A Much Requested Eyeshadow Tutorial – Vertical Gradient Method Of Eyeshadow Application


Hello everyone!

Chinese New Year is approaching faster than I thought. I can hardly find time between all that cleaning, clearing, last minute shopping for clothes and shoes, to blog. But you see, I love you guys very much, so despite all that mad rush, I’m doing a highly requested eye makeup tutorial today. Just for you!

It’s also a good time to launch this makeup tutorial since most girls would spend more effort on applying makeup when they go visiting so what better time than now to share a quick and easy eye makeup tutorial for the new year?

In today’s tutorial, we will use the Vertical Gradient Method Of Eyeshadow Application, a great method for those with monolids or have a fold that is very near to the lashline. These characteristics are typical of Asian eyes.

Previously, in Part 2 of the Eyeshadow Tutorials for Asians series, I used neutrals as those are the easiest to blend and would look good on all skin tones and eye colors. Shades of blue will be used in this tutorial, for those who want to move away from browns and neutrals, for a more fun look!

Products used:

Step 1: Prime the Lids

Apply UDPP in Eden all over the lid first, then Milk.

Step 2: Base Color to Mark Perimeter

I love The Face Shop Eyeshadow PK103 because it is just so versatile – it works on the lid, inner corner, lower lashline, brown bone highlight, cheekbone highlight – and behaves like a chameleon – blends in with any color family!

Apply the shimmering base up to the socket line. Be sure not to leave a line that shows an obvious divide between the naked brow bone area and PK103. It’s quite hard to get a harsh line with PK103 anyway.

Step 3: On Goes the Second Tier

Apply a lighter blue, I use NYX Irises, for the transition color from dark (Speed Blue) to light (PK103). Blend well! We’re going for an edgy blue look with soft edges.

Step 4: No Need for Eyeliner

The thing I love most about the Vertical Gradient Method of Eyeshadow Application is that there is no need to apply eyeliner. A dark color eyeshadow will be sufficient to intensify the eyes, and there will be no need to worry about smudging eyeliner marks!

Here, Speed Blue from the Kat Von D Beethoven Palette is used as the third and final layer. Apply it close to the lashline.

Remember to blend well so that there is no clear demarcation between the colors.

Oh, by the way, I depotted Speed Blue and Tequila from the Kat Von D palette. So happy to finally have them in a place with my other more often used eyeshadows!

Step 5: Lower Lashline Love

Lining your lower lashline with a dark color would give your eyes more dimension. Hustle from the Naked Palette is used here.

Add some light shimmery powder on the brow bone area too.

Step 6: Tightline + Mascara

Remember to Tightline (What is tightlining?), apply mascara on both upper and lower lashes and…. you’re done!

You can use other color families like purples and greens too! And like I said before, because my fold is rather high up (meaning closer to the Orbital Rim), the gradation of colors is not as smooth as it will look on someone with monolids or a fold that is further away from the Orbital Rim. This method of eyeshadow application is perfect for monolids and thinner double eyelids! 😀

This look was the last look for the ‘8 Days of Christmas Eye Makeup Tutorials‘.

I hope this fun and easy eye makeup tutorial will benefit those who have requested I do a tutorial using the Vertical Gradient Method, and also those who find it difficult to adopt the ‘typical’ way of applying eyeshadow – you know, the crease and all that. *rolls my Asian eyes* Lol.

To my fellow Chinese friends, have you planned what eye makeup to sport for Chinese New Year? I’d do a ’15 Days of Chinese New Year Eye Makeup Tutorials’ if I had the time, but… I don’t think I do. 😛

To my non-Chinese friends, what holidays are coming up wherever you are?

Next up – A post where I discuss leaving negative comments on blogs. 😡

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  • a!k0

    Ahh I love your tutorials cause it is so simple and do-able even for me 😉 thank you for sharing this! and happy chinese new year!! 😀 I hope you get your shopping done in time. I love CNY but my chinese friends live in the main land so can’t go visit them. I think I am gonna try this…maybe with greens? 😀

    Hope your CNY is awesome!


    • Bun Bun

      Thanks babe! I think my CNY will make me very FAT. LOL. Eat, eat, eat.

