The One Foundation I Would Bring With Me Anywhere In The World: Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation Review


Even though I now have my own online beauty store (, things are not going to change much. I still do use brands outside of those we carry, obviously, and will continue writing beauty product reviews that reflect my honest opinions.

And it’s about time – wayyyyyy past time, actually – that I do a detailed review on the Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation before you all give up on me. Lol! You guys cannot imagine how many emails I’ve received asking when is this review gonna be up. Thank you for your patience! 😀

So ever since I started using the Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation, I feel like going back to my reviews on Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation and downgrade their ratings.

Not that they’re lousy, they were good in their own ways but had some elements I didn’t fancy so much – Healthy Mix in shade 52 was a good shade match but its oil control abilities didn’t quite make the mark; Flower Perfection had a nice matte finish and lovely fragrance but shade 53 was too light. I wrote them when I was using them and penned my honest opinions. That was way before the Perfect Foundation (literally) came to our shores.

I guess it’s not fair to go back and change their ratings now that the 123 Perfect Foundation has come along. We must always seek improvement, not dwell in the past! 😀

Easy To Blend; Dries Matte Not Flat

The Bourjois 123 Perfection Foundation is a medium-thick liquid that dries as a powder with a matte finish which I prefer. The slight powdery finish feels light on the skin, and does not look cakey or unnatural even when layered on. Two layers is the maximum I go, but one would usually suffice. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and gives a second skin sensation so that it feels light and comfortable to wear throughout the day. (Why does this sound just right for a sanitary pad advertisement?! BAHAHAHA!)

This natural-looking foundation also exhibits less tendency to oxidize on my skin. Bourjois 123 Perfection Foundation in shade 52 is just right for me (MAC NC20-25). I still wonder why the Bourjois Flower Perfection in shade 52 was so off the mark.

It became quite the perfect foundation for my Halloween costume this year though (more to come!).

With SPF 10. Shade 52 is also known as Vanilla.

This foundation would, however, not sit well for those with drier skin as it does not give the dewy look that people with dry skin often look for. For people with oily skin, or even normal-combination skin in Singapore (because of our hot and humid weather), THIS IS DOPE.

One grip I have with this foundation is that it tends to accentuate drier areas of the skin. Whenever I am nursing the aftermaths of a pimple growth, the area tends to flake and this foundation makes the flaking more obvious. Imagine what it will do to people with dry skin. @_@”

Great Coverage

Boasting 3 correcting pigments to sort out all imperfections – yellow to conceal dark circles, mauve to perk up dull complexions, green to soften any redness on the face – the first thought that came to find when I first saw it was ‘REAL OR NOT?!’. Hahaha!

  1. Yellow pigments – for anti-dark circles
  2. Mauve pigments – for anti-dull complexion
  3. Green pigments – for anti-redness

I guess we have all become skeptical in this beauty world where most claims often remain as that – claims.

I was out of a good foundation, this looked promising and at S$34.00, I wouldn’t say it is too expensive for a such an excellent product. I would even say this triumphs some more expensive foundations I have tried before.

The three color pigment correction isn’t new to the market, I suppose, and there are other foundation products that also claim these but the difference is that the combination of these 3 elements in this foundation ACTUALLY WORKS.

People with flawless skin to start with probably wouldn’t appreciate the power of this foundation. But I have terribly flawed skin and I CAN FEEL THE MAGIC.

I have all kinds of blemishes (read: What causes your acne?) – new pimples, healing acne scars, random dark spots, redness, dull complexion and dark circles. It may sound too good to be true in words, but this foundation evens out my skintone effortless without sitting in fine lines or enlarged pores. It is pigmented enough to cover imperfections but still makes the skin look completely natural afterwards. Sometimes I still do use an undereye concealer for targeted concealment.

Great Oil Control

I need to emphasize that this foundation exemplifies what all oily-skinned people want. Some oily-skinned beauties may prefer a dewy finish, some a matte finish. Whatever the preference in finish, we all need a foundation that helps in reducing the chances of us looking like a greasy roti prata.

