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As promised, here are the Top 10 beauty products I highly recommend (in no particular order). I have used them myself, have raved about them and if you follow me on my posts and updates, you’ll know that I really do use them very often.

These Top 10 beauty products are also what many of you have asked about, we listened and tried our best-est to make available in the store! This list is defined mainly by you, with some of my newly discovered Holy Grail items that I have yet to share my thoughts in a detailed review post. I put the ‘for now!’ in the cover picture coz one day you all will redefine this list, I’m sure!



Makeup Haul: Inglot, Clio, BeautySoClean, Halloween Makeup

When was the last time I did a post on a makeup haul? Let me see…. Hurk! My Okinawa trip in April! That’s 8 months ago!

Obviously it’s not because I haven’t bought any new makeup from then till now (how is that possible?!), it’s more like my postings cannot keep up with the speed of purchasing. HAHAHA

A couple of weeks ago my friends proposed going to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and I was SO excited to go because I wanted to get me some Inglot! I’ve been dying to get my hands on Ingot products since it opened a store in City Square in March! The City Square branch is the third store in Malaysia, with the other two in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

When we reached City Square after lunch, I told my two friends, who’re both guys, to go get some coffee and give me an hour. Just one hour! Lol! And then I ran into the store and had a swatch feast.

This was the second batch, I’d already wiped off the first batch and without realizing, used up the entire arm again. HAHA! The entire arm was covered, front to back, top to tips.

The gel liners are AWESOME! So very pretty and pigmented and smooth and creammmyyy!!! And I love that they come in bright, happy colors! I got 82, 77, 72, 87.

I also got 4 eyeshadows: AMC Shine 30, AMC Shine 15, AMC 59, and Matte 385. And 1 lipstick (231) and 1 lip liner (60).

I went on a week day so there were very few people in the mall, must less the Ingot store, so I had plenty of space to move around and had very attentive service from the MUA.


Beauty With Heart: The Body Shop Cruelty Free Makeup Collection Review And Swatches (No Pink Cows Involved!)

“WOAH, PINK COW!” was what immediately came to mind when I first saw the Limited Edition, Lily Cole makeup collection from The Body Shop.

I’m not that kind of beauty blogger who dives into the sciences of products; I don’t squint at ingredient lists, I don’t dig up researches and lab tests done on ingredients and tell you how good or bad it is for your skin, I don’t really bother what goes inside that bottle of goodness (or evil).

The kind of beauty blogger I am, is simply, the kind who tells you whether it works or doesn’t, it looks pretty or pretty much sucks, it stays or vanishes before you even have had time to take your first toilet break of the day. That kind, I am.

I am also a superficial sucker for packaging (you are too, don’t deny HAHAHA!), so when I saw the pink and black prints, and ribbons, and pink stuff and more pink stuff everywhere, my mood lifted!

Not that I was down, but pink is the symbol for universal love, beauty, kindness, compassion. Lovers of beauty favor pink. That’s why Bun Bun Makeup Tips banner is pink. Lol. (I hope it still has some pink in it if you’re reading this in year 2027.)

And that’s why I smiled when I saw the new cruelty-free makeup range from The Body Shop!

And coz pink cows are cute.

Now that they have caught your and my attention, let’s get down to beauty beyond box and stickers.

The Body Shop Puff On Radiance Highlighter

The first item that reached out and grabbed me by the neck and screamed ‘You will love me! Look at how pink and fluffy and girly I am!’ was the Puff On Radiance.


Makeup Haul: Okinawa, Japan

I love the cover picture of this post! Nice right!!! 😀

When I think of Japan, I think mad crazy colorful stuff with hiragana (Japanese characters) splattered all over the place. I think that’s what makes Japanese fashion magazine so fun to read – the characters are just there for decoration and you really focus on the apparel, accessories, makeup, etc. Taiwanese magazines follow that style rather closely, but I can read Chinese so I end up spending time trying to read the traditional Chinese characters and that takes away half the fun. Lol.

Okinawa was advertised as ‘Hawaii of the East’ by the radio station that I listen to and joined the tour group, hence the tropical feel. You can read about my awesome Okinawa trip here!

Did you manage to spot these in the first picture? You’re really sharp if you did! *clap clap whistle whistle


Makeup Haul: Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and Brushes!

In a previous haul post I mentioned my order from Makeup Geek. I’d been reading good things about the Makeup Geek eyeshadows, especially from Jangsara, who is extremely talented. Inspirational looks, but not for the everyday.

