asked if they could make me a facial, they put three creams of different textures and within minutes I took them off.

    So far everything was normal.

    Later after the facial my skin began to itch.
    I put a normal cream and went to sleep, at that time I thought I was allergic to the sun.

    The next day I woke up and what a surprise! My face was covered in acne and pimples.
    Clearly I was scared, did not claim the company only because I was too worried to seek a dermatologist.

    The outbreak I had was not as strong as yours, but it could have been like.

    Tell you NEVER put a drop of makeup on your face when you pass this, wash your face daily, you should not sweat and do not apply any cream that a doctor will prescribe.
    With time will calm down
    I hope you can get better <3 you are beautiful!

  • ppxian

    Hi Bun Bun, 
    I stumbled upon your blog via a link from yahoo. So sorry to know of your condition! I really hope your face will heal with time. I had really bad skin (pimples, sometimes pus-filled) 3-4 years back as well. Tried different types of anti-pimple facial washes, but it didn’t help. My skin only started to clear up when I went to National Skin Centre. Perhaps you might want to go there to try as well, since the doctors there are dermatologists who have specialized knowledge in skincare unlike GPs, who treat other general illnesses as well. Hope this helps!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  • Always blooming

    Hi Miss, I am sorry to see the condition of your face.  Hope you get well soon.  Please do not ever go to New York Skin.  I had terrible experience with them…they are after your money only and they lie.  Do not go to Yun Nam Hair care also…they are just as bad.  Eat healthy food and exercise, you be fine.

  • ong1980

    Don’t worry, while this clearly isn’t a normal outbreak, take comfort that it’s actually just non-serious pus-filled  pimples  in quantity which I understand can scare the shit outta anyone. You won’t get scarred unless it’s cystic types of acne that develops within the skin. I guess by now you already had appropriate treatment so just rest your skin, relax and the ordeal will soon be over.

  • ChaviFfxx

    I got the same situation by using lotion of chanel<green one>, can totally understand what u feel. It needs a good doctor and TIME. After a week im looking better right now.But in this period, really feel upset when i wake up to see my face every morning

  • Elebreth

    Use Lemon Eskinol

  • deviant

    Hi, I had similar incident once with a beauty salon years back. And they told me the same thing as what they told you – these are just toxins purging out. I had to go out with a face full of breakouts and my friends were really concerned. 
    Apparently my beautician was’nt free that day, and a newbie
    came in. She massaged my face, when she WAS NOT SUPPOSED to. And that
    led to a very very very bad break out. 

    Even my dad who paid for my facial package, decided to ban me from going for facials ever again. Until today, i am still very paranoid (and that was 12 years back) about going for facials even though it is supposed to do your skin some good somehow. It took me probably 2-3 mths to clear up to close to how my skin was in the past before facial.
    I feel facials are still good for your skin but having the right beautician is very crucial, especially when you have fussy skin.

    Cheer up, like what your friend said – it is only downtime for a while and not forever.

    Get well soon!

  • Cher2013

    I had similar skin allergy or worse than yours two month ago. It was my first time and i was misunderstood it just a normal breakout, it getting worse because i treat with wrong way until my fren recommend me to see Dr Chan Blk 212 Hougang St 21 #01-327, Tel: 62882340. He gave me allergy medicine, anti-biotic and face washer. The breakout just stop and recover in few days. He is popular skin doctor. u can google for him. Hope u get well soon.

  • JoChew

    So sorry to hear about your case. Understand as a women, face is ur pride. Maybe you should go talk to this doctor.
    John Chiam Medical Clinic
    21 Ghim Moh Rd
    Singapore 270021
    Tel No: 67633811
    I used him for my kids skin problem, and he is really very good. Hope you recover soon. :)

  • PhiePhie

    ok..this sounds lousy or maybe way too vintage and tasteless, but go get Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel from Guardian or your may get it from Kiddy Palace too (I’m not joking) ….don’t use anymore soaps to the face. just wash it with warm water and then soothe it time to time with aloe vera gel….at least do that 3-4 times a day…wash your face the most times a day u ever had in your entire life….warm water to kill the germs, then cool water to cool it off….change your face towels often…use tissue paper to dap dry your face is best (keep your cleanest!) don’t squeeze the pus…tie up your hair when u go to bed so that your hair don’t contaminate your face when u sleep…change your pillow cases as frequent as possible….most importantly is the aloe vera gel….so try it, this is no scam..this aloe vera gel is wonderous..speaking from experence….hoping the best for u sweetie!

  • hara133

    so if not for yahoo, i would never have stumbled upon your blog, and if i did before this, i would have concluded that you were a vain,  self centered, superficial bxxxxx. All unwarranted, unfair and totally superficial myself.
    I dont have the slightest clue what to say to you for your skin condition and allergy.  But you won one more fan in me.  If nothing else your courage in sharing your pain, your grace in not pursuing the responsible salon ( sponsored or no) and your conclusion coupled with empathy for fellow sufferers or victims of betrayal from their own bodies, has won me over.  RESPECT.
    you have, for me at least, connected by being human and vulnerable.  Not easy, i am sure, for what you going through now.  Then you maturity for seeking the lesson in this episode is inspirational.  Please dont stop whatever you are doing , therefore.
    Hoping you recover scar free on your face. Thank you for sharing.

  • daiehneryo

    Hi Bun Bun,
    This may be one of those comments that you might scroll and probably will not remember again but I do hope you will heal soon. Trust me. I have had worst acne than your face. I had the worst, cystic acne all over my face and my colleagues had to ask me to stay at home cause it was really bad. I want to cry every time I see the mirror and wonder why do i look like that. I dare not face anybody, not even the cleaners or roadside uncles and aunties. Im afraid they’ll ask me what had happened. Even till now, I always shy away from the sunlight as they give very clear view of my scarring and bumps all over my cheeks which I am afraid people will divert attention to when they speak to me. 
    I admire how you are so courageous to post all this pictures and seek for help. You are very strong and I am behind you all the way. I sincerely do hope you will recover soon and it will be better than your face before. At this moment, try not to apply so many products on your face and only use products targeted at sensitive skin such as avene or la ra poche kind of products. I did try their extreme gentle cleanser when I had really really inflamed skin. The more inflamed they skin, the more you must not aggravate it. Treat it gently or it will be permanently damaged.

  • bronsonchua

    I think the courage you have shown in sharing all these is more important. The pain and marks are temporary. But the character you have shown is permanent. Don’t give up!

  • DaemonChylde

    You should really sue!!!

  • blue_articuno

    Your story is very inspiring and I can see now that you’re beautiful both from the outside and the inside.
    I had my experience at facials too and ended up the same just like you. Not as worst, but the drops on the self-esteem and unable to leave the house is just on the same level. Since that day, I’ve never EVER go to beauty facials again, I was traumatized! Even when my father forced me to go to another facial to make the skin better, I refused until we had long arguments that day >_<”
    And since I stopped from going to facials, my skin is far better now. And I’ve become a person who likes natural more than chemicals. Natural treatment might not as fast as chemical to beauty up the skin, but natural won’t have side effects.
    Don’t worry, you will get better soon. If this is already the worst you feel, then don’t make it worse. Keep on living and thank every single gifts you have, this is just a lesson for you so that you won’t make same mistake twice. I will pray for you, cause I literally cried reading your post. I can see you’ve been crying a lot these past few days, your eyes from the photos told me that.
    Trust me I was just like you before, judging people by the way they look. But I don’t do that anymore since now I know that Karma is real.
    I might not know facial doctors as I don’t go to such places after my fail treatment that day, I just can’t forget. But I support you from the heart. You are very no… really really strong! Get well soon dear, keep us update about your condition so that we’ll know you are okay! And last, don’t call yourself ugly. You are very beautiful, dear.
    Lots of love, Hikarra.

  • malohoussou

    Masque à l’argile plus huile essentiel de citron, it’s radical !!
    And if it’s possible you sleep with this.

  • ScopeGuy

    It’s unlikely zosters. Because it’d be super painful. Most zosters occur on the arms and shoulders. More like the extracts activate latent bacteria activities which in turn the immune cells killed themselves trying to suffocate the bacteria but end up blocking the pores and ducts and some pus go out of control as your hormone goes into disorder and aggravated by depression.
    Honey, milk and lemonade should help. But in such a case, antibiotics will make things worse because it’d disrupt the balance of bacteria composition (between the white and dark forces) sending you a gastric disorder and pushing you a further skin disorder.
    If you need any more skin care SCIENCE, you can discuss in my blog.

  • TaiYewMun

    Take care. Hope that few months down the road, you’ll be so happy with yourself that this incident is quickly forgotten.

  • Happy88

    “If it does not kill you, it makes you stronger.”  I have always liked this quote.  Looking at this mishap from a positive angle, you have gained from this episode by being more understanding towards others, and not to judge by looks.  It is not the end of the world.  We are behind you.  I wish you a speedy recovery!

  • girlyanton

    I really admire your courage in sharing this very alarming story.  I hope and pray that your skin will be back to normal again. Everything happens for a reason.  By being brave and sharing your story, you are saving lives of possible victims.  I may not know how you feel right now, but what I know is you are a strong and inspiring person.  God Bless you.

  • Laurawikarma

    i think you need second option doctor,i ever like you maybe my acne more worst than acne more big than you and fill all my face,so i went to doctor skin and he said don’t break up your acne with anything include your hand because it can be irritation make more a lot of acne.its need more a lot of time to be cure and you must be patient.i suggestion you talk your doctor and stop that medicine if your medicine more make you itchy and hot because your skin allergy with that medicine.usually doctor get another medicine if you allergy.usually doctor ask your habit daily eat because from your bad eat can make face become better after 6 month must don’t give up to cure your face,you must go another doctor if you think your doctor not good.i ever went to 2 doctor different hospital. all they said same think don’t break up your acne with facial or anything .you only need put acne cream on your face and let acne break up self and use baby soap for wash your face.reduce your bad habit you always sleep very late?because sleep very late make acne more grow.

  • Napacha Siripanichkorn

    Dear Bun
    I’m a reader from Thailand who came across your blog because I searched things about make-up brushes. I never be as pretty as you but I totally wish I could say I had a similar experience. I had awful breakouts from using SKII essence and that irritation left me moon-face scars. I spent years having my skin healed from IPL to microsubcision and laser treatment.
    I admire your courage and sense of humour sharing this story. You may think you can’t be the best beauty blogger because of your skin condition. But you’re the best blogger to me. It’s you who really cares enough to tell true stories for better or worse.
    Soon, you’ll get your beauty back,Bun.

  • garykbt

    Dear Bun

    I happen to chance on your blog from the news section. Basically I would like you to be cautious with your body internally. Why I am writing this to you I don’t really know but I believe you should hear the alternatives that could be possible.
    I am in the health industry dealing with water and I strongly believe in holistic approach to health and skincare. In the world of instant cures and symptom suppression drugs, the human body becomes a storage point of toxicity which will eventually lead to conditions that are expressed outwardly such as the skin. This is the fundamental theory even in TCM approach in treatment. In order to heal the body, balancing and detoxing must be done. 
    Not to defend those therapist people, its possible that such holistic aka herbal approach done may cause detoxification aka outbreak on the skin (after our skin is the biggest organ on the human body and detoxification through the skin is one of the major routes of elimination)
    They should have advise you on the possible outcome of such methods. I personally will inform all my clients on possible outcomes when it come to detoxification. My suspicion is that the therapist was not trained to handle such issue or forth coming with possible outcomes.
    I believe that through this outbreak, your skin will become less sensitive as the toxin level in the body will be lowered due to this kind of treatment. If you are using possible steroid creams, my suggestion is to stop and let the detoxification be complete, pus dried up, flake off etc. If you use steroidal creams it serves to reduce inflammation through suppression of toxin in the body, steroid itself is a toxin, therefore future treatments may cause even worse reactions.
    I hope this gets to you.