When I have this 123 Foundation on, I don’t find the need to set my face with MAC Blot Powder in Light (review) and neither do I find myself reaching for blotting paper during the day. This also lasts me through my dance classes. :)

Here’s how the Bourjois 123 Perfection Shade 52 looks on my MAC NC20-25 skin.

Shade 52 just right for MAC NC20-25




Fully blended

How To Apply Bourjois 123 Perfection Foundation

As in the title, this is the foundation that I would bring with me anywhere in the world, knowing I will always look good with it and also because pump bottles are always easier to use and more hygienic. I would wrap the glass bottle with bubble wrap because I’m anal like that.

I wore it every day when I was on holiday in Phuket this year.

No problems if you forget to bring any tools for foundation application because this applies well with fingers.

Easy-to-use pump bottle

But I’d always advise to use a brush or at least a sponge, for hygiene purposes and ease of application. I don’t know, I just don’t like to apply liquid foundation with my fingers; I’m fine with fingers for BB cream though. It’s somehow got to do with the texture, I guess.

My Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush (review) has been my fondest foundation brush ever, but ever since I got started on the BeautyBlender, there’s no turning back. Let’s keep that for a separate detailed review, but for now, know that the BeautyBlender does wonders for foundation application and Bun Bun approves with two thumbs up. (Oh gosh, Bun Bun doesn’t have thumbs!)

For a really high quality foundation that leaves your skin looking healthy and natural all day, give this Bourjois foundation a try.

Where Can I Find The Bourjois 123 Perfection Foundation?

Bourjois 123 Perfection Foundation retails for SGD34.00 and can be found at selected Watsons and BHG. They have 20% off sometimes! Somehow this seems unavailable on Amazon! Sorry I couldn’t find any links to it. :(

You can find out more and purchase these products online by clicking on the links below:

BeautyBlender Single (


Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush (


Bun Bun rates the Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation:

What is your daily go-to foundation? What is the one foundation you must bring along when you travel? Do you prefer a foundation with a dewy or matte finish?



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  • BAMBIx

    OMG you make me want to try other foundation instead of my favourite MMU foundation! LOL because whenever BunBun loves something, I think that product is worth a try HAHA.
    Oh Juli, do you know cold processed soap? Now I’m in the process of experimenting my handmade soap. Hehe, I include everything I love in my soap (WAIT.. I should use the word WASTE my money to include everything I want in my soap hahaha). When I find some excellent formula that I like, I will send some to you okie? ^^ not because I want you to be my guinea pig for testing (LOL) but because bunbunmakeuptips is always my good inspiration, and you always share good things to me (no, not to me, it’s to your readers), so I want to share what I love (or obsessed) with you too ><

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      @BAMBIx Hahaha! Awww that is really sweet of you to say that! (Am hugging my chest when I read your comment =D)
      Wowwww!! You’re so hands-on with soap! What do you mean include everything in soap? Do you put cute animal shapes in them? Like little soap pieces in a soap? I’ve seen those sold at shops. Thank you for your very kind offer, I would love to receive your handmade gift one day, but is it okie if I don’t actually use it? LOL! I often end up placing them in my wardrobe to make it smell good and admire them coz they’re too pretty to use! TOOOO PRETTYYYY!!!

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      @BAMBIx Oh by the way, what is MMU?

      • BAMBIx

        @BunBunMakeupTips Sorry for abbreviation, it’s simply mineral makeup ><
        I love to add every-goodies-thing to my soap, like some herbs with healing and skin-toning property, or shea butter, milk and honey with moisturizing property (LOL). I even added tussah silk (hmmm, it’s kind of cocoon, hoho) to my soap just for silky-feeling when I take a shower, haha.
        It’s ok if you want to put it in wardrobe, because it smell so niceeee, haha. In Thailand we even have the fragrance to put in soap that smell like a perfume we put on body LOL, like Lancome Miracle, or Chanel No. 5.

        • BunBunMakeupTips

          @BAMBIx That is SUPER COOL! So much good stuff in a soap! Do many Thais make their own soap too?

