Makeup Tutorial For Singapore Airlines Flight Attendant Wannabes


My childhood ambition was to become an air stewardess.

Since I was a little girl, right up to just several years ago, I’ve always wanted to be an air stewardess. Not because I hankered after the prestige of being a Singapore Girl (what we call our Singapore Airlines female flight attendants), neither was it because I craved fitting my body into a tight-fitting kebaya, nor did I care about flying the international skies.

Actually, come to think of it, I didn’t have any real motivation behind my ambition, except for the fact that I saw my favorite kindergarten teacher, Teacher Lily, leave her teaching job to become an SQ flight attendant when I was in primary school. She loved me very much and was the ideal super beautiful face with a slender body kind of woman. I was in kindergarten but I knew beauty when I saw it.

The dream became more and more unrealizable as I finally had to resign to fate that I would never grow beyond 155cm. Lol.

When I travel, I never put anything in the overhead compartments because I CANNOT REACH THEM. HAHAHA! Laugh lah laugh lah!

Anyway, look at how awesome my skin looks in the picture. I don’t have super awesome skin, but at least there were no humongous, angry pimples on my cheeks two weeks ago. Now there are FIVE BIG, BUBBLING, BOILING, PULSATING, RED PIMPLES. *burst out crying

Okie, enough drama. Let’s get on with the makeup tutorial, shall we?


Eyeshadow Primer – UDPP Eden

Eyelid – Sugarpill Flamepoint (Middle), MAC Parfait Amour (Outer 1/3)

Inner Corner – Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma

Contour Area – MAC Parfait Amour, MAC Satin Taupe

Outer V – MAC Satin Taupe

Highlight – MAC Shroom

Lower Lash Line – NYX Mermaid

Eyeliner  – Pupa Eyeliner Pencil. I super love this eyeliner coz you can never really predict how it will turn out. Sometimes it turns out teal, sometimes dark green, sometimes blue, sometimes grey. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good eyeliner!

Eyelash Primer – Dior Diorshow Maximizer

Mascara – Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes

Eyebrow – Lioele Auto Eyebrow 01 Natural Brown. I only had on the Lioele Eyebrow pencil, thus my brows look slightly dark against my golden-brown hair. Normally I would apply Kate Eyebrow Color on top.

If you look at my air stewardess wannabe photo, you cannot see the orange eyeshadow due to my hooded eyelids. That’s one great thing about having hooded eyelids, there’s always the surprise element when you blink! It makes people want to look at you more to catch that surprise again. So love your hoods, ladies! 😀

Actually I’ve never seen a Singapore air stewardess sport orange eye makeup. Usually it’s shades of blue and green, probably to match the uniform. But you see, I’m a wannabe, and wannabes can do whatever they want. And they always have red lips. That’s one more obstruction to me ever being a flight attendant – I cannot rock red lips, I will look like a geisha!


Primer – Monistat. It’s Monistat forever.

Foundation – Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation. This is my new love!

Cheeks – Clio Art Blusher


Lip Balm – Dermalogica Lip Treatment

Lipstick – MAC See Sheer, Lancome De Brilliance Lip Gloss

Goodbye, Teacher Lily

*clears throat

I did not create this look or decide to write this post with the intention to talk about flight attendants or Teacher Lily, it just came to me the moment I started writing. But since I got started, I might as well tell you more about Teacher Lily.

On the last day of my exams in university, my friends and I were celebrating with slabs of pizza in our student lounge. Then I received an email from my mum. She told me Teacher Lily had passed away from breast cancer. I was shocked beyond words and just stared at my laptop screen for the longest time without blinking. And then I started crying and my friends all hushed and did not know how to react.

She had died a month ago but my mum kept it until after my exams so as not to distract me. She was right, I would never have been able to study at all; I cried for a long time.

You know that guilt of not visiting someone you’ve long wanted to and then that someone just leaves you forever? I was drowning in that guilt. We lost contact after that one time when we visited her in primary school.

Even now, I still feel sad whenever I think of Teacher Lily, my beautiful teacher who loved me so much.

Rest in peace, Teacher Lily. Thank you for loving me, and I love you.

