Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Blogger Event: Of Pyjamas, Candles And Some Boob Talk


What do pyjamas, candles and boob talk have in common? Yes!! A pyjamas partaayyy!!!

Only that I didn’t get to have the boob talk at the actual event. You’ll see in a while.

When I got invited for the event I didn’t expect to be that special and fun! Oh I never expect anything out of any event anyway coz every one is always different.

On the eve of the event my blog manager Gabby texted me to come dressed in pyjamas and I was like ‘HUH? Pyjamas?! Why so weird?’ but in my heart my reaction was more like ‘YAYYY!!! HAPPY!!!’. LOL.

How I LUURRVVEEE themed parties! School uniform, Geeky, Shanghai, Wondergirls (HAHA!), Cowboy, etc. I love dressing up specially for an event; going through all the costumes, makeup, hair makes me ~high~. That’s why I LOVE Halloween!

OMG! That’s in less than two months!!!  

A themed party makes the experience more wholesome, the energy more united and everyone more in tuned with one another. It’s like having a shared, sacred memory.

I love themed outings, but one thing I no longer do is wear couple clothing.

It’s so… um… un-adult-like. Maybe coz we’re both 28 and way over the let’s-get-cute-together-and-let-everyone-know-we’re-an-item stage. Kinda passe, you know what I mean? We’ve been together since secondary school. Yea, we did the couple clothing thing back then. That’s why I felt a little, teeny, tiny awkward when we went out in BRIGHT orange top and off-white shorts/berms just recently. Hoho.

Unintentional mitchy-matchy couple tops *shy*

The Kiehl’s blogger event was so well planned and executed – location (super ulu by the way), ambience, pyjama theme, temperature (I was worried I’d be freezing in minus zero temperatures like at some restaurants), food, massage, tea, pillow drawing, and FRIENDS!

This was what I wore.

Me and Gabby, my blog manager

LOOK AT MY LEGS!!! I really don’t know why they are so much darker than the rest of my body. They’re at least three shades darker in real life. They look at least ten times darker here due to the angle and harsh flash needed in dim lighting; I don’t look that fair. I’m NC20-25, by the way.

I apply sunblock to my face and neck and when the occasion calls for a heavier dosage I’ll definitely do the arms AND legs – I don’t neglect them! Yet, they look like I’ve been carrying out menial labor under the sun everyday. So dark and dirty!!! Just too hilarious! 

That dress is honestly what I wear to sleep sometimes. Because this Uniqlo Women Bra Sleeveless Tunic (its official name – I Googled!) has bra attached, I also wear it out. I like that it’s awesome for how tall I am, no need to alter. :) This is the best kind of apparel to bring on short trips, stayovers, anywhere really!

The material is so comfy and the whole thing moves together with my body, unlike low quality bras that reach up to your neck when you stretch. HAHAHA! That kind of feeling, I’m sure you know. Even some good quality bras don’t feel 100% comfortable. Something’s always THERE.

The only drawback is that the boobs will overflow. BAHAHAHA!

These are my boobs.

HAHAHAHA! At least I didn’t draw on the nipples. Okie TMI.

So, the outer layer indicates the tunic. The cloth covers everything nicely, right?

Here’s what under the outer layer – the attached support bra.

Did you see it? Did you see it?







The red colored section indicates the boob area NOT covered by the support bra. The flesh is covered by the sides of the bra, you know, the elastic part. Therefore the boobs overflow. LOL.

The dresses all come with a fixed bra size, so anyone from cup A to — oh I don’t know — J can fit. I think it’ll look weird on anything above D though. The boobs will probably have half overflowing into the band area.

All in all, the Uniqlo bra tunics are really comfortable to wear, very soft to the touch. If you don’t mind having some spillage of boob flesh, I’d recommend you get them! You can’t actually feel them overflowing when moving around, but when you touch them, you know there’s leakage. LOL!

If you’re taller than I am, it’d probably look very sexy on you. Whee wheeeeet!!

Enough boob talk. Let’s get back to Kiehl’s.

Group shot and then it was time for the presentation for Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye and Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

Such relaxing ambience! It’s the I-wanna-soak-it-all-up kind, not the I-want-to-fall-asleep-right-now kind. LOVES!

Beatrice and her friend came all dressed up coz they had to go somewhere else later. I look totally underdressed beside them.

My makeup was super minimalistic as well, I didn’t do the eye Contour Area at all. Just MakeupGeek Eyeshadow in Shimma Shimma and mascara. Rare deal!

After the talk, we all had the chance to get oiled up with the multi-purpose Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I wish I had a table in front so I didn’t have to carry my own arm weight. Totally lazy man!!! HAHA!

Tea time after massage. Like a tai tai.

Cuppa with Yina

There was the massage station,

the tea station,

and the draw-on-your-pillow station.

This Kiehl’s boy was the artist of the day!

The reason why he drew me in that pose was coz I really sat like that! I sat straight up, had my hands in the middle, and kept my legs closed. And I looked straight at the Kiehl’s guy, not really knowing whether to smile. HAHAHA!