  • prerna26

    Oh Bun this is so unfortunate. Its so brave of you to put these pictures up and warn us. Love u loads, I’ll pray for you everyday

  • LoveRachel

    You are absolutely NOT ugly! You are still the same, beautiful, person you always were. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’ve suffered with skin issues my whole life and am aware of how traumatizing it can be. 
    Thank you so much for your kind words towards people who do suffer from skin issues. I know I used to try my hardest to look my very best! It takes a lot to walk out with confidence when you have bad skin. 
    I’m praying that everything works out for you. 
    Lots of love

  • LydiaLeoh

    Hi dear! My heart totally goes out to you because we all know the face is very important for ladies! :( Especially since it is itchy! If I had to choose, I would definitely choose pain over itchiness :
    I do hope your skin recovers ASAP! Like really ASAP, ASAP. I know your second doctor mentioned that products with herbal and plant extracts would largely irritate your face, but perhaps you could ask him if applying RAW aloe vera helps! Like those you buy from Cold Storage, slice open and apply on your face. I find raw aloe vera really helps with these kind skin irritations, because I used to have plenty of insect bites on my legs, and even when I had follicle infection on my legs If you keep it in your fridge before application, the coldness helps to soothe the pain and itchiness for a while too :)
    Just speaking from my experience! Meanwhile, do stay strong and get better soon :)

  • NeyoCheong

    You’re ALWAYS Beautiful for me and for your all followers.
    Hope you’ll get better soon as our wish.
    Keep the Faith. Don’t Give up.
    Thank you for tell everyone this case.
    We all LOVE you! and looking forward to hearing good news that your skin heal well.
    I really want to give you more cheer up power but I’m not good at English.
    By the way, Please Be Strong! We’re always beside you.

  • littlebluerobot

    What a scary experience! :( I feel so much for you. I hope you’re feeling better soon! I’ve never had a breakout quite as severe…but close.
    I’ve had acne since I was a kid. I went on a special type of birth control when I was almost 14 (after years of seeing a dermatologist) and I never looked back. That is until my doctor retired when I was 17, and I couldn’t find a new one for years. No one was accepting patients at that time, only “walk-in” doctors would see me. They wouldn’t prescribe me birth control because I needed to get a pap test done first, which I couldn’t get, of course, because I didn’t have a “family doctor”. Talk about frustrating. So I ended up being without birth control for 5 years. In that time, my skin problem spiraled out of control and I developed the worst kind of acne imaginable, cystic acne. I tried literally every “acne remedy” I could find. Every one. NONE of them worked. Nothing topical really helps cystic acne. And it doesn’t matter if you never pop any pimples, because A) They’re under the skin and are therefore un-poppable and B) they leave dark purple scars whether or not you touch them. My face was filled with many dark red and purple scars. So much so that without makeup, it looked like I had a face full of acne, even when I may have only had one or two active acne cysts on my face. It’s done a lot of damage to my self esteem. It’s very hard to feel beautiful with a face full of scars, and it’s very depressing to have to spend an hour in front of the mirror each morning, meticulously concealing every spot. Funnily enough, people always tell me what great skin I have. They have no idea. I have awful skin, but I’m a master with a concealer brush.
    Finally, after that long five year search, I found a doctor that was accepting patients and I got back on that birth control I was previously on and started a facial cleansing routine that only uses natural products. It’s starting to get better. If I’m lucky I sometimes only get one acne cyst every two months or so.
    Unfortunately, I’ve now developed eczema. It started when I began exhibiting symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. It started on my left knee cap, then showed up on my left upper arm, then my right upper arm, and now all across my chest. So this is my new thing that I’m trying to control with no luck so far.
    After fighting brutal acne for ten years now, I can tell you it does eventually get better, but that I know how hard it is to love yourself when you’re in the middle of it. It may be difficult, but try to remind yourself that you’re beautiful even with spots on your skin. Try to head out even just for a few minutes with minimal or no makeup, until you feel comfortable. You have as much a right to head outside in your natural skin as anyone else. I felt ashamed for many years. I still do some days but I’m getting better. You are very beautiful and important and try not to let your skin take over your life.
    Now when I do my makeup I try to spend more time on the features I like such as my eyes, and less time covering my scars. The more time you spend covering scars every day, the more depressed you’ll feel, the more you’ll hate yourself. It’s not worth it, believe me.
    Try some aloe vera or a cooling mist on your face to feel better and remember that it’ll be okay, I’m living proof. Hugs from Canada!

  • mybelltolls

    orget the DAMAGE-TOLOGIST and invest in clean organic skin care. and, if you can get a hold of tade pays du levant 35% laurel  oil soap that works well great. there is luxury in organics and they work…. i see results daily, should you choose to go back to commercial lines after your face has cleared so be it….. but gentle products will aid in healing and treating your skin as you need it now

  • plattunna

    I have had pimples for years  I can assure you that my face looks great now after almost 7 years…yours doesn’t look that serious. I suggest that you DO NOT touch your face at all and take medication. Do not apply alcohol neither creams. Wash your face just once a day and don’t apply make up .They will be gone in a month. And don’t panic, just stay calm. The day I started not to care about my face was the day they all went away. Once they are all gone, you can just exfoliate your skin once a week and after a year your face will look as smooth as a baby. All the best XOXO

  • emilysarah

    I have very sensitive skin and my skin swelled up last year in reaction to a face cream I used. My face was stiff, sore, painful, red and flaky. I felt like a monster, and it took months to recover. I understand how you feel and you’ll get through this!

  • Tobi_Is_Fab

    Bun, I want to give you a hug. All I can think about is how painful it looks.

  • badficfan

    I have very sensitive skin too, and when I was little my mom didn’t believe my skin was dry because hers was oily, and i realized that all the skin creams i was using were actually drying out my skin. for a whole week the bottom half of my face looked like a mummy or something–the skin was so dry and cracked. so I know how you feel a little bit, even if I didn’t have such a bad experience as you. Good luck and I hope you have gotten better!

  • KiannaMahmoud

    Thank you for sharing- I appreicate it Bun xo

  • sapphireking

    so sorry to hear this dear sister, hope god will cure you soon, don’t lose hope ….

  • gigglesgina

    I don’t know any doctor who is good at handling allergies, but when my acne was really bad I went to Specialist Skin Clinic. Dr Melvin EE was my doctor. I find that he pays attention to patient and will hear them out. Moreover, he was able to suggest alternative treatments. Previously, he worked in NSC so he should be able to help! Otherwise you can try DRX clinic in orchard like what some bloggers who suffered from acne went and got better.
     Specialist Skin Clinic
    1 GRANGE ROAD #06-04 
    SINGAPORE 239693 Contact no: 6734 1411All the best!

  • AmboiAmBoyPaan

    hi bun bun 
    this thing ever happen to me. last time before i go to that free voucher for facial, my face is very smooth n clean. after a week from that treatment, my face become like you. n everyone in my workplace asking me why my face become like that. i also stress with that acne problem. from that day i cannot eat eggs, nuts, seafood n many more. then, i go for facial at somewhere nearer my office. because my sister advise me to go there. after that my face getting better. but not longer. just for a few months. but its not as worst as before. then, i try so many skincare. so far, just now i used something that posted on facebook. for recent 2 weeks, my skin getting better. even the pimples still came out, when i used that skincare, it will dry up acne fast growing new. anyway, what i want to say here is, even though they (the promoter) said its suitable for any skin type. dont trust them. and even you get free voucher from the saloon or whatever, just dont go. and if you rally wanna try new skincare, make sure there is someone you know succeeded in using that product. thats all. tq.

  • toliveistoserve

    Hi Bun Bun,
    I felt very bad and terrible having
    seen you like this. I don’t know what kind of help I can give you but to pray
    and share my experience, actually my girlfriend’s experience. My intention is
    not to get you scared but to let you know we share the same feeling and our
    sympathy is on you. We want you to recover the soonest and return to your
    former self or even prettier and stronger than you were before.
    So let me share to you our own story.
    By then we were only a college student of a
    graduating class. I was an unusual silent-nerdy type of guy who doesn’t even know
    how to speak (I mean to get some attention) and she’s the opposite, the girl
    next door pretty and sexy. Come on! I was like a baby when it comes to girls! Imagine
    how we come to terms? I got her yes big time! I wish I have a camera back then
    to capture one of our most memorable event.
    Getting back on the topic…
    It started five years ago. The same thing
    happened to her. We went to a derma clinic to have her pimples (I saw her face
    and she only got three!!) removed.
    She’s very scared that she will have a breakout and in order to avoid this we
    consulted a dermatologist and have her treated. Then the scary thing happened.
    Exactly the same story of what you’ve gone through (just to cut our story short,
    5 years is insane! wtf!). 
    Each day is like we were walking barefoot on a
    burning charcoal. Each day was really depressing, seeing her cry everyday
    because of her ravaged face. It was an unbearable pain covering her face. Each
    time I try to make her smile she seems not interested if not she responded with
    a forced smile.
    As days passed, her condition is getting worst.
    We tried all sorts of friends advice, medications, reach out for available
    clinics, dermatologists, doctors, and unfortunately losing all our money just making
    the case dreadful. We stumbled upon clinic to clinic, doctor to doctor, but it
    keeps getting worst. 
    We felt like we were having nightmares for years.
    So much tears have been shed. We lost all our savings, some of our friends,
    hobbies, and give most of my time cheering her up finding a way to wake up from
    this terrible dream. It came to a point that she’s almost suicidal though I’m
    trying my best to help her pick herself up.
    I love her so much and the only thing I care about is to get her healed. One
    day I woke up there’s no more money in my pocket to help finance her
    treatments. I borrowed money, work overtime, sold my mobile phone (it was not
    even mine), beg some from my parents but still all her treatments were
    We were getting hopeless at times. We never know
    what may happen the next day as and when this would be over.
    So desperate helping her I still continue to find
    the right treatment for her face. We went to the most popular and expensive
    skin care clinic where they used star actors and actresses as their model.
    Hoping it would be the answer we commit to the treatment.
    The cost was so high that we can only afford it for a couple of months. That
    time I felt like giving up until I saw something in her eyes. Her eyes was
    gleaming with hope though she keeps on asking me “When this will be over, I’m
    so tired, Huhuhuhu”. Though unsure I keep promising her that it will soon be
    over, by next month, couple of months, or before the year ends.
    To keep my promise I resigned from my job to look
    for a better paying job overseas. I took the risk and one month after, we parted ways. I’m so
    lucky enough to find a good paying job in one and a half month. We continued
    the facial treatment and failed (Really?!! Again?!! Are those doctors a fraud?!!
    Are they for real?!!). I cried on my bed being insanely frustrated by the
    We have lost big time. We stumbled hundred times. Our sacrifices seems wasted.
    Our efforts felt like worthless. This was extreme sadness. This is how I feel.
    Imagine how she feels? The worst scenario have happened. I wonder if there’s
    any uglier than this.
    After several months of great depression we found
    a nice, good, caring and professional doctor. Though we still have some doubts
    on his ability we trusted him. It was the turning point of our lives. She
    finally have a clear skin.
    This is a lesson of not giving up. Imagine if we
    give up and we were just one step away?
    No matter how hard are we struggling right now we
    never know if we’re just one step away.

  • mandabutterfly

    Hi Bun Bun, I wanted to suggest that instead of an allergic reaction, it is possible that you have contracted impetigo.
    My daughter got it once, and it looked very similar to this. A staph infection is what it was, and breaking the little pustules only made it worse for her.
    I wish you the best. Sorry about your painful experience.

  • jenables19

    hi :) sorry to hear of your experience! There are a couple of things that are safe to use and will draw out toxins. white, grey or green clay.  mix with water in a glass or ceramic bowl, no metal, no plastic, ditto for stirring out. the clay(just plain powdered clay, you can get from health food store) will draw out toxins and calm skin down without having to apply and leave on like a lotion and with no chemicals whatsoever, no manipulation of the face. just wait until it dries to rinse of. Epsom salts dissolved in warm water, if you can soak your face in that will dry out out and draw out toxins. both of these will make you a lot more comfortable and neither of them involve any direct touching of your irritated skin.

