Get Completely Naked With Urban Decay Naked On The Run



Every time Urban Decay launches a new NAKED palette, fans around the world go wild.

I love all the NAKED palettes from Urban Decay. They stunned us with NAKED, continued to wow us with NAKED 2, and sealed their legacy with NAKED 3. I mean, they’ve got a VAULT to hold these three NAKED’s, for goodness sake!

I own NAKED, NAKED 2, and NAKED 2 Basics, and love all of them. (I also own the Vices, Shadows, Ammos, but we’re talking nudity here. Heh.)

For the first time, a NAKED palette contains more than only eyeshadows. Naked on the Run is pretty much a one-stop shop for people who want to go for that naked, sultry, or smouldering look – depending how one perceives the degree of naked-ness.

Naked on the Run contains 6 brand new neutral eyeshadow shades (Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun, 5050), a travel-sized Perversion mascara and a travel-sized 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Stag (a smokey brown). There’s also a full-sized Naked lipgloss in Sesso and a bronzer and blush.




Packing in a punch, this one! 😀

Everything has a place, which makes this makeup palette relatively compact. It takes the guessing and planning on what to match or pack, especially when you’re pressed for time in the morning or when you have little space in your travel suitcase.


March Favorites – Benefit, Guerlain, Chanel, YSL, Bourjois, Revlon, Hakuhodo, Lioele, MAC, Urban Decay, Shu Uemura


Funny how time flies! It’s almost the end of April and I’m now frantically posting up my March Favorites post coz doing this in May would be too much of a delay. HOHO.

Benefit Rocketeur Blush – This is easily one of my favorite blushes! The warm rose gold has enough shimmer to give radiance to the face but looks absolutely natural. I like that it’s buildable so you can choose to go for a light sweep or a heavier flushed complexion. I can wear this blush every day and not get sick of it since it goes well with almost all lipstick shades – warm pinks, cool pinks, corals, cool reds, warm reds. Great lasting power too.

Guerlain Meteorites 2 Clair – I honestly wasn’t that impressed with Meteorites when I initially used it with the Guerlain brush because the brush was too scratchy. :( But from the moment I used it with Hakuhodo B104, MY MY, I use this every day! Love the unique scent of Meteorites when I dust it all over my face lightly with the Hakuhodo B104, when I do that it’s like marking the start of a brand new day. That’s the reason you see it so often on my Instagram feed (@bunbunmakeuptips) when I show what’s on my face for that day.

Le Volume De Chanel Masacara – I was super apprehensive when deciding whether or not to sink money into buying another Chanel mascara. The first one I had a long time ago was super dry and crappy and when I brought it back to the store the assistant said “We can’t do anything since you’ve already opened it”. I was like =.=” Do I look like I have bionic eyes with x-ray capabilities to be able to see through a mascara tube?? But I did give Chanel another chance and then I fell in love. This is my favorite mascara of the moment. It instantly adds volume to my lashes in one setting and is SO BLACK. It doesn’t flake, doesn’t clump, doesn’t make my lashes sticky, and doesn’t create the horrifying spidery effect – just lush, thick, sexy lashes.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 13 Pink in Paris – I bought this on our trip back from Taiwan (for our wedding photoshoot). The misleading store lights gave me the impression that this was a peachy-orange. So I was a little pissed that it was way off what I envisioned when I saw it in natural light. But it has somehow become a HG lipstick for me! I’ve received plenty of compliments, both online and in real life. It’s a kind of pink that cheers me up and brightens up my complexion. It tastes slightly sweet too! :) This doesn’t bother me, but after it fades, there’s a trail of silver glitter bits left behind.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 06 Pink Pong – Super creamy and smooth texture that leaves a matte but not dry finish. This fuchsia is not your everyday kind of lip color as it’s very attention-grabbing and might wash you out if you don’t make an effort to make up the rest of your face. Definitely for a more glamorous occasion. Pity they only come in 8 shades. Pink Pong looks like a bright and vibrant pink in these photos because of strong fluorescent lighting, if under normal lighting it is more of a darker radiant orchid – pantone color of 2014. Bourjois has occasional sales, I got this at 20% off so look out for them!

