Lancome Mat Miracle 24H Foundation Review – Perfect Cover And Finish For Oily And Blemished Skin



It’s amazing – the Lancome Mat Miracle Foundation has triumphed all other foundations currently in my possession. 80% of the time I use this, while leaving the rest to be distributed among new foundations to be tested, existing ones which are pretty good but are overshadowed by Lancome Mat Miracle, and those not-so-suitable ones waiting to be given a second chance.

Truth be told, I was apprehensive when I received the Lancome Mat Miracle. I remember not having such a great experience with my previous Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation despite my review, afterall. Skin changed and over time, my skin decided that the Maqui wasn’t to its liking – too greasy! It was, afterall, meant to give a glowy finish but my skin confuses glowy with oily, so… BLEAH.

But you know you’ve discovered gold when you reach for the same bottle of liquid foundation over and over. And I have, with the Lancome Mat Miracle.

At first glance my skin looks pretty okie here, especially with the very flattering lights from a makeshift makeup table at the Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited event recently. But if you look closely, there are plenty of weird stuff going on on my face. Lol.

Lancome-Mat-Miracle-24H-Foundation-BO-01-Review,-Swatches,-Photos-8-Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited

Love that it was ‘designed for Asian Skin’. 😀


(WhOOps! I just only realized the ‘shake well before use’ instruction. I never looked so closely at the bottle before taking pictures for this review, that means I never shook it before. Teeheehee!)

BO-01 Perfect Shade For MAC NC20-25

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of knowing one’s foundation shade against a ‘standard’, usually MAC. But I use Lancome as well and mine’s BO-01, which stands for Beige-Ochre.

It’s like knowing how much USD translates into your own currency. Not many people know how much is KRW50,000 to SGD. But it’s easier to understand when you say it’s USD45. Good right, my analogy? BAHAHAHA!!

BO-01 is perfect for my strong yellow undertones. I’m so yellow! Whenever I’m beside Mr Mode, I look like I have jaundice coz his skin is a healthy tomato red. Lol.


You can see that even though both Lancome foundations are BO-01, the Mat Miracle is slightly more yellow than the Maqui Blanc Miracle, just very slightly.


Evonne and Yina both use O-02. Go check out their blogs for swatches of O-02!

Full Coverage To Hide My Blemishes

I can imagine this Lancome Mat Miracle looking incredible on good skin.

I have blemished skin – the whole deal complete with acne, scars, spots, and yet this foundation covers imperfections really well. So much that a light layer of concealer is all I need to cover up more intense scars or pimples, and sometimes I have to evaluate whether a spot is even worth covering up further since the foundation would have done a decent job in concealing while keeping it looking natural at the same time.

Oh goodness, I’m full of praise for the Lancome Mat Miracle!

But it’s true, I really do love this foundation a lot. Great coverage, perfect shade, no side effects of breakouts or irritation, shine-control, long-wearing. What’s not to love, you tell me!


Pump bottle. Another +1!


Love the frosty bottle of the Mat Miracle 24H. That’s the Maqui Blanc Miracle beside it, with all its words gone. I don’t think I even used half of it. Money wasted. :(


Long Wearing But Not 24H

Like, duh! No foundation lasts that long! None should.

The Lancome Mat Miracle is by far one of the longest wearing foundations I’ve ever worn, lasting over 6 hours without significant fading. My skin oils up pretty quickly and the Chanel Perfection Lumiere brings shine to my face (not in a good way!) within 2 hours. In comparison, this Lancome one always manages to hold up for much longer. It is rather resistant to sweat and transfers a lot less than most foundations, clearly concluded from my intense dance sessions.

Most of the time I don’t apply any powder atop the Lancome Mat Miracle Foundation, and by itself feels comfortable on the skin.

Review for Chanel Perfection Lumiere coming up soon!

Go Flawless With Sigma F80 Kabuki


The days when foundations went on before my favorite foundation brush Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush came into my life are just a blur. No other brush manages to give me the same result the F80 produces.

Sometimes I look at my naked, blemished skin and sigh, and then after applying the Lancome Mat Miracle with Sigma F80 brush, I’ll go “Eh, okie what, it doesn’t look too bad.” LOL. Power of makeup, no, power of good makeup PLUS power tool.

Comparisons With Other Liquid Foundations

Much less oily than: Lancôme Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation

Has slightly more matte finish but shine control is similar to: Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

Less glowy finish than: Chanel Perfection Lumiere SPF 10 (review coming up!)