        • BAMBIx

          @BunBunMakeupTips  @BAMBIx No. Veryyyyyyyyyyyyy smalllllllllllll Thais make soap. Because it’s wayyyyyy much easier to buy in supermarket LOL. It’s like a hobby that benefit your skin, haha. For me, wasting money is ok (even for trial and error XD) as long as I get my super luxurious soap. It’s kind of crazy and funny right? because it just “take a shower” thing. Hahah, that’s why I want to send some of them to you ><.

  • lashesandstrokes

    hi babe, 
    i am a N/NW 20-25. more towards warm tone. could you please suggest which shade in this line would be great for my skin tone? would appreciate much. thanks :)

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      @lashesandstrokes Hello! =) The Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation in Shade 52 is quite a neutral-toned foundation, not too yellow or pink. So I’d think 52 would be suitable for you as well. Best if you can find a Bourjois counter and do some swatches just to confirm.

      • lashesandstrokes

        @BunBunMakeupTips Thanks for replying! 😀 Mm, the problem is.. I can’t.. (>___<) As I’m staying in Malaysia. The only way I can get my hands on this foundation is by asking my cousin to help  me purchase it and bring it along when she visits. May I know : 1. How much is it? 2. Is there any discounts?3. Where to purchase it? Thank you so much! :)

        • BunBunMakeupTips

          @lashesandstrokes It retails at SGD34.00 and I bought it at Watsons. Not all Watsons have Bourjois though. BHG has Bourjois too. I don’t know when exactly Bourjois is on sale, but now is the Christmas sale season so the probability of hitting on a discount is higher. =)

  • Makeup Kismet

    asos is currently having a sale on practically all of the Bourjois makeup! I am so very tempted to buy a back up of the Healthy Mix Serum and this 123 foundation but I have dry skin & this does not sound practical for me. But the coverage seems so much greater :(

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      @Makeup Kismet Oh yes, if you have dry skin I’d probably not recommend this. Then again, I don’t know the level of dryness of your skin. From my experience, this accentuates areas of dryness attributed to dried up pimples so it might still work for slightly dry skin.
      Oh yes, the coverage is definitely much better than the other Bourjois foundations. I haven’t tried the Serum one though, I heard it’s much more moisturizing than the Foundation so that would be a no-no for oily-skinned me.
      You could always mix foundations! =D

  • pinkdust

    Hi Bunbun, finally the review! Haha. Back then I was desperate to get a new foundation n upon hearing ur comments recommending the Bourjois 123 perfect foundation, I just couldn’t wait for ur review and went to purchase it. Because I trust ur opinions n my skin type n shade seem to be so similar to yours! I’ve been using this foundation for quite some time now and totally love it! Thanks for the recommendation! :)

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      @pinkdust YAYYYYYY!!!!! Thank you for your trust in me and for going out to get it! It makes me so happy when readers buy something they love, more so when it’s something I love too! Mine is down to its last few pumps already. I’ll go see where Bourjois is on 20% off. Hahahha.

  • XinningMa

    Hi, how would you compare this to the revlon colourstay for combo/oily? Thanks

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      @XinningMa Hello! I’d choose this Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation over Revlon Colorstay Foundation any day! There are several reasons, like the more hygienic and convenient pump bottle, the nicer fragrance… Coverage-wise, I think they both do a good job of concealing imperfections even without concealer. If you’re NC 20-25 and living in Singaopore like I am, Revlon Colorstay in Buff would be more suitable.

  • PositivelyNice

    haha, the moment I see you rave about this, I had the inkling your skin is towards the oily side. I think the Healthy Mix is a dream-come-true for dry/sensitive skin people like myself. Matte some more, my face will look like sun-dried raisins.
    I am on my last laps of the Garnier Light BB Cream now, which I brought for my overseas trip. I don’t think that’s good for oily skin, but it is certainly good for me. I like how it has light coverage, and brightening properties.
    Hi^5 on the Sigma F80. I like it, but I think I prefer Sephora Professional No. 40 Mineral Powder brush, it’s a round kabuki, because a rounded kabuki gives lower coverage than flat one. I prefer to use the F80 for when I really want heavy coverage.Swear by Beauty Blender. But because of the washing, I only use that on special occasions.