Bourjois-Rouge-Edition-Velvet-06-Pink-Pong Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 06 Pink Pong

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm 210 Unapologetic –  Neon, warm pink and best shade out of this whole range. When I swatched them at the store only 2 shades appealed to me. The other shade I got was 235 Mischevious and the formula is just horrible – dry, chalky and flakes like crazy. I like that the jumbo pencil casing color reflects the real shade of the product. More products in the market like this, please! So I don’t have to spend time squinting at the tiny words on lipstick labels.


Get Enviably Beautiful Lips With Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick

Estee-Lauder-Pure-Color-Envy-Shine-Sculpting-Lipstick-Product-Asian-Review,-Swatches,-Photos_COVER Advertorial

When I see a lipstick with moisturizing qualities, the first thing that comes to mind is “Ah, this must not be very pigmented”. That’s the typical trade-off, isn’t it? You get hydration at the cost of pigmentation and lipsticks that are more pigmented are usually very drying.

Armed with years of history in producing high quality luxury makeup, Estée Lauder unveils the NEW Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipsticks, which keep my lips moisturized without compromising color.


Estee-Lauder-Pure-Color-Envy-Shine-Sculpting-Lipstick-Product-Asian-Review,-Swatches,-Photos_GIVEAWAY_1.1 Pink Dragon on my lips!

I tried on these Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipsticks with a very open mind (you know, bad experience with many others) and was BLOWN AWAY when they not only glided on my lips effortlessly, their pigmentation and longevity were impressive! WOWWW!!


Brilliant Shades Made For Asian Women

Exclusively developed to complement the natural beauty of Asian women, these 16 beautifully feminine shades are broken down into 4 categories – Nudes to Browns, Pinks to Berries, Corals to Red, Mauves to Plums, so you’ll definitely find a shade that suits you perfectly.


Left to right: Surreal Sun, Pink Dragon, Charmed, Innocent


Left to right: Surreal Sun, Pink Dragon, Charmed, Innocent

What am I talking about?!?! I doubt anyone can walk away with only one shade after getting to try first-hand just how amazingly comfortable and creamy these are on the lips without compromising color!

Read on for a MEGA GIVEAWAY!! You’re gonna go craaaazyyy!!! 😛


Makeup Tutorial: Easy, Bold Teal


In my previous post on the invaluable hand-made gifts for Mr Mode in celebration of our first and last engagement anniversary, I promised a tutorial on the makeup worn. So here it is! Super easy!


Eye Makeup

A: Use Maybelline Tattoo Eyeshadow Tenacious Teal as base; Sweep Sleek i-Divine Candy over lid

B: Apply Urban Decay Vice 2 Rewind on Outer V, extending upwards


Top 13 Favorite Makeup Products of 2013


YO-HO! Year 2013 saw the second birthday of Bun Bun Makeup Tips. I’m thankful that my little blog has helped so many people with making informed decisions when it comes to purchasing makeup. Thank you for letting me feel the love! *muack

Here I present my top 13 favorite makeup products of 2013. (My mum innocently asked if I chose 13 because we stay on the 13th floor. LOL! How cute can my mum get? :D)


1. Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB SPF 25

This has got to be the first one on the list coz I use it EVERY-SINGLE-DAY. It’s a makeup primer, base, BB cream, foundation, sunscreen… ALL IN ONE! It does not turn my skin into a pasty grey – a typical characteristic of so many BB creams; there is no flashback when I take photos with a harsh flash; it feels lightweight on my skin.

Even though it does not profess to have oil control abilities, I can wear this on its own and it lasts many good hours without turning me into a greaseball. Gorgeous Purple (01) brightens up complexion and Natural Green (02) combats redness. My preference is Natural Green because I have redness and an uneven complexion. This just gives my skin a great canvas to work more magic on. I would wear this alone on days when the skin is obedient. Haha. See my good skin in this post! =)

If there’s one product that can persuade me into believing all the hype about BB creams, the Lioele Dollish Vel Vita BB has to be it.

Get it online >> Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB SPF 25

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10

I discovered this during the later part of 2013 and it immediately ascended the throne of Best Foundation of 2013. It provides medium coverage so my skin looks like it breathes under it, and is very buildable without being chalky.