  • isiscomplex

    Hey girl. I’m really sorry for what you are going through, I can only imagine how it feels. I’ve struggled with acne myself so I can understand that it can really shut down your confidence but please don’t feel ugly! You are still the same person on the inside and that’s what matters. So please don’t let it bring you very low, you will get through this <3 as for what is completely unbelievable! They really screwed up. Try natural remedies if you don’t want chemicals on your face…tea tree oil is great,lemon is a great toner/astringent, try clay as a face mask too. Don’t give up! You are extremely brave to post this and share what happened with all of us. Good luck, hun and keep smiling :-)

  • EwanZacharyYusof

    u should try clay mask that contain sulfur. it will kill bacteria and shrink the pimples.

  • EwanZacharyYusof

    for skin suplemen. try Praventac. it will shrink the pimple in a week.

  • QmayWong

    Feel sorry to see this. I have same issue with you….salon made my skin terrible :'( i fight with salon and told them if they’re not cancel my facial package, i’ll sue the salon under consumer rights. End up, they cancelled it but never compensate my medication fees.
    My skin is getting better now after few months. Pigmentation impact too…March 2013 till now. Hope you get well soon…JIA YOU!

  • Zuzia Bienkunska

    I had the worst acne in the world. I ‘ve been trying to get rid of it with help of so many doctors and dermatologists that you wouldn’t believe. It took approximately 5 long years to make my face look like a normal’s person face. I mean – I have a lot of scars, my cheeks look like bread flesh. But you know what? You can really learn to live with not perfect skin, you can really get focused on something else. I’m serious, I spent so many hours at the doctors and taking care of my face, and taking a lot of dangerous medicines that when I was cured at the end – I wasn’t even amazed. I was happy, of course, there were no more itching and hurtful points on my face, but really, I was the same person. 
    Of course, you are a person who needs her face the most, but trust me – you’re gonna get used to what you have now – try and learn new ways of covering it. That’s it. Inside you’re still the same beautiful person. :)

  • small_coffee

    Hey Bun Bun! I am a reader from Poland and I am literally shocked after waht I have seen and read! You must stay positive and calm! I know it is easy to say hard to do but you are still pretty and I believe that it will be cured soon somehow! It cannot be just like that – you did not have it before (the acne) so it will not stay with you for ever. I hope that in time it will become smaller and later it will be gone. Be strong girl! It has been a tough lesson but you will walk through it! You are not alon and your story has touched so many people out there! Saty positive!

  • missaka

    hey bun, i hope you read this message. i have to tell you what had happened to me early this year. it was my second week back in college for my final semester. i started having pimples all over my cheeks last feb and i do not know what caused it. it didnt stop. i couldnt get it to stop. i tried new face products and even birth control pills, but nothing helped. i also did not have any money to spend on expensive products or dermatologists so i had to stick with whatever cheap products i can find in the drugstore. anyway, so my mom sent me this cream she got from a beauty place that said would help clear out acne, and i should apply it day and night and leave it on. and so i did. 5 days later, my face started itching. small red patches on my face was starting to form. i thought it was just sensitive to the product, and i applied elomet cream (a cream that i found that helps dermatitis and whatnot on my face) to it. the next day that patch spread to 40% of my left cheek and parts of my right cheek too. i couldnt got to school. i put aloe vera gel all over my face and i stop all harsh face products for acne. it didn’t help. i went to see a doctor the next day because i was  freaking out and i didnt know what kind of disease i have contacted. ……….. the doctor told me i got folliculitis. it is a skin disease that is itchy and spreads on contact. over the next few days it spread all over my cheeks and neck and chest. i couldn’t go to school i had to take a week off. and that was the most i can take. the doctor gave me antibiotics and a cream. it got better after a week, and it completely went away in a month! a month!! i had to go to school with a huge rash on my entire face. it was not pleasant. after the rash went away, there was a huge red scar too. i dont know what lesson i can share with you, but if it is anything, i say just stick with your normal skin care routine and dont mess around with other products you are not familiar with. i still have pimples though they are mild, they are still there trying to annoy me. i hope your condition gets better. try honey mask and steam your face regularly. pure aloe vera gel should help too. take care.

  • SparkleApple

    my dear Bunbun, I know how you feel, all I can do for now is pray for you to get better fastly, both physically and emotionally. I hope I can be there for you or at least near you to help you more T___T However, I do believe that you’ll be cured.  Be patient and be strong, keep on happy by eating delicious and nutritious food too :) You’re pretty just the way you are

  • Poulepondeuse

    It did happen to me as a teenager, but thankfully not on the face, as it was due to a body foaming lotion ingredient.
    It was so itchy, I used to scratch my legs to the flesh and the only relief I had was when taking a warm bath, because the warm water soothed my skin for a while.  I went to see a skin doctor: I told her I knew which product it was I was having an allergic reaction too, but wanted to find out which ingredient to avoid it in the future. She didn’t listen: she said it wasn’t an allergy, but I would have to diet for three weeks to try and see if I were allergic to food. I dieted and nothing happened. So she finally came to the conclusion that I had “probably had an allergic reaction to a cosmetic product”… No. Way. I tried to stay calm and replied “thank you, but I already know that and I also know which cosmetic product I’m allergic to: all I would like to know – and this is what I came here for in the first place – is which ingredient of this cosmetic product I’m allergic to”.
    Her reply: “oh well, I have no idea, you will need to test”.
    I never went to a skin doctor again since. And I never experiences another allergic reaction to cosmetic product either since (fingers crossed).

  • Poulepondeuse

    It did happen to me as a teenager, but thankfully not on the face, as it was due to a body foaming lotion ingredient.
    It was so itchy, I used to scratch my legs to the flesh and the only relief I had was when taking a warm bath, because the warm water soothed my skin for a while.  I went to see a skin doctor: I told her I knew which product it was I was having an allergic reaction too, but wanted to find out which ingredient to avoid it in the future. She didn’t listen: she said it wasn’t an allergy, but I would have to diet for three weeks to try and see if I were allergic to food. I dieted and nothing happened. So she finally came to the conclusion that I had “probably had an allergic reaction to a cosmetic product”… No. Way. I tried to stay calm and replied “thank you, but I already know that and I also know which cosmetic product I’m allergic to: all I would like to know – and this is what I came here for in the first place – is which ingredient of this cosmetic product I’m allergic to”.
    Her reply: “oh well, I have no idea, you will need to test”.
    I never went to a skin doctor again since. And I never experiences another allergic reaction to cosmetic product either since (fingers crossed).

  • lukaszewiczklaudia

    Oh no! :( This never happened to me… I feel so sorry for you.
    Just remember, sweetheart: don’t put ANY makeup on your face! The only thing you can do is cleaning your face with a really gentle hypoalergic gel or soap! Your skin must breathe to be clean. If you use foundation or powder, your pored will be stuffed and it will only get worse. Please, don’t put makeup on, okay??

  • nnmeow

    hi juli. i’ve been in a similar position before. i cried for days and didn’t even dare to go outside. it took me months before the ordeal ended but at least there’s an end to it. good luck on healing your skin. it’s good to have support from your close people.

  • BowieWatt

    i hope you will get well soon, i pray for you! i know the feeling, i think this is the worst  experience in your life, add oil you will pass the pain! blessing from hong kong

  • SherryAu

    I am so sorry for your situation. Get well soon. You dont have to tell people which salon it is, but would you share what treatment did you get? Or in general, plant extract can still be the source of allergy. I mean, all these “nature” companies try to convince us to buy skincare products from them. I dont want to risk my face to try anything from now on……..

  • FiFuller

    My daughter has just shown me your blog and I just wanted to say how brave you are!  If I was your parent I would feel extremely proud of you!  
    I am certain this is a temporary affliction and that you will soon be back to your beautiful self.
    I would reconsider taking action against the salon to prevent anyone else going through this.

  • BeataBonislawska

    I’m a beautician and first of all: don’t touch it, scratch and the most important thing – don’t extract it, beacuse there is a possibility of scars.

    Go to skin or allergy doctor. You need some pills against allergy.
    You need to make it dry so the best thing would be face gel with tea tree.

    Girls don;t ask her what kind of treatment was it because every person can be allergic to anything.

  • seabelle

    My skin is extremely allergic to tea tree oil. Everyone else seems to love it, but after I used a product that contained it I got really painful cystic acne all over my cheeks. I thought it was just the new cleanser, so I got rid of it and my skin slowly began to heal. It was a couple weeks until my skin was smooth again, and two months before it stopped looking red. This happened a second time and I went to a derm that my friend recommended. She was great, she looked up the ingredients in the products that caused my reaction and said that Tea Tree oil was probably the culprit.  
    She also said to be careful of plant and herbal extracts in products because their potencies vary and some people have severe reactions to them. Since  I’ve been trying to use less chemicals in my beauty products she recommended some, My favorites have been Argan and jojoba oils. Less chemicals and preservatives and no horrible reaction. 
    Good luck, stay strong!

  • Gemmaxxx

    This happened to me also from a facial. (seaweed extracts) I was in tears and could not go outside for a week. Someone said it was hives??? I will never have a facial ever again…it has scared me literally. I’ve lost faith in the beauty/salon industry. I sent photos to the salon and they did nothing…but offer me a free massage…what the?..I used a special oil prepared for burn victims. It helped it heal. Now I’m very wary and use the most simplest skincare.

    • Gemmaxxx

      P.S…my skin is so ultra sensitive now that I can’t use exfoliants or masks. It irritates it to no end. (I once was a beauty blogger too many years ago) My skin has never been the same since and I have to treat it ever so gently. I wear sunscreen everyday under my make-up. My lesson learn’t is…”keep it simple”. I don’t mess around with using different types of products or make-up any more. I use what works…that means, no chemicals, alcohol or ingredients you can’t understand on the bottles. Ego/QV products  are the only ones that work for me and natural oils, (but not essential oils…like Tea Tree ect ect) as these will irritate as well.

  • errr123

    omg!! you’ve bought me to tears! you poor darling!  to be honest it
    looks and sounds like facial herpes … here’s some info for you ..  –>   and             i
    hope you improve quickly!

  • ahyoong

    good thing i read this post!! i had a facial a few months face was breaking out too but not as bad as yours. the lady said its normal. its suppose to push everything in there out, so i would be having a few break outs here and there.. i believed her. so i went back a few times. it just gets worse and worse.. i finally stop. she said that its some bacteria infection or my hormone is not normal. but never blaming it on her stuff.. she told me to go see a derma. and after a month or so..come back to her for more facials.. i wasted a lot of money on this facial already.. can’t afford to go see derma. so im just using my products before the facial.. its getting better.. but heaps and heaps of acne scars and milia.. and some times really big and painful pimples!! so i sometime apply tea tree oil on the pimple.. its stings.. but it dries up the pimple fast and gets rid of the pain.

  • agnieszkaxx014

    Hello. Never makes the extraction of pus pimples!!!!!!!!!!!  I think that it was a staph………. (Staphylococcus). Hold on!
     * I’m sorry, but I do not know English…….:/

    • agnieszkaxx014

      Beautician should not do the extraction. Oil is a contraindication.

      • agnieszkaxx014

        oil/ purulence

        *I’m sorry:/

  • Eve Elocrixia

    Hi Bunbun. I used to have weird acne breakouts too after I did some facial at home. Mine was ALMOST as close to yours. I also tried different doctors and got lots of different bullshit.
     I gave up and then I started on Meiji collagen, and it worked but it isn’t as good as the awesome 2nd collagen I tried which is holistic way. Can get it at guardian or watsons at those bigger malls. 
    It cleared up my acne and even marks almost within 2 weeks and I feel that my skin is more healthy nowadays. I’ve even recommended it to 2 of my other friends and they got good results. You should really try it. It’s all natural some more.

  • llilla44

    Heyy dear, 
    I read your post, you are sooo coureagous and i think a lot of people are proud of you. Really. Stay strong no matter what happen, you’re beautiful in your way.

  • nmdomjim

    Maybe Nutracort Works for U!!!

  • Ni Ken

    Dear Bun,
    I’m totally shocked when I found out about you in Yahoo this morning. OMG… you’re a brave girl… I only can pray for you to get better as soon as possible. I’ll hug you right now if I can. Oh God, I shed my tears reading it.

  • MichelleChin

    I read about your post from a lecturer. All I have to say it, stay strong! I can totally relate to this. I just woke up one day and I had pustules all over my face too. When I look at those pictures, I want to cry too. But sharing this experience would give so many people out there hope!!!