Couldn’t resist ordering some goodies when they had a discount during Valentine’s Day week! 😀

Clockwise from bottom left: Cocoa Bear, Shimma Shimma, Corrupt, Shimmermint, Unicorn, Razzleberry, Peacock

Chisel Shader Brush, Outer V Brush, Soft Dome Brush


Makeup Up Haul: Dior Lash Serum, Lioele Eyebrow, EcoTools Brush, Kate Eyebrow, The Body Shop Eye Makeup Remover, Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

I’ve been hauling a lot recently. Been very much in the mood for it!

My good ol’ Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base is finally seeing its end. A devoted hard worker you have been, my dearest, now it is time for you to retire. Let’s see if the Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum is really worth all the rave.

Price of Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum in Singapore: EXORBITANT. Lol.

Yup, this is another Lioele Auto Eyebrow Pencil. Teehee. I wanted to buy it in Shade 1, but the silly store assistant wrongly gave me Shade 2. Traveling back to the store was too much trouble and time, so I decided to keep it. Shade 2 is really a little dark for me. This new one is Shade 1 (happened to be in the area some time very much later). Review on Lioele Auto Eyebrow Pencils coming soon!

Price of Lioele Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Singapore: SGD12.90 (I think)


8 Days of Christmas Eye Makeup Tutorials: Day 7

I cannot believe I have managed to keep up with the 8 Days of Christmas Eye Makeup Tutorials series. I’d feared I’d drop out by Day 4, but LOOK! It’s Day 7 already! *Applause and whistles*

Today’s look was exactly what I wore on Christmas day. I went for a movie with my siblings and cousins and then we all went to grandma’s house in the late evening to join the rest of the family.

Up till I was in Primary 6, Christmas gatherings used to involve a big, beautifully decorated Christmas tree at one of my uncle’s house, under which presents wrapped in the most colorful wrapping papers laid. Back then, it was only me, my younger sister, and a few cousins, making the third generation a mere total of 5 or 6.

We would sneak (in full view of the adults, actually. lol.) up to the tree and look for our names that would be found on the presents, giggle to ourselves, pretend we didn’t see anything, and put the presents back.


30% Sale at BHG Tampines!

Yo-hey everyone!

I spent my Saturday afternoon jostling with the crowd to get my shopping done at 30% discount for regular items and 15% for sale items at BHG Tampines. Great time to catch a sale! I was intending to get some Bourjois stuff from Watsons when my mum told me about the BHG sale.

It’s a good time to get Christmas presents too!

I spent more than I intended before I stepped in, but hey, I didn’t shop all for me! So I felt better. Lol.

As usual, the first area I approached was the cosmetics counters, and here’s my loot! (I didn’t think you’d be interested in my other stuff – clothes, bags, lingerie, footwear)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (52)

Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation (52 Vanilla)

Bourjois Liner Glitter Fizz Eyeliner (31 Black Star)

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof (45 Blue Remix)

L’Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadow (022 Emerald Lame)

Pupa Multiplay Triple-Purpose Eye Pencil (07, 02)

Kate Eyeshadow JC (GD-1)

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick reviews (035 Blush)

I love shopping but hate the carrying afterwards! My shopping bags were so heavy I could hardly walk straight. So unglam. =(

Anyway, you’re gonna see reviews of these goodies soon! I’m so excited to try them out myself!

What about you? Have you started on your Christmas shopping?


Makeup Haul – MAC Eyeshadows, MAC Pigments, MAC Brushes, MAC Glitter Liner and OCC Lip Tars

Yay! Don’t we all love hauling? Worry about the money later, we’ll just live on instant noodles at the end of the month. >.<

MAC 109 Small Contour Brush

I’ve finally got my hands on the MAC 109 Small Contour Brush! I tried searching for a dupe, but it seems the consensus that this brush is almost un-dupable.

I’ve been using my MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush for contouring but find it too big and fluffy and kinda hard to control for contouring.

I don’t have obvious cheekbones, not even when I do the fishy face that would force the bones to show on many people. It’s so irritating when people say “just do the fish face and apply the contouring powder right along there”. I’m like “right along WHERE?!?” @_@


Bringing My Corporate Vanity Back Home and Hello Muji Storage!

This is what greets me every morning when I arrive at the office. Cheery, isn’t it? =D

Haha and I don’t think there is such a thing as ‘corporate vanity’. I just coined the term because these are the things on my work-cum-vanity table.

I’m moving on to a new job and I decided to do a post on what had been my vanity corner for the past couple of years.

From a little cosmetics bag, to a larger cosmetics bag, to a slightly bigger box, and then to a 2-tier cabinet, I’ve amassed a makeup collection that has shocked myself when I put them altogether for their photoshoot.

And this is only for the office.@_@