Eyeshadow Depotting Tutorial: How To Depot Urban Decay Naked Palette Without Heat



Were you one of the first who went all I-NEED-TO-OWN-THIS when the original Urban Decay Naked Palette came out in the market and made every neutral-lovin’ lady swear to own one and get it for all her girlfriends??

I wasn’t.

I took a while to let the hype hit me. By the time I finally got interested, it pulled a worldwide out-of-stock trick on me. GOSH! I had to wait like FIVE MONTHS for Sephora Singapore to finally have it restocked and get my hands on it! (Pssst! You can get it at Doll To Doll Cosmetics now!)

Everyone I knew loved it – the velvet casing that lent chicness and sophistication; the beautiful 12 neutral shades of browns, bronzes, champagnes and erm, more browns; the prestige of being able to get it at all.

Then one day I had enough of how troublesome it was to have to grab the palette for 1 or 2 shades, how the velvet casing had attracted dust and looked shabby, how my favorites from the Naked Palette made up only half of the full 12 stretch. I also got acquainted with the Z Palette. Never looked back since!

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See those with a dent? They are Virgin, Sin, Naked, Smog, Darkhorse, and Toasted.

One day I finally decided to rip my Naked apart. I loved how beautiful the shades looked in their original packaging, but I wanted those shades I like to use to take up as little space as possible and be able to bring them around without having to lug the entire palette along.

Step 1:

There’s no need for rubbing alcohol or heat. Depotting the Naked Palette is SO EASY.

Just wiggle a tool with a sharp enough edge into the gap between the pan and the skeleton of the packaging, which is made of cardboard and thus makes contorting super easy.





In 10 seconds!

Step 2:

Remember to clean the base of the pan (with rubbing alcohol) so that your sticker magnets can adhere to a clean and smooth base!


Sticker magnets are necessary as the individual pans from the Urban Decay Naked Palette are not magnetized. Here I used the square ones instead of typical round ones.




You can write the name of the shade on paper sticker and paste it on the underside.

Repeat for all the shades! Or just those you really use.


The mess! Hahaha!


I place the depotted Naked Palette shades in the zebra design Z Palette, along with Sugarpill, WNW, and other makeup brands. I always change their positions to give the palettes and myself some variation.

Z Palette Customizable Palette Depot Eyeshadow

And that’s it! Super easy, right? 😀

I’ve received requests for a review on Naked Palette 2. Having already owned the original Naked Palette, I do not feel inclined to purchase Naked 2 simply because the shades are pretty similar – probably 5% darker, lighter, more frosty, less glittery – and I am not a neutral eyeshadow kind of girl. I love colors on my eyes!

I hope I’ve given you the extra push you if you’ve considered depotting your Naked Palette. It’s a big step to destroy a beautiful eyeshadow palette like that, but trust me, it’s worth it!

Let me know if you will or have already depotted yours! :)


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  • aleckb

    Thanks for the tutorial! It looks super easy. Btw, how long have you had your naked palette for? I feel like I’ve had mine forever and still don’t have dips like yours!! haha. Although I’ve very much like you where I only use certain colors. The black next to gunmetal (oil slick maybe?) I haven’t ever touched!

  • AmyChoon

    I bought the Z palette immediately after reading your post. Depotted both Naked and Naked 2 palettes plus some other eye palettes last night and it was a CHORE! My fingers are aching from rubbing off the glue and it was such a mess I start to doubt if it’s worth the time. By the way, all the pans from Naked 1 & 2 are magnetized. There’s no need for me to stick on the magnet stickers.

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    aleckb I used it a lot when I first got it! Like EVERY DAY. And I like them to show up a lot, so I packed them on more. CREEP, you mean? My CREEP and GUNMETAL look as good as new too. Haha! Not so much of a fan for super dark colors.

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    AmyChoon Aiyo why did you use your fingers?? I imagine it must have been painful, using skin to rub against rubber and glue and metal! I always use the metal nail tool for depotting – from wiggling between gaps to scraping glue off pans. Always works for me! 
    But now that you’ve got the hard part over and done with, you’ll LOVE having them in your Z Palette. Really! I was so glad to have my pots and pans depotted even though I also had some trouble depotting in the beginning. Once I got the hang of it, I never looked back. Every time I get a new eyeshadow, I’ll think of how to depot it. Haha!  
    I felt that the magnets of UD Palettes weren’t strong enough, that’s why I attached the square ones. =)

  • AmyChoon

    BunBunMakeupTips AmyChoon Ah, I’m actually using alcohol swaps, that’s why my fingers so tired. I still have some more to depot. I will use your way to remove the glue for the rest. I used the metal nail tool also, but I think mine wasn’t too good, it broke! Eh, my naked pans are very strong, in fact, pushing the pans on the z palette need some strength. Probably different batch of palettes with different pan material, I guess.

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    AmyChoon Wah broke!! Either the tool super lousy or you’re very strong. Kekeke! Mine was bought at those shops where they sell all kinds of female essentials – from sanitary pads to shampoo to nail files. I think it cost less than $5. 
    Yea, probably different batches. My pans were pretty easily detached, but it’s good yours have good magnetic base!

  • AmyChoon

    BunBunMakeupTips AmyChoon Ya. I’m very strong! Haha! Ok. I go get another one for future depotting!
    Btw, I love your blog. Came to know about it after reading news about you. Really like the way you did your make up. And love your spirit as well. Keep it up, girl!

  • wobblestone

    Hi! I was wondering if you are able to do a depotting tutorial for Bobbi Brown old and new packaging? I’ve search the internet and nobody has shown how to for BB eyeshadows and blusher.

  • Luvin Lux

    I took my Naked2 Basics palette and redid it to include 3 orig shades (matte) and 2 gorgeous shades (shimmer) from Naked3. Now everything I love and use most fits into a small purse-size palette I can take on-the-go…and also when traveling! LOVE!
    Eventually I will rearrange all the pans from Naked, Naked2, and Naked3 into a single 12-pan palette of favorites. The rest will then be categorized into a palette of 2nd choices, and finally a palette of my least used colors.

  • Faith Huang

    Thank you for this post! It’s really helpful! I face the same problem of only using half of my Naked palette most of the time. 😛