Launch of Philosophy in Sephora Singapore 2012


(Gah! I thought I’d schedule this post to be published earlier; I just checked and realized I set it to March. @_@)

Philosophy is finally going to land on our shores! Slated to launch at all Singapore Sephora stores on 27 April 2012, our sunny island was chosen to be the first Asian country to shelve the Philosophy brand due to our ‘level of sophistication, different ethnic groups, and an English-speaking environment’, as mentioned by a Philosophy personnel.

At the Philosophy press event, we were shown and got to try their popular products like ‘purity made simple’ cleanser, ‘hope in a jar’ moisturizer, ‘miracle worker’ dark spot correcting system, and ‘turbo booster c powder’.

It would all have been a better experience had I not rushed down from a meeting looking all disheveled and the assistants started me off right away with ‘hope in a jar’ and right after, ‘micro delivery peel’ which is an exfoliation system that promotes skin renewal. Peel after moisturizer?!?! :O

Then a kind assistant came and told me the products I’d missed and promptly dispensed products on the back of my hand one after another. My products sequence was all wrong and I wasn’t able to rinse off properly. The dried up bits from the peel had fallen all over my space and it wasn’t a comfortable situation to be in. I really wanted to leave the room and wash my hands but I didn’t want to be rude as the speaker was putting in good effort in describing the products and their benefits.

So I suffered in silence.

I’ll leave other blogs to tell you about the science and ingredients behind Philosophy’s products because I haven’t tried them myself. I like their packaging though. Simplicity at its best.

Oh and strangers came up and told me they like my eye makeup. YAY. Too bad I couldn’t get a good shot of it. I’ll try and recreate it some time, okie? :)

Opposite the Padang.

Do you use any Philosophy products? Any recommendations for oily skin? ‘Hope in a jar oil-free gel’ sounds promising!


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Hello! My name is Juli and Bun Bun is my alter-ego. I blog to share my love for makeup, how to apply it, and what works or what doesn’t work, all from an Asian perspective.

My first makeup product was a shimmery light blue lipstick which I proudly wore all over my eyelids and lips. It cost $2.50, felt like $250, and made me feel like a million bucks.

  • Sunny

    Ah don’t you look utterly adorable that day! Philosophy very recently made its way here too, so that’s pretty sweet! The only thing I’ve purchased so far (though I did it when I was in the US several months back) is their Gingerbread man scrub. Haven’t tried any of the skincare products but I’m definitely interested in looking into it!

  • Facesbysarah

    i loved ur eye makeup that day tooooooooo! :)

    • Bun Bun

      Thanks babe! The purple was Sugarpill Poison Plum. One of your favorite colors too right? I see you using it a lot in your tutorials :)

  • Jo

    I have the regular Hope in a Jar and I really don’t like it. I have oily skin that still manages to be flaky on my forehead sometimes (while still oily?!?) and after using Hope in a Jar for almost 6 weeks now, it’s done nothing for my skin. It also smells really bad when it’s on your face. So bad that my bf doesn’t want to give me a goodbye kiss before work ): Haha. Anyway, I am just trying to use up the jar because it was expensive and one of the pros is that it didn’t irritate my skin at all. I’ve never used the gel version so I can’t comment on that, but I just wanted to warn you since I’ve gotten such wonderful recommendations through your blog. I’m sorry my first comment was kind of a negative one! I love your blog and I hope you have a great day (:

    • Bun Bun

      My, my! Thanks for your views, Jo! That was very helpful and not ‘negative’ at all. 😀

      Your experience reminds me of a Lux shower cream I once used. It smelt so funny on me that my boyfriend refused to hug me. I gave it to my mum to wash the toilet with it. LOL. It wasn’t expensive so it didn’t break my heart much.

      Thank you for supporting my blog :) and have a great weekend!