The thing that stole my heart must be the satin-like finish that goes on and stays on so wonderfully well on my oily skin. I’d do well with some loose powder, but doing without is pretty alright.

The only gripe I have about the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place is its dispensing method – the traditional screw top and pour-liquid-out-and-waste-product method. For that price and prestige, I’d much prefer to have a pump dispenser. ALL liquid foundations should come with pump dispensers! Hands up if you agree!


A Universally Sexy Red Pout Found In Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick 01 Le Rouge


The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick was one of the 3 (wait, was it 4? Or 5?) red lipsticks I got for myself when I got better and was ready to return to blogging. It was kinda like a hello-welcome-back-bun-bun-辛苦你了 gift to myself.

This is the only other product from YSL I’ve got, the other being the YSL Touche Brillance which smells like watermelon and looks brilliant on the lips.

I know about you and everyone you know own the YSL Touche Eclat, but I haven’t felt the inclination to get one. Convince me? *winks



The YSL makeup assistant let me try about 3 shades of red and we both thought that I looked best in 01 Le Rouge. It’s a really pigmented, attention-grabbing red, very bold and sexy.

I’d think 01 Le Rouge is very much a universal shade of red, it will work for both cool and warm skin undertones.


Imagine Going To The Cinema Everyday With Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub


When I was in university we did a group project which surveyed the factors people take into consideration when deciding on a cinema. Location, price, variety of movies, comfort of seats were among the common and quickly churned options.

Then I said ‘popcorn’. And everyone looked at me like I just answered ‘elephant’ to what the smallest animal in the world is.

HAHAHA!! What!! I love my popcorn and how much I enjoy the movie is partially dependent on the quality of popcorn I put into my mouth. Some make it too sweet, some make too bland, some make it too crunchy, some are too lao hong.

I like my popcorn sweet most of the time, but not too sweet. Butter proportion is important too. I like the combination of Garrett Popcorn’s Chicago Mix – a combination of caramel and cheesecorn, however the crunchiness and freshness disappear within half an hour. Such short-lived excellence. :(

The topic of discussion isn’t popcorn though, we’re talking about this fun-tasting lip exfoliating scrub from Lush. It’s my first ever product from the brand too.


I was really excited when Lush first landed on our shores but when I came within 3 metres of the store at Wisma Atria, the pungent smell immediately consumed  me. From then on I would walk the other side of the basement level just to avoid the overpowering smells (to me) or aromas (maybe to you) emitting from the store.

But then one day I had enough of my lips peeling so often that I researched on exfoliating lip scrubs and somehow saw reviews on Lush Lip Scrubs.


One thing led to another and I found myself holding my breath and walking into Lush. Holds breath: *hurrgh!* >.<”


When Does Makeup Expire And For How Long Should You Keep Them?


In the spirit of Chinese New Year and the accompanying customary (and mundane) act of spring cleaning, I decided to start a new year on a clean slate by firstly, throwing out makeup products that have too ancient of a purchase date.

Actually, I cannot remember the date of purchase for ANY of my products. When I initially started on my little makeup escapade – that would later culminate into this crazy  obsession – I resolved to writing the date of purchase on each and every product. With constant contact, the ink  smudged – permanent ink or not – and sometimes it was really hard to find a spot to write on.

Then I changed to writing on white stickers but that made the product look really ugly. So I tried writing clear tape with permanent marker. That was the stupidest idea as the ink faded and all that was left was the clear tape. Maybe I used lousy tape, or lousy marker. Lol.

From then on, I simply relied on memory, which essentially means nothing at all since I have so many products it’s impossible to keep track. While the occasional clean-up to get rid of old products helps in ensuring you don’t use products for longer than you ought to, here are some ‘rules of thumb’ that we can all find useful in getting the most out of our products.

Period-After-Opening Symbol

You know that little jar with a number and an ‘M’? 6M means 6 months, and it indicates the recommended duration of use after you’ve first opened it.


Use The Look-Smell-Feel Approach

If the product doesn’t have a Period-After-Opening symbol, exercise the look-smell-free approach. It is high time to throw it out when there’s a change in color or texture, smells funny or different from before, or feels drier or oilier on the skin.