That’s what I went through when I was younger and had my portrait drawn! The artist told me not to move an inch, and sit like a statue, otherwise my face would end up ugly.

The Kiehl’s guy told me ‘You don’t have to stare at me hahaha’ and everyone around me laughed. It was really quite funny even when I think back now. Oh, did I mention this event happened in June?? 😛

Got the essence of me done right, dude! The hair, dress, collarbone….

….. and the posture. LOL!

Aaahh, miss my skin! Even though I still had pimples and pigmentation here and there, I could pass with light makeup. My terrible acne is getting better though!

Gabby, Yina, Me

The thing with these polaroid shots is that they provide instant gratification – you get to hold the result in your hands minutes after it was taken and they have a natural filter that makes the skin look smoother. But then I don’t know what to do with them after I’ve taken a picture of it with my camera. The irony.

Checking out.

Do you love themed parties? Which types have you attended and liked the most? Throw me some ideas for Halloween!

What do you do with polaroids?



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My first makeup product was a shimmery light blue lipstick which I proudly wore all over my eyelids and lips. It cost $2.50, felt like $250, and made me feel like a million bucks.

  • candyslice

    I love your cardigan! where did you get it? 

    • BunBunMakeupTips

       @candyslice Thanks!! It’s from cache cache. It was love at first sight for me! The cutting’s just right for me and it’s super comfortable! =D

  • BAMBIx

    HMMMM, I think I never go something like themed party before … or maybe, when I was very young HUH? Can’t remenber it anyway HAHA. That looks so much fun! and your pyjamas is so cute ^^
    Talking about boobs … I never feel any flesh leakage at all! … since it’s too small to leak LOL. That’s embarassing to say in your blog right? HAHA. Actually I’m very thin. No, not “very”, I have to use the word “TOO THIN” to be precise. My arm looks like it can be broken. That’s sad because it doesn’t look good in my opinion. I eat a lot but nothing can increase my flesh – -*.

    • BunBunMakeupTips

       @BAMBIx Hahaha the flesh leakage is due to the universal one-size-fits-all cup of the tunic! There really shouldn’t be any leakage for any type of bra haha, but I’m willing to tolerate it coz it doesn’t bother me too much.
      Your ‘problem’ is what many people in the world long to have, darling. Those runway supermodels are always super thin yet they look so good on stage and everyone adores them. So many of us would like to eat as much without having to watch our weight!

  • Becca @The Beauty Sample

    I LOVE themed parties too–which is why one of my absolute favorite holidays is Halloween!! 😀

    • BunBunMakeupTips

       @Becca @The Beauty Sample YAY!!! High five!! What’s your costume concept this year? =D

  • Kate T

    LOL. Love your boob talk!
    Oh yes, I love themed parties. Although I don’t get the chance to attend many. My favourite one was the “Red carpet event”  where my friends and I dress up for a cocktail party and watch the academy award on a big screen. It was just one of the days that we wanted to play dress up. The OTT type, you know… evening  gowns, hair, manicure, make up and all LOL.
    My most recent Halloween costume (and probably my last, since I’m not in the USA anymore) was a gypsy.  The make up was easy, thick brows,  dark lashes, green contact lens, and colorful eyes and cheeks.  The costume was super easy and did not cost me anything since I already own a long flowing bohemian skirt and matching top and a pair of nice sandals.  The accessories were also super easy to find and cheap: hair band, bangles (lots and lots of them), and large dangling loopy earrings. The only item that was quite complicated was the wig. I wanted waist-length BLACK curly hair, so I created one myself out of very black  shiny curly thick worsted yarn. It turned out beautiful and everyone I met  asked if they could touch it :). To top everything off, I even carried  around with me  a crystal ball and a CAT (my friend was a black cat that year)! The best part was that I knew how to read palms (just enough for good effects), I totally freaked out a lot of people being a gypsy 😀
    Can’t wait to see  your make up and costume for Halloween this year.

  • Chirri

    Aaah, it’s been ages since I had a sleep over. I crash at a friend’s house after a TV marathon, but that’s just me at her place, stuck on an uncomfortable couch… shh, don’t tell, the couch is why I try to come home for bed after those TV marathons now.
    I miss my Polaroid – I think I still have the camera, but I haven’t gotten a refill cartridge in ages. I wonder if they still make them in that size? I’d set up a cork-board or clip a string of Polaroid pictures together in a string/line somewhere, line up a couple of strings, like a free-falling collage. I’d need more than the 2 really old Polaroid’s I recently rediscovered, though…
    Sounds like you had a blast – thank you for sharing!

  • Elnienesia Meirinza Putri Dewa

    Nice event! Thank you for sharing. It looks you had great time. Lovely! ^ ^


  • Elnienesia Meirinza Putri Dewa

    Nice event! Thank you for sharing. It looks you had great time. Lovely! ^ ^