Hair-Free Is Care-Free With Ginza Calla



Hair, when grown at the right place, is beautiful, sexy, cute.

Judging by the amount of hair on my HEAD, you can probably tell that I have plenty of hair all over my body too. My hair is so thick it generates its own heat and I get mild heat strokes when I’m in the sun for too long. =.=”

Which is not too bad a thing if I were a manly man, but I’m a GIRLY GIRL and I don’t want to be a FUR BALL!!



Some fur balls are really cute though. :D


Before IPL, I used to have to shave E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y. Then I progressed to epilation, which was kinda better, but of course the hair kept growing back.

Ever since I became Ginza Calla’s brand ambassador and started on IPL Hair Removal treatments, my self shaving sessions have become far and few between. I’m looking at you, my hairy legs! Even with epilation I had to do it every few days, but with IPL I now need only shave once a week.


Ginza Calla Review – Unlimited Sessions Of Premium Quality IPL Hair Removal

Ginza-Calla-Hair-Removal-Specialist-Review_Fingers-After Advertorial

Erm, no, this is not a post about the token of love Mr Mode put on my finger. HAHA! (I wrote about that in this post)

But do you know why the diamond looks so much more pronounced now? It’s all thanks to Ginza Calla IPL Hair Removal that there are no more distracting, unsightly hairs on my fingers! Woohoooo!!

Before I show you a ‘before’ picture of my fingers, here’s a happy picture of me!


Okie, now here’s the ugly picture of my previously hairy fingers.


Yes, go ahead and do a comparison by scrolling up and down. I swear no Photoshop techniques were administered to the first photo to make the difference more apparent. My fingers really did look smoother and more radiant after having the hairs on my fingers removed!

I’ve always looked at the hairs on my fingers with distaste, because even though they look hideous, I didn’t know nor dare to do anything about it. When I was 14 and held a razor in my hand for the first time with the intention to shave my underarm, I decided to ‘test’ it out on my finger.


There was so much blood everywhere it could have fed an army of vampire ants for years.

It was only at Ginza Calla Japanese IPL Hair Removal Specialist Store that I discovered there was a PAIN-FREE method to remove hair from ANY part of your body.


My Lifelong Dream of Being Hairless At All The Right Places Fulfilled At Ginza Calla Hair Removal Specialist


If anyone has horror stories to share about IPL, it will be me.

I feel so strongly for this topic because I’ve been through the WORST kind of IPL treatments and concluded that IPL treatments were mere marketing gimmicks to con naïve consumers of their hard-earned money. *angry fists raised*

But it took just ONE session at Ginza Calla to change my perception of IPL, for the better, forever. :)

What sets Ginza Calla apart from other IPL services is its belief in caring for the skin during IPL hair removal.

Ginza Calla, an established Japanese Hair Removal Specialist with over 21 years of experience in the industry, and has celebrated beautiful skin with more than 300,000 Asian women through its 35 stores than span across Japan, Shanghai and Hong Kong, has REACHED OUR SHORES!!!


A Hairless Obsession

Due to an obsession over being completely hairless at areas most women want to be hairless – legs, underarm, bikini line, I allowed myself to be subjected to immeasurable pain and scrimped and saved to barely afford overpriced packages at salons, which I eventually discovered owned nothing more than just cheap talk and inferior technology.

You know the Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator doctors use to deliver electrical pulses or shocks to the heart to prevent death from cardiac arrest? That was the kind of SHOCK I was made to go through at a previous parlor. I don’t know what kind of inferior IPL machines they used, but with each shot adminstered to my bikini line, the excruciating pain sent tears to my eyes.


Beauty doesn’t come cheap, but surely it shouldn’t hurt so much, right? :(

To be Ginza Calla’s brand ambassador is such a tremendous honor and a dream come true because I’ve been searching for a good salon to do IPL Brazilian but kept holding back because of all my terrible past experiences.

I went on my own during the first session and it was such a wonderful and pain-free experience I wanted to share it with you guys!




The environment was so comfortable and I felt so safe that I fell asleep…. while the therapist worked on my Brazilian. Talk about letting go! LOL!

Oh, since I’m showing you my back……



6_With Wand_120 FUN FACT: In Japan, brides-to-be would go for upper back IPL. Why? To show off their sexy backs in their wedding gown, that’s why! I do have quite a hairy back and my wedding gown has a low back, so I’m definitely getting my upper back IPL-ed too!



Because Ginza Calla’s IPL machine is developed in-house, the quality of the machine is of top quality. While other salons have machines that send out 3 pulses of light, Ginza Calla’s IPL machine sends out 5 pulses of light, which means you get MORE done, FASTER!


