A Pencil That Works 3 Ways? Pupa Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencil Could Be The Answer!


Even when we know certain things can be done in a certain way, it is good to be actually told that it can be done. Like an eyeliner simply stating that it can be used for three purposes.

I mean, who doesn’t know that an eye pencil can be used as kajal, as eyeshadow, and of course, as eyeliner?

I got these Pupa Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencils in 02 and 07 at the BHG Tampines sale recently.

Normally I don’t take a second glance at Pupa, mainly because it is not widely available in the first place – only limited Watsons and SASA stores carry the Pupa brand. Also, Pupa does not have glitzy advertisements to remind consumers of their presence. You know, out of sight, out of mind.

At S$23.00 for an eye pencil (only slightly cheaper than an Urban Decay 24-7 Glide-On Eye Pencil!), its prices are not exactly drugstore. The colors of the counter displays don’t attract me either.

I think it was in the heat of the SALE moment that I found myself walking towards the Pupa counter and started swatching the eyeliner pencils.


From Pupa website:

Triple purpose eye pencil: versatile, very handy and perfect, glides on effortlessly. Long lasting and waterproof, delivers amazing performance, for intense and captivating eyes.

Soft and Creamy Eyeliner

The Pupa Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencils are so soft and creamy, they’re almost like gel eyeliners in pencil form.

Because of the buttery consistency, they are very easy to apply – no tugging or sharp pricks on the lids. Blending out the color can be done in a matter of seconds.

A lot more product gets used up each time than a normal, drier eyeliner pencil, so I’d say the Pupa eye pencils will wear down pretty fast. I’ve had to sharpen after every 2 uses.

Also, due to the tip being very soft, you’d have to be careful not to break the tip during sharpening or even opening/closing the cap. I broke the tip of the 07 eye pencil when I first opened the cap. =.=”

Colors 02 and 07

02 – Deep Forest Green, Matte

The first color I tried was 02 and literally stood there – STUNNED. What a gorgeous, deep forest green! Goodness! After swatching it I just stood there and admired how enchanting the deep forest green looked!

Into my shopping it went! – *Ploop!* – It was a HUGE transparent shopping bag they handed out to each shopper at the BHG sale.

07 – Dusty Plum, Shimmery

Any eyeliner color other than black and blue will make my eyes look dull and listless, as with the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner in Chocolate Shimmer. But still, I went ahead and got this dusty plum eye pencil which has fine bits of shimmer in it.

True enough, I can only use it as an eyeshadow or an eyeshadow base because anything brownish just doesn’t work for me, not even when I wear colored contact lenses.

L-R: Pupa 07 (smudged), Milani Runway Eyes 01 Designer Browns (4th from top), NYX Rust, Naked Palette Hustle, Naked Palette Toasted, Pupa 07 (4 layers), Pupa 07 (1 layer), Urban Decay Ammo Palette Last Call, Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow Quad In Wild Orchids (darkest color).

I tried to find a dupe for the Pupa Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencil in my stash but as you can see… there’s none.

As for Pupa 02, I didn’t have to look through my stash at all. There is no dupe for it!

Use as Eyeliner

This is probably the primary function people would assume the eye pencils to be. I mean, pencil = eyeliner right? Heh.

02 really brings out my eyes but it’s going to run out real soon if I use it everyday. It’s hard to get a really sharp tip for a winged eyeliner because no matter how I sharpen it, the sharpened tip will get rounded as soon as it touches my eyelid. Yeah, that soft.

What I do, to get a precise winged eyeline, is draw on the eyeliner close to the lashline, then use an angled liner brush (MAC 263) to wing it out. This way, I don’t have to sharpen it too much too often, and also save time from trying to get a winged eyeline which will only get thicker as I go without a brush. Lol.

Use as Eyeshadow

The eye pencil’s creamy texture makes it easy to transform an eyeliner line into an eyeshadow smudge.

07 doesn’t work so well as an eyeliner for me, but is a very pretty plummy eyeshadow color! From certain angles it looks brownish, from other angles it reflects maroon.

Just draw a line – doesn’t even have to be nice – then smudge it out with your finger.

Use as Kajal

The third use for the Pupa Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencil is as kajal.

Wait, what is kajal?

Kajal (also known as kohl, kohal, kahal, sirma, surma) has been worn as protection against the ‘evil eye’, harsh rays of the sun, and other eye ailments since the Bronze Age. It was traditionally made at home by collecting soot from an oil lamp.

Think Cleopatra.

The gorgeous late Elizabeth Tyler as Cleopatra

And Captain Jack Sparrow.

