Halloween Staycation With My Girlfriends And Philips VisaPure


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You’ve seen me at my worst – the brutality my skin was subjected to, the scores of injustice inflicted on my trusting nature that left me wounded with skepticism of the beauty industry.Today, you are going to see me at my best. WITH NO MAKEUP.You will see how one product created with consumers’ best interests in mind, backed with the highest level of advanced technology has made me feel honored to be gifted the opportunity to use it and brought great improvements to my battered skin.You can stand to win a Philips Visapure for yourself! READ ON! :D Philips-VisaPure-Review-Photos-Singapore-9 But to get my skin to what it is and write what your eyes are reading now, I took a gamble.I’ll be very honest with you and say that given the extreme vulnerability of my skin after the facial scare, I was wary of putting anything else other than dermatologically prescribed products.Let alone an electronic facial-cleansing device that rotates and pulsates and has a life of its own (for one full minute)!My initial thought was, “This is gonna give me better skin!? Hell no, that’s what the salon said about their services and look what happened to me!”I was highly skeptical, and had every reason in the world to be. But I took a leap of faith.That leap of faith, to give the Philips VisaPure a try, is something I would never, ever regret taking. I cannot tell you enough how much this seemingly simple yet sophisticated device improved my skin that I am now ADDICTED to it!It was a gamble I took. And won. *pumps fist into air 

Halloween Fun & Staycation With Girlfriends

VisaPure-Review-Behind-The-Scenes_3.1 For no other event of the year do I get as hyped up as Halloween. How I love the theatrics, the experimentation of costumes and makeup, the craziness, eeriness,  and the endless hours of planning before a night out and incessant chatter about it afterwards!Go check out my Halloween Geisha and Halloween Nurse posts!By the way, when I was editing the previous photo at 4am in the morning, I accidentally zoomed in and this image filled my screen: VisaPure-Review-Behind-The-Scenes_1.1 I literally exclaimed ‘WTF!!’ – in its full enunciation. Look at my girlfriend, please!!! Such understated horror in that one stare! Not a good idea to edit eerie photos in the wee hours, not a good idea at all. LOL!!You know you’ve reached a certain age when it’s so hard to get your girlfriends together for a night out, but you also know they’re keepers for life when at the drop of a Whatsapp message, they’re all ready to set aside a night to film WITH and FOR you. =)So because I love Halloween and my girl friends, I decided to put two and two together and had a Halloween staycation!GOSH *slaps forehead*, I tell you, so much work went into the planning of this one night of filming. I took close to 2 weeks to plan this, from the general conceptualizing, to crafting of individual roles, to the flow of the party, to the nitty gritty details. SO MUCH BRAIN CELLS FRIED.But I enjoyed myself tremendously and learnt a lot from this experience. I’m also filled with gratitude to have this group of friends who were so willing to give up their time for me. Filming ended at 2am, mind you. And we’re all not young anymore. BAHAHA!!At one point, there were NINE people cramped into a tiny, budget hotel room.I will dedicate a whole post for the crazy behind-the-scenes. =D Coming up next!

Removing The Most Stubborn Of Makeup With VisaPure

If only Philips created VisaPure earlier! Then I wouldn’t have had to suffer from stupid clogged pores, uneven skin surface and acne for so many years. Philips-VisaPure-Review-Photos-Singapore-5 I cannot stress enough the importance of going to bed each night with a face free of makeup residue (I’m saying ‘residue’ and not ‘makeup’ because I trust you to be diligent enough to at least remove makeup to the best of your abilities! Don’t shock me okie! LOL!)But if you, like me before, have tried to remove makeup with makeup remover and cleanser with your humble ten digits only to find yourself stuck in a never-ending battle with complicated skin, then it’s TIME FOR A CHANGE. It might not be the skincare products you use. It’s not that they are unsuitable for your skin type, it’s not that they are too cheap to work, it’s not that they are too rich for your skin.It could be because your skin is TOO CLOGGED to receive any of that goodness living inside those bottles of skincare you’ve spent thousands of dollars on!Ever since I started using VisaPure, my skin has improved immensely (Have I just repeated that for the 8,194th time?). Every night, the full minute that VisaPure travels on my face, all the grime accumulated from the day is gently removed, leaving it smooth and soft, and ready for the absorption of subsequent skincare products.Let’s try removing century-old mummy filth. HAHAHA! Philips-VisaPure-Review-Photos-Singapore-12 I SWEAR I will never be a mummy for Halloween again. >.<” More of that in my next behind-the-scenes post!But wait, what IS VisaPure?