What was your childhood ambition? Did you have someone like my Teacher Lily in your life? Someone you regret not loving more when he/she was still alive?


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About Bun Bun

Hello! My name is Juli and Bun Bun is my alter-ego. I blog to share my love for makeup, how to apply it, and what works or what doesn’t work, all from an Asian perspective.

My first makeup product was a shimmery light blue lipstick which I proudly wore all over my eyelids and lips. It cost $2.50, felt like $250, and made me feel like a million bucks.

  • Virginia

    Believe it or dream was to become a fashion designer. I had a notepad that I drew and colored in outfits for my fashion shows. I had names like “best raincoat outfit” (everyone needs a raincoat lol). I then moved on to wanting to become a teacher (of science). Now I hope to one day go back to school to become an ultrasound technician,. My dream of being in the science field isn’t dead yet! Just on hold since I have a husband and a kid and stuff 😉 (dang real life..always getting in the way..).

    I actually did have a teacher as well who affected me. Her name was Mrs. S, and she was a substitute. She took me under her wing, and taught me about volunteering and giving back..a lesson I carry with me today and hope to impart to my daughter. one is ever really gone, since they live in our memories, and what they taught us :)

    • Bun Bun

      Fashion and Science… both on rather different ends of the spectrum. One is Arts and the other, well, Science. I like that raincoat idea lol, super cute! It’s wonderful how one special person can make changes to our lives, no matter how short a time we were together. :)

  • princessnariko

    oh im so sorry to hear about Teacher Lily! My condolences.

  • sharon

    You should do a review on the Bourjois 123 Foundation.. I have stopped using my other Bourjois Foundation cos the colours seem so off..also cos I have a few other foundations that work better and which I hope to use up and then hopefully in future I will not spend any more $ on foundations that dont work for me be it texture or colour..

    • Bun Bun

      It’s excellent, isn’t it? I thought I found a good one in the Flower Perfection even though the color’s a bit pale (I always had to pair that with some bronzer), but the 123 is a clear winner! Great texture, great color match and great price!

  • Beauty Folly

    A friend of mine was actually a Singapore Girl for three years, and when I visited her in Singapore once, I actually got to see her prep, makeup and all. While the Singapore Girls are known to be among the most “put together” of flight attendants, I actually found their makeup rules a bit old fashioned and heavy handed: heavy eye shadow paired with red lips and red nail polish. Even more outdated was the fact that Chinese girls were assigned blue-toned eye makeup, while Indian and Malay flight attendants were assigned browns and earth tones. That said, once you’ve attained some level of seniority, you can apparently loosen up a smidgen when it comes to hair and makeup.

    I love your interpretation, especially the kebaya-inspired colours. :)

    • Bun Bun

      REALLY!?! Blue for Chinese and Browns for Malays? That’s so.. so… so…. kinda racist, I guess? Eyeshadow color discrimination! Lol. There are dark-skinned Chinese and fair-skinned Malays and Indians, and what works on one skin tone may not work on another person with similar skin tone! Great insider story, though. :) Any more to share? Like how to banish or hide pimples since their face are what people stare at. I mean, that’s what I stare at, I know other people may stare at other places.

  • Caroline

    That is such a lovely but sad/happy story. You will always remember her and that is the most important thing = memories. I still remember my 5 y.o. kindergarten teacher, I thought she was from another planet. Besides my mother she was just beautiful and she spoke so softly and gently to 20 5 year olds. I will always remember her<3

    • Bun Bun

      She must’ve been a lovely teacher for you to remember her for so long. :)

  • Jyoan

    My kindergarten teacher is called Ms Rose. Like yours, she remains the most beautiful and also prettiest teacher I’ve ever seen. Tall, slim, waist-length straight, black hair that she keep neat by always putting on a thin hairband. Her favorite dress is a 3/4 length long red dress spotted all over with, well, roses. White roses. She has very tanned skin, probably NW30. I am not even sure if she’s Chinese or Malay. But I always feel that she is Chinese. haha. Anyway, her impression on me is simply beautiful.

    I have no idea how she is doing now. She probably 40 odd by now.