Sexiest man alive. *drools*

Kohl prepared the traditional way contained powdered lead or antimony sulfide, which is toxic, and was banned. Most modern eye cosmetics are marketed as “kohl” but are prepared differently and in accordance with relevant health standards.

I also read that one should avoid buying kohl eye makeup products made in India and Pakistan.

The Pupa brand of cosmetics are from Milan, Italy, and is definitely top quality department-store type of makeup. So they are safe!

Oh, come on, don’t worry! MAC also has Eye Kohl pencils! I have it in Fascinating (white) and so do thousands of people!

Anyway, I think applying Kajal is like a method of creating a smokey eye, making the eyes look soft and alluring.

Basically, you rim the eye with the eyeliner and then smudge it out to reduce the harshness. Repeat mention from most sources of drawing on the lower lashline indicates the importance of emphasizing the lower lashline for a complete Cleopatra effect.

The smudger is attached at the opposite end for an obvious purpose.

I guess the Pupa Multiplay Eye Pencils are made to create blended out and smokey eye looks, instead of drawing sharp thin lines, because of their soft tips.

Waterproof = YES
Smudgeproof = NO

The swatches didn’t budge when I rubbed them with water.

However, kajal is essentially an oil-based product (that’s why the pencils are so creamy and smooth!), so pencils containing kajal tend to smudge.

If you have a Stila Kajal Eye Liner you will know; I have it in Tigers Eye. It is as smooth and creamy as the Pupa ones, but the Pupa ones are a little stronger and don’t break as easily as Tigers Eye.

If you have hooded eyes, these pencils will definitely smudge on the skin above the Fold. The Fold on my left eye is sometimes slightly lower down on the eye compared to the right, which means that there is more skin covering the lid.

See the faint line the arrows are pointing at? This was just 30 minutes after I drew them on. =(

I love the versatility of the Pupa Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencils. Their ability to glide effortlessly on the lids and creation of intense pigmentation in a single stroke also make these pencils a great buy!

Actually, I reckon if you manage to find a suitable brown/grey, you can use it as an eyebrow pencil too! FOUR USES! Woootz!

Click to get the Pupa Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencils!

Bun Bun rates the Pupa Multiplay Triple Purpose Eye Pencils:


What do you think of multi-purpose makeup products? Do you agree that Johnny Depp is fabulously sexy? LOL!

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About Bun Bun

Hello! My name is Juli and Bun Bun is my alter-ego. I blog to share my love for makeup, how to apply it, and what works or what doesn’t work, all from an Asian perspective.

My first makeup product was a shimmery light blue lipstick which I proudly wore all over my eyelids and lips. It cost $2.50, felt like $250, and made me feel like a million bucks.

  • Vonnie

    That green is absolutely heavenly. It reminds me of a shade I’ve had made by Loreal, just a bit more forest than peacock. Very pretty, especially with brown/gold hues!

    • Bun Bun

      It is! I love it a lot. Goes really well with my brown-black eyes, or my grey colored contact lens too!

  • Jyoan

    This is a great pencil! I got it with Pupa Rock Pop Makeup Kit, and they seem to put it there for use as an eyebrow pencil. haha, that’s what I have been using it for.

    I have mine in 07 too, which is a great shade for Asian with dyed hair, like me. haha.

    • Bun Bun

      Dyed brown? Haha mine was brown too, but it has faded quite a bit! Need to go dye it again in time for X’mas and CNY! ^_^*

  • sharon

    I got 2 Pupa pencils yesterday at the John Little sales last night. I have it in the same green as you and a dark brown with shimmers. Yes I only like shimmers on my eyes lol and only if they come in pencil form for application cos I am hopeless with liquid eyeliners, I even have problem with the Dollywink eyeliner which is super thin so I cheat by drawing the liquid eyeliner first then applty eyshadow 😛

    I know Pupa is quite an ‘overlooked’ brand but its from Italy and that is where Milani cosmetics originate from I believe..Anyways the stuff for Pupa is slightly lower than MAC and stores which carry Pupa always have sales from time to time so its still good quality but cheaper than MAC which never goes on sale! lol :)

    • Bun Bun

      So how’s the green? I hope you love it as much as I do! It’s so versatile, forms of use and color-wise.

      Pupa doesn’t do much marketing and I don’t know, their counters don’t look appealing. Hahaha.. no ‘COME TO ME’ pull factor. I guess that’s MAC’s strategy – to never go on sale – to upkeep its premium position.

      • sharon

        hello, well guess what? I just realised the pencils I got from Pupa arent the same ones as yours cos I didnt get the ones with the smudger *faints* lol but I like the green one I have which also have some shimmers in it and it very easy to apply even over my eyeshadows, unlike other brands which tend to drag the skin on my eyelid, making it look a little wrinkled if I apply too much force 😛

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