Of course, I make sure my skin is moisturized and apply a base before applying any foundation. My favorite makeup base now (and has been for the past 3 months) is the Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB SPF25 in Natural Green. Makeup base is just another term for makeup primer. =) The Dollish Veil Vita neutralizes the redness in my skintone and evens out minor imperfections instantly. It has very sheer coverage and I’ll even wear it on its own when I just want some sun protection and skin brightening. LOVE IT!

Products Mentioned In This Post

Lancome Mat Miracle 24H Foundation – Price: SGD66.00. Available at all Lancome counters, not available on amazon. Maybe coz it’s ‘designed for Asian Skin’

Sigma F80 Kabuki BrushDoll To Doll Cosmetics

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation – Available at all Bourjois counters, not available on amazon.

Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB SPF25Doll To Doll Cosmetics

Choose 01 Gorgeous Purple to counteract sallow undertones for a vibrant, energized look.
Choose 02 Natural Green to neutralize redness in skin and conceal blemishes.

If you have oily skin and plenty of blemishes (they usually come together, boo!), give the Lancome Mat Miracle Foundation a go!


Bun Bun rates the Lancome Mat Miracle 24H Foundation BO-01:

This is LOVE!


I wonder how the Lancome Mat Miracle compares against the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Foundation. The MUFE I had was a shade too tan for me; I might want to give it another shot some day, in a lighter shade. Anyone using both the Lancome and MUFE now?


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My first makeup product was a shimmery light blue lipstick which I proudly wore all over my eyelids and lips. It cost $2.50, felt like $250, and made me feel like a million bucks.

  • Peony

    Hi how do u ascertain your skin is really yellow? Coz I can’t really tell…

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      @Peony From experimentation and comparisons. Foundations with pink undertones don’t work at all, and even some neutral ones don’t match that well. When I’m by myself, it isn’t obvious, but when I stand beside people, it’s quite obvious. Haha!

  • luxiz

    you must be really fair! i was matched to shade O4 which is so yellow and orange! :(

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      luxiz O4 is yellow and orange? So it doesn’t suit you? Maybe you could go back to the counter and find the assistant who did the match for you. =(

  • sn0w_f1ake

    hi! appreciate if you could also share how the MUFE Mat Velvet+ compare with the lancome mat miracle?

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      @sn0w_f1ake Wow, the MUFE was such a loonnngggg time ago! Lol. I really am unable to give you a comparison without doubting myself along the way coz I cannot remember much. Haha! That’s what I want to know too! Hope a reader who owns both now can help us =)

      • sn0w_f1ake

        ok thanks anyway! saw MUFE under Bun’s Favs link so thought you might
        be still using it. I have been using Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation
        after your recommendation post and it suits me. =D So was hoping to get a
        higher end foundation based on your recommendation as well 😉

  • BAMBIx

    Your new hair color!! Nice as always 😀
    I SEE the word “Non comedogenic” on it!  Would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to try it. I’ve never tried Sigma F80, but I’m so in love with this kind of flat top foundation brush (mine is EBS squirrel flat top, reeeaaaaally good makeup tool too! The difference is the bristles lol)

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      BAMBIx Thanks my dear! Yes! ‘Non-comedogenic’ is precious! I don’t get any breakouts or irritation at all. EBS is a brand? I’ve never heard of it =P

  • BAMBIx

    Your new hair color!! Nice as always 😀
    I SEE the word “Non comedogenic” on it!  Would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to try it. I’ve never tried Sigma F80, but I’m so in love with this kind of flat top foundation brush (mine is EBS squirrel flat top, reeeaaaaally good makeup tool too! The difference is the bristles lol)

  • starzgurl342

    Hi, may I know if u will recommend this or 123 perfect foundation from bounjois? What about face primer? My face is a bit oily on the T zone, with some open pores on the cheeks. im breaking out on the chin nowadays:( i would like to get ur honest opinion which is more suitable for me! Btw, any eye serum to recommend too? As I’ve tried lots and lots of eye serum and all, but I realise it isn’t helping my dark circles at all! Worse still, i will get small spots around my eyes!
    I appreciate it a lot, bun bun!! :DD
    Thank you!

