Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap Review – So You Can Free Yourself Up To Do Other More Important Things


It’s not that I find deep cleaning my makeup brushes to rid them of built-up grime and bacteria unimportant – I cannot stress enough the importance of having clean brushes for a better application finish and prevention of dirty skin – but there’s just so much a busy-until-I-keep-snacking-because-I’m-so-freaking-stressed person can tolerate for standing at the sink scrubbing and rinsing and scrubbing and rinsing makeup brushes when I can be blogging or working on the business.

I don’t own as many brushes as a professional makeup artist, but have enough to make me sigh in resentment as I reluctantly lug my brushes to the sink, along with the Daiso Detergent, oil-based makeup remover, shampoo and conditioner. Troublesome, much?

The Daiso Detergent was what I was using previously to very effectively clean my brushes, so I was unconvinced I needed the Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap, especially when it came with a hefty price tag of SGD21.00.

I could buy TEN bottles of the Daiso Detergent and still have a dollar left to buy 3 packets of tissue paper. Lol.

Evonne’s elation to find this Brush Cleaning Soap back in store when we attended Make Up Store’s launch of a new collection sent little trembles to my little heart. She and the store manager were chatting away happily, about how this was in such huge demand.

OKIE!!! MUST BUY THEN! So finally, good money was traded in exchange for a bar of soap to appease my overwhelming curiosity.


Well, who said curiosity killed the cat?

I couldn’t be happier with this unassuming round-shaped soap. While it’s always easy to clean brushes used for powder products, brushes with denser bristles like my beloved Sigma F80, and/or those used for cream products require hardier treatment.

The Daiso Detergent did the job, but it took longer with all that swishing and washing with shampoo and conditioner after.

Experiment: Natural Hair Brushes

First up for experimentation – Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush. << My review says it all; this is my ever-favorite foundation brush, really.



When Does Makeup Expire And For How Long Should You Keep Them?


In the spirit of Chinese New Year and the accompanying customary (and mundane) act of spring cleaning, I decided to start a new year on a clean slate by firstly, throwing out makeup products that have too ancient of a purchase date.

Actually, I cannot remember the date of purchase for ANY of my products. When I initially started on my little makeup escapade – that would later culminate into this crazy  obsession – I resolved to writing the date of purchase on each and every product. With constant contact, the ink  smudged – permanent ink or not – and sometimes it was really hard to find a spot to write on.

Then I changed to writing on white stickers but that made the product look really ugly. So I tried writing clear tape with permanent marker. That was the stupidest idea as the ink faded and all that was left was the clear tape. Maybe I used lousy tape, or lousy marker. Lol.

From then on, I simply relied on memory, which essentially means nothing at all since I have so many products it’s impossible to keep track. While the occasional clean-up to get rid of old products helps in ensuring you don’t use products for longer than you ought to, here are some ‘rules of thumb’ that we can all find useful in getting the most out of our products.

Period-After-Opening Symbol

You know that little jar with a number and an ‘M’? 6M means 6 months, and it indicates the recommended duration of use after you’ve first opened it.


Use The Look-Smell-Feel Approach

If the product doesn’t have a Period-After-Opening symbol, exercise the look-smell-free approach. It is high time to throw it out when there’s a change in color or texture, smells funny or different from before, or feels drier or oilier on the skin.


Mascara should be the easiest to gauge whether it has gone bad. Once it starts to dry up or flakes more than it did when it was at its prime, I toss it out. I once used a mascara for longer than was safe and it irritated my eyes so much I count my blessings for not getting any serious infection.

Then again, I honestly don’t follow the general rule of ‘throw out mascara after 3 months of opening’ rule. I mean, who throws out a mascara every 3 months!? That’s not only really wasteful and costly, I believe a mascara can function just as well even after 6 months. Just don’t go beyond a year. >.<”

It is best to exercise the look-smell-feel approach. If it smells funny or looks really weird in texture (maybe it became watery or looks murky), trust your instincts and give it up. And of course, if it causes any negative reaction, throw it away immediately.


My New Love: Lioele Powdery Sun Chiffon SPF 50 Matte Face Primer For Oily Skin


I didn’t think any other face primer could contest my affection for the aesthetically non-pleasing but nevertheless amazing Monistat Relief Chafing Powder-Gel, until I got my hands AND FINGERPRINTS on Lioele Powdery Sun Chiffon Face Primer.

Why fingerprints?

You Pretty Little Thing

The Lioele Powdery Sun Chiffon Face Primer is a very pretty thing to look at, what with its pink-tinted, high quality, hard plastic base and true-to-image mirror (you know, as in your face doesn’t look funky and distorted when you look into it).