So, What Is Philips VisaPure?

Now then do we get into the details!The Philips VisaPure is a gentle, easy-to-use facial cleansing device which brush head vibrates AND rotates to clean deep down every single pore. The vibrations peg away at the stubborn impurities stuck in your pores, while the rotations sweep them away, so that all that is left is clean, glowy skin.All this pore cleansing is made possible due to the VisaPure’s unbelievably fine bristles. The size of each bristle is 1/3 the size of an average HUMAN’S PORE. One-third! Can you imagine that?! It goes right into your skin to shovel the nasties out! No wonder my skin always feels incredibly clean and soft after each wash!Can I repeat that it works to remove makeup and impurities AND give your skin a massage? We all need massages! Everywhere! Anytime!This is the Sensitive brush, with bristles that feel as soft as a bunny’s fur. I use this every day. It’s like a ritual, I feel incomplete without it. Philips-VisaPure-Review-Photos-Singapore-7 This is the Exfoliation brush, which opposed to how it sounds and looks, is still very gentle to the skin while doing a kick-ass job of exfoliating dead skin cells to make way for new. I use this once or twice a week. Philips-VisaPure-Review-Photos-Singapore-8 This nifty device is totally taking daily skincare routine to the next level, I tell ya!The VisaPure supposedly cleanses your face TEN TIMES more effectively than your hands*! Ten times, you know.* Source: Internal study performed in The Netherlands in 2011 with 21 women comparing cleansing using VisaPure with cleansing by handIn my video, you’ll also see me conducting an experiment between the VisaPure and bare hands.

How To Use The Philips VisaPure?

To test for any negative reaction, I first tried the VisaPure on my jawline. Then when things looked fine, I tried it on my forehead the next couple of nights. Following that, I graduated to using it on my nose. And finally, my entire face.It has a timer which stops at 20 seconds intervals so you know to switch areas on your face.On the Philips official website, you’d see that they divide the face into three zones – T-zone, left cheek and right cheek and 20 seconds should be spent on each area. The device automatically switches off after 60 seconds to prevent overtreatment.However, as the skin on my cheeks is sensitive and paper-thin now, I keep it to 10 seconds on each cheek. I like to use the brush to exfoliate my lips too! Here’s how I use the VisaPure:1st 20 seconds – Forehead2nd 20 seconds – Nose, lips, chin3rd 20 seconds – 10 seconds on each cheek 

Watch my Halloween Staycation video HERE!

And if you like it (YOU WILL! HAHA!), please


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VisaPure-Review-Cleanse-Face-More-Effectively-Than-Hands Just mere 60 seconds of pure relaxation in return for better skin. Who wouldn’t want that??After that, you may proceed to feel very happy about your smooth and clean skin! ^_^ VisaPure-Review-Cleanse-Face-More-Effectively-Than-Hands-2 If it is gentle enough on my super thin and sensitive skin, it will be gentle enough for most people. I don’t think too many people in the world would have gone through that kind of trauma like I did. @_@You can remove makeup with the VisaPure, but personally I prefer removing long-wearing makeup first with a makeup remover, followed by the VisaPure for a thorough cleanse. This helps prolong the lifespan of the brush head.I like that the VisaPure is ergonomically designed – it looks elegant and fits into my little palm nicely. It being lightweight and streamline makes it a very travel-friendly device. I have brought it with me on my two recent trips to Taiwan and China and it helped keep my skin alive in polluted environments. Philips-VisaPure-Review-Photos-Singapore-10 I honestly think the VisaPure’s mechanism of rotating AND pulsating really helps in cleansing my skin more effectively.With the VisaPure, my skin only got better and better – more radiant and smoother, and you know you’ve hit jackpot when your fiancé comments that your skin looks like they are rays shining out of it.No wonder the VisaPure’s tagline is Reveals your skin’s TRUE RADIANCE‘. Philips-VisaPure-Review-Photos-Singapore-3 (The yellow patch at my jawline is bruising (absolutely normal!!) from a recent gum grafting surgery. I’ll tell you guys more about that soon!)The Philips VisaPure is definitely a worthy investment since it will last for a long time. In the long run, you save even more because I realize I use less cleanser with the VisaPure than I would have used manually.In layman’s terms, VisaPure is a fantastic product.In beauty blogging terms, it’s HOLY GRAIL. :D