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      @PositivelyNice HAHAHA! I LOL-ed at ‘matte some more, my face will look like sun-dried raisins’! You’re so funny!
      I agree with you on the part about kabukis giving a higher coverage coz of their denser bristles. I choose them over those flat flat kind, also coz those tend to leave streaks, and are harder to achieve the airbrush kind of effect with. Cool, I didn’t know a round one gives lower coverage than a flat one. Is it coz the impact is less skin-on?
      YES!! BeautyBlender is ZOMG awesome! I used to think the washing was annoying too, until I recently found an easier way. Do you use the Blender Cleanser? I pour some water in a small bowl, pump out some Blender Cleaner on the sponge then swish the BeautyBlender at the bottom of the bowl, thereby using the bowl as a ‘scrub’ to get the dirt out. So much easier than using the thumb and index finger to rub rub rub rub until the cows come home.

      • PositivelyNice

        @BunBunMakeupTips I guess so, since the rounded kabuki is rounded, fewer of the bristles touch the face at a time, and the bristles can also fan out more when you push the brush into the skin. Both are perfect, I would say, just my personal preference for lower coverage.
        Yes, I do. The cleanser that comes with it cleanses really well! It totally sucks out the dirt in the middle, and I will definitely invest in a new bottle should I run out, since I’ve already spent so much on the sponge.
        But share with you a secret… … I found out that Tsubaki Orange colour Treatment conditioner is equally good! Hehe. Yeah, I actually use my Tsubaki on my sponges and brushes. It cleanses like crazy.I didn’t go and calculate cost whether Tsubaki is cheaper than Beauty Blender Cleanser, but yeah, since Tsubaki is already in the bathroom for my hair, might as well use it.

        • PositivelyNice

          @BunBunMakeupTips The Tsubaki surprised me because I have use all my other shampoos on brushes and sponges, but none have the same amazing Vanish clean effect.

  • PositivelyNice

    BunBun, by the way, I really miss your frequent posts. I hope things are going fine for you now, especially since your “baby” has been launched. I keep looking out for when your blog will appear on top on my blog page, because that means you’ve just updated.

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      @PositivelyNice Awwww…… I’m super touched by this!!!! Let me give you a BIG BIG VIRTUAL HUG!! *runs over and knocks you down with my mega hug
      Thank you so much for staying with me throughout the launch of the business and waiting to see more of my blog posts. Now that the initial stuff has been settled I also want to get back to more frequent blogging. When I wrote the Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation review post, I realized just how much I missed writing beauty product reviews! So much has been going on in my life, like the business, the filming, etc that I couldn’t find time to blog as much about beauty as I wanted. Definitely going to put more effort into blogging now! =D

  • HarrietChow

    I ordered one from ASOS right away (with sales YAAAAY) and I’m loving it! It neutralizes all my red like magic! My only gripe is this doesn’t stay on as well as Tarte amazonian clay tinted moisturizer. I still end up getting smears on my phone. ME IS SUPER OILY ;A;

  • mintymilky

    Is this one more yellow or the Flower Perfection? Could you post a pic of those two swatched next to each other? :)

  • MinmieKimHee

    Which watsons do they sell at??

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      MinmieKimHee Hmmm only selected ones. Those I can think offhand are Compasspoint, Ngee Ann City… You can try BHG and Metro too.

      • pinkdust

        BunBunMakeupTips MinmieKimHee I was looking to buy another bottle of this since mine was finishing but couldn’t find it anywhere. A John Little SA told me it has been discontinued!! So sad…. BunBun, do you have other foundations to recommend for oily skin? I’ve been thinking of getting MUFE mat velvet but it’s expensive for daily usage… T_T

        • BunBunMakeupTips

          pinkdust BunBunMakeupTips MinmieKimHee WHAT?!?! That’s terrible news!! But I thought I just saw it the other day…..? 
          I’m now using the Chanel Perfection Lumiere, Lancome Mat Miracle, Kiehl’s BB Cream, and Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream. (Not all together though!! HAHAHA!) This is what beauty bloggers do, and love to do, trying all kinds of products. =P
          Maybe you can try the Lancome one? It’s been performing quite well on my oily skin, stays matte and all. 
          (I actually have a rather new bottle of the Bourjois one. Used just a couple of times. I can give it to you if you don’t mind that it isn’t new-new.)