  • Hasu__Hana

    Well, at least you’ve got more famous thanks to this one. I saw a news about you and search your blog. Hahaha, you’ve got a new follower ;P
    And a tips, check the plants/herbals that made you allergic, write it, remember it, and ask about that ingredients everytime you do facial/buy some skincare.

  • Caderina

    Understand what you are going through. I had allergic reaction to herbal facial product 3 years ago, products i’ve used since i was 12. As long as you use the prescribed medication by the doctor everything will be fine in a few months :) Give it a few months and try to avoid bb cream. Shisedo sunblock and bare essential mineral concealers provide good enough coverage for sensitive skin. Jy with the recovery 😉

  • Caderina

    Shu uemura Sunblock too! ? Stay strong!

  • ldmorisco

    You’re tough. Don’t worry. This will sort itself out. You will do what you need to do as far as legal, financial, and medical stuff. Just know that you aren’t alone. 
    I went to the doc for an ear infection. I get them a lot because I tore my spinal cord, causing my ears to leak fluid. I specified to her front desk, the nurse, and to the doctor that I’m allergic to sulfates and sulfites. Elemental sulfur, actually. I can’t even eat garlic! So there’s a lot of antibiotics that I can’t have. I made sure on my paperwork that at the very top in bold letters and a black box (the strongest warning in America on medical/warning stuff, even on cigarettes) that it had my allergy listed. She gave me a prescription I’d never had before and I paid for the visit. The pharmacist filled it and told me it was fine. I took it for three days… and then this rash showed up on my legs. Well, that happens. I bought a new lotion that week, and sometimes they break me out. I stopped using it. 
    But two days later, it was on my arms. I’d never used that lotion on my arms. And in a few hours, it was on my face! It was everywhere! Red and purple spots! I’m a waitress! I can lose my job for this. I can’t work if I look like I might be sick- what would people who get food from me think?! I called the doctor and got her nurse on the phone. “Oh, that’s an allergic reaction. They can be fatal if they’re that bad. Can you come in next Monday?” OH IT CAN BE FATAL BUT COME BACK IN FOUR DAYS. SURE. I ended up having to go to the ER. The ER said the medicine I’d been given was a sulfate, and the only reason I was still breathing was because I was taking an allergy medication every day. It costs over $10,000 for that one visit. I made that this year working THREE jobs (concurrent, not consecutive.) The rash took a week or so to go away. In the meantime, I wore heavy foundation, everywhere that might be exposed so that I could work again. Totally ruined one of my work shirts! I can’t get the makeup out! And I’ll never pay off that medical bill.
    The kicker: I went back to the first doc to talk to her about her service and staff, with my hospital records in hand… she wanted me to pay $100 just to see her! They can go to hell for all I care!

  • JayJL

    Hi there,
    I am so sorry this has happened to you.  
    I think I have a suggestion that may help you, or atleast would be very good to look into for your condition. Please email me z if you are comfortable to and we can chat.

  • young_genious

    Oh, honey, you are so sweet and brave! Heal soon! I am very much impressed with you strength!

  • ivonea102

    I also have my skin allergic sensitization. I’m helping my skin ointment vitamin A and Propolis ointment (with honey, remember to check whether you are allergic to it). I impose ointment vitamin A daily to the entire face and thick propolis ointment at night. You have to remember that Propolis ointment stained yellow. Washing the face with herbal decoction, such as green tea. It is also a tonic for my skin. I also recommend the rinse face with water from the rice. The only cream that does not irritate my face is Oeparol Balance. This cream can be purchased at a pharmacy in Poland. I do not know how in your country.
    Remember that I am not a doctor. I just share with you what helped me.
    Good luck: *

  • skinslimming

    Bun Bun no matter how you look like, I admire you

  • jluvj5

    Be brave and be strong!

  • GabriellaSudjono

    hello! i’m ur new reader from Indonesia! i’ve just read ur blog and i feel very upset for the salon that made ur face look like that! i’ve been struggling with acne too since i was a teenager ( im 22 right now ) and i know how u feel about those acnes and the acne marks after.. But i can suggest u how if u do a laser treatment / phototherapy to remove the acne marks? i think it is useful for removing those acne marks.. i believe there are plenty of good dermatologists in Singapore. Or maybe u can use Kiehl’s product to remove those scars (i’ve been using it for a month now) it is called clear corrective strong! don’t forget to rest and don’t be stressed out. Lots of bless :). bonjourgaby

  • kaoonyee

    You are brave. Dont worry, it just a matter of time you’d get completely cured! Trust me I ran into bad situation like this, (even worst) and time does cured everything. Be strong <3

  • yoantaway

    you will be ok sooon dear ** you’re brave!!!! <3

  • glyza7

    Just red your was so brave of you to show the world your experience. I have sensitive skin too,i actually had a bad face too just last week of may 2013. Had a chicken pox all over my face,and break out after products used to treat chicken pox and scars. Bristles all over my face, I didn’t go out the house for a week. And its worse bigger than yours. 2 weeks suffer from chicken pox and breakout then it gets scars. Somehow i can go out but hiding with my long hair. Now I’m recovering from scars. I’m sure you will too..patient :) You will be better soon.      I’m just worried you wont address the salon,what if your not the only one they can be victim? Should tell what Salon is this to alarm the others,because they’re using expired products.

  • AgnibanyaDasPoddar

    Oh my dear…..I admire you for the courage to pen all of this down and pray that teh breakout heals fast……Loads of Hugs to you . Take care

  • SudhaaGopinath

    Girl I respect your strength and your golden heart. I had big time acne issues till the age of 24 and would just break down in to horrible tears when anyone even spoke about it. I totally understand what you are going through and wish you speedy recovery without any lasting effects on your skin. Its really brave of you to post this story but could have mentioned the salon’s name as a warning to others, but i respect your decision and i hope the Salon compensates for your good intentions. Take care and believe that everything is well already and is gonna end well. Take care

  • SugandhaChoudhary

    may god give you all the strength and you have a fast recovery dear!

  • perelka

    My dear, I had the same but only the lower jaw and the doctor told me every evening lubricate the face of natural yoghurt and then gently wash off. Never brush face! never touch your face because contagious rest. You put 20 minutes holding a yogurt mask, always use up to improve the skin yogurt, never cream, but yogurt and gently wash your face.

  • perelka

    I forgot to write that yogurt has to be out of the fridge, and that you will start to itch, but it has to be, I wish you luck and patience.

  • sherlykumala96

    I give u a simple tips for u.. If ms.strong agree with my tips.. MiSs may ask me more information about it.
    1. Try to be vegetarian
    2. Try to Avoid from chemistry
    3. Use 1 product! Don’t change any more

  • ng_eching

    I ran into your blog yesterday when I was looking for makeup tips, and when I saw that you were Singaporean too I was SO PROUD that a Singaporean was writing such a good blog that would be useful to Asians everywhere … and then I started looking at your more recent posts and found out about your ordeal. HUGS.
    I remember when I was in P5 I tried popping pimples for the first time and the next morning I woke up with a blood clot that covered my whole nose! I didn’t want to go to school and I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone the truth about what happened. (See, you are brave!) And the first time I ever got my legs waxed (because I had just met someone I liked) I got big huge hives all over them. Like patchwork stockings of mosquito bites! It made me feel sick whenever I looked at them. See, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
    And it never occurred to me before that I never talked to anyone about this; I would happily tell people that Origins moisturisers were all too oily for me (translation: instant pimples) but never the things that actually scared me when I looked at myself. You are so right that we should be sharing this stuff.
    Keep updating us!

  • LadyMojito

    I have been reading your blog for a long time but have never left a comment before now. I know exactly how you feel! I have rare blood disorder called cold urticaria. It is an allergic reaction to cold temperatures the causes coves and welts among other symptoms. Aside from being very itchy and painful it is a hug blow to your self esteem. Even after living with it for nearly thirty years I still have trouble fighting back the tears when the best makeup can’t hide the hives and inflammation. My heart goes out to you. I wish you a speedy recovery and thank you for helping me learn some new makeup skills especially the outer V!

  • Hakkevin

    Dear Bun, 
    To be honnest, I have no idea how I ended-up on your blog while “google-newsing”, but as the curious young fellow I am, I started reading a few lines, then more, then more,down to the end. You definitely have a talent for writing. Your style is light and fresh, making the reading a real pleasure. Even while telling your sad story, my reading experience was not a disgusted feeling at all. Quite the opposit. The feeling was mostly about respect. Respect of a fighting-spirit, a forgiving and optimistic mind. I had a more-than-average acnea during my teenage years and try to put myself in your shoes. I remember the real lack of self-confidence at the time and the itchy remarks of young, unforgiving kids. Needless to say that I wish you the fastest recovery that can be, but facing the truth, some minor scars will remain afterwards and your magic make-up combination will have to become a life-partner. That is ok, you would have put some foundation anyway,right ? You are a blogger (and a fucking good one^^), you will manage to keep yourself busy, writing good stuff like this article. During your recovery, do some more reading. Try books that people advised you to read before but that you haven’t found the time to read yet. Definitely, have a healthy eating-habit for some time. Avoid fat-greasy stuff at all cost as this won’t help at all. I have been in Singapore once last year and tried the famous food-courts, maybe that is not the best meal you can have right now…But above everything, keep smiling to life, even if only with your (beautiful) eyes. I believe for pretty good reasons that your mood will definitely affect your recovery in a good, or a bad way, so work on that side too ! And omg you seem pretty awesome at that. In a couple of month you’ll be fine, this will give you the time to do stuff you couldn’t do before, so try to see things this way. You are a gorgeous young lady under a temporary “mask”, body and soul, and soon enough you’ll be back on track. Just be patient. If you ever come to Shanghai for holidays, drop me a line ([email protected]). I’ll take you for a nice meal out with a bunch of very cool friends, as it would be a great pleasure to make your acquaintance for sure. Take the greatest care and smille, pretty one !***

  • Sorjuela

    The exact same thing happened to me all over my cheeks after I used a “pore reducing, and cleaning” clay mask. It’s not acne, it’s an allergic reaction. Do not use makeup, if you want to heal faster. Any foreign body that can get into your pores will only make it worse. If you have a clairsonic use it with a gentle facial cleanser. Beaides a moisturizer and sun block Don’t use anything else on your skin because it’ll make it harder for your skin to heal. Mine healed in about a week to two. The best product to use is none! Let your body fix it self.

  • Sorjuela

    Oh, I forgot to mention its called Millia.
    Milia are small cysts that are actually little pockets formed from your top skin layer called the epidermis. They look like pinpoint hard white cysts, sometimes with a blackhead like opening to the skin surface. When a person has a lot of them the skin takes on a cobbled appearance.
    The white material in a milium (single for milia) is made up of cells from the dead skin layer called the stratum corneum. Unlike a sebaceous cyst (also called an epidermal inclusion cyst), milia do not form from a pore; they are just a pocket of normal skin that somehow indented, sealed over and the dead cells got trapped.
    So, just use your clairsonic. It will get better. :) I feel your pain. :(

  • elisabellaa

    Hi Bun,

    I was shown your blog post by a friend who knew I am an aspiring beauty blogger. I have been suffering from acne for more than 10 years and it has been the utmost struggle for me. Each time I finally found a skincare regime that gets my acne in control, my skin gets immune to it and I start breaking out again after a few months. Repeat cycle for years. I then took matters more seriously and saw a dermatologist who prescribed me with Accutance. And even with that, it only cured me temporarily. I relapsed into breakouts after 4 cycles of the medication. I was left heartbroken with a gaping hole in my savings. And worst of all, I saw very little hope.

     It really is depressing and I completely get you about plummeting self-confidence.
    Although I know that it is just appearances and there are more important things in life, I believe our appearances is what gives us the boost of extra confidence to make it much further in life. But now, I also believe that having gone through all of this (and also for you, I’m sure) has given me a more profound outlook in life and in other people. It’s hard not to when all I try to do is to find reasons why this has to happen to me. 
    I now face it one day at a time, and hope for the best. I’ll never stop trying and try to keep my head held high. It is so hard but that’s where people who love us comes in and make a bad situation a tiny bit better. And that is really all it takes.

