L’oreal Color Infallible Shades in Singapore: Black Onyx, Sahara Treasure, Goldmine, Bronze Goddess, Emerald Lame


If I ever spot a brand new Goldmine shining in its Gorgeous Gold Glory at a L’Oreal cosmetics counter in Singapore with a 20% discount,


I took these pictures at Toa Payoh about 2-3 weeks ago. I asked whether they keep stock and the SA said yes, they don’t restock the shelves in case of theft (=.=”).

By the way, the colors used to create Fan Bing Bing look are not available here. I don’t even know what shades they are. =(

But here are the swatches of L’oreal Color Infallible shades in Singapore.

L-R: Black Onyx, Sahara Treasure, Goldmine, Bronze Goddess, Emerald Lame

In natural light

With iPhone 4s flash

Yesterday I was at Holland Village (cue Barberella’s voice) and after swatching them again, decided to finally get Goldmine. The SA said they’re all OUT OF STOCK!


Here’s my take on the 5 available shades of L’oreal Color Infallible in Singapore.

Black Onyx 023

  • Black with silver glitter
  • Looks like Urban Decay’s Creep

Sahara Treasure 021

  • Champagne pink
  • Looks like a lighter version of Urban Decay’s Hustle

Goldmine 027

  • Pale gold
  • I love gold 😀

Bronze Goddess 024

  • Bronze
  • It looks like a common bronze that most eye makeup palettes will have, but when I went through my stash, I realized that this Bronze is actually quite unique!

Emerald Lame

In terms of pigmentation, from most pigmented to sheer:

  1. Emerald Lame (YAYS!)
  2. Bronze Goddess
  3. Sahara Desert
  4. Black Onyx
  5. Goldmine

Actually they’re all pigmented, more pigmented than normal pressed powder eyeshadows, but Goldmine appears to be falsely less pigmented most probably because of its light shade.

I hope to find Goldmine soon. The forbidden fruit always seems the most tantalizing, doesn’t it?

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  • Tessa

    I looked all over Western Texas and Google for the Infallible – specifically the Emerald Lame… Now I assume it’s not a good ‘ol USA available item? For shame! I need the green!!!

    • Bun Bun

      Oooohh~ For the few times in my makeup life I can say that I’m happy we have it here in Singapore. Heh heh. We usually don’t have most stuff – incomplete collections or shades!

  • Alicia

    I found my Goldmine at Ngee Ann City’s watsons about 2weeks back!

    • Bun Bun

      Lucky you, Alicia! GAH! They’re most probably sold out island-wide by now… Please let me know if you do see available ones okie?

  • Sunny

    Hey Bun Bun,

    Thanks for the swatch! I’m really sure that we have different shades here in Europe now! I’ve only seen one green, but it is for sure not Emerald Lame (it’s a good green though)! From what I’ve read on US blogs, the colors seem yet again different there, so I don’t know what L’Oreal is playing at! Also, the thing costs almost 10 euros a pop. I think I’ll wait till they go on sale…

    • Bun Bun

      10 euros is not too much more expensive than SGD 14.90, just a couple of dollars more. It’s more reasonable than MAC items in Singapore costing as much as SGD 15 more than in the US.

      You could wait for a sale, but you run the risk of having them all sold out! Like I did with Goldmine. Ahhh…. the pain of not being able to find stuff you finally set your heart to get. Boooohoo….

      • Sunny

        Ahhh that’s BAD! The thing is that here drugstore products aren’t much cheaper than for example MAC stuff (though MAC is still significantly more expensive than what it is in the US), so sometimes I get really annoyed! You will find Goldmine though, don’t worry! As far as I can tell this is not limited edition or anything like that! I WANT EMERALD LAME dammit!

        • Bun Bun

          Saaaadddddddd…..!!! I did more sniffing around at more stores and most of the 5 colors are OUT OF STOCK! Some stores have even completely removed the entire L’Oreal Color Infallible collection. Noooo!!!

          I couldn’t get Goldmine, but, *pssst*, I got another color. Heh heh. Guess! Guess! XD

          • Sunny

            I’m going to guess Bronze Goddess just because it also flashes gold!

            Psst actually the swapping suggestion from that French girl in the comment below doesn’t seem like a bad idea… 😉 *trying to lure you into doing it* hahaha

          • Bun Bun

            Clever girl!! Yup! I got Brozne Goddess and I got it because you said it, it flashes GOLD! You know me well! :D:D:D

            Hahaha, yea the suggestion is really tempting… *wipes saliva off chin*

  • Sunny

    Pssst I did a little digging around and this makes sense:

    The green I saw here is Permanent Kaki, which as you can see in this lady’s swatch is nowhere as intense as Emerald Lame! I checked the Taiwanese website, and we apparently don’t have any of these yet. I’m hoping they’ll make their way there with Emerald Lame as one of the team. You are so right about the forbidden fruit always being the most tantalizing!

    • Bun Bun

      Ya! Permanent Kaki is sheerer and paler too. I hope Emerald Lame travels to Taiwan. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do, Sunny!

  • sandrine

    Hello from France and thanks for this review.
    I am a great fan of these color infaillible shadows.
    I am allergic to most eye shadows even high end products but not to these L’oreal babes.
    I love this emeral lame but unfortunately it’s not available here in France.

    Would one of you be interested in a swap. I would send her a color unavailable in her country and receive the emerald lame in return?

    In France we have the following references:

    Or I could make a swap with another product.

    Let me know if one of you is interested.

    And thanks again bun bun; I will keep on reading you.


  • a!kO

    Wow that emerald lame is pretty! I want! I have been eyeing these but havent seen them yet…well and I havent been to malls cause I dont want to get tempted 😛 but the comment above is true, they have different shades available for different countries. Recently I heard it was just available in the US, the shades are quite lovely. The bronze one looks real good too 😀 have you found the gold yet?


    • Bun Bun

      Nope! I haven’t found it myself, but a very nice reader has agreed to do a swap. I got her Emerald Lame and she got Goldmine for me in France. Can’t wait! =)