How Can Anyone Not Heart the Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette, Sweetheart Palette, and Absinthe Loose Powder?


If you come from a land that does not sell crazily pigmented makeup products,

or where bold, vibrant eyeshadow colors are just not seen casually on the streets,

or where people stop to stare in bewilderment at a person who dons striking eyeshadow colors,

yet secretly wish that you can wear such makeup,

then let me hold your hand and tell you that you are not alone.

I come from such a land.


I must be the 23, 675th person to vouch for the integrity and intensity of Sugarpill products. Overwhelming love from all over the world notwithstanding, my desire to declare my love for these amazing products must not be denied.

The package arrived just after a week. From US to Singapore! That’s got to be the fastest overseas shipment I have ever received. But before that, I waited for an agonizing 3 to 4 months to make my order.

You see, to obtain free delivery to ‘anywhere in the world’, total purchase must be above U$75. I’d long set my eyes on the Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette, Sweetheart Palette, and Absinthe Loose Powder (I have a thing for green eyeshadows, but they always somehow have mishaps befall them), making the total purchase to be U$80. However, the Sweetheart Palette was out of stock, and it stayed out of stock for many, many months!

One month passed, then another, and another, I could wait, but was afraid that by the time my Sweetheart arrived, Burning Heart would be gone. Then I won’t be able to hit the minimum amount, and I’d have to wait all over again! GAH!!!

Then finally! Sweetheart came back in stock! Many girls out there must have felt the same joy as I did, I bet.

I squealed in delight when I came home one night to see a white cardboard box, slightly larger than a Pizza Hut personal pan-sized pizza box, with the Sugarpill kitty logo, on my table.

For the next few days, I did nothing but look at the box and smile. Haha! Then a few days later, I mustered up courage to open the box and look at the items. But I left the box open, with the hot pink paper spilling out, and left it as that. I’d run my fingers over the box whenever I walked by though, and smile idiotically too.

I guess I was afraid that I’d be disappointed with the purchase. I’d been praying for it to come back in stock for so many months and knowing everybody who’s tried Sugarpill loves its line, I must love it too right?

But what if I didn’t?

A couple more days passed, and I finally put my finger into the pans and BAM!!!

I had such fun playing with the colors! (Why did I even bother to worry?!)

One thing I need to mention but am reluctant to show, is the handwritten note from Amy, the founder of Sugarpill. I’d be thrilled to receive a ‘Thanks, Juli!’, but no, in place of my first name was my last name. My family name. It’s like thanking my dad. That felt weird. So no picture.

Rock Chic Packaging

The Burning Heart Palette and Sweetheart Palette come in thick, sturdy, square cardboard packaging, with a strong magnetic hold that clamps the lid shut. It works much like the customizable makeup palette, Z-Palette. The ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow in Absinthe comes in a plastic container.

I adore the picture on the lid, it is kinda Anna Sui-ish, but with a slightly different flavor. I must attempt that look soon! Can I also add that I am elated the poster girl looks Asian? =D

Everything looks tastefully designed – the white delivery box, pink paper, product box, palette lid, loose shadow lid, sticker, sample (I got Junebug). It’s like they planned for a great experience the moment you receive the package.

Now, what do I do with these pretty boxes?!?


You get 4 huge pans of eyeshadow in each of the 2 palettes available for sale. They’re so huge I think they can last me a lifetime! They’re bigger than the MAC ones, and same in size as MUFE ones.

I don’t really care for the mirror that comes with each palette because I do my makeup in front of an A4-sized mirror and don’t do touch-ups for eye makeup during the day. But it’s good to have a mirror included; it makes the product look complete.

Playing with the 2 eyeshadow palettes these few days, I found it rather troublesome to have to open them each time I need it. And the fact that the the lid is not see-through makes Lazy Me find it a hassle to turn to the back of the box to see which palette is it. I must be spoilt rotten by the Z-palette.

That’s why I appreciate the magnetic base the pans come in, so I can relocate them to the Z-palette them effortlessly when needed.

Yay to magnets!

Bold, Vibrant Colors

Not for the faint hearted or people who love only brown and neutral looks. Unless your corporate culture is fun and bold, I dare not think of walking into a formal presentation with such glaringly bright colors.

But for bright-color lovers, like myself, these palettes serve to satisfy the rainbow aficionado in us.