Where To Buy Philips VisaPure

The new Philips VisaPure will be available at major electrical and departmental stores at S$269. Additional Philips VisaPure brush heads are also available for different skin types: Normal skin replacement brush head SC5990 (S$14), sensitive skin replacement brush head SC5991 (S$16), and exfoliating skin replacement brush head SC5992 (S$21).As promised, here’s me with no makeup and zero editing – just the lovely morning sun shining on my just-woke-up face, a smile, freckles and all, my goldfish eye bags, and a big thank you for staying with me. Philips-VisaPure-Review-No-Makeup-Bun-Bun-2 Go check out the full video of my Halloween Staycation! It’s really fun! =DAnd remember to vote for me please! Click Bloggers Party and then click on my picture!



Because good things are meant to be shared, here’s how you can


a Rafflecopter giveawayT&C:
  • Contest only for people residing in Singapore. The box packaging will make overseas shipping too expensive.
  • Only the first option is mandatory, additional points to up your chances of winning are at your discretion
  • There is no limit to the number of votes cast.
  • Voting ends 11 April 2014 and I will choose the winner the next day
  • The winner will be notified by email and must reply within 24 hours, otherwise another winner will be selected
Good luck! :D(Update: THANK YOU for participating! :) This giveaway is closed and the winner has been contacted.)

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  • LowKweeHong

    I need to win this because i seriously need it!! Everytime acne outbreak big and small red spots all over my fair face making the red look really bad like i never wash face but i did and very diligently!!! *arghhhhhhh*

  • lym_christin

    Really love to hand on this product and test it on my skin to witness the changes it does on my skin! As I put on make up almost everyday, I truly believe that I need to have a thoroughly clear skin after cleansing. I’m sure this product will double up the effect and bring out the radiance in me!

  • FeliciaLau

    Hi BunBun!! I have been fighting with acne problem since I was in Secondary 2 and I cannot afford to visit the dermatologist as frequently anymore. I really need the philips visapure to cleanse my skin and help improve my skin condition. Thank you :)

  • Laifangxing

    My face have always filled with black heads and pimples. On my facebook profile picture i need to edit and picture in instagram i have to smoothen my skin so that i will look okay. My friends always commented on the problem on my face. I do not have any confidence when i went out with my friend because of this. The problem on my face have grown worse from last year to this.. I really need this product to help cure my face. Since i have oily face pimple always come out after getting rid of them.. Please help!~

  • GraceKeren

    This Win is much needed for me. Why ? When you have a job which requires you to look presentable (I am in frontline customer service) and have 3 super active kids to take care of.  I really don’t have the time to cleanse my face properly, usually, it’s just 2 steps – cleanse and wash in 30 seconds flat……and it shows on my skin, super dull, white and black heads – sigh, Heavier make up to cover it up and so it gets worse. I am trilled to read that the Philips VisaPure can do through cleansing in 60 seconds !! Awesome !! And seeing bun bun’s clean face after the super heavy Halloween makeup really impressed me. And bun bun’s skin is one that all women would love to have ! I hope to have the Philips VisaPure to least come close to half of bun bun’s skin condition ! Thanks for reading and have a blessed weekend ! Thanks a lot for sharing this product.

  • GraceKeren

    Hope you will win !!

  • sh3r_yl

    I have always had acne, but it just recently massively broke out along my jaw line, and has been around for nearly 1.5 years. I’ve tried so many means to get rid of it, by reading up online, doing lymphatic node massages, etc. UGH. I also have sensitive, oily skin (probably similar to yours, as I bought makeup products you’ve recommended and they have improved my makeup’s staying power) and I really hope this will help my skin as much as it has helped yours!!!

  • WanLing

    I need to win the Philips Visapure because fighting with blemishes on a daily basis is soooo exhausting..just when you think you’ve gotten rid of one blemish, another pops up – especially these few months (I blame the haze)

    It sounds like the Visapure can help me with a deeper, but gentle cleanse to get rid of the root of my skin problems. Also, you’re right about the ergonomic design – being lightweight is definitely an important factor when travelling – no more excuse not to bring it along!