      Greens look very good with brown eyes so I’m sure you’ll look good with shades of green! =D

  • Ling

    Oh I love this! Thanks for the tute. I’m going to practice this tomorrow

    • Bun Bun

      Thanks Ling! :)

      • Bun Bun

        Gawd, I miss HK!!!

  • Sunny

    I actually started doing my makeup with this method when I was in university, but for some reason I do very little of this nowadays! I’ll HAVE to give it a try soon so that your monolidded readers can see how well this works on monolids too!

    I am inviting some friends over for homemade dumplings (I’m from Taiwan, but my maternal grandpa is from northern China, hence the dumpling tradition) this Sunday to celebrate the Chinese New Year! I haven’t figured out what to wear, but it’ll highly possibly be my take on the horizontal gradient method :)

    I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about negative comments. I suppose this is one thing that came with the success of your site. Just remember the haters are pathetic people who are uncomfortable with themselves and you’re better than that!

    • Bun Bun

      Homemade dumplings!!!! WOWWWW!!! I think it’s really fun to gather family and friends to make new year pastries, dumplings, etc. It’s not in my family tradition to make stuff… maybe I should start. Maybe with… cookies. Should be pretty foolproof right?

      Thanks for the encouraging words, Sunny! You are right! Haters are just people jealous of the fulfilling lives of others, because their own are devoid of any good things.

  • Sandra3619

    Somone at Makeupalley gave me a link to a similar tutorial on horizontal gradient method as I sort of have “hooded eyes” (I call it gravity 😛 ) and I have a lot of space between my crease and eyebrow. These tutorials really help me to guide me into this whole new technique.

    Thank you for making this tutorial, its good to see it can also be done with a nice colour instead of (boring me) neutral colours.

    • Sandra3619

      grrrr damn auto correct LOL Somone = Someone :)

    • Bun Bun

      Hello Sandra! Glad my makeup tutorials have helped you in your makeup techniques. 80% of the time I will sport colors other than neutrals, they just make me feel more awake. Neutrals make me feel… serious. Haha. I hope you will attempt more colorful eye makeup looks. Most of my eye makeup looks and tutorials show colorful ones! 😀

  • Hitomi

    Love your tutorials! They are so helpful!

    Just wondering, what are your staple eye brushes? Can you recommend any drugstore ones as well?

    Also will you be putting up a vertical gradient method tutorial?

    • Bun Bun

      That’s a good question. I’d say MAC 239, MAC 217, MAC 263, Essence of Beauty Duo Crease Brush, Elf eyeshadow brush, Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner Brush are some of my staples…

      Yes, I will definitely do the vertical gradient method tutorial… work will only progress after Chinese New Year though! =D

  • Sarah

    Thanks for another great tutorial. I wonder why this method is not as popular among North American makeup vloggers. If anything, they always do the gradient vertically (from left to right, instead of top to bottom). I wonder why.

    • Bun Bun

      Yeah, that’s why I left the Vertical Gradient Method as the last of the Eyeshadow Tutorials for Asian Eyes Series. The Vertical method is no doubt a great method, but not the best for ALL eye shapes and contours. Maybe… because…. they haven’t come across a blog like mine??? Hahahaha… 😛

  • Karla

    Hello, it’s my first time at your blog and i must say it’s one of the best beauty blogs i’ve ever come across. the way you write is earnest and im sure your readers can feel your sincerity in sharing with fellow makeup enthusiasts your tutorials. doesn’t hurt that your personality is so cheerful and fun too!

    your post on negative comments was very well written and i hope you are not too affected by it. i applaud your courage to turn that upset comment into a helpful post for those who might not be as strong.

    will ask my friends to subscribe to your blog! it deserves positive word-of-mouth!

    • Bun Bun

      Welcome to my blog Karla! I want my blog to inspire others and am glad it has, in small steps and ways.

      I guess the post is also applicable to the things people say about us in real life, and we need to differentiate between those that intend to cause harm and those that aim to help us.

      Thanks for getting your friends to read my blog, appreciate it! 😀

  • Mabel

    This tutorial is very useful for a makeup newbie like me! But I don’t have very good brushes… do I need those expensive ones from mac? I think they aer overpriced and I don’t have that much money to splurge on one brush when i can buy like 5 cheaper ones with the same amount.