See the slight indentation the green arrows are pointing at? (No, it didn’t hurt. More like getting kissed. *muack*)

Throughout the process, Ginza Calla’s ‘magic water’ aka Bihada-junbi was delivered to the deeper layers of my skin via the Ginza Calla high-pressure jet spray to ensure that my skin was well-hydrated. Bihada-junbi contains collagen, Vitamin C and plant extracts – all good stuff for the skin!


Protect Your Hair Cuticles From ‘Pillow Friction’ With Essential Sleeping Mask

Kao-Essential-Sleeping-Hair-Mask-Leave-On-Serum-Review-Singapore_Cover-3 Advertorial

Before I launch into my comic-toy illustration of how a lion and a steed exchanged hair tips that might throw your forgotten childhood memories into disarray, I must first make it clear that this post is about 2 new awesome hair products I’ve been introduced to – new Essential Sleeping Hair and Essential Leave On Serum, as you can see from the above picture. :)

Now, we start.

Once upon a time, a majestic beast with a mane of golden-brown hair walked the forest bed and through a pinhole constructed by thick shurbs, something caught his eye.


The lion advanced towards the gleaming light and displayed before his eyes was a steed dressed in the most beautiful of manes and the most flowy of tails.


Softly on padded paws, the lion emerged through the shrubs and politely asked the horse.


The horse was taken aback but composed itself in front of the beast with such an intimidating disposition.


1 Tool, 6 Different Hairstyles With Panasonic Multi-Styling Straightener


It’s not every weekend that we get to enjoy a bright, sunny, beautiful Sunday afternoon! So after Min and I played ‘home spa’ with the Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer, we decided to play ‘home salon’ with the Panasonic Multi-Styling Straightener!

Beauty bloggers usually take a ‘BEFORE’ picture so that readers can see and compare the after effects of having used a particular product or service.

This is Min’s verison of a ‘BEFORE’:


LOL!! Totally her style. XD


Celebrating Nuffnang’s 6th Birthday Bash With 60′s Makeup And Purple Hair


Happy 6th birthday Nuffnang! I missed out on last year’s birthday bash as I became part of the Nuffnang family just right after the bash so I was extremely excited to be able to make it this time!


It came with a theme! Any party/gathering/outing that is tagged with a theme ups the game for me. I LOVE THEMED PARTIES! That’s why Halloween is my favorite festival! It’s one of the few times of the year where outrageous is legitimate and welcomed.

The theme was Retro 60′s. How fun! I’ve somehow never been part of a retro-themed party before – Shanghai checked, Uniform checked, Pyjamas checked, Color-coded checked… woah so many I can’t remember! Apart from the time where I totally went against the blue-white themed party at NuffnangX’s launch because I forgot there was a theme LOL, I’ve always put in effort to look the part for themed parties. :D

I decided to have one focal point; the hair was the defining factor. 60′s hair was bold, poofy, wild, and girls loved to accessorize with ribbons and hairbands.


Where else to go get the best effect other than Salon Vim Bugis? This was how I looked prior to the hair teasing, pinning, spraying, styling. Why my cheeks so chubby?? ( O.O )


My usual hairstylist, Weng, was busy so he got Tar to do my hair. I showed Tar some pictures of the look I wanted and Tar did a fantastic job! She said “I like doing this kind of hairstyle because in Thailand the girls like to go out and party and they always go salon to do their hair”. Haha! Tar is from Thailand and it’s my fortune but everyone’s bummer that it was her last day! She left to go make babies. :)


No bumpits were used to create the bump. Just pure teasing and crimping and spraying and styling. Must’ve used up half a can of hairspray. =O


Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair In The Comfort Of Your Home: Hare Way Espil IPL Hair Removal Home Kit


Society loves a woman who has hair at all the right places.

The more the merrier here: Eyelashes, eyebrows, on the head
Must be hair-less here: Everywhere else

I said ‘society’ because if I were living on an uninhabited island, I wouldn’t give two hoots if my legs had hair long enough worthy of challenge against the Woolly Mammoth, or if my underarm hair grew till I had to french braid them so that they would not be mistaken by crustaceans as seaweed when I go fishing in the sea.

For the longest time I’ve been epilating, simply because it’s one level up from shaving. An epilator extracts the hair from the roots, thus leaving a smoother finish and longer lasting results. I need only epilate every 2-3 weeks. Epilation eliminates the risk of shaving your skin off too. I still vividly remember my first shaving experience – I tried it on a finger which had tiny hairs, and SHAVED THE SKIN OFF. I was like @_@!!! And yes, skin came off, blood flowed, went in shock, never shaved my fingers again.