    And good luck with your entry :)

  • JieLinNg

    I have noticed the launch of Philips Visapure since last year and I have been contemplating to get it to resolve my skin issues with blackheads, whiteheads, big pores and uneven skin tone which sometimes results in super big acne on my face. However, the heavy price tag on the product made me quite hesitant in getting it as I’m not sure whether the product will be useful for my skin. Nonetheless, after reading your post on the product, i’m more confident of the claims made by Visapure. Hence, I sincerely hope that I can win this product and alleviate my skin problems! Thanks in advance =)

  • xxgiexochloexx

    I need to reveal my skin’s true radiance and shine bright like a diamond!

  • ElaineThammy

    I have been having sensitive skin all my life and my New Year’s
    resolution was to solve this once and for all! I have been researching
    and reading more on facial techniques till I came across your post for
    Philips Visapur! I have been following your blog regularly as I am
    amazed by your bravery to share the previous episode, and am glad all is
    over and you are back to your beautiful self. 

    fighting acne, blackheads, big pores and uneven skin tone all my life…
    and I hope I get to feel beautiful once in my entire life, with
    flawless skin even without make up. Please grant me this Philips
    Visapur, as I really hope to see a change in myself! :)
    Thank you Bun Bun! Way to go! :)

  • BereniceC

    I need to have a gentle but thorough cleansing tool, since sponges and scrubs tend to over-dry and irritate my skin, resulting in redness and flaking in my dry areas, while the oilier zones are fine. I hope the Philips Visapure can help me achieve a better way of skin cleansing!

  • xiuzhenw88

    I would love to have my fiance comment that i have rays shining out of my face too!! =P
    On a serious note, I have been having small bumps on my face recently and I can’t seem toget rid of them. Would not consider going for a facial treatment because of a previous bad experience, so I am really hoping to win a Philips Visapure to get my good clear skin back! =)

  • xiuzhenw88

    I would love to have my fiance comment that i have rays shining out of my face too!! =P
    On a serious note, I have been having small bumps on my face recently and I can’t seem toget rid of them. Would not consider going for a facial treatment because of a previous bad experience, so I am really hoping to win a Philips Visapure to get my good clear skin back! =)

  • pamelaandika

    i want to win a Philips VisaPure so i can be more take care of my skin! :) I am now a student who works as a trainee and during work and i get many chances (almost everytime) to do something which is contact with heat (cause im a pastry student). so i need to make sure that i really clean my face properly after and if i had Philips VisaPure, it can help me through any problem at my face and make my life easier :)

  • GraceKeren

    Voted for you !! Fighting

  • GraceKeren

    Voted again

  • collims

    Oh man, this product looks amazing! It’s a pity the voting requires Facebook, because I’m probably one of the few people left in the known universe who doesn’t have a Facebook account :(

  • HuiMinSheryl

    I’m overly dependent on camera application’s smoothing effects to hide away the acne scars and impurities building up on my face from the overly clogged pores. And i just hope that my face will be glowing with radiance rather than having this inferior complexity on how people will judge my skin. Relating back to your review, I’ve got really thin and sensitive skin and i believe that Philips VisaPure will be suitable for me like it is for you. Hence, I hope to win this giveaway. Thank you.

  • XinyiLim

    Really wanna win the visapure as I have clogged skin and it’s super sensitive. Never knew what products to try and what not to for the fear that it will make my skin goes cray. Seeing that the visapure works for you makes me feel like I should be able to give this a shot on my sensitive skin. Hope I can win this bun, and hope you wil win!

  • ngcaiyu

    I want my flawed skin to be flawless too, xoxo

  • rxchel

    I have been struggling with acne for 3 years now, tried many products
    which claim to work for acne-prone skin but they didn’t, most were
    either too drying or not suitable for my sensitive skin at all,
    resulting in more breakouts than I already have. I have tried seeking
    help from dermatologists but unfortunately, the results were all short
    term and not to mention, costly, especially for a student myself. All
    these years, make up has helped a lot in helping me to deal with my
    self-esteem issues by covering up these blemishes. However, my frequent
    usage of make up has left me with many clogged pores. Seeing such
    positive review from you about this product make me feel like there’s
    hope for my skin after all so I’m hoping I could win this and give it a
    shot. Thank you for being a part of this lovely giveaway!