Burning Heart Palette

This palette is definitely a limelight stealer with its 4 gorgeous and vibrant eyeshadow colors. There are SO MANY tropical sunset looks created with these, and they’re all about the same, only on different eye shapes and placements. I should do one too. Heh.

Flamepoint: Rich, matte orange shade with great color payoff. Tends to stain.

Buttercupcake: Bright, matte yellow.

Love+: Vibrant, scarlet red with slight shimmer. Tends to stain.

Poison Plum: Deep, shimmery purple. Tends to stain.

Sweetheart Palette

I have to admit that I got the Sweetheart Palette only to make the total purchase reach the minimum amount for free international shipping. But it’s actually a great complementary product to the Burning Heart Palette. The Sweetheart Palette, I guess, is the shyer twin, but equally gorgeous, nonetheless.

Dollipop – Bright, matte fuchsia. Can be used as a blush too! Tends to stain.

Afterparty – Frosty blue. Finally, a blue that is blue, and not lean towards teal.

Midori – Frosty grass green.

Tako – Matte white.

Absinthe Loose Eyeshadow

Unique green color.

I like that I don’t have to apply it wet for the color to appear. It must be because the Sugarpill loose eyeshadows contain ‘adhesive elements for long-lasting wear’.

Amazing Pigmentation

Even without an eyeshadow primer the eyeshadow colors appear opaque. Use a primer and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, and the colors are simply electrifying. Pigmentation is so good that some of the colors tend to stain.

Most of the eyeshadows from the Urban Decay Naked Palette are chalky and have fallout, even though I do love many of its colors. Unlike the Naked Palette, there is little fallout from the Sugarpill eyeshadows.

I have not experienced any creasing from long wear of the eyeshadows, but that’s because I always use an eyeshadow primer, like the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

(Swatched without any base)

Burning Heart Palette: Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love+, Poison Plum

Sweetheart Palette: Dollipop, Afterpart, Tako, Midori


Right: Applied wet; Left: Applied dry

Great Price

These Sugarpill eyeshadows were definitely worth the wait. I’d to resist the urge to get MAC Chrome Yellow, MAC Gesso, MAC Orange, MUFE #92, and other colors that are close to the ones from Sugarpill, but I’m glad I held off. Because as many have reviewed, there is just no comparison. Quality and price-wise!

The price is scary up-front, but for U$34, you get 4 individual pressed eyeshadows, which amounts to U$8.50 each. Each costs U$12 if bought individually. Don’t forget that there’s much more product in each pan too!

It’s definitely a plus point that you get free international shipping if you purchase more than U$75 too!

When I just started playing with makeup, I’d never have imagined that I’d take to bold and vibrant colors so much. Red? Orange? Yellow? Green? Seriously?!?

Also, living in a culture where many ladies don’t even bother to apply the slightest tinge of makeup, it’s hard to feel like you blend in at all. But I’ve come to terms with my love for eyeshadow colors that make my eyes come alive and are striking enough to make people stop and stare, and have complete strangers coming up to me and tell me my eye makeup rocks.

Ever since I started creating looks with the Sugarpill eyeshadows, I’ve had compliments on how different my eye makeup looks look from most people, how striking the colors are, and how, even though they can see many colors used, look very put together.

How can anyone not love Sugarpill? =D

Here’s what Bun Bun thinks about Sugarpill products:

In my next post, I have 3 makeup looks created with these high quality Sugarpill cosmetics products!

What do you say about Sugarpill products? Have you tried any? Do you know of any dupes for Sugarpill eyeshadows?

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  • Kelly

    Such bright colors! I don’t think I am that adventurous though. Hope to see looks created with these.

    • Bun Bun

      Coming up soon, Kelly! =)

  • Teigh

    I’ve been wanting to a get a few of her Chromalust loose shadows and have seen many positive reviews for them….I’m planning on getting Junebug, Golidlux, Tiara, Asylum, and either Weekender or Hysteric. I’d get them all now, but kinda pricey…..I’m hoping she’ll have some kind of sale, like maybe for the holiday season coming up really soon…. :-)

    • Bun Bun

      Goldilux looks GORGEOUS from the photos… Junebug too. Absinthe is a really beautiful green and I absolutely recommend it, only that it’s the only Sugarpill loose eyeshadow I’ve got, so I can’t compare. Lol.