    Anyway, I love this eye look. I like the way you sort of created 3 layers of eyeshadow, and gave it that tiny but surely eye-catching orange! I’ve got to try it asap!

    =P I’ve always thought you are about the same height as me actually. Never knew till this post. At the very least, you’re petite rather than big size, unlike me. I have never ever been petite at any point in my life, so I really like standing amongst weight-lifting tall guys. hahahaha, cos they call me petite.

    • Bun Bun

      I think there’s something about kindergarten teachers named after flowers. They make such special teachers. Your Ms Rose must have been a beautiful soul. :)

      You are SO observant! I love that you are able to understand the layering of eyeshadows and appreciate the effect. So glad to have you wanting to try it out!

      Trivia: I am the height of a Hobbit. LOL.

  • Szesianne

    Hi! You have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award! I’ve only recently started following you thanks to a recommendation from Yvettia, and I really enjoyed your posts! It’s lovely to find fellow Singaporean beauty bloggers and you really have a adorable unique style!

    Please do not feel pressure to accept but if you decide you’d like to, check out my post…


    • Bun Bun

      Thanks for the award, Sianne! I’m honored. :)

  • Harima

    I love it!!!! the orange touch is great! thanks for this look! :)

    • Bun Bun

      Thanks Harima! Have a great week ahead!

  • jassy bee

    I have this mad dying question to ask you since I’ve read that you, too, are a sucker for packaging (hahahahaha). HAVE YOU HEARD OF ????? I hyperventilated (a lil) when I saw it!!! Sadly, I don’t think its coming to SG any time soon. Neither have I found ways to get it over here too :'((((((

    • Bun Bun

      Yes, I have! But they’re extremely expensive! SGD62.00 for a pressed blush? Goodness!! But as you said, their packaging ROCKS. I think they’ll feel very much at home on a young and trendy tai tai’s table.

  • Prashanti Tamang

    well my ambition was to be an air hostess because of my heigit:( i got rejected from every interview…so i jst stopped dreaming about it

    • Bun Bun

      Well at least you tried going for interviews! Applause-worthy to know that you actually took the initiative to realize your dream! 😀

  • emy

    during primary school i always dreamed to be air stewardess too..whenever the teacher asked the class about ambition,all common ambitions except for me..haha..always be the only one with different ambition..

    but after my secondary school i read about this girl who had to carry a big battery bag for her artificial heart transplant, it really motivates me to help those with same fate as the im a final year engineering student..=) really hope i can become both..

    • Bun Bun

      WOW! You’re such an inspiration emy, and I’m glad the girl touched your heart to make you want to go into engineering and help more people. :)

  • a!k0

    I love the pop of color on your eyes. 😀 It makes it fun and flirty. You know I have dreams of being a flight attendant too…but like you I cannot reach 155cm LOL I dont know if 155cm is the standard but yeah I am short. LOL I always envy those tall girls cause I know I can never be tall like them. but now I like embracing how short I am compared to some people but there are always girls shorter than me…and I think wow I am glad I am not that short but they are always, always cuter than me. FML hahaha. Now I am in limbo dunno what I want to be or do…I think all the things I wished to be when I was a kid is kinda useless. haha I need motivation :)

    Oh getting of topic…I love your look. 😉

    • Bun Bun

      I believe the minimum height requirement is 158cm but that’s for budget airlines. For SQ, minimum 160 or 165cm.

      Hey! Short is cute! Short is being FOREVER cute! And young! I think it is perfectly okie to be short, and I don’t feel too dwarfed living in Asia. But you and I would probably get trampled on the streets in US/UK coz people cannot see us as they should be at least two heads taller than us. HAHHAA!

  • dreamyc81

    I tried to buy Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel when I read your post. I tried via Amazon and later found out that it does not get shipped to Singapore! How did you manage to do it? Please tell…

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      Hello there! I’m glad I got you interested in the Monistat Gel! =) If you read this post of mine,, you’ll see that I’m actually launching my own online store. This Monistat is one of the most enquired products. I’ve already started selling a few, let me know if you’re interested k?

      • dreamyc81

         Yes I’m definitely interested. Please tell and I’ll proceed.

  • BunBunMakeupTips