But this mirror behaves like any other mirror – it’s a magnet for fingerprints!

The only time it was fingerprint-less was when I opened the box for the very first time and smiled because I saw my own reflection the packaging looked so lovely. That’s what I love about Lioele’s product packaging. You can’t decide whether to brand them cute or sweet or sexy or sophisticated. Ah, I think the word is ‘princess-y’. ^_^*

Anyway, after the first use, I tried to clean my prints off the mirror but the OCD in me was not even strong enough to do it beyond the first time. By the time you’re reading this, the mirror probably looks like an artistically woven mosaic of glossy crystals. But my reflections still shines brightly through it and that’s good enough for me. Hoho.


Ice Cream In Pudding’s Clothing

Geddit?? Like wolf in sheep’s clothing. Hur. Hur. Hur. *awkward



Makeup Geek Eyeshadows: The Seventh Pan Itch


Some many months ago I was minding my own business, surfing the Internet on my iPhone in the train when I received an email from Amber.


I was stoked and almost jumped out of my seat in jubilation to shake the hands of Ms Stranger opposite me who must have found me really weird giggling non-stop to myself. I read the email over and over again just to make sure. And yes!! The good people over at MUG found my review on their Makeup Geek eyeshadows impressive and said they would love to send me 8 MUG eyeshadows.

Nah, I wasn’t suffering from the Seventh Pan Itch (like the Seventh Year Itch), but who would say no to more high quality eyeshadows, especially from a brand you so love? When I wrote the review on my first 7 MUG eyeshadows, I knew for sure I’d be back to get more and it was a great privilege to have been offered them by the company itself.

Previously reviewed shades:

  • Unicorn
  • Cocoa Bear
  • Peacock
  • Shimmermint
  • Razzleberry
  • Corrupt
  • Shimma Shimma

Reviewing today:

  • Dirty Martini
  • Galaxy
  • Stealth
  • Bada Bing
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Envy
  • Glamorous
  • Burlesque

I don’t know why, but half of the 8 eyeshadows I chose for this batch were dark colors, colors I would reserve for the Outer V, Contour Area or the Lower Lash Line.

MUG Eyeshadow – Dirty Martini



Dirty Martini didn’t make it to Marlena’s Top 10 Makeup Geek Eyeshadows List, but it was SOLD OUT in the store. Those magical words ‘SOLD OUT’ made it for the win, and I wanted to know why exactly it was sold out. It’s the same as seeing a long queue at an eatery and feeling inclined to join it just to know firsthand what is it that makes people willing to fork out time for it. Haha.

I had to wait for it to be back in stock before Amber could ship all 8 eyeshadows to me.

Dirty Martini is a true matte olive green and an interesting alternative to browns for shading the Contour Area. The formula is very smooth, pigmented and blends effortlessly in swatches and on the lid. Definitely worth the wait.

MUG Eyeshadow – Galaxy



Many people love Corrupt – a dark matte black – but I think it is TOO dark for my liking. I normally don’t use black eyeshadow but I got it coz everyone said it was to-die-for. In the end, I didn’t like Corrupt at all and so wanted something off-black. Like a dark grey.

Galaxy is a beautiful metallic gunmetal dark grey and has enough shimmer without being overly glittery. Makes for a good smokey eye combination.

Then again, I don’t darken my eye with dark greys and blacks that much so this has only had its surface skimmed.


The One Foundation I Would Bring With Me Anywhere In The World: Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation Review

Even though I now have my own online beauty store (, things are not going to change much. I still do use brands outside of those we carry, obviously, and will continue writing beauty product reviews that reflect my honest opinions.

And it’s about time – wayyyyyy past time, actually – that I do a detailed review on the Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation before you all give up on me. Lol! You guys cannot imagine how many emails I’ve received asking when is this review gonna be up. Thank you for your patience! 😀

So ever since I started using the Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation, I feel like going back to my reviews on Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation and downgrade their ratings.

Not that they’re lousy, they were good in their own ways but had some elements I didn’t fancy so much – Healthy Mix in shade 52 was a good shade match but its oil control abilities didn’t quite make the mark; Flower Perfection had a nice matte finish and lovely fragrance but shade 53 was too light. I wrote them when I was using them and penned my honest opinions. That was way before the Perfect Foundation (literally) came to our shores.

I guess it’s not fair to go back and change their ratings now that the 123 Perfect Foundation has come along. We must always seek improvement, not dwell in the past! 😀

Easy To Blend; Dries Matte Not Flat

The Bourjois 123 Perfection Foundation is a medium-thick liquid that dries as a powder with a matte finish which I prefer. The slight powdery finish feels light on the skin, and does not look cakey or unnatural even when layered on. Two layers is the maximum I go, but one would usually suffice. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and gives a second skin sensation so that it feels light and comfortable to wear throughout the day. (Why does this sound just right for a sanitary pad advertisement?! BAHAHAHA!)

