8 Days of Christmas Eye Makeup Tutorials: Day 7


I cannot believe I have managed to keep up with the 8 Days of Christmas Eye Makeup Tutorials series. I’d feared I’d drop out by Day 4, but LOOK! It’s Day 7 already! *Applause and whistles*

Today’s look was exactly what I wore on Christmas day. I went for a movie with my siblings and cousins and then we all went to grandma’s house in the late evening to join the rest of the family.

Up till I was in Primary 6, Christmas gatherings used to involve a big, beautifully decorated Christmas tree at one of my uncle’s house, under which presents wrapped in the most colorful wrapping papers laid. Back then, it was only me, my younger sister, and a few cousins, making the third generation a mere total of 5 or 6.

We would sneak (in full view of the adults, actually. lol.) up to the tree and look for our names that would be found on the presents, giggle to ourselves, pretend we didn’t see anything, and put the presents back.

Those were the best memories I have of my childhood Christmas. Most of my uncles and aunts weren’t married or did not have kids, so they bathed us in presents. I remember receiving big, glossy books, toy sets (a Disney Pocahontas set which was pretty to look at but hard to play with), stationery and whatnot.

Then the third generation brood enlarged, with 6 out of 8 of grandma’s children bearing at least 2 kids each. The number stands at 17 today.

I can’t remember when the gifts stopped but I do recall it was very abrupt. One year we had them in abundance, and the next, mummy said “They decided to stop, coz there are too many kids now”. :(

To a child, it was saddening at first, but I grew out of it. Pity my younger siblings and cousins can’t get to experience the awesome Christmas memories I had.

Now, year after year, Christmas Day has us eating, chatting, laughing, watching tv, playing games, and taking pictures. I love Ah Ma’s glutinous rice, and a D-I-Y popiah table is must-have for every family get-together. This year, one of my uncles decided that we should sing Christmas songs and it was quite nice despite not all of us being Christians.

Personally, I don’t think it’s appropriate to wear fancy eye makeup when with family. It’s a time for ‘us’, and not ‘me’, so I tend to play down the colors. Can’t walk around in such eye makeup looks, can I?

Let’s get on with the tutorial for eye makeup suitable for work, play, and everyday! 😀

Eyeshadow Primer – UDPP Eden

Eyelid – MAC Gorgeous Gold (Absolutely adore Gorgeous Gold! It looks gold from some angles, and greenish from other angles. Blends perfectly with L’Oreal Emerald Lame)

Contour Area – MAC Free To Be

Outer 1/3 of Lid – L’Oreal Color Infallible Emerald Lame

Highlight – MAC Shroom

Inner Corner – MAC Gorgeous Gold

Lower Lash Line – Sugarpill Midori and NYX Dark Brown

Eyeliner – Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eye Liner in Black Ink

Upper Waterline and Upper Lashline (Tightlining) – Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner Deepest Black

Eyelash Primer – Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base

Mascara – Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara

Eyebrow – The Face Shop Face It Designing Cake Eyebrow

I love that this eye makeup look goes very well with my natural eye color – brown. In fact, I think my natural eye color brings out the colors of the eye makeup more. The green contact lens seems to contest the eyeshadow colors. What do you think?

Even though I went with a slightly more than neutral look to our family Christmas gathering, my cousin was impressed with my makeup and asked how I did it. So I thought I should do a step-by-step tutorial for this look! How’s that?

One more look tomorrow to conclude the 8 Days of Christmas Eye Makeup Tutorials series! And it’s gonna be……. a Horizontal Gradient Method eye makeup look! (I see your smiles, my dears! :D)


What are your best childhood Christmas memories? I’d LOVE to hear them!


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My first makeup product was a shimmery light blue lipstick which I proudly wore all over my eyelids and lips. It cost $2.50, felt like $250, and made me feel like a million bucks.

  • Jacqueline

    This is a beautiful look! I have both Emerald Lame and Gorgeous Gold. So I’m going to try to recreate this. I love the contour shade but don’t have this colour. What other shades would you suggest?

    • Bun Bun

      Oh, Free To Be is…… quite a unique color so I can’t think of any dupe for that. I can, however, suggest that you try colors that are slightly warm. I like to use MAC blush in Peaches coz it’s matte like Free To Be and works as well a Contour Area color as Free To Be. Try slightly warm browns too.

      • Jacqueline

        Thanks so much for your suggestions, I just have to say how much I enjoy your eye looks, you have a lot of skill and talent. Your eye for colors is amazing.

  • Laurie Brown

    Wow, the colors really do stand out more with brown eyes! I would have never thought about that. Maybe that’s why greens or greeny golds looked washed out on me- my eyes are green.

    Love your tutorials, BTW!

  • BooBooNinja

    Yay! I am all for a step-by-step tutorial! Thanks :)

    • Bun Bun

      YAY! Thanks for the support! *muack*

  • Sunny

    Aargh dammit, you have finally managed to put Gorgeous Gold on my wish list now grrrr

    I think my family celebrated Christmas several times when I was a kid, though we’re not Christian. My grandma had a little tree, and we’d receive presents. I don’t really remember THAT much about it though lol

    • Bun Bun

      There’s a reason why they named it GORGEOUS GOLD. Hahaha. While you wait for Emerald Lame to arrive, go get Gorgeous Gold as a gift to yourself for the new year!

  • Jhitomi

    I am about to buy Urban Decay primer (have been using Too Faced Shadow Insurance) to give the UDPP a try. Do you prefer the Eden color to the original? I thought it might be too yellow for Asian skin?

    • Bun Bun

      I prefer Eden much more simply because of its matte finish. Hmmm, even though it is colored, it doesn’t appear yellowish. In fact, it probably is even better for Asian skin with yellow undertones because the color just completely fades into the skin. =)

  • Cassie

    Sounds like you had many fun Christmases growing up!! I really like this eye on you, pretty enough to “pop” but demure enough to be understated.