    This is one of the main reasons why I want to be part of the blogging community. To be able to reach to people out there who are silently struggling with the same things I am struggling with. 
    I salute you for being so honest and having such integrity facing all of this.
    Keep smiling. I know this will sound corny but I can already tell from just this one post that I have read, that you are a beautiful person.

  • beatifulyogi

    I had a similar thing happen to me at age 26. I’m 31 now. When I broke out, it was horrible. I had always had acne as well, but I could manage it. It was my 2nd year of graduate school. I had an amazing internship, but I was lonely an not making friends as fast as I wanted to. I had always depended on my beauty (I found out then) because it gave me an advantage over other people in social setting, when interviewing, when going to a club/party ( though I didn’t do that much). I had depended on my beauty so much in so many ways, especially to make me feel better than other people who had things I wanted, but didn’t have. I didn’t have a close family, I didn’t have a boyfriend, I didn’t have enough love for the person I was inside or for others–but I didn’t care to develop in a lot of ways because being beautiful and getting approval from others for my beauty seems like enough for me. I wanted to look better, so I ended up doing something to my face and it got infected. I was frantic and kept making it worse. I ended up using acid that actually gave me more scars and going to dermatologists that couldn’t help me.

     During the experience, my internship ended and I couldn’t find another one because I couldn’t bare to go out in public. I hated myself. I couldn’t look in the mirror either and my room was full of mirrors. Since I couldn’t find another internship/job, I moved back home and in a series of unfortunate events (including losing a loved on) I ended up leaving school for a few years. 
    During the time that I was out of school, I had a couple of experiences. I had healed and was okay despite scaring that have from the acne. I got a job and everything was okay, but my self-esteem was so low.  I dated men and fell for crazy ones who ended up hurting me because they showed interest in me. I felt depressed. Finally, I decided to take up yoga and I was able to connect to a deeper beauty and validate myself. I was able to focus on living life from my heart and not from my face. I know that this will make sense to you. When you are very conscious of your face and you look out into the world, you see your face first and then everything else. You see the world through a lens of negativity because the first thing you consider is how ugly you think you are. This is painful and doesn’t allow you to enjoy life. You must live from your heart first, open your heart through yoga. Connect to something deeper and your self-conscious, narcissistic tenancies will slowly heal. I know you will have your learning process as you heal, but don’t forget your worth as a person.

    Bun– you will be happy again. You will be visibly beautiful again. But, this time your beauty will be earned. It will be deep and lasting. You will continue to learn what is important and develop your humanity, and help others to be more fully human in your presence.You will validate the beauty (inner and outer) of those around you.You will also see how many people, even very beautiful people are supremely insecure because they’ve never had to develop in other ways to back up their beauty, like us. See this as a blessing and it won’t be so painful. You are alive, you have all your limbs. When you look at your scars in the mirror, be proud for the lessons that will make your stronger.

  • Ikakumon

    Hello Bun,
    I have very sensitive skin too and never have smooth skin since my puberty because acne. 2 years ago, I decided to see one of skin clinic that has big and famous. My skin became smooth and acne-free after few months. But after a year, I found big acne on my face and sometimes under my skin (i never had big acne before) after I saw my doctor. Under her treatments, she always change creams, cleanser, etc. And made me feels like I was her experimental subject. Then I stopped to go there and browsing for acne products (its very difficult to find one that suit me well). 
    2 months after I used acne-line products (foam cleanser, moisturiser, acne-gel, acne-concealer) my skin got worse. Not only big acnes but also pimples all over my face. I wasn’t confident to get out from house with that skin. Every people who knows me always asking me, “why do you have acne? last time your skin was so smooth, bla bla bla …” and I just answered “I used the wrong products”. 
    Everytime I touched my skin there’s no smooth spot. Only pimples and redness. Even in my forehead (I rarely have acne there) and my nose were so rough. I stopped using that products and back to used Johnson’s baby Milk bath and the day after I used baby milk bath, my skin got better. But I have to found the way I can get rid of pimples. I read lot of natural ingredients, products for sensitive skin, dermatologist, etc. 
    Then once again, I brave my self to go to the best dermatologist in town. I ever heard them, their treatment was so expensive depend on your skin. For the first coming, I should met the doctor before I did facial treatment. I told her what products I used, last skin doctor, etc. Then she explain to me which treatment that suit my skin. She offered me their products but I refused (I was scared how expensive it was and their effect my skin). So I just did Acne facial treatment. 
    The first acne facial treatment make me feels good. They are professionals, I understand why the treatment was so expensive. The therapist always explained to me what she did on my face, showed me the tools was new, clean, and sterile. My pimples got extracted. Not all, but most of them. After that I got acne peeling (it feels burn my face) which make the pimples and acne bacteria that under my skin killed. Then my face got aloe vera mask. Feels in heaven when she applied the mask. 
    Actually after my first coming, my skin condition not really different. The doctor told me that I have to go once for 2 weeks for treatments. The treatments are acne facial- acne peeling (chemical peeling to exfoliate first layer of the skin) – acne facial – acne peeling – post acne facial. It cost me much money and sooooooo expensive!!! OMG… I never spent my money like I spent for them. I only buy their products (they used US Products called Therapeutic, I think Singapore has in Toa Payoh) for once. 
    I feel my skin get better after third meeting. And I started to used ETUDE AC Clinic ACNE LINE (I used it till now :D) then for the fifth meeting the therapist told me that no need to do acne facial because my skin was too dry from acne treatment.She offered me post acne facial for scar and reduce redness. That was my latest meeting before I move in to Singapore. My skin right now is better and better. I can’t tell you that my skin is  acne/pimples-free right now, but its get better. 
    I was learn and experience that skincare is very important and not to used/ try different products. Even if my skin is not acne free, I love my skin and want to treat it better. And when I found the right products I’ll try to used it regularly and try not to attract with others. 
    Bun, I know how is your feeling. Support from friends and families are the most. DON’T hear what people said about your skin face (They don’t know how hard it is, your effort, your cost, etc). Just let them go. I believe, your skin will get better and better. And the time for you to smile freely like the past will come. 
    Don’t give up!!! Lift your head, smile, and say “I am beauty, and nobody like me” If I can pass my lowest point because acne, sure you can!!! 😀 😀 😀 


  • RoseCienegaSpa

    Hi dear Bun.  WOW!  I AM SO SORRY TO READ THIS! 
    I too own a skincare clinic, we are in Beverly Hills, however, we take hygiene VERY SERIOUSLY. Our steps to clean our utensils, and clinic, are a lengthy detailed one, which is followed through in every single skin or body treatment protocol we do. For the sake of truly understanding HOW AND WHY this happened to you, one it would be prudent to learn what exactly caused this, but more importantly, it sounds like the clinic does not follow a strict code of hygiene which caused this bacterial infection, which means this probably WILL HAPPEN AGAIN TO SOMEONE ELSE!!
    While on one hand I am happy you went back to the clinic, most consumers would never even dare a second visit, the clinic did more wrong in further extractions.  This is why it is super important to look for a medical-grade skin care facility.  Medical grade means the business is a medical one, usually with a doctor and nurses, which also means they follow a higher set of standards. Your face was already sensitized and any further manipulation to what definitely looks like a bacterial infection is just CAUSE FOR MORE AGGRESSIVE BACTERIA BUILD UP.   What the clinic should have done is given you a full disclosure on what protocol your esthetician used, in fact, your esthetician should have showed you the exact facial she did on you.  I would contact them again and have them show you, step-by-step, the procedure they did on you, I am sure you will see that there was some cross-contamination, which upon finding out, will help your doctor in treated your skin faster. 
    Btw, how are the medications helping?  Is your skin getting better?  Just so you know, your skin WILL get better, and may also be BETTER THAN IT EVER WAS.  Your skin is one of the most resilient organs you have, and its healing powers are incredible, so fret not my dear, wait this awful thing out, enjoy your time at home with your blog which reaches and helps many people, and in time, your skin will look like this never happened. 
    If you need help please feel free to contact me. :) 
    Rose @ Cienega Spa

  • NaseemAttar

    you are such a brave girl. i really wish u all the best and i hope and pray that your problem will go away. i am suffering from acne breakout as well, not this serious but yes my acne is also bad

  • celinedev

    i am so sorry to hear about your experience. but i truly admire your bravery throughout this entire process. i went through a similar experience too with my skin. at first i mistaken it as a pimple and popped it. after that point onward, the once small pimple grew into a cluster of them until it covered the entire bottom half of my face. i went to the doctor and she told me that i had impetigo which is a skin infection. also, she said that popping the puss made it worse because the contents in the puss can transfer to other parts of your skin and face. thus, my doctor also recommended that avoid sharing any of my personal makeup or lotion with anyone else to prevent this infection from spreading. she advised that i change my pillow case and face towel very often, disposed of any other creams or makeup that came into contact with my skin since the infection, avoid scrubbing and irritating the blisters, and to gently clean my face. 
    i hope that this would help a bit. keep your head up high because you are always beautiful.

  • JaslynGuiltyCrown

    Hi woman! XD I swear man the way ya dye your hair is amazing! I don’t know what it’s supposed to do but I’ve never seen such highlights before! Usually it’s only at the ends only (ombré I think lol). I’ve always wanted to be more unique in my style T.T HAISS. TSK. Please, tell moi which hair salon. Also I really think you look like mixed ang mor – bonus sia! Btw, have ya ever considered wigs? I know they’re fake but GAWD I luv them!

  • kat_neo

    I’m sorry to hear your story. *hugs* I can understand as I had really good skin before I went US. My pimples just started to populate my face due to the weather changes. I had depression and didn’t want to go out. One lesson I learnt is to not aggravate it further. Just use gentle cleaner and aloe vera for a few days and observe again.

  • ElayeAmbili

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  • ElinaMark

    Many consumers are under the impression that labels on cosmetics offer some kind of protection. Unfortunately this is not the case, especially in the USA where personal care ingredients don’t need FDA approval, any health studies or pre-market testing.

  • ShovoShake

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  • winniezz

    Hi, I have the same thing now and I dont know what to do… my face was clear the day before an in less than a day its like blah! i didnt even go to school today. Did you find a solution to yours?

  • MaryanneHope

    I’m really sad to see what has happened to your beautiful face….I know how badly you feel right now…
    if I may suggest to you a few tips to help with the healing process..
    try not to use tap water on your face… if you have to wash your face, use bottled mineral water, Evian….
    try to keep your face dry…. stay away from fragranced skin care products….
    in fact, I would give the beautician a wide berth for a very long time…. sometimes they over stimulate the sebaceous glands…..
    keep your hair brushed away from your face… sometimes the hair products that you are using , have an adverse effect with the beauty salon chemicals…
    allow the skin to dry out, it will get itchy but what ever you do, do not scratch with your finger nails, as the bacteria from them will cause a scarring…
    be mindful of what you eat… nothing oily, no fizzy drinks….. drink plenty of bottled water….. green tea… lemon water, slightly warm….
    take an antihistamine…. one per day… I would suggest take at night , it should help you to sleep…and should work on the allergic reaction…..
    And I agree DrS are rubbish….. stay with Natural Healing only….
    be patient, it will go away… but please try my suggestions….
    my email is…
    best regards

  • MaryanneHope

    Try an over the counter anti-hystamine  one per day….
    Do not use water on your face…..If you must, then do not use tap water…..use bottled water only…
    Do not use anything on your face…. allow the skin to dry……keep all make up off….
    Only use face, flannels and towels, which are white pure cotton…. ONLY…YOU MUST ONLY USE EACH ONE, ONLY ONCE, THEN WASHED IN VERY HOT WATER this shall sterilize….
    Do not touch the skin with your finger nails…Do not scratch, as you will only transfer bacteria from you finger nails…end result permanent scarring….
    Do not use facial products containing ANY perfumes…
    You have a bacterial infection, caused by poor hygiene standards at you salon…. may be the therapist herself or the transfer of bacteria from another client… yuk!… as you know, everyone wants the money…so everyone gets churned out like a conveyor belt….
    One other thing to consider, the over stimulation, of glands can cause an eruption like this….
    Take your own skin care products with you to the salon… Go to a top salon, they allow you to do this… Obviously you will buy their products….this is the only way to safeguard proper hygiene…
    It will go away…. keep your hair off it…
    pure zinc cream, from the pharmacist, applied finely…do not rub in..
    place a pea size portion on the palm of your hand, place the other hand on top, turn away… lay hands across the length of the face, with ever so slight pressure. then leave it…

  • winniezz

    MaryanneHope Thank you so much. I thought I wouldn’t get a reply. I’ve been drinking alot of water. My mom got me aveeno 1% Hydrocortisone but im to scared to put it on because I dont know how my face will react. 
    I used witch hazel on my jaw line because its starting to spread on my neck sort of but i dont know if its actually working. 
    can you give me an example of a pure zinc cream I should get and the anti-histamine i should get as well

  • cinplicity

    Where was this facial done? So I know never to go there.

