Choo Choo! Train Passing Through! – Maeklong Railway Market



I came across Maeklong Railway Market during my research for the trip and was intrigued by this unique market that has a railway running right through it. The locals also call it Talat Rom Hoop, which literally means ‘Umbrella Pulldown Market”.

Our driver dropped us somewhere along the perimeter of the market and the short walk to the market was already buzzing with the excitement of a typical local wet market.


Luxurious Pampering At Capitol Piazza


Whether you’re hoping to spruce up your wardrobe or looking for that perfect present, there’s guaranteed to be something for you at Capitol Piazza, the sparkling new retail arm of Capitol Singapore.

Capitol Singapore comprises of 3 conservation buildings – Capitol Theatre, Capitol Building and Stamford House. After years of renovation and refurbishment, the complex has been given new life, primed to recapture its former glory. Capitol Piazza is the swanky new four-storey upmarket retail mall, and consists of three zones: Galleria, Arcade, Neue.

Galleria is where you’ll be spoiled for choice from a variety of bars, cafes and restaurants. You can take all the time in the world, walking up and down, to decide which ones to enter as the compound is entirely air-conditioned. Arcade houses internationally celebrated luxury brands, and Neue is where new-to-Singapore brands and flagship stores and the underground link to the City Hall MRT reside.



Wat Pho – Temple Of The Reclining Buddha


My friends wanted to visit a temple in Thailand, so we decided on the largest and most famous one – Wat Pho, Temple of the Reclining Buddha, aka Golden Plated Buddha. I usually don’t fancy visiting temples on a tour but I must say this was a pretty nice experience.

All visitors must wear appropriate clothing inside the prayer halls – no exposed shoulders or skin above the knee allowed. Sarongs and shawls are provided just before you enter, so don’t worry about having to wear pants or long skirts in the Bangkok heat just so you can enter the temple. Being in the presence of this Buddha statue in the main prayer hall gave me this sudden sense of peace, which was surprising considering the heat wave and distractions outside. Inside, everyone was silent and respectful.


Visa Checkout Makes Online Shopping A Breeze


It’s midnight now – I purchased a couple of dresses half an hour ago and also completed payment for a movie on Friday. I’m in an oversized t-shirt and baggy shorts, with one leg propped up on the chair, my eyes behind my favorite pair of black-rimmed glasses. The night is still young; let me go get some seedless grapes from the fridge.

Convenience is the biggest benefit the internet has accorded mankind. We can shop anywhere, anytime, for just about anything, without jostling with crowds or waiting in line. See something you like but need someone’s opinion? Reviews are just a couple of keywords and clicks away. Many online shops offer coupons and discounts, and the effort to make price comparisons is a fraction of the traditional method of traveling from one store to another. I shall not drone on about the benefits of online shopping. I guess if you are reading this blog, you must already be savvy enough! :)

BUT. Well, there is always a ‘but’. Lol.

Do you know what the killjoy of online shopping is? Forms! Repetitive forms! Endless forms!

Time flies when I’m shopping and adding things to cart, but checking out can be a real pain. As with most people, I browse and add to cart on my mobile phone. But when it comes to making payment, I wait till I get home to complete the transaction on a browser. It’s just too cumbersome to make payment on a small screen, especially if multiple fields are to be filled in.

So many things can go wrong during checkout, with incorrect entry of credit card details being the number one deterrent. Every time I make a purchase, I have to go get my wallet out of my bag, then my credit card out of my wallet, and type in the 16 digits, expiry date, CVV, shipping address, billing address, email address. Sometimes I just give up and abandon cart.

With Visa Checkout there is no need to fill out these information for every transaction. Register just once with your card and shipping details. The next time you’re ready to check out, simply input the username and password. No more wasting time on data entry and checking for errors, since all the necessary information is automatically completed for users. Visa Checkout was designed to make online payment as SEAMLESS, SIMPLE, and SECURE as possible.


Color Me Happy Cosmetics


Lipstick can make your life better. When you swipe on a lipstick that makes you look great, you feel great, which in turn leads to more positive things happening in your life. Bobbi Brown mentioned, “all women are pretty without makeup and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup”. We all are beautiful in our own ways, but who’s to stop us from looking even better?

The psychological benefits reaped from lipstick are aplenty, when you pick a shade that you feel great in, it can become what differentiates you from your peers — it can help you find what makes you YOU. Or, the different sides of you.

Introducing Color Me Happy Cosmetics, Singapore’s first ever lip subscription service, where you get a little box of happy each month. The quality of the lip products far surpass their prices. Seriously, the Boldilicious HD lipsticks can knock any high end lipstick brand off its pedestal. Created using high definition Korean color technology, each swipe goes on like satin and sets like velvet.

The best subscriptions are the ones that give you serious value for money, and here are four different looks to show you that.

Oh before that, I’ll be co-hosting a lip makeover workshop on 14 January 2017, and I hope you’ll join me to learn more tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect pout. More details below! :)

The Lover

In medieval times, scarlet lips were seen as a stamp of immorality. A sexualized mouth branded you deserving of certain death, like getting burnt as a sign of witchcraft. Fortunately, our view of a crimson pout has evolved and we see a woman with a red lip as one who is self-assured, confident, and strong. We are still hardwired to see red as sexy and alluring, and is it what instinctively attracts men (even though we all know we put on makeup for ourselves).