This natural-looking foundation also exhibits less tendency to oxidize on my skin. Bourjois 123 Perfection Foundation in shade 52 is just right for me (MAC NC20-25). I still wonder why the Bourjois Flower Perfection in shade 52 was so off the mark.

It became quite the perfect foundation for my Halloween costume this year though (more to come!).

With SPF 10. Shade 52 is also known as Vanilla.

This foundation would, however, not sit well for those with drier skin as it does not give the dewy look that people with dry skin often look for. For people with oily skin, or even normal-combination skin in Singapore (because of our hot and humid weather), THIS IS DOPE.


Top 10 Beauty Products Found At (For Now!)

Have you done some shopping already? LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU if you have! 😀

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If you just arrived at the blog and are overwhelmed by the makeup tutorials, product reviews and the sudden announcement of my online store, I have another pieces of news for you:


5% storewide opening discount!

Until 25 November only, so HURRY!



As promised, here are the Top 10 beauty products I highly recommend (in no particular order). I have used them myself, have raved about them and if you follow me on my posts and updates, you’ll know that I really do use them very often.

These Top 10 beauty products are also what many of you have asked about, we listened and tried our best-est to make available in the store! This list is defined mainly by you, with some of my newly discovered Holy Grail items that I have yet to share my thoughts in a detailed review post. I put the ‘for now!’ in the cover picture coz one day you all will redefine this list, I’m sure!



Finally, The Launch Of!

WOOHOOO!!! I am over the moon now as I sit here, sharing my labor of love with you.

Finally, finally, finally, after months of preparation, plenty of hardwork, sleepless nights, and indescribable stress levels, my online beauty boutique is up up up!

Even though I have brazenly inserted the name of the store in the title of this post, I’m gonna still shout with all the air in my lungs:


(*waves hands madly in the air*)


Can you hear me? Can you hear me screeeeaaaammm, with all the love in my heart, that the idea of a store I mysteriously mentioned some months ago has solidified? My dream has finally seen the light of day, presented in the best way my fabulous team and I could manage, with as many brands and products we know you’ll love.

Wanna know how the name came about?

Well, at the start, we came up with some really ridiculous names like makeupdownleftrightcenter, wakeupyourmakeup, dollfromtheskyandsea, pana-doll, doll-mino, and even inapplicable ones such as fivesixseven. HAHAHA!!!

NOOO!!! I wanted a name that would evoke an image, tell a story, or have some meaning or association to makeup and beauty.

Then I thought…… *moment of enlightenment*

I’m a girl, I’m selling makeup to girls, the name should ride along this line.

And just like that, Doll To Doll came to mind. I ran it through friends and this was the name that garnered the highest votes! So it’s me (a doll [us, actually. but, anyways]) sharing beautiful and fun makeup with my girl friends (all you dolls)!

(Girl To Girl would seem like a shop selling kids clothing and wouldn’t sound half as cute. Heh heh!)

That was in June, and five months on, is live.

Today is 20 November 2012 – 20112012. NICE RIGHT!!! I initially wanted 211112 but my parents said 20112012 is a way more auspicious date for store opening after seeking the Chinese calendar. 20112012 looks very good too!

Just so you know, today is a good date for big events such as store openings, weddings, traveling, moving house, building house – basically anything big, new and exciting in your life!


Doll To Doll would never have materialized without Bun Bun Makeup Tips, and what’s the blog without you, my cherished readers?

If not for your unwavering support and inspiring words of encouragement (on the blog and facebook) to chase my dream of setting up shop, I would never have had the relentless courage and strength to keep going.

In the next post that’s coming up in a short while, I will introduce the Top 10 products highly sought after by many readers and for which I always receive questions on where to buy, how to buy, how to ship from/to Singapore, etc.

Now I can proudly tell you: has it all! *pumps fist into air LOL


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If you like to shop for makeup online, you’ll know our prices are very competitive. Some items are going below market rate by up to 40%!


To thank you for all that you’ve done for Doll To Doll thus far, we are having a


All readers of Bun Bun Makeup Tips are entitled to a 5% off your order.