I was immensely excited when Evelyn, Director of Hare Way, invited me for an IPL hair removal session at their cosy office. Firstly because I have never heard of a DIY IPL hair removal kit, and secondly because… actually the first reason was more than enough to keep me interested. Lol!

This was the machine used – Espil BSL-10 IPL Home Hair Removal System



Evelyn did it for me for the first round of shots, and I tried the remaining. A sudden surge of happiness dawned on me as I realized that I would be using less shots overall because I have shorter legs = smaller surface area. BAHAHAHA!!! The perks of being petite.


An Expensive Lesson Learnt: Be Careful When You Buy Electrical Appliances From The U.S. If You Are In Singapore


USD120 for a hair curling tong was, and still is, a great deal to me, but I thought of it as an investment, a good decision to replace my other hair irons that are of inferior quality. Never could I have imagined that I’d pay USD120 + necessary fees AND get nothing in return. Nothing tangible, at least.

Above the USD120 for the curling iron that was never meant to be, I paid USD30 for shipping from US to Singapore, and SGD 50+ for shipping from Singapore back to US. Not to mention the anguish and disappointment felt. @#$*&~!#@%^*!!

Before I break into my experience on this ordeal, let me just warn onset all my readers residing in countries other than the US that it is advisable not to buy any electrical appliance from US. There is nothing discriminatory about this statement, just pure desire to save anyone the trouble, disappointment and waste of money and time that I went through.

Wait, scrap that. Let me rephrase: It is advisable not to buy any electrical appliance from anywhere else than your own country.

The object of this matter would be the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron – 25MM (from, a hair curling tong I had decided on after doing extensive research, or so I thought. I did research on everything, brands available in the market, thickness of the barrel, quality, price… well, EXCEPT the most important thing – power compatibility.

In my excitement and haste to own a good hair curling tong, I was blinded by a deluded belief that ‘everything will be fine’. Sometimes I can be too optimistic for my own good. =|

After a good many weeks, the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron finally arrived in my anticipating hands.




Awesome Chinese New Year 2013 With Purple Hair And Loved Ones


Purple is the color for royalties – it stands for luxury, nobility and wealth. It represents passion, aspirations and imagination and is the color of dreams the daydreamer escapes into from reality.

Purple is also the color of my hair. LOL. Actually my hair has more than just purple — it has brown, pink, maroon, violet, indigo, turquoise… Basically all the shades on the cool colored side of the rainbow.

I could never thank Salon Vim enough to have brought me under its wing and not only salvaged my very damaged hair but slowly restored it and gave me the confidence to flick my hair knowing it wouldn’t gravitationally fall like dried grass.

Despite the number of (color) transformations I’ve put my hair through, the condition of my hair hasn’t deteriorated. In fact, oddly enough, it has gotten BETTER because my stylist Weng takes really good care of my hair. My hair is naturally frizzy and dry, but its texture has improved by leaps and bounds having just done a couple of hair treatments at Salon Vim.

It was this crown of purple glory that made me stand out and sent compliments at the speed of flying daggers my way every time I visited a new house during Chinese New Year.

With The Family

Jang-Jang!! This is my family! We have this tradition where we’d take plenty of photos in various poses on CNY Day 1 and 2. My family loves taking photos and 6 is a great number.

:D Yup, daddy and mummy have two girls and two boys.

My-family My family

Salon-Vim-Review-Purple-Blue-Pink-Turquoise-Hair-6 Mummy dearest and little brother

This is how I’ve been braiding my hair recently. Just a simple dutch braid to show the different shades of my hair.


On Day 2, the little cousins would come over and mess up the house bring lots of joy and laughter along.

Salon-Vim-Review-Purple-Blue-Pink-Turquoise-Hair-8 Jason and Carina

I don’t know what they’re laughing at but looking at my little cousin Carina laugh makes me smile every time.


I Have Gone To The World Of Crazy Hair Colors At Salon Vim Bugis, And Am Not Turning Back!


Before I tell you how in love I am with my current hair color now – and the innumerable compliments I’ve received for it, let us go back to some weeks ago when I went to have my hair done at Salon Vim’s swanky new branch at Bugis.


Dreamy, aren’t they, these dangling bulbs?


Newly opened and so crowded already!

Salon-Vim-Bugis-Branch-Color-Bar Color Bar

Gary gave me a tour of the two-storey property and like him, I really love the modern interior set inside a heritage-rich facade. The shafts of sunlight streaming in from the old-fashioned windows on the second floor synthesize with warm interior lights to give character to the room.