Mascara should be the easiest to gauge whether it has gone bad. Once it starts to dry up or flakes more than it did when it was at its prime, I toss it out. I once used a mascara for longer than was safe and it irritated my eyes so much I count my blessings for not getting any serious infection.

Then again, I honestly don’t follow the general rule of ‘throw out mascara after 3 months of opening’ rule. I mean, who throws out a mascara every 3 months!? That’s not only really wasteful and costly, I believe a mascara can function just as well even after 6 months. Just don’t go beyond a year. >.<”

It is best to exercise the look-smell-feel approach. If it smells funny or looks really weird in texture (maybe it became watery or looks murky), trust your instincts and give it up. And of course, if it causes any negative reaction, throw it away immediately.


Top 10 Beauty Products Found At (For Now!)

Have you done some shopping already? LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU if you have! 😀

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If you just arrived at the blog and are overwhelmed by the makeup tutorials, product reviews and the sudden announcement of my online store, I have another pieces of news for you:


5% storewide opening discount!

Until 25 November only, so HURRY!



As promised, here are the Top 10 beauty products I highly recommend (in no particular order). I have used them myself, have raved about them and if you follow me on my posts and updates, you’ll know that I really do use them very often.

These Top 10 beauty products are also what many of you have asked about, we listened and tried our best-est to make available in the store! This list is defined mainly by you, with some of my newly discovered Holy Grail items that I have yet to share my thoughts in a detailed review post. I put the ‘for now!’ in the cover picture coz one day you all will redefine this list, I’m sure!



Finally, The Launch Of!

WOOHOOO!!! I am over the moon now as I sit here, sharing my labor of love with you.

Finally, finally, finally, after months of preparation, plenty of hardwork, sleepless nights, and indescribable stress levels, my online beauty boutique is up up up!

Even though I have brazenly inserted the name of the store in the title of this post, I’m gonna still shout with all the air in my lungs:


(*waves hands madly in the air*)


Can you hear me? Can you hear me screeeeaaaammm, with all the love in my heart, that the idea of a store I mysteriously mentioned some months ago has solidified? My dream has finally seen the light of day, presented in the best way my fabulous team and I could manage, with as many brands and products we know you’ll love.

Wanna know how the name came about?

Well, at the start, we came up with some really ridiculous names like makeupdownleftrightcenter, wakeupyourmakeup, dollfromtheskyandsea, pana-doll, doll-mino, and even inapplicable ones such as fivesixseven. HAHAHA!!!

NOOO!!! I wanted a name that would evoke an image, tell a story, or have some meaning or association to makeup and beauty.

Then I thought…… *moment of enlightenment*

I’m a girl, I’m selling makeup to girls, the name should ride along this line.

And just like that, Doll To Doll came to mind. I ran it through friends and this was the name that garnered the highest votes! So it’s me (a doll [us, actually. but, anyways]) sharing beautiful and fun makeup with my girl friends (all you dolls)!

(Girl To Girl would seem like a shop selling kids clothing and wouldn’t sound half as cute. Heh heh!)

That was in June, and five months on, is live.

Today is 20 November 2012 – 20112012. NICE RIGHT!!! I initially wanted 211112 but my parents said 20112012 is a way more auspicious date for store opening after seeking the Chinese calendar. 20112012 looks very good too!

Just so you know, today is a good date for big events such as store openings, weddings, traveling, moving house, building house – basically anything big, new and exciting in your life!


Doll To Doll would never have materialized without Bun Bun Makeup Tips, and what’s the blog without you, my cherished readers?

If not for your unwavering support and inspiring words of encouragement (on the blog and facebook) to chase my dream of setting up shop, I would never have had the relentless courage and strength to keep going.

In the next post that’s coming up in a short while, I will introduce the Top 10 products highly sought after by many readers and for which I always receive questions on where to buy, how to buy, how to ship from/to Singapore, etc.

Now I can proudly tell you: has it all! *pumps fist into air LOL


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I’m so HAPPY we’ve finally launched and thank you for feeling happy for me too!! LOVE LOVE!! 😀

Check back for the Top 10 products post in a while okie? ^_^*



Juli, Bun Bun, and Team Doll To Doll


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