  • myMusicalSeoul

    Wow, I’m so sorry you have had to deal with these. I was looking up way to get rid of my acne scarring and this came up. I really wish you the best! I remember being in South Korea this summer and thinking how wonderful everyone’s skin looked. Then I saw a couple of people with acne, but nothing like I see here in the US. When I came back from S. Korea I started to break out. I guess it was from no longer using skin care products. I’m not sure, but seriously 3 days after I got back I started really breaking out. I don’t really break out too much so I was very shocked. I got huge bumps on my cheeks. It was awful. Make up covered it for the most part, but then I started getting more and some on the other side too. I even got two weird ones on my neck and now I have two neck scars as well. I am quite sad because I am going back to Korea to teach English in January. I want my skin to look good too. It’s so hard being in a country where good skin is so important. I am grateful for the way it is because I really was not taking care of my skin and friends in Korea showed me that.  
    I really do hope things get better for you.

  • LauTianAi

    Wah my sis also have the same experience as yours. But not so bad. And the salon just keep on asking her to top up to make her skin better. So unethical… The salon is Shakura. I had do a search on Internet n realized they had cause a lot of skin problem to ppl hu went to their facial….

  • YiShi729

    I teared up a bit reading this. I really hope things get better for you. Things will get better in time, and I’m sure you’ll be back to your old self in no time at all.
    While you’re healing, have you tried oatmeal? I used it as a face mask when I had a horrible breakout of mine and it soothed the itching and redness so well.

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    BDW, I know some ways that might help. And I’m glad to share it with you if you are interested. You can visit my blog – where there is supplements etc. If you are interested, I can recommend and see if you can find it over in Singapore. (My contact Number is on my blog – feel free to Whatsapp.)

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    Remember, u still beautiful ^_^ stay strong

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    Did you filled out a Client Form before the facial?? Did they ask about any kind of allergies you might have? 
    I know you don’t want so tell the company, but could you say the products they use in the facial?? 
    Bless your heart. You are so beautiful.

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    Honey, I can’t imagine how hard it is for you right now.
    I have had a bad case of acne and can share you feeling (probably just the tip of the iceberg).
    Please don’t use all sorts of topicals. I would really suggest  to use something without soup or harsh chemicals, and your skin needs to breath. Cetaphil face wash is good to clean the skin. Please please get good probiotics, take it everyday, it will help you. Drink lots of water. Maybe see a naturopath?

  • Ginni20

    Hey Bun, has your face got any better? I feel with you. I have bad acne as well… I mostly get bumps and then they literally never leave, even if I’d squash them, they come back the same place as a “blackhead” and I have spots everywhere. My skin got so dry and liny, I hate looking in the mirror. But I’m trying to not use any cream or make-up anything at all for a month and I’m looking what will happen. So far, my face doesn’t look different, yet I’ve only had one pimple in one week (doing this since a week, soo). I hope your face will get better. Don’t give up the hope though 😉
    Good Luck and be better. You have a lot of courage and I and a lot of people respect that 😉

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  • winniezz

    Whatever you do. Do not pop it or touch it. Go to your dermatologist and they should prescribed you antibiotics because it’s bacteria and a cream for the face called triamcinolone cream it’s laterite cream. Do not put to much. It pretty much sheds the top layer of your skin to kill the bacteria but don’t put to much because it thins out your face. I was lucky enough because my dermatologist had the same thing before because she has products at her place and she got it once. I hope your get better. Just DO NOT touch it! It’s going to scar it’s not pimple or acne it’s just bacteria.

  • monokun8

    Oh my… Try Dove soap “only” it dries pimples and heals it, it really cleans our face, many dermatologist recommends Dove soap because its mild, and gentle. Made for sensitive skin. I have tried Dove and Its true that dove is really good on our face, it improves my skin, until now I’m using it. Be strong and don’t worry, things are gonna get better.  Just have faith and be contented : ) Goodluck!

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  • yildizosmanli

    I made mine go away by using a clean pimple extract tool and washing my hands always also I used clearasil tinted acne cream and in 2 months I was normal

  • Exoixx

    I know this was written months ago but I have to tell you, I went through the exact same thing 2 years ago. The symptoms were exactly the same but I hadn’t had a facial and honestly cannot remember using anything different on my skin – i’ve always used the same products but I assume I must have put something different on my face. Well, whatever the reason, it began with a huge cluster of flesh coloured bumps just on my forehead, overnight these became pink then red. The spots also began to appear on my chin and all over my forehead and progressively got redder and angrier and continued to spread across my forehead, temples, around my eyebrows, chin, cheeks and neck.
    After 3 days the spots seemed to ‘dry’ and they looked exactly as yours did after your first extraction. They were insanely sore (almost felt like sunburn sometimes too?) and itchy.
    Your photos really reminded me of it when I saw the spots around your eyebrows
    I only went to the doctor after two weeks when they had not gotten any better – some spots went away but new ones grew in their place and it was still continuing to spread down my neck.
    Reading your post it reminded me of how I felt – it was awful, wondering if i would ever have my clear skin again. Not wanting to go out of the house etc

    I had an absolute nightmare with the dermatologists I saw. The first one, as with you, told me it was an acne breakout and that it ‘happens’ etc etc It took me a month to finally get prescribed some anti-biotics, which I took for three months.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, the anti-biotics worked (as did using Nizoral shampoo on my face – I had a suspicion it was a fungal infection of some sort). I know this was months ago so you probably already know this, but I did not have any scarring when I got rid of them, there is a little pigmentation left but it’s barely noticeable.

    I’d still love to know what caused it.

  • espee8929

    I urge anyone that reads this comment, to use this product with caution, and if you do choose to buy this product, make sure to also purchase the entire set. (i.e astrigent, lotion)

    I have ok skin, black heads here and there, but never a real break out of massive red pimples… However, my niece shared with me this face wash that since she had sensitive skin wasnt able to use anymore, well I hadn’t had any problems with any kind of facewash, and I have tried quite a few, just to get a feeling of what I like the most. For your information, I have been keeping with Clean&Clear pink grapefruit, or the orange exfoliation bottle. Never any problems, and it has been 1+ year.

    So, just to try this wash/exfoliater, about a week and a half ago, after using the wash, and astrigent package my face felt amazing, and clean. Glowing. I even went to the gym and after my face working up a sweat from my hour work out, on the drive home, my face stillll felt fresh, and clean.  Of course I would still lightly wash it again to get rid of sweat.. Anyways, this has been my regimen every day or every other day. (Didnt want to exfoliate to much) 

    And now, here I am, Sunday day I had taken my morning shower, and the only different this time around is that when I did wash my face, I was a little excessive with force with the exfoliater. But immediately following, my face felt fine, and clean. I had slipped my mind to use the astrigent. I wasnt going to wear any make up that day, so I just continued on with my day… Well yesterday morning, (Monday)I noticed my chin was a litle swollen.. and I looked closely and my skin on my chin looked as if raised, and felt like brail to the touch, rough. I looked closely and I had the tiniest little white bumps all over my chin. I freaked out!!!! 

    As the day progressed it seemed to have been getting better. I am too scared to use that wash again. So this morning, I washed my face with my original face wash, and it looked much much better.

    Only now, I am at work, and looked in the mirror, and there are more tiny little white bumps.. 

    I do not have the spare money, or insurance to visit a dermatologist at this time, So I really am just playing the waiting game for the next few days, and hope that with my normal wash, and original astrigent will help…

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  • innaLaciste

    did you wash your face after the facial? I heard from my mom’s dermatologist that you should not wash your face after a facial or put anything on your face yet because your pores are open and washing it with water or putting on makeup after will cause pores to clog or cause the pimple to inflame. Anyway, that is what I hear from my mom when she gets her facial. She must not wash it with water the whole day and do it the day after the facial. :) 

    This was proven to be true when I tried pricking my face and splashed my face with water. It suddenly grew looots of pimples on my forehead. 

    Not really sure but that is just to share the info

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    Ohhhh my god. Thank you for posting this. I’ve never gotten a facial before, and now I’m scared out of my mind to get one!!! These images gave me goosebumps, made me itchy, and might have lightly traumatized me (I REALLY don’t like seeing bad acne)… 
    That being said, I am eternally grateful you shared this experience, with pictures, here. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. At the very least, you were able to turn it into a lesson! <3

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  • kaykay143rayray

    Oh my gosh. I have had to deal with eczema my whole life and you’re right. People will make run of you, they will judge you and you will cry. I’m only 15 so I can’t say any words of wisdom like you’ll grow out of it but hopefully you keep The Faith and heal completely. It is truly inspiring to see someone so CONFIDENT they can show the pictures to the World Wide Web and say I don’t care. True inner beauty

    Kay Kay

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  • yildizosmanli

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  • raspberryred

    Well I have been going for facial once every 3-4weeks for about 6 going on 7 years now and I have never had this issue. My facials include face wash-super painful facial extraction-being zapped to kill bacteria-cooling massage to reduce redness-selected mask and although I also have crazy redness and wounds all over from the extraction (I have v bad acne. Uh. Inflamed pus-y types since I was 14. )Anyway. It never gets this bad because I have to use some crazy painful antibacterial ampoule thing after every time I wash my face after facial (for abt a week) that keeps it from become inflamed while its an open wound. Came across this while checking out whether there’s a faster way to reduce redness after facial but hmm… idk but it looks like they either didnt extract fully and your pimppies were still clogged or you applied makeup/moisturizer/oily things that really just agitated the open wounds. I think facial extractions probably arent your kind thing. All the best.

  • AliceCao

    hearingxcolors  i think i might be terrified of getting facials now too, gosh i don’t care about how it might look later on but that looked so painful. that was posed about 10 months ago so i hope that her skin doesn’t hurt or itch now.

  • thatweirdfella

    You are a beauty expert. 
    I am a guy  suffering from acne and scars. 
    I’d still recommend – Try massaging olive oil or coconut oil very gently rinsing with mildly warm water. Be very gentle. It helped me and hope it helps you. Stay away from chemicals.

  • rebeccawyne
  • DaliaRuiz

    thatweirdfella  coconut oil can cause comedogenic reaction in some people

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  • ZiaheartCrystal

    I have such sensitive skin, before hypo-allergenic make-up I used to break out for a month for one day of wearing make-up. As expected, I avoided wearing make-up unless it couldn’t be avoided. One time it was particularly bad, though. I don’t even remember why I was wearing make-up. All I know is that there was a huge rash on my left eyelid that left my eyelids feeling heavy and droopy. I had to walk around with my left eye half-closed at all times. It was like that for over a month. It was so bad that I was seeing doubles.

    I had never considered doing plastic surgery. Sure, there were things about my face and about my body I wish were different, but I always considered that plastic surgery were only for those who would have medical issues if left alone (such as burn victims). This rash over my eyes seriously made me consider getting plastic surgery, just so that I wouldn’t be seeing double any more. I was constantly dizzy and feeling tired and sleepy.

