Apparently, Stage Cosmetics Is Still Moving Out!


So, because I really liked all of my haul items from my first haul at Stage Cosmetics

Stage Cosmetics Photo Pro Foundation which gives the skin a glowy finish;

Stage eyeshadows that can match the pigmentation and consistency of MAC eyeshadows;

Stage Brow Defining Pencils which I’ve been religiously using EVERY DAY since;

and my favorite – Stage Shadow Smudger, this eyeshadow brush is the PERFECT size for precise application of color on the contour area.

… I really couldn’t just stay away knowing that those crazy sale prices would be no more after Stage (eventually) moves out!

I went back one week later, brought along a friend this time, and got all these makeup goodies!

Stage Nail Color – Luscious (S$5)

Stage Lip Liner – Nearly Naked (S$5)

Stage Wonderluxe Lipstick: Blushing Beau and Buff Belle (2 for S$9)

Stage Strip Show Polish Remover (2 for S$5)

Stage Lash Groomer Nylon (S$6)


Have you tried any product from Stage before? If you haven’t, you should! It’s really moving out!


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