Bringing My Corporate Vanity Back Home and Hello Muji Storage!


This is what greets me every morning when I arrive at the office. Cheery, isn’t it? =D

Haha and I don’t think there is such a thing as ‘corporate vanity’. I just coined the term because these are the things on my work-cum-vanity table.

I’m moving on to a new job and I decided to do a post on what had been my vanity corner for the past couple of years.

From a little cosmetics bag, to a larger cosmetics bag, to a slightly bigger box, and then to a 2-tier cabinet, I’ve amassed a makeup collection that has shocked myself when I put them altogether for their photoshoot.

And this is only for the office.@_@

They’re usually not so properly placed. I keep the brushes in their brush holder in a drawer to prevent dust from settling on the bristles, and the pink polka dot bag (which is my travel makeup bag too!) is usually filled with many other things such as eyeliners, mascaras, Shu Uemura eyelash curler and the lipglosses you see in the white plastic holder. The pink polka dot is my ‘lazy bag’, for when I can’t be bothered to put things back in their original place.

Brushes I use on a daily basis.

Inside the ‘lazy bag’.

The 2-tier cabinet I only acquired recently becoz I had makeup everywhere! In this cabinet, in that drawer, in another bag… So I decided to put all those less impact-resilient products like eyeshadow, blusher, and liquid foundation into this 2-tier cabinet.

Don’t ask me why I need so many hair products.

When I brought them all home, my mum asked “Why do you need so many products when you only have one face?”. LOL. Tough question to answer, mummy. Tough question.

I had a 2-tier makeup cabinet and big makeup bag in office, and I have another 3-tier one at home. OH NO! There wasn’t any storage case large enough for all my makeup!

Previously I bought one from NTUC Fairprice which had 3 parts instead of 6, but it was badly furnished, felt very plasticky (and cheap!), and worse, the drawers were crooked. Gawd, for the love of gridlines, I just CANNOT stand misalignment.

So I went out shopping for a good storage case and ended up with one from Muji. I love the finish of Muji products and the earthy colors of its stores!

This is the PP Case Drawer Shallow 6 Parts. W26 x D37 x H32.5cm. Load bearing approx 1.5kg (Shucks, I hope I don’t exceed!). S$56.00.

I actually went down at least 3 times to different Muji stores to finally decide to buy it because it is really quite expensive! >.<

I had to make another trip back to return it for, erm, food items. That cost S$15.00 so the Muji one is a huge jump from that, but I always believe that if you buy something that can last you for a very long time (and looks and feels much better), then it is worth the investment!

I hope they can all fit into the Muji cabinet. (Oh, please, please, do!)

Alright! I’ll update you guys once I get my precious babies settled in their new home!

Review on the Muji storage cabinet coming up soon!

How do you store your makeup?

And… do you think they will all fit into the Muji cabinet? LOL.


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  • a!kO

    I have faith in you!!! :D Are you going to store them by categories? Like shadows and blushers etc? Wow I was shocked when you said the first pic was for the office :P lol And I don’t think that’s too much ;) Altho I would love to get a hold of your hair products =___= I am in the market to make my hair thicker, less fallout and keep my curls in place. I hate putting stuff on my hair tho… ;) Maybe you can recommend me a products to keep my curls in :D

    Comparing to other beauty enthusiasts, you are still good :) and can keep growing your collection :D I have mine in a small muji-like drawer that’s 3 tiered and one big 4 tiered drawers, I have my hair stuff in there too and I have one desk drawer full of make up that I need to sort out. I need to find a very good organizing solution tho. :D Can’t wait to see the result of your muji drawers!!

    • Bun Bun

      I guess so! One for eyeliners and mascaras, one for eyeshadows, one for blushes, one for lip stuff, one for foundation, one for cotton pads and buds, hahaha just rattling off my mind. I’m really excited to move them too! =D

      I love love love curly hair. I had permed hair for about 4 years and just recently decided to bite the bullet and get it straightened. I love how the curls frame my face and how they make me look all made-up even when I didn’t do much, just some hair lotion, but all that perming (I permed twice in 4 years) made my hair really dry. =( Wanna let them rest for a while.

      When I had curls, I really didn’t apply much to keep them in. After my bath, I’d sometimes apply some hair serum or not all, and while my hair was still damp, twirl sections of the hair with my index finger. When I feel vain, I’ll just put some hair lotion to make the curls stay longer throughout the day.

  • Lyd

    What kind of work do you do/used to do? I’m thinking something makeup related, since you are able to bring all that makeup to the office…

    • Bun Bun

      Hi Lyd! Erm, no. Not related to makeup at all. LOL. I just had a very good boss who allowed me to do my makeup at my table every morning. XD

  • kai

    juli if you ever decide to give away maybe 1% of your makeup. i volunteer myself! hahaha…

    • Bun Bun

      Hahaha I don’t have THAT much… (small voice: “Do I?”) LOL!

  • Tsuze


    Would love to see how you store your makeups. Could you share some pics of it with us?

    • Bun Bun

      Hi Tsuze, er… I guess I could, in later posts maybe! I’ve got plenty of posts lined up! =)

      • Tsuze

        Looking forwards to your future posts! :)

  • UdyRegan

    I’ve always been amazed by the number of cosmetics and toiletry products that women need. Keeping a whole “storage locker” full of stuff for your face really doesn’t make any sense to me!