    It’s been years since then and my left eye-lid has healed. However, it hasn’t been the same and it probably will never return to the way it was. I had always considered my left eye prettier than my right, but after that ordeal I do not like my left eye any more. Though I no longer see doubles and I no longer consider plastic surgery as a solution, my left-eye is still smaller than it used to be and its crease over the eye shallower than it used to be. It’s also more hooded, which means in order to apply eye-liner evenly I need to apply my left with my eyes open and tight-line my right; unless I do so, the liner for my left may as well not be there and liner on my right would seem heavier in comparison, at least with my eyes open.

    I’m definitely thankful for hypo-allergenic and extra sensitive make-up being more accessible these days. But the trauma of those days still weigh heavy on my mind. I take a rest day for my skin whenever I can get away with it, and I do keep the amount of product I have on my face to the minimum. And I never ever wear make-up bare-faced. I always make sure to have a thick mask of moisturiser and sunscreen between my face and my make-up.

  • ZiaheartCrystal

    kaykay143rayray  as someone who has also suffered from eczema since infant-hood and also as someone who is at least ten years older than you, I know how you feel. But don’t worry! It can be controlled! Despite my eczema, everyone who sees me these days complements me on my skin. They say that it doesn’t look as if I have any pores and that my skin is near perfect. It is possible. It will be hard work trying to fight against the urge and the instinct to scratch, but if I can do it, so can you! Don’t feel discouraged! :)

  • HappyArielle

    I have skin allergy (eczema, hives, sping allergy) and I had similar allergy reaction like yours if I use sun cream (most sun cream have ingredients I’m allergic to) or go outdoors for too long in spring (I blame it on pollen) I get this allergy reaction that comes in patches and it looks almost like yours.
    They’re mostly on my face and I can’t wear makeup at all! I tried washing my face gently, using aloe vera moisturizers, trying not to dry out my face and hope it goes away FAST!
    After that I totally learned my lesson. No more aimlessly buying sun cream, look at ingredients before buying products, don’t go outdoors when pollen are strong during spring, appreciate summer, worship winter & aloe vera (they calm my face down more) and research treatment before getting them.
    My face got so much better now after carefully caring for my face! I hope you never have to experience that (horrible horrifying experience) ever again.
    Take care! xoxo

  • yildizosmanli

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  • AlaaH

    i’m really sorry for what happend to you, honey
    Why don’t you use honey mixed with water mask
    before you go to sleep (for better results)
    It really healps my skin and my mom’s (along with drinking a cup of honey water daily)
    Try Myrrah wash
    I heared lots of people recommend it
    You have to be patient because the results take time
    don’t foreget to moisturize your skin after it
    Try to eat healthy everyday
    Exercise in the morning
    Use only natural homemade masks

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  • Kingbren

    I just came across this and oh god, no. I wanted to cry so bad, what they’ve done to you is seriously terrible. I really don’t know what to say :(
    I feel you about the insecurities, my face isn’t flawless and I have post-acne hyperpigmentation around my cheek and chin area. Plus my face is oily most of the time, I can’t help but feel insecure whenever I talk or look directly at someone, especially when a new slight breakout (mostly due to hormones during my pre-menstrual phase).
    Anyways, it’s almost a year now since this post. I really hope your skin is mostly healed if not completely. Stay strong and de-stress!! You’re beautiful in and out :) <3

  • MoritzWander

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  • HanshiniDesh

    This is exactly what happened to me. 
    Never had any pimple. 
    Then after a facial…bam! 
    Pus filled pimple everywhere all over my face..
    Since then ive been using face washes that tend to calm it down and lower the problems..but it doesn’t cure it! it’s been 4 years already since i had my 1st outbreak from that facial! 
    Since than my life has been horrible! :( 
    Anyone who actually came across this succeeded in healing it? Please help us! :(

  • nessarapaee

    OH MY GODDDDD….I’M SO SCARED!! this is my pics. I just had my facial treatment today. My skin is burninggggggg!!

  • SmileyEyes

    I think you are extremely brave to put those pics on the World Wide Web !
    I came across this because I did a home facial steam and have had a small breakout on my chin,
    and so I did a Google search which led me here.
    Those spots were unbelievable…..I would have been crying my eyes out if that happened to me !
    As each photo showed my mouth was getting wider and wider with shock :-O
    Us women don’t have it easy !

  • Snowypepper

    Hey I used a product in Malaysia that gave me severe breakouts! It also caused me to babe breakouts when I take supplements and heaty foods. I stop using the cleanser and have been drinking barley powder mixed with water. You should try. Melrose barley powder from Australia is the brand I am drinking. You should give its try!

  • Snowypepper

    I used Nano white cleanser from Malaysia and it caused severe breakouts! It also caused me to breakout even when I take supplements and heaty foods. I tried all sorts of treatments with doctors, herbs, Chinese meds, etc but nothing worked! Now I am drinking barley powder mixed with water and it does help to clear my skin. You should try. Melrose barley powder from Australia is the brand I am drinking.
    Popular pearl cream from Thailand may help but don’t use too much and for too long. You can buy from beauty shop at Lucky Plaza for $1. My sis had severe breakouts and they went away after using the cream. Just try out on one or two of your pimples.

  • mcwini

    I stumbled upon this while researching on why I suddenly have small clusters of blisters on my face. A few days ago I noticed some acne on my forehead and I was given an acne cream, which I applied topically every night. Instead of getting rid of the acne, the cream burned my skin. I have blisters, inflammation and red skin. It’s nowhere as bad as yours, although it’s bothering me. It itches, it burns and I don’t know if it will let up. I think the acne cream must have expired but I couldn’t find an expiration date on the tube. 

    I hope by now your skin has healed, and you must be a very nice person not to sue or even name the salon that did this to you!

  • SolomonJoy

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  • SaraSaraBoBara

    If it makes you feel any better, I have a major sensitivity to pesticides and have on a couple occasions had the same thing happen when walking by landscapers spraying. One time, I had a particularly bad allergic reaction, it looked much worse than yours and covered nearly 50% of my body, face, neck, chest, belly, arms, thighs, knee pits, etc. (I was 20 at the time)… VERY itchy and painful, and very embarrassing. It did take a few of months for my skin to heal completely, but I have absolutely no permanent scarring. The last time this happened was about a year ago, not as intense though, and you would never know by looking at me today (I’m 27 now). I’m telling you this in hopes that it will give you a positive outlook on your future. I have always had nice skin and it was horrifying to look like such a monster, I certainly thought I would never look that same again, but thankfully I was wrong! 


  • ShashaPixieYang

    LauTianAi Shakura?! No wonder my acne has worsened! T_T

  • Songsharen

    Hey Bun.. I once got such a skin rash like this. I came to a doctor and recently understood that I may be allergic to makeup products. Allergies do not develop right after applying the makeup though. It accumulates after a year. From now on better using hypoallergenic makeup products or none at all. I took prescriptions for 2 weeks of Loratadine. So, better check to a dermatologist. Hope you get better Bun :)

  • monicadennis

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    so sorry to learn of your predicament.
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    I wish you well.

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  • TerrieDawson

    I’m so thrilled it definitely take much confidence to upload such
    problems globally. What I feel is that dermatologist consultation
    before using any make up product is important. Good luck for the
    future :)

  • TinaSaiter

    This is what looked like on the first day right after treatments. I had a deep cleansing facial. I told her I was so sensitive and she said her products were great for oily skin etc. I was worried right after. I honestly think people with very sensitive skin shouldn’t get a facial unless they have good skin. I didn’t think I would feel crappy I thought facials were nice and relaxing..hahaha

  • TinaSaiter

    How many weeks did it take you to heal??

  • monicadennis

     <I honestly think people with very sensitive skin shouldn’t get a facial unless they have good skin.>
    You are right because currently, all beauticians are trained the grand-mother tails of doing things by heresies. One just follow another blindly without any scientific facts. So, it’s like the blind leading the blinds.
    This guy had hypersensitive skin with ezcema and went to Dr Pierre for their unique facials, and he was cured just after a few treatments. Look at his photos here, and this is their website->

  • monicadennis

    I have gone through 7 years of stress, trying all sorts of gimmicks and machines, and also visited several dermatologists, and my condition went from bad to worst, after it started with a rash and itch from a beautician in a salon who used micro-dermabrasion on me to smoothen my skin, and after using their collagen products my skin became nearly unrecognisable. I wasted close to $200,000 in my 7 years of suffering.
    When I finally went to Dr Pierre, I was already sold with his amazing radical knowledge and education that made so much sense which I have never heard anywhere before in my whole life. Treatment by Dr Pierre took me only less than 3 weeks to see my complexion becoming even better than when I was 18. I’m 39 and married with 3 children now. I was, frankly, extremely amazed and shocked to see more than 50% of my redness gone even just after my first treatment. And after using his products at home and throwing away all my other products, in less that one week, I think almost 70% of my problems were gone, and I spent at that time only about $4,800 on Dr Pierre facials and products. So, I saved tremendous amount of my time, money and disappointment.

  • einstien429

    Thank you
    so much for such a great blog.

  • LeebaW

    I know this happened a long time ago, but I just came across this post and I think sharing your story was very brave and important. There are are a ton of beauty blogs where people pretend that everything is perfect 100% of the time. Skin conditions are complicated and often there is no magic bullet. Acne can make people feel awful and socially isolated, and I think awareness is key. Maybe then compassion (different than pity) will replace disgust. I do think you should sue, though. That’s not just acne – it’s a severe skin infection that caused you loss of income as well as emotional hardship. It’s clear that the salon did not properly clean something.

  • Lisa Rose

    Hey I used a product in Canada that broke my skin out. I
    stop using the cleanser and have been drinking barley powder mixed with
    water. You should try. I was able to clear most of my skin up with a product called Nerium

  • slimcolvin1

    hello did the product damage your skin or what?

  • slimcolvin1

    are you feeling good for the product you use and what happened to you when you use the product can you explain more better so that i can understand very well

  • Lisa Rose

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    That goes to show that you can never trust a salesperson to recommend you things he or she thinks will cure anything…I am forever scarred by the ordeal, but I learn to just stick with the gentle facial regime my skin is used to, and my raging skin grew calmer after months of gel moisturisers, inflammatory prescriptions and no facial scrubs. 

    Thank you for sharing your experience. 


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  • namgyu_baby

    Hi Bun Bun. My face is exactly like yours right now. It looks “less terrible” in pic thanks to my phone’s inability to capture well, it’s MANY times worse in real life. Last Thursday after I ate something I’m allergic to, tiny red bumps with pus appeared one by one and slowly cover my whole face. The meds for allergy did nothing this time round.
    I look scary as ever and I just can’t not get disgusted at myself. I might not be pretty like you but at least I looked decent enough to face the world before. At this moment my self-esteem is at the lowest point. As if the horrifying face isn’t enough, I’m all itchy and feverish and it gives me constant headache as well. I can’t go to work and for sure I’ll skip the Christmas eve party tonight and any event tomorrow.
    I’m glad you healed, really hope I would heal too. May I know what did the 2nd GP tell you and what meds did he/she prescribe you?? Many doctors in Indonesia are like the 1st GP you met. I’m honestly afraid they would only make things worse; that’s the last thing I need right now.
    I know I need to see a doctor but I still refuse to see one because of that. It would be a great help if you could kindly share so that I could use them as “standards” when I do see a doctor later. Hope you can promptly reply to this, I would really appreciate that. Thanks in advance.

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    Hello bun bun,i have done facial myself,but after a week my face has suddenly flared up with itchy pimples all over.I have used the same facial kit before but never had a problem.when i visited doctor she asked me if i have had a massage over my face.Am unable to get rid of them…………..will the acne subside by itself if it is due to massage?how long will it take?or do i need to get medical help……………..plz help me

  • michellew925

    I recently got a small rash on my face after a facial. However, the aesthetician asked if I had any allergies beforehand. I said not that I know of. I guess I was wrong since I have this rash now. In their defense, how are they supposed to know if we have any allergies? I’m sure what happened to you and I does not happen to everyone. If that was the case, they’d change their products. I know it’s a terrible experience, but you can’t completely blame the salon for your skin allergy.

  • ZiaheartCrystal

    I think a big part of this was the reactions of the salon and the doctor: not just that she had an allergic reaction. I mean, she could have posted the name of the salon if she really felt they were at fault, but she never did. But really. They couldn’t have seen that she’d have such a reaction, but they shouldn’t have tried to minimize their culpability by claiming that she had an acne breakout and that it’s normal, which obviously isn’t true when a doctor says that it was the worst that he had seen.