        • pinkdust

          BunBunMakeupTips pinkdust MinmieKimHeeThanks for the recommendations! I’ll def check them out!
          That’s v kind of u to offer! Are u sure u don’t want the Bourjois foundation anymore?? I don’t mind paying for ur bottle actually, quote me a price? 😉 I am planning to purchase the Lioele eyebrow pencil from ur shop. Do u think it is possible to have the Bourjois mailed to me together with the Lioele? I’ll pay for the price u quote + the extra shipping charges when I make payment for the Lioele. Is this ok? :D:D

        • BunBunMakeupTips

          pinkdust Hey babe! You wanna leave me an email so we can discuss more and you can send me your address? =)

  • VaniaVincent

    My BFF gave me this foundation because it wasn’t her thing. But me? I love it (great texture) and thank God is approriate for oily skin. I wanted to be sure my out-of-control chin acne wouldn’t get worse by using it!

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      VaniaVincent One woman’s poison is another’s treasure! So how has it been for you? Doing great on your skin?

  • Blingylingy

    Your review is excellent and besides we have the same skin type so u make me wanna go grab a bottle for myself right away! Have you tried Kate Powderless foundation? Its a liquid foundation that turns to powder in 15sec upon application. Another great foundation for our skin type. I just recently discovered this gem. U should try it and do a review too!

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      Blingylingy I went to take a look at it right after reading your comment! Didn’t manage to swatch it at the store though. I’ll check it out again. Thanks for sharing! =)

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    snoozysuzy Awwww I’m SO HAPPY for you! Finding the right foundation shade is like finding a good husband. SO DIFFICULT. Lol!! 
    Did you get Shade 52 for the Bourjois 123? If you use 52, then Revlon Colorstay in Buff would suit you well too. Sand Beige would turn you into a roasted sweet potato. Trust me. Personal experience. Haha!

    • snoozysuzy

      Yes shade 52 seems to be spot on.. my skin seems to oxydise most foundations that I use.. I got Colorstay in Buff to try which at first seems too pale for me, but as you said it oxydises on me to a perfect shade a couple of hours later.. I may try the Normal/Dry skin one (I got Combination/Oily) as my skin type changes as at the moment (after cold winter in UK) seems normal and in need of extra moisturiser. I’m also happy that i’m saving ££ as both of these products are half the price of my usual Bobbi Brown :)

  • BunBunMakeupTips

    mintymilky Oops sorry for the late reply. The Bourjois 123 is slightly more yellow. More warm-neutral, actually.

  • AudreyLee

    Does this foundation oxidise? I just bought 52 and the SA helped me picked it coz i said I dont wan it to look too light. Now i worry it might turn dark..

    • BunBunMakeupTips

      AudreyLee In my opinion and from personal experience, it doesn’t. Hmmm, sometimes SAs are not so reliable, it’d be best to take it upon yourself and do the swatch. It would be good if you know your MAC, Lancome, Estee Lauder shade-equivalent too. =)

  • sueern

    I think the foundation has been discontinued!

  • GabrielleMiekaylaTan

    does this oxidise the same as revlon colorstay? i hv buff and it oxidises after a while and matches my skintone.

  • beckynicole

    I saw this in priceline the other day and I really waned to purchase it but they didn’t have a tester to try out the colours. Do you know what colorstay colour you are? In winter in buff and in summer I’m sand beige. Not sure of I should go for 52 or 53?

  • jessicatan88

    Hi Bun Bun,
    I have very oil yet dehydrated skin and own the 123 Perfect Foundation and the Flower Perfection Foundation, both are in shade 52. 

    While the Flower Perfection Foundation suits my skin tone
    well, the 123 Perfect Foundation looks very weird on me, I seem to look orange /
    yellowish even after waiting for the foundation to set on my skin. I have no idea why are the shades so different. Do you have any remedy? 

    :( Such a waste of
    money for me.