My Acne Treatment Journey With The Clifford Clinic – Part 1



I have skin issues.

You probably scoffed at that sentence.

You wouldn’t think I do from the picture above, would you? A combination of a good angle, lighting, a good camera, and of course, makeup went into the production of the photo. Not theatre-thick makeup, but thick enough to cover up certain blemishes I am uncomfortable to go about my daily life unconcealed.

No Photoshop magic was cast on the picture; I uploaded it ‘as is’, with the exception of text inputs.

If I could choose, I’d rather not pile it on. I’d like to one of the countless irritating (because I’m jealous) people in the world who can leave the house without makeup, or get ready in 5 minutes because their skin is flawless or at least less flawed than mine. In short, the lucky people who are blessed with good skin, or manageable skin, at least.

We all react to different insults differently. I feel absolutely fine when people call me a shortie, tell me I suck at Math, or laugh at my flabby arms. What hits my raw nerve is questions or comments of any kind related to my blemished skin and acne condition.

The stupidest question I’ve ever been asked was “Why do you have so many pimples?”. It’s like asking why a dog barks, why the sky is blue, why a woman has ovaries. -.-“ I shared on my Dayre some insensitive comments about my acne a guy at work said to me which made me really sad, and I’m thankful I had the support of you all.

And then I had another person ask “Why are you so anal about your pimples?” Well, how about ‘because I’ve struggled with them the WHOLE of my adult life and I HATE them’??

These questions might seem harmless to a person who does not experience the kind of mental and emotional pain associated with adult acne, but to the sufferer, every acne-related question takes the form of a dagger being pierced through the ribcage and extracting an internal organ.

I never wished for acne. :'( 

I know there are ways to deflect insults, like ignoring or using insults to build a kind of immunity against criticism, blah blah whatever. I could if I wanted to, but how about dealing with the REAL issue first?

Instead of wishing people would stop mentioning my acne, and before giving up hope and trying to attain nirvana, I want to tackle the problem.

I want to get rid of my acne!

My Skin Diary

I have always had acne-prone skin, but nothing too serious. It became worse after the life-changing facial. The severity of my acne fluctuates, I’ve never had flawless skin, not even near flawless. There will always be countless pimples, bumps, and old scars.

Then Clifford Clinic came along and you will see from my journey how my acne is now under better control! ^_^


In this post I share my story on my many skin problems – new acne, old acne scars, clogged pores, dull skin, uneven skin tone, and how Clifford Clinic has helped alleviate these.

I will write this post like a diary, a daily journal documenting what I truly felt on that day. I made sure to write little notes in my phone for every day I took a picture, which was almost every day. Here are some I selected to tell my story.

Day 6  /  25 Jan


Argh! Look at those ugly spots and bumps! :( I’ve also been having neck acne for a few months now and they itch! How weird, coz I’ve never had neck acne in my life.

Had my first session of Q Switch at Clifford Clinic 6 days ago. Q-switching is a technique by which a laser can be made to produce a pulsed output beam.

According to Dr Gerard, Q Switch is a laser treatment using laser light to kill bacteria and destroys sebaceous glands. The superficial carbon peeling controls acne inflammation, reduces sebum production, unplugs pores and minimizes pore size. It can also improve some acne scars, uneven pigmentation, reduce red spots after inflammatory acne and poor skin texture.

Sounds promising!



I hate how all these bumps show up even under makeup. Foundation and color correctors do just that – correct colors – but bumps are 3D and are impossible to conceal.

Day 10  /  29 Jan

Had my second Q-switch session yesterday and I must comment that the angry red bumps have lessened. Still very spotty, but they’re not so dimensional now.



According to my doctor, this drying up and peeling of the skin is a good sign of skin renewal.


There are much less pimples on the right now, blemishes like brown spots and freckles are what we have to tackle.


Day 12  /  31 Jan

Oooooh, look! Many more areas are drying up as a result of oral medication and acne-appropriate skincare from Clifford Clinic.


No one except myself knows that underneath the layer of foundation, my skin actually feels like dried cement. LOL. However, apart from the texture, the skin looks much smoother under makeup now. While we’re on the topic of foundation, because excess sebum secretion is under better control, I can actually wear foundation that does not have that much oil control. Chanel Perfection Lumiere which I previously didn’t like because it made me look like an oil sleek is now one of my favorite foundations.


Check out my before and after makeup pictures.


All pictures taken for this post were posted ‘as is’, zero editing except for adding of dates and watermark. Of course, good lighting and a good camera help.


Makeup is awesome, but it can only do so much. Beauty starts with beautiful skin and I’m on my way to achieving that! :)


Day 17  /  05 Feb


Smiling because I know I look ridiculous with that piece of dried skin handing over my upper lip. HAHAHA! In the above picture I had on a sheer layer of Laneige BB Cushion. This product is only good for people who already have ok-or-better skin to start with. Which means my skin is seeing better times!



It’s not flawless, obviously, but by my own standards, I think progress is well on track. I’m overjoyed!!

I also shared with you guys on Dayre about the insensitive comments a guy made about my skin condition.