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  • awkwardgreentea

    Hello BunBun,
    I’d like to start out by saying you’re not alone. I started suffering from acne when I was in the fourth grade. I’m currently 17, an early college student living with acne, and all the fun filled itchiness, inflammation, redness, and sensitivity that comes with it. I was suffering tremendously due to being harassed at school, bullied, by my peers for not just my acne, but a variety of things. I went to a dermatologist. When I went, I was thinking that this would solve my problem, this person had a degree specifically to help people with skin problems. That dermatologist made things worse, not once, not twice but three times. I didn’t realize that she had been giving me prescriptions that SHE WAS PAID TO ENDORSE. I would go home excited, thinking my skin would get better, that I wouldn’t be bullied so much anymore and I’d use the product as prescribed. My skin became both dry and oily at the same time, it flaked off of my face as though I had a sunburn, it was like this for months. My acne got worse, not just the hideous whiteheads, but inflamed infected pimples and cysts under my skin that were painful, even without touching them. I cried when I washed my face, and I hated looking in a mirror. I would walk with my face towards the ground because I didn’t want people to see me. It made me hate how I looked even more than I did already. My self confidence was obliterated, smashed to pieces. After months, and then years, of this I ended up having a fit. I threw all of the products my dermatologist gave me away and just cried, thinking it would never get better. I tried home remedies, natural ingredients that wouldn’t agitate my sensitive skin, knowing that my allergies had to be kept in mind, and you know what? It got better. My skin evened its type out, from oily and flaky to combination, and my acne gradually got better. My skin is still red in places, but it’s evened out. And even thoug I still get acne, and I know I probably will continue to get acne, it’s better than Iit has ever been. Reading your story really touched me, because I took no pictures of myself during the months, then years, I suffered from my horrible skin. I lost a lot of opportunities to look back at the happier times during this when I actually made friends who cared about me for me. Your capability to share your story, and pictures, really touched me. I want you to know that it can, and for you likely will, get better.
    Best wishes,
    From someone who understands

  • RomanitzaTitta

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  • anonymous9685

    I havent read through all the comments here but I was wondering if anyone had suggested you might have more than a skin reaction? It could be anything, multitude of factors. But your image reminded me of those medical photos i’ve seen of people with autoimmune skin conditions. I’m not a doctor or anything, though I have suffered a lot of health problems and experienced many things. I’ve learned that doctors are people were place trust in having all the answers but they can be just as oblivious as the patient. You might want to see different doctors… not just dermatologists for second opinions.

  • slimcolvin1

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  • JessyciaAbigail

    i know how u feel because i get very horrible acne like u and i think my face worse than you..i always cry when i seen my face at mirror..that make me very down and i dont let anyone meet me because of my face!

    Now my face become better than before..
    I think you can go to my doctor at mount elisabeth in Singapore
    meet Jennifer Foo.. She is very kind doctor and now she 82 years old and her skin very good too
    She always support me when i stressed with my horrible face and always said “fingercrossed” to me before i go home and told me many people have very bad acne and worst than you,,
    If you want you can meet her at monday-friday at 2.30 but she will not come at wednesday..At 7 floor

    Hope you the best
    You can trough this!
    Jesus bless you 😀

  • ZebaEasminKoli

    I honestly thought you contracted herpes simplex virus type 1 or impetigo from the person you went to or from contaminated tools as it started off as red spots, then white bumps started to emerge and then turned into a crust. Hope you are getting treatment for it, good luck. x

  • yenshing9985

    Hi BunBun I’m reading this in 2015. I hope you have fully recovered by now. Thank you for sharing your personal and private photos with us. I suppose the beauty world will definitely benefit from your experience. So thank you for being so generous and kind to share with us. I really hope your skin is back to normal now.

  • asciii

    Regarding “Lessons Learned”

    I’m honestly shocked you actually looked down on people with legitimate skin disorders. You’re whining about a temporary problem but there are people who have major incurable problems with their skin/facial deformities. I guess I’m glad you learned something but god, I didn’t think you could be so naive.

  • DrMom

    You likely have a bacterial infection from something used on your face at the salon.  It requires antibiotics and can be very serious to your health.  You must see a physician.  That yellow pus and crust is infection.  Please see a doctor right away.  This is not acne.

  • KlinikSyifaFarma
  • AnnoldNutall

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  • 3oflife

    Hi Bun Bun
    I read your post sometime ago. It helped me become more cautious but unfortunately I experienced something similar to you at a doctor’s aesthetic clinic in Novena. Due to improper training and guidance of the staff, I’m left with bruises and ugly red marks on my face. I’m not sure if it will heal completely but the trauma itself is bad enough. This only happened few days ago so wish me luck. And caution to all who are going to improperly trained centers.

  • soKhadija

    OMG! I feel so sorry for you. I have a very sensitive skin with pigmentation disorders and eczema on several places of my body. I’ve accepted it since I don’t know what to do about it. But if I had what you’ve got I would cry myself to death. Respect for you that you kept your head up and shared this. God bless you sweetheart <3

  • CarmenOlivia

    Omg- I came across this post b/c I was searching for “how to take care of your skin after a facial.” I’ve read that extractions are highly controversial in the facial community. If only I started reading BEFORE! I sincerely hope that you sought legal action after your confidence was restored, Bun!! True beauty comes from within- not without- NEVER forget that. Your look and face is your business!! No other person should go through this- especially not someone in your industry. I am so, so sorry and it’s great to see you back to 100%!! xo

  • RodriquezCarolina

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  • StephaneDivin

    Hi Bun Bun, I have what is called red skin syndrome. It’s a skin condition that is the result of eczema treatment with steroid creams given by my derms (I went to almost all of them in my area, looking for another cure). It basically destroyed 2 years of my life, as it completely disfigured me, I got depressed and it hurts like hell. I am just now coming out of it. It has changed my perception about skin problems and beauty a lot. I also have learned to not trust any medication my doctor gives me and make my own research first. I’m glad you are feeling better, as I know the damage it can cause to your state of mind. Skin problems are a real thing, and somtimes there is no cure. You can learn more about red skin syndrome here :

  • PatriciaClinton

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  • victoriapedata

    I hope you are doing much better now! You seem so sweet, i am so sorry that this happened to you.. almost the same thing happened to me when i took the plan b pill.. my body couldn’t handle all the hormones and reacted with horrible, painful cystic acne on every inch of my face..  I wanted to hide. as an already very insecure individual/teenage at the time, it was so difficult to leave my house for school every week day, what made it worse was that it was my senior year!!! I didn’t want everyone to remember me that way!! When i tell you it was bad…I MEAN it… every inch of my face! couldn’t even lay on my pillow without pain. It took 6 months to clear with topicals and a magical antibiotic called Doxycycline that saved my face and my happiness.. sounds a bit extreme, but knowing what its like to have a horrible reaction to something, i’m sure you understand all too well. It took a total of a year for almost every broken blood vessel to fade, but three years later im still seeing little red dots on my face! no scaring though, thank God!
    It takes a lot of courage to tell your story and post pictures.. I believe everything happens for a reason and maybe this happened so that you could help many others who follow you deal with similar struggles!
    Just thought i’d post my story to help you feel as if you aren’t alone! Again I really hope you are well now! XO

  • chloe711

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  • Elaine

    I once had a reaction that looked exactly like what you had. Mine was due to a topical tea tree oil allergy. Once I realized what was causing it, I obviously stopped using tea tree oil but a real help was to stop using EVERYTHING temporarily. Anything was making my skin worse at that point. Fortunately for me, I only put plain warm water on my face about 5-6 times a day (sometimes by just keeping a warm washcloth on my face for a few minutes) and used an extremely thin layer of Vaseline afterwards to keep the moisture in. VERY thin layer, as in your hands have practically no Vaseline on them and then you lightly dab you face with your hands. These little pus dots were about 80% gone in 3 days. So, if anyone has something that looks like this, it’s an allergic reaction. Try to refrain from irritating it more by trying different remedies. It’s difficult to leave it alone, but that is your best bet! I thought it was going to take months for me to look better and, like I said, it only took days. Hope this information helps.

    PS: A dermatologist wanted to give me antibiotics and steroids and I didn’t take them, it was completely unnecessary.

  • dragnfiend

    I have very sensitive skin and often break out if I use foundation, lotions or even use laundry detergents with scent and dyes. I’ve learned that benadryl is my friend and to stay away from perfumes and dyes as much as I can. I am fortunate that I have good skin (probably because I don’t wear a lot of make up – because I can’t). I found that when I was in my teens and I tried anti breakout or acne treatments, they often made things worse. I was told by a dr that it is because they can strip too much of your natural oils and skin protectants which cause a nasty cyle of overproduction of said oils. Honestly, witch hazel and simple brand make up remover cloths/facial cleansing cloths seem to be the best combination for me. I hope your skin clears up and that there is no scarring. Another thing to watch out for at salons is that they don’t always clean their tools well before using them or have contamination in their lotions,etc. You may want to consider bringing your own lotions the next time you go, something that you know won’t upset your skin.

  • Rachel Kasbohm

    Take 200 mg of zinc. Zinc heal the skin i had acne. I know what youre suffereing from may. Ot be acne but my skin cleareed in a month. Zinc is the skins best friend . Buy zinc picolionate ( not sure if spelt right. Make sure you buy tht kind. Some zincs dont absorb as well into tht body but this kind does. Be patient. You need to give it a month to work. Im very sorry this is happening to you YOU ARE BEAUTIUL keep going. This will passs.

    • RitaG

      Good stuff, that zinc. It is a great antioxidant against acnes. I always ensure my multivitamins and multiminerals in a bottle includes zinc.

  • Hi

    This was so superficial and shallow. Your so full of yourself that you can’t function without makeup. get over yourself. The damage isn’t permanent so that’s a blessing. You are a complete dumb ass to even go back to that same salon twice, so shame on you. I am not even surprised.

  • Claence Camara

    Use Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion or salycylic acid products. But not over 2.0 salycylic acid. This will help clear it all up and close pores i believe try it! Im like 100% to 99.99% sure it will help and work but it might take time not sure, like prolly 2 or 3 months because you have a lot of bumps but again try it!+

  • RitaG

    Look up YouTube as to what you can do olive oil and apple cider vinegar for your skin problems.

    If you have eczema and psoriasis, I recommend Betnovate. It is one of the BEST. Apply that once or twice a day and apply E45 cream at regular intervals.

    Take food supplements of multivitamins and multiminerals all inside each capsule. Make sure they include zinc. Up to 11 – 15mg zinc is desired. Zinc is brilliant for acnes.

  • RitaG

    I found something of interest at YouTube.

    You will hear about what aspirin masks do for your cystic acnes in the videos below.
    You might try first the weakest concentration of aspirin in your mask, just to see how your skin reacts. If I were you, I’d try olive oil mixed with grounded aspirin. Make sure you’re using non-coated aspirin.
    Video: get rid of cystic acnes naturally.
    (Read her statements beneath video.)
    Video: soft skin with an aspirin mask.
    (It might be wise to cut out honey in case you might have allergy to honey. Use olive oil instead of honey.)
    How to make aspirin mask.
    (Again, you might have to cut out honey)

  • Sai

    I have the same skin reaction like yours. and i dont know what to do right now. i didnt do facial before but i use herbal product for two days and now theres a white dots like what happened to you. Hope you can help me about this. Thanks and more power!

  • Sai

    I have the same skin reaction like yours. and i dont know what to do right now. i didnt do facial before but i use herbal product for two days and now theres a white dots like what happened to you. Hope you can help me about this. Thanks and more power!
    Please help me :(

  • Ko1

    i developed herpes simplex 2 on my right arm for >10 years and i stopped taking Valtrex bcuz of the high cost. mine is not pus-like, it’s clear blisters and crusted when the blisters dry-up. i merely control the itch  using Tea tree oil duing outbreaks.
    it’s not curable & the outbreaks is triggered by stress. whenever i feel moody or stressed for a prolong period, there comes the group of blisers.