Okie, even if you’re not a reader you also can have the 5%. But I’m sure you’ll be a reader from now on — I’m addictive. HAHAHA! So confident! XD

Simply enter coupon code during checkout: LAUNCHDOLLTODOLL


OKIE!!! Now go get your goodies! Best time to get Christmas presents for yourself and friends too!! (The Boyfriend said he will buy something for me from my store LOL)

I’m so HAPPY we’ve finally launched and thank you for feeling happy for me too!! LOVE LOVE!! 😀

Check back for the Top 10 products post in a while okie? ^_^*



Juli, Bun Bun, and Team Doll To Doll


Please let us know what you think of the website, any suggestions, anything you like/dislike, want more of, etc! You can either write in to [email protected] or leave your comments below. Thank you!

 Visit now!


Update: Check out the Top 10 products from!



I Was Part Of Singapore’s First Ever Anti-Drug Campaign Latin-Hip Hop Flashmob

Do you take drugs? Or know anyone who does?

GAH. What a negative way to start a blog post.

Restart. LOL.


So I mentioned in my Going Backstage – NDP Preview 2012 post and my Turning 28 post about a flashmob I took part in. It is, for me, one of the highlights of 2012, the year that would supposedly have witnessed total annihilation of the human race.

Our flashmob committee, in view of the recent slew of drug-related deaths, especially highlighted by celebrities like Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston, decided to adopt a flashmob with a message – an anti-drug campaign.

We made a promotional video to invite people to join us! All the steps were learnt like, 5 minutes before the camera started rolling. LOL.

I love that the video showcases many places in Singapore. Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum, CBD, Clarke Quay, Vivo City, Orchard, etc.

I appear in the final scene (*hint* I star as a possessive and OTT girlfriend. hoho), but you’ve gotta watch from the start to understand the build-up. It’s a very well-filmed video!

Kat, me, Honey

Love this pic! WE LOOK SO HAPPY!!! 😀


Beauty With Heart: The Body Shop Cruelty Free Makeup Collection Review And Swatches (No Pink Cows Involved!)

“WOAH, PINK COW!” was what immediately came to mind when I first saw the Limited Edition, Lily Cole makeup collection from The Body Shop.

I’m not that kind of beauty blogger who dives into the sciences of products; I don’t squint at ingredient lists, I don’t dig up researches and lab tests done on ingredients and tell you how good or bad it is for your skin, I don’t really bother what goes inside that bottle of goodness (or evil).

The kind of beauty blogger I am, is simply, the kind who tells you whether it works or doesn’t, it looks pretty or pretty much sucks, it stays or vanishes before you even have had time to take your first toilet break of the day. That kind, I am.

I am also a superficial sucker for packaging (you are too, don’t deny HAHAHA!), so when I saw the pink and black prints, and ribbons, and pink stuff and more pink stuff everywhere, my mood lifted!

Not that I was down, but pink is the symbol for universal love, beauty, kindness, compassion. Lovers of beauty favor pink. That’s why Bun Bun Makeup Tips banner is pink. Lol. (I hope it still has some pink in it if you’re reading this in year 2027.)

And that’s why I smiled when I saw the new cruelty-free makeup range from The Body Shop!

And coz pink cows are cute.

Now that they have caught your and my attention, let’s get down to beauty beyond box and stickers.

The Body Shop Puff On Radiance Highlighter

The first item that reached out and grabbed me by the neck and screamed ‘You will love me! Look at how pink and fluffy and girly I am!’ was the Puff On Radiance.


So That You Can Get Your Brows Filled In 10 Seconds, Get The Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow Pencil!

We can’t go running to the store or click ‘Add to cart’ every time a blogger raves about a ‘Holy Grail product, can we?

Coz if that were really the case, there would be no war in this world since all Beauty Bloggers are people with big hearts and ambassadors of all things beautiful, and the governments would employ us all to spread the message of love and world peace. Lol.

Ah, but then there’s always the lure of the dark side. And that’s why there are bad people in the world in the first place.

I took long enough to buy the Lioele auto eyebrow pencil because I was happy with my NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil. For a softer and more natural look, I would use The Face Shop Cake Eyebrow too.

Not that I’ve become unhappy with those two excellent eyebrow products, but it’s in my blood to constantly seek change. And great change I experienced when I dyed my hair more yellow-gold and brown than my normal shades of dark brown. The NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil was simply too brown.

My interest for the Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow Pencil was piqued when I first watched frmheadtotoe‘s review of it, but it was my readers who got me off my butt and go get it. They were like “you’ve got to try it!”, “it’s the best eyebrow pencil ever!”, “you will love it!!”.

Upon application I immediately understood the enthusiasm of its strong following. The crux of writing this review of the Lioele Auto Eyebrow Pencil is really to tell you:

GO GET IT!!!” 😀

Flat, Angled Tip For Precision

This is how the brand new pencil end looks like – edgily sharp. It may hurt a teeny tiny little when you use it for the first time, and takes a couple of uses before the edges are rounded and feel smooth during application.

Brand new

After some time