How To Lighten Your Brows With Kate Eyebrow Color Mascara: Useful For Dark Eyebrows


I used to think that being blessed with naturally thick and dark eyebrows meant I never had to worry about filling my brows. I went for the occasional eyebrow shaping, but never busied myself with filling them in.

Thus, up till just a couple of years ago, I’ve always walked around with dark but unfilled eyebrows, no matter the dye color of my hair or whether or not I had bangs. (Do I see you nodding?)

Now, I fill in my brows 98% of the time. 2% for the very rare times where I really don’t have time, and would spend the rest of the day feeling like everyone must be staring at my yellow-brow hair with stark black brow hairs. That’s not true, I know. With only 40% of the female population in Singapore bothering to wear any trace of makeup at all, I should look and feel right at home.

But I’m a beauty blogger now and people do come up to me and say hello so I must always look put together. *flicks hair

HAHAHA! Just kidding! Even if nobody knew me, I’d still always want to put my best face forward. I don’t mind going out without makeup – restricted to the neighborhood and I don’t give a **** when I’m sick – but when I do, I definitely will not ignore my brows now. It’s just bring responsible to my whole self-presentation.

And even though I have bangs that cover my brows, there’s always the chance that wind will blow them out of place!

Okie, let’s get going with how to lighten your brows with the Kate Brow Color. I like to call it brow mascara, it just has more meaning to it.

If you have dyed your hair much lighter than the typical chestnut-browns or reddish-browns on the heads of most Asian girls, you would probably find that a normal eyebrow pencil does nothing to lighten your brows, not even the lightest of shades.

With my hair dyed yellow-brown with very light-colored highlights thus making me look yellow over all, no brow pencil could ever cover the black of my brow hairs.

See how incoherent the color of my hair and brows look!

Naked brows

One day I was feeling hot and casually lifted my bangs to air my forehead and my friend made the dreaded comment ‘You look so fierce without your bangs.” And he’s a GUY. That meant the mistake was so MEGA a guy could tell there was something wrong with the look.


I NEEDED to lighten my brows to match my hair color! So I went into MAC, asked for an eyebrow mascara, and was recommended MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy. I didn’t think I wanted to fork out SGD25.00 for a brow mascara, so I went into Watsons… and found the Kate Eyebrow Color! Actually the KATE one isn’t that much cheaper than the MAC one. The MAC brow set is surprisingly quite affordable.

Left: LB-2 heavily swatched; Right: LB-2 blended

2 Easy Steps On How To Use The Kate Eyebrow Color Mascara

Step 1: Apply

Comb the wand through the hairs, not onto the skin. Do it carefully as the wand holds plenty of product.

Step 2: Blend

Use a separate mascara or brow wand to blend the product out evenly. I tend to concentrate the light color on the inner half, and allow the outer part to be darker so that the brow will not look flat with one color throughout.

By the way, I love how my highlighted cheekbones look in these pictures! 😀 It’s the MAC Beauty Powder in Too Chic, my HG face highlighter!

And done!

Mirror-image-left-and-real-right brow has one light code of Kate Eyebrow Color mascara while mirror-image-right-and-real-left brow is naked.

Want to know how I got those fluttery eyelashes? Hint: Mascara from L’Oreal + Holy Grail material lash primer. I’ll review them of course! :)

Just one thin layer of the Kate Eyebrow Color mascara, with no base or eyebrow pencil beneath, and it’s changed my dark brow hairs to a light brown! Amazing, isn’t it? Could never achieve that with typical brow pencils.

In this review I used the Kate brow mascara by itself so that you can see how it performs without anything else.

You really need an eyebrow mascara to do the job, simply because the liquid acts as a temporary dye and goes onto the hair instead of the skin beneath.

One layer of Kate Brow Mascara

Pair Kate Eyebrow Color With An Eyebrow Pencil For Better Effect

For better staying power and to get my brows really light yet defined, I usually use an eyebrow pencil first – Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow Pencil being my favorite now – so that the tail of the brow can be brown as well.

I used the Kate Eyebrow Color mascara (on top of another brow product) in some previous eye makeup tutorials before. Check ’em out!

Makeup Look: Featuring MAC And MUG Razzleberry And Peacock Eyeshadows

Makeup Tutorial: MAC Goldmine, MUG Peacock, Shimma Shimma, Urban Decay Smog

and, it wasn’t mentioned in the tutorial but Kate Eyebrow Color was the brow product used in Eyeshadow Tutorial for Asian Eyes Part 5 – Horizontal Gradient Method

Here are two more looks, not yet published! Previews for you! 😀

I LOVE this one!!! Love the gradient of green and teal and turquoise…

Totally get the Kate Eyebrow Color mascara if you have trouble getting your brows to look lighter than your hair. Helps that it’s really easy to control the intensity of brown you desire, just apply more if you want it lighter.

