Let’s Get Married Part 2: Coastal Settlement For A Vintage Wedding



I knowwwww… It’s been F-O-R-E-V-E-R since I updated on our wedding plans. Well, that’s because there are NO plans!

I can’t believe the last post was in April, now’s October. I wrote that I was petrified. I think I still am, and more so because the clock’s ticking. Mr Mode and I had our very first ‘wedding planning meeting’ at a little cafe some time ago, we discussed the guest list………. and that was it. HAHAHA! Super inefficient meeting.

We’ve got our date sort of planned though. See, ‘sort of’. Can’t even provide a definite date. Am I getting married or not? =.=

It’s less than a year to our wedding and people always say that the most important thing to check off the to-do list of a wedding plan is to decide and book the venue.

Having started researching on possible venues for my kind of wedding, I dragged Mr Mode to Coastal Settlement on a bright and sunny afternoon.

I immediately fell in love with the walkway adorned with beautiful plants and lamps that would illuminate the path at night. I can only imagine how welcoming and romantic the scene would be for a wedding.





After what seemed like 20 minutes to Mr Mode but was really only 2 minutes of picture-taking of the lushly-furnished outdoors, we reached the door of Coastal Settlement.


Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted with a huuuuuuuuge collection of thingamabobs that reminded us of childhood. We were 80’s kids.




I had this baby piano! In the exact same color! =D





I think this is a radio. A bit too retro for me to recognize.



We got seated near the bar and that area was beautiful too with chandeliers against oriental wooden doors.


Super old-school ice-kachang machine!


The Food

We ordered the Pot of Mussels & Clams Soup and both liked it a lot. It was light yet flavorful, salty and sweet, and the baguette went well with the soup. OMG I just swallowed my saliva while typing that! LOL!


Pot of Mussels & Clams Soup: Boston Mussels, White Clams, Tomatoes, Fennel, Leek, Light Cream, White Wine, French Baguette – S$18


Mr Mode had the Rosti Sausage. I like rosti but I’m not a sausage kind of person.


Rosti Sausage: Handcut Potatoes, Chicken Cheese Sausage, Sour Cream, Chinves, Baby Spinach – S$26


I had The Settlement’s Brunch. Loved the scrambled eggs and mushrooms and bacon and toast and jam… HAHAHA! Actually everything went well together. Okie, except the sausage. I really don’t like sausages or hotdogs much; gave the remaining half to Mr Mode.


The Settlement’s Brunch: Eggs (Scrambled, Sunny Side Up or Poached), Baked Beans, Chicken Cheese Sausage, Maple Glazed Bacon, Sauteed Wild Mushrooms, Toast – S$24


Mr Mode commented that the food we ordered sort of reflected our personalities. My The Settlement’s Brunch was colorful with lotsa variety – I love playing with colors, love variety in life and have many hobbies; Mode’s Rosti Sausage dish had much less colors with a few items – he is… stable. BAHAHAHA!!! I don’t know how to describe him, really. I wouldn’t use ‘boring’ to describe him at all coz we have so much fun together, yes, even after more than a decade together. More like… erm… invariable? LOL.

I’m glad we managed to catch the Brunch menu! 20 minutes after we made our order it was changed to the Lunch menu. I wanna come back for lunch some day!

The restaurant’s pretty long and this was another part of it.



Toilet signs.


Did I mention that it was CRAZILY HOT outside? Even inside we could feel the heat as we sat on the high stools with our backs against the glass walls. Mr Mode didn’t like the heat. It must be quite hard to bear if the wedding happened under such scorching heat.


I don’t know how these people could sit outside.


We all had wonderful times on swings, didn’t we?

My most treasured memory on a swing was eating spaghetti with tomato sauce with a couple of my primary school friends, WITH OUR HANDS. It was dirty and messy, we had red sauce on our fingers and faces and pinafores, but there was a cool breeze that ran through our hair, the swing was swaying only slightly, and I felt so free and happy.