  • Ladies_journal

    Since this month is my birthday month! So why not i to have a chance to treat my self with this beauty thing ☺️ Try my luck to win it and if i win then i can treat my skin well too hehe

  • carolchua

    I suffered from acne since young, and although the products did wonders for me (retin a is amazing), it resulted in me having thin and sensitive skin. I’m paranoid about makeup residue too even though I remove my makeup everyday after work. Reading your post give me hope that the Philips VisaPure would be able to do wonders and be gentle enough for daily use:)

  • tingtooth

    My wedding is approaching soon, other than adjusting my diet, frequent exercise, drinking collagen…I also need a good device to help me prepare my skin for the big day. I really hope to win this! :)

  • zibbieko

    Tried the clarisonic mia three years ago which caused a minor outbreak. 

    Yet to find a gentle facial cleansing tool, so I am hoping that philips visapure can be the solution for me :) 


  • Lee Xin Er

    I usually do makeup on daily basis, and only remove those makeup with makeup remover and cleanse it with my bare fingers. Usually, I can still see residues left on my face when I’m using toner. It’s quite terrifying to imagine these amount of residues left on the face everyday and they collate day by day. And only recently, my face had a lot of breakouts, and left a lot of acne marks on my face. I’ve used a lot of products to minimize my pores, cleanse my pores, but none really helped with with it. It’s so unpleasant to see with clogged pores, breakouts and acne marks. Bunbun, I really hope I can win this visapure to have a better cleansing of my face and remove those residues which I couldn’t remove with my bare hands. Thankyou! :D

  • angelinewang13

    I suddenly have outbreaks starting a few months ago and my forehead and cheeks started to have many many small pimples and acnes! I’m so upset but yet cant do anything! :( It was until I read your blog post that I realise that it might be because my pores have been clogged for many years and now all the pimples are coming to me. It is really terrifying and I really hope that I could win the philips visapure and improve my skin solution! Thanks for introducing this amazing product!

  • CynthiaTseng

    Hi Bunbun!!

    I’m an avid user for make up products and recently I’ve been applying it almost everyday, because of that I got plenty of breakouts, clog pores and blemishes due to improper removal of make up and cleansing just with my bare hands! Because of this, my self-confidence went down by a lot as I used to have pretty good skin condition! I really hope that I could win the visapure to enable to get a better cleanse of my face! 
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! Have a very great week! ^_^

  • Jacextan

    Hello!!! I really hope to be the one who walk away with this glorious philips visapure! After reading your blogpost about how this thing work as well as the many benefits that comes along with the usage, I really hope to be able to include the visapure into my daily cleansing regime, so that i can have nice looking, clear and pretty looking skin so that i can reduce the amount of makeup i put on my face on a daily basis!  

    The visapure did wonders on your face and im totally amazed and sold! I hope that i will be able to experience this myself! 

    Lastly, thank you for hosting this giveaway! <3

  • geraldinekoh

    Hello! I would like to be the one winning this phillips visapure. I am 22 this year yet i look like 26-28 years old because of the large and clog pores that i have. I would like to have beautiful skin even without makeup and facial! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :D

  • AmeliaTheMadScientist

    Hi Juli, I would like to win this Philips Visapure because I would like to treat my skin. My skin has gone through a similar phase as yours last year but it wasn’t as serious as yours though. Mine was an allergic reaction towards royal jelly. Ever since, my skin is pretty sensitive and it breakouts very often. I feel embarrassed to walk out of the house without slapping some makeup on because all I think I see is people staring at my skin. I know that putting on makeup everyday is bad for your skin and I do not own any cleansing device. Hence, this Philips cleanser would come in extremely handy in helping me remove the layers of makeup. Therefore, I do hope that I would win this as I think that it would be a skin saver for me. If it works on your sensitive skin, I believe that it would work for mine too! :)

  • carolchua

    Hi juli, May I know how does this compare to the clarisonic?

  • BAMBIx

    Juli, finally you know my feelingggggggggggggggggggg ><
    I have one for a half year, but from Kuron (Kuron Gentle Cleansing Brush or something?). IT IS AMAZING. I love it and embrace it. Even my boyfriend used my brush for a couple of times and then bought another one for himself LOL. WE BOTH LOVE IT. IT IS THE BEST! Clearing much of my pimple (YES IT AMAZINGLY REALLY DOES) and I can even use it without using any facial cleansing product to clean my makeup LOL.


  • Delphine Neu

    Hi Juli, I am very motivated by your speedy complexion recovery sharing! May I know if you use Philips Visapure when you still had all the pimples or only after? I am worried to use it, not sure if it will cause more acne outbreak. Thanks for sharing. -Sharon