Of course, even if you don’t have colored hair, Kate Brow Color would also work for you. I believe the alternative shade, a darker brown, will suit many people. In fact, I think the darker brown will suit more people.

The 2 shades available. I have the lighter one on the left. (Image taken with iPhone)

Just bear in mind not to go out with light hair and black brows, unless you have bangs and are sure no amount of wind will blow them away from your brows. Hoho.

You know the cropped pictures showing my full face?

I was actually posing like this the whole time, for about 20 shots.

HAHAHA! Super awkward and not trying to act sexy at all okie~ And very tiring! You try having your hand on your head for 20 plus shots! XD

I had to do it like that so that my hair would cascade down the right of my face, near my brow, so that you can see that the temporarily dyed brow color indeed looks more in tune with my hair color. Much applause for this beauty blogger’s efforts? 😀

Oh I placed the quiver symbols far away from my armpits in case you might think I have BO or something. LOL.


Where to buy products mentioned:

I can’t find anywhere that sells KATE cosmetics online, so here’re the MAC ones I was talking about and top results for eyebrow mascaras from

MAC Brow Girl Boy Set

MAC Brow Beguile Set

Benefit Cosmetics Speed Brow

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel Espresso

MAC Beauty Powder Too Chic


Bun Bun rates the Kate Eyebrow Color Mascara:


For your eyebrows, how light do you go? Do you take pictures in awkward positions just so that your pictures will turn out nice?

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My first makeup product was a shimmery light blue lipstick which I proudly wore all over my eyelids and lips. It cost $2.50, felt like $250, and made me feel like a million bucks.

  • Sunny

    Ooo I absolutely can’t go lighter with my brows, so I actually have to fill them in or use something to make them slightly darker/fuller! I’m saying even if I dye my hair lighter I’ll have to go on doing it, because otherwise it really doesn’t look like I have eyebrows!

    The things I do to get good pictures? YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW LOL

    • Bun Bun

      Hahaha actually I do. But I can guess it’s about the same craziness as mine. That’s what all beauty bloggers do. 😀

  • Tati D.

    Really cool looking product, I’m surprised to hear that the Kate alternative was almost as pricey as MAC! I just have to say that I absolutely love your hair color, I was thinking of dying mine that color but with a bit more red in it. Doing your eyebrows has often seemed like an unnecessary step for me as well, but I recently bought a YBF brow pencil and am using it when I remember to, I much prefer the filled in look for my brows but I don’t always have time in the morning. You look gorgeous in all of these photos, by the way!

    • Bun Bun

      Not too much cheaper, really. Maybe about S$7 difference?

      Thanks for liking my hair color! YAY! 😀 I like to have it dyed, but this yellow-toned one makes my hair look dry.

      Oh I haven’t heard of YBF before, thanks for introducing the brand to me! Is it good? What do you like about it?

  • Jacqui

    I’m Chinese but I have naturally lighter hair with natural highlights that are more visible in the summer. My hair looks totally brown when I’m in the light or when I wear a black top. But my brows are black…gah. A brow gel sounds like the product for me! Is it me or does the brow gel look metallic? Are all brow gels metallic? I’ve never investigated them before!

    • Bun Bun

      Natural highlights! WOW! Envy!

      The Kate Eyebrow Color is not a gel, it’s more like a mascara for the brows. A brow gel is slighter thicker and stickier in consistency, to hold the hairs in place. I don’t really fancy the results brow gels give. I haven’t tried a brow gel, but from what I see in other blogs, it’s not my style. The hairs are kinda plastered to the skin and too neat for my liking. I think Asians look better with natural-looking brows as we have softer features.

      The Kate one is a little metallic, but that’s coz the pictures are zoomed in. The metallic-ness (lol) is not obvious in real life and nobody really stands so close to stare at your brows. Even if they did stand that near, they’d be cross-eyed. HAHAHAHAHA, sorry imagined myself being cross-eyed. XD

  • princessnariko

    here are also some different methods of tinting or changing the color of your eyebrows. the girl in the video used really wild colors, but i am sure it will work for brown colors too. search youtube for “colored eyebrow tutorial” and a million videos will pop up.

    here is the video:

    • Bun Bun

      WOAH, too much work. But the using of NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk is a pretty cool idea. Maybe I’ll try creating some bombastic colored brows. 😀 Thanks for the link princess!

  • amadeagoh23

    Hi! What brand of colored contacts are you wearing here?? It’s very natural looking! Also nice brows :)

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    amadeagoh23 Oh wow… It’s such an old post.. but I do remember! They’re Acuvue Define! =)