Parking’s a problem. The parking area is incredibly small and even with valet service, it wasn’t very convenient. Moreover, unless you have your own vehicle, it’s incredibly difficult to get to Coastal Settlement, which is located in Changi.


The Coastal Settlement

200, Netheravon Road, Singapore 508529

6475 0200

(But I think the food and ambience made the trip worth it! :))



Just in case you forget how I look. HAHAHAA!!! (Love my makeup for that day!)


Oh man! I really love the ambience of The Coastal Settlement. Our back-to-school theme would look completely at home here and the decoration is already so well-done. I love all the details and every space makes for a great photo moment. I envisioned saying our ‘I Do’s’ outside with all the greenery and then moving in for the after-party in the evening.

But it’s totally inappropriate for the kind of wedding gown I want to wear! My dream gown would be a ball gown with a sweetheart neckline. I posted a picture of myself in a wedding gown of this description on Instagram – follow me! (@bunbunmakeuptips).

How how how? My dream gown is too dressy for a laid back place like Coastal Settlement, seems like only a hotel ballroom would make such a dress seem right. But I don’t want a hotel ballroom! We’re still looking around for a venue that can accommodate my gown (this sounds bimbotic XD)… most probably a garden wedding. I’ll keep y’all updated!

Till next time! ^_^*


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  • icyabstract

    You can try looking at The White Rabbit @ Dempsey. It has the same kind of vibe that you’re looking for except with a little more space (in the restaurant) and it isn’t as warm. Parking and location can be a bit of an issue but they have valet services too and they can park at spaces in the opposite restaurant.

  • _jgme

    so prettyyy!! love your purple hair la.

  • JessiLim

    Looking great, girl! I’m glad that you have your loved ones to support you throughout the tough times. Keep your head up and walk tall. You are beautiful in the eyes of your loved ones…that’s what matter most.

  • felixiol

    Hello, may I know where you got your eyelashes from? they look really naturally and open up your eyes!

  • makeupvigilante1

    Wow,  can’t believe how good your skin looks now! You must do a post on how you faded those scars so damn fast!

  • aleckb

    Just get the gown you want AND the location you want. No need to compromise based on what is “appropriate”. You’ll only wear the gown once anyway so it might as well be at a place you are happy with. :)

  • CindyTai

    Congrats! OMG, I can’t believe it had already been months. Coastal does look good, but insect repellent might be required as door gifts. HAHA
    Your skin looks so good now, btw! HOW?

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    icyabstract I’ve heard about that but Mr Mode and I find it kinda weird to hold our wedding in a chapel coz we’re neither Christians nor Catholics. It’s just the wrong kind of vibe. Hee. But thanks for your suggestion! =)

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    _jgme Thank you! Purple is the color that lasts the longest on my hair. Heh.

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    CindyTai HAHAHA! Ya!! That would make an awesome gift!

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    felixiolHello! It’s available on my online store: They’re very comfortable and lightweight. =)

    We ship worldwide! =)

  • KeiYamada

    Hi, I went to tons of potential wedding venues before I settled on Peony Jade@Keppel for my ROM and Parkroyal on Pickering for the dinner.
    I remember going to the Coastal Settlement for a site visit, but decided to pass because it seems rather ex for the menu options and the staff were quite inflexible about moving tables around etc (which we felt was not a good sign).
    Some of the other quite nice venues we checked out were Masons, Alkaff Mansion, Cornerstone, PS cafe at dempsey, Spruce..
    PS cafe was nice, and the guy who I suppose is in charge of events was really nice and knowledgeable. Maybe you might want to check it out?
    But ultimately we decided on ParkRoyal because a hotel cuts out all the hassle of planning, coordination etc because they do it for you. And they have such beautiful big windows and lush greenery outside, we felt it served the same purpose.
    Just my 2 cents, hope it helps!

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    KeiYamada Thank you for your suggestions!! I’ll go take a look at these places. =D