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      starzgurl342It really depends on your budget. The Lancome one is more than twice the price of the Bourjois 123. But if you have some moola to spare, I’d say go for the Lancome one. =)
      The face primer I am currently using and am in love with is Lioele Dollish Veil Vita, the Natural Green shade. Love that it not only works as a primer but also has tone correcting abilities so that the redness in my skin is instantly reduced. LOVEEEE! Been meaning to get down to do a proper review but haven’t had time. BOOO. It’s available here:
      As for eye cream, I am currently using Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream. I’m not sure if it helps with dark eye circles but I like that it’s hydrating but not oily. What kind of ‘small spots’ are you referring to? Dark spots or bumps? If you get bumps, it’s a cause for alarm coz your product may be way too oily for your skin. 
      Let me know if you need help with anything else! =)

      • starzgurl342

        Yes I do get some bumps near my eyes after using most eye cream!
        Can you give a overall grade for both foundations considering their oil control, how long it last, coverage and Etc?
        Hahah then I’ll see how much is the difference between these two to make a choice!
        For Lioele dollish veil vita, I’m unsure which shade to choose as my face is quite pale with some acne scars.. I’d like to have the natural look without looking too pale.
        Can you advise? Thanks!

  • angiedarintip

    Hey thanks so much for doing a review on this. I’m looking for a long lasting foundation that works on oily Asian skin (I’m Thai and living in Bangkok) cuz I’ll do my own makeup for my upcoming graduation. I’ve read and watched reviews of A LOT of foundations but most of them are reviewed by westerners so I haven’t really decided on anything yet. I’ll definitely give this foundation a try. (I also love Lancôme in general haha) One question though, does it cover large pores and black heads well too? Cuz I have lots of those and I’ve found that no primer or concealer that I’ve tried can cover those up.
    Btw, you look lovely!

  • CC5688

    How does it compare to the estee lauder double wear?

  • Casandra

    Foundation can also turn yellow/orange from the oil/sebum interacting with the foundation. Something to do with oxidation of certain elements that are used in virtually all foundations.   Info came from this page,

  • oreeoxx

    I bought this foundation but the wrong color (P-02). I was told by the counter lady that i was a O-02? (Can’t really remember but just wasn’t the color that i bought) The color made my face look kinda pale after applying it. Wasn’t allowed to change it as i bought it during sephora sale :(
    Anyway, is there any way i can make use of it instead of letting it sit in my cupboard. ><
    Can i use it as a corrector for undereye area since it is pink? Lol.

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    angiedarintip Sorry for the very late reply! The Lancome Mat Miracle helps to conceal my pores and black heads pretty well. The coverage is medium-full and easily buildable. Hope my comment still helps a bit! =)

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    CC5688 Sorry, haven’t tried the Estee Lauder Double Wear even though I’ve read plenty of good reviews on it. Seems like it has pretty good coverage but can be slightly heavy on skin? That’s what I read from reviews. But everyone’s different so I’ll grab one if I have the chance one day! Thanks for asking! =)

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    oreeoxx Oh dear, she analyzed you as O-02 and gave you P-02? That’s terrible! I know how it feels to have a foundation shade that doesn’t match at all. I think P stands for Pink, and that’s why it might look pale/grey on you (especially if you have very yellow undertones). 
    Hmmm…. I guess you could try it on your undereye area, but that’s not so much for correcting as it is for highlighting. We usually use a salmon shade (warm, orange) to counteract the bluish undereye area. Only after correcting can you try highlighting. 
    Best of luck! =)

  • orqngefirefly

    I just realised that you had a review on it! I’ve just received a sample over the counter just a while back. When I applied it on today, it made my skin look flakey (I’m combi/normal). Thankfully I wore it out at night so not much chance to be under white light. >__<
    Bourjois 123 (also your review!) was definitely a better choice with me. It was a shame for the Mat Miracle because usually what works for you, works for me too. Maybe if I have enough Mat Miracle left to try a second time, I might change my mind. But meh, I didn’t like the over-the-counter service. Saleslady looked a little reluctant, and she actually just went to the back to dispense the foundation in the jar. She did not even test any colour on my jaw to see the shade. I thought that what she gave was too yellow for me. Oh well.

  • I Luv MU

    First time running across your blog. I would love to know what lippie you are wearing in this picture. I know it’s a long shot, but I’d thought I’d ask anyhow. You are absolutely beautiful & flawless.

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    I Luv MU Oh dear, I can’t remember which shade exactly but it’s definitely a red lippie + gloss from Shu Uemura as it was a Shu Uemura event. =)