Day 19  /  07 Feb

With the exception of a pimple at the verge of explosion, everything is going really well. Not just in bringing the inflammation of previous pimples and bumps, the control of new ones, I also realized my pores look smaller and my skin has a more even, smoother surface ever since I started on Q-switch.

I’ve only had 2 sessions so far, by the 10th I must have baby-smooth skin. WOOHOO!! Okie, shan’t be so greedy heehee, I just don’t want acne.



Day 21  /  09 Feb

The AKNICARE skincare ranged prescribed by Dr Gerard really does wonder in helping to control my acne. I’ve never had pimples drying up and going away so quickly in my life.



My neck acne is getting better! It no longer itches and has become less bumpy.

On Dayre, I answered questions from you all about why I ‘left’ Dr Joyce. Excerpt: “My skin was definitely better than before but I was still constantly struggling with my acne problem.”


Day 23  /  11 Feb

Had my third Q-switch session today at Clifford Clinic. I would choose this laser treatment over facial anytime. A long time ago, I went to an aesthetic clinic in my neighborhood and shelled out a lot of money for a laser treatment package that did absolutely nothing for me. Naturally I was apprehensive when I first started on the Q-switch laser treatment.

But by only the third treatment at Clifford, my skin is seeing great improvements. Also, I’m glad that many of you went for the trial Q-switch session that I shared on Dayre and told me about the positive results! :)


Smiling because I’m HAPPY!! ^_^*



Day 29  /  21 Feb



OHMYGOODNESS! Is that me? Is that MY SKIN!?!? I wouldn’t guess this canvas belongs to me if someone cropped out my features and asked me whom this cheek belongs to. Haha! Major improvements don’t you think?


Look at that glow, impossible to achieve with bumpy and uneven skin. =)

Day 39  /  03 Mar



By my own standards, I think my skin now looks more awesome than it has ever been in my life, and it’s only been over a month since I started my treatments at Clifford Clinic. I wouldn’t mind living with the status quo for the rest of my life, there are still imperfections, but I’m contented. I just hope the acne doesn’t come back!

The above are day shots, the ones below are night shots. Just to show you my skin in different lighting.




Day 50  /  14 Mar



The above picture was taken on the morning of Nuffnang’s 8th birthday bash. The only edit I did for the above photo was the addition of words and resizing. I SWEAR.

My lipstick was Candy Yum Yum from MAC, in case you wanna know, coz I was asked so many times that day haha.

Day 58  /  22 Mar

It’s the 5th day after my third Q-switch session. I love that there is absolutely no down time, no pain, no side effects. I lie down on the chair, let Dr Gerard run the device over my skin, and I’m all done in 10 minutes. It’s a great lunchtime treatment, especially since it’s so conveniently located at Clifford Centre, just beside Raffles Place MRT.



Oh dear I have 3 new acne on my left temple. They look like bullet holes. LOL. Hey! Look at my neck acne! I have almost forgotten how big and angry and itchy they once were.


This is what I mean by having good skin to start with, for makeup to be built upon. Makeup application is so much easier and faster now, I used to spend the bulk of my time trying to conceal blemishes and feel exasperated with all the non-concealable ones.



Again, this photo was not subject to any editing except for words and resizing. YAYYY!!!!

I will continue to monitor my skin condition and will update you guys in a future post. After I revealed a little on my Dayre, some of you reviewed that you saw a great reduction of dark spots. I’m so happy for you!



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Price Of Skin / Body / Hair Treatments

I know it’s very tempting to shoot me an email asking for the price of other treatments, but please fight that urge. Haha.

You see, it’s like seeing a general practitioner for a cold. Sometimes it’s at the early stage of the cold, sometimes it comes with cough and fever, other times it might not even be a cold and you actually require treatment for sinus, and sometimes the runny nose could be a symptom of a greater illness. Every diagnosis results in a different prescription, so to get the most accurate analysis, call or email Clifford Clinic to make an appointment. 😀


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  • daphn3t

    I totally understand how you feel when people ask you about the condition of your skin… I too suffer from acne since young, and even my own family ask me. I often feel very depressed and dejected, esp when my sis has almost perfect fair skin. But I started on blue light therapy to reduce acne bacteria and cut out dairy from my diet, and my skin is looking better already. Just maybe, you have some food allergies that may be causing your acne?

    • Bun Bun Makeup Tips

      Different doctors have told me different things. =( Some say it’s dairy, some say it’s seafood. So I avoided them. Then recently another doctor told me there’s no scientific basis, so I’ve gone back to eating dairy and seafood and no negative reaction so far! Somehow I wish it were a food allergy so that I can easily avoid that, but my acne is just hormonal. Boooo

  • Azira Khairil A.

    Hello there! I used to have bad acne back when I was 16 but now I’m 20, it has already got under control. BUT I’m suffering from acne scars and redness. Will this laser treatment you undergo help me with acne scars and redness? Hope you can reply to me soonest!

    • Bun Bun Makeup Tips

      Scars, yes. Redness… I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. It would be better if you call up the clinic to ask.