      Looking at how things are going, I think you and I are gonna buy all the loose eyeshadows from Sugapill in the near future. Haha

  • a!kO

    OMG!! The colors…they are so…wow!! =____= Yes I do wish I am one of those that live in a land with colorful make up 😛 the colors…oh they are beautiful!!! I must have them…this and Inglot is on my list for awhile now… And like you, I am loving greens… Seriously both palettes are awesome and the colors are to die for…I want one!!! *cries*


    • Bun Bun

      YES! Really WOW! I believe that everyone should go for a super bright look like once in their lifetime. Haha! You will definitely have such fun playing with the colors, a!kO!

      I hope Inglot comes to Singapore soon. I’ve heard and seen so many good reviews about the brand. When…. when…. when……..

  • Maria

    Thanks for the great review. You just made me spend about $100 on Sugarpill eyeshadows. Oh No!

    • Bun Bun

      Haha Maria, you will definitely love it! What did you order??

  • nicole’smirror

    As I am writing this I am sobbing. I have always wanted Sugarpills eyeshadow But I am not willing to ship them all the way here just yet :( Argh!!! The colours are so damn beautiful!!! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Oh Btw, do you own Inglot? I would like to know if the pigmentation is on par. So I don’t have to be that sad if they are and I could just go to Inglot store and purchase their es instead…

    • Bun Bun

      Haha, why not willing? They’re worth every penny, I tell ya. I bet you will love it since you rock bright eyeshadow colors too!

      I don’t own Inglot, the only store in SEA is in M’sia Sunway Pyramid and it’s more than 6 hours on a coach just to get to KL. OMG. Haha. I hope they bring that brand to Singapore soon. The Freedom System sounds like my kind of thing.

      • nicoles mirror

        LOL yea 6 hours! luckily it is only 15 minutes walking from mine 😛 hehehehe.. I seldom do my eyes nowadays, and if I did.. it will be the boring brown. So I try to save money on eyeshadow and buy other stuff .. I am waiting for their rainbow palette but I dont think it’ll ever reach Msia. Its been months!!! :(

        • Bun Bun

          15 mins! Goodness! I think I will go to Inglot every day if I lived so near! XD What are the ‘other stuff’ that you spend on?

          • nicoles mirror

            My bestie sais I need a wardrobe makeover. hahaha Coz I look so outdated 😛

  • MereMakeupManiac

    i’ve been dying to get these palettes for a long, long time but the hubby won’t lift the Paypal ban, wah!

    the pigmentation are crazy cool, agree with you!!!

    • Bun Bun

      Maybe get him something really cool on paypal, cook a lovely dinner, give him a massage, and then tell him you got the Sugarpill palettes on his behalf as a reward for being an awesome wife? 😀

      • MereMakeupManiac

        this sweet bribing idea is not so bad! lol i’ll try that haha!

  • Sharlynn

    Oh WOWZA! This has been on my wishlist ever since I’d seen them! Love the colors and I love wearing single bright pops of purple, blue and green! Definitely should order them some time down the line…those swatches make my make up lusting mind crazy! Hope you’ve been having fun with the palettes! :)

    • Bun Bun

      I bet you’ll LOVE them since you love colors too! If your order exceeds USD75 you get free delivery! It’s a good deal coz international shipping to our sunny island usually costs an arm and a leg. And it’s actually very easy to exceed USD75. Heh heh.

  • sharon

    OH MY GOODNESS!! lol sorry for the capital letters but I think u just made me fall in love with the Sugarpill eyeshadows :)) in a land where the japanese eyeshadows are the common thing and which doesnt work well enough for my medium tone or NC 35 skintone, and with good quality eyeshadows such as Dior that costs an 2 arms and 1 leg, and with MAC eyeshadows prices increasing ever so often and being very dupable, I think Sugarpill is the way to go! lol I LOVE the sweet palette colours and also the orange and purple from the other palette. I am sure I will not have any problems with the colour payoff with these eyeshadow the only problem is which colours to get lol.. I heard Inglot is opening in City Square JB.. not sure how true is that..hmm but I would so want to try the eyeshadows and gel liners too!

  • ZessTanSzeHwee

    omg just saw this blog post omg i feel do happy finally someone can feel me T.T singapore will judge bright shadows T.T