Affordable Luxury – Bangkok Mode Sathorn Hotel


I usually don’t blog about hotel stays – this is my first, in fact – but Mode Sathorn Hotel made such an impression on me I had to share it. :)

I didn’t go research on hotels in Bangkok then find the best price, instead I went to a deal website and from the narrowed-down options went to research on each of them. I read from reviews that the hotel is just beside Surasak BTS, has a very nice rooftop bar on the 38th floor, an infinity pool on the 11th floor, a fantastic room view while taking a bath, super comfortable bed, and is relatively new.

I specifically asked for a room on the 32nd floor coz a reviewer mentioned anything above 32rd is awesome. We were also given a complimentary upgrade to Deluxe room.

Turns out, everything was true and Mr Mode and I enjoyed our stay tremendously.


The last time I stayed in a hotel with such a wonderful view of the city was in Macau, overlooking casinos with bright neon lights and people going in and out at any time of the day.


This was taken from our room, it was a great view to start the day with compared to typical concrete walls and fake windows, or bad views like facing the back of a building or carpark.


What wowed me most was the toilet. You can enjoy the city sights while soaking in the bath….


… or taking a dump (coz the toilet bowl faces the window). Very therapeutic.



The toilet was huge by normal hotel standards. It was cleverly divided into 4 sections – dresser, toilet, shower, bathtub, with non-obtrusive partitioning and space planning.

I also appreciated the many little details around the toilet: hooks for towels, space for putting dry clothes, a simple glass panel to place toiletries instead of on the floor or a huge marble/concrete slab, plenty of open space cabinets for storage; and around the room: touch-sensitive lamps, a long mirror at the side instead of in front of the bed, a separate walk-in wardrobe area at another section of the room, fluffy bed room slippers, partially concrete floor (not a fan of carpet coz I’m paranoid), 2 air-con controls for different parts of the room, torchlight, umbrella. You know, the little things.

And it’s the little things that count. 😀

Apart from the many positive reviews, the greatest motivation for choosing Mode Sathorn was its name – MODE.

There was MODE in everything. HOHOHO.



A Market Like No Other – Bangkok Talat Rod Fai Vintage Night Market


Mr Mode and I have next to nothing in common except for our love for old things, which we discovered only very recently. I’m glad we share the same old-school taste, which is the theme of our future home! ^_^

Another interesting thing we did besides cooking Thai cuisine at a cooking school was a trip to Talat Rod Fai Night Market, an abandoned Railway Station owned by State Railway Thailand. This retro shopping village is a haven for vintage lovers like us, and a different kind of shopping experience for anyone who is tired of the usual street markets. 



There’s a shopping area with shops laid out a little like those of Chatuchak, but brighter and cleaner. I think most people would skip this section altogether and go straight to the bars and more exciting night market area.


Love this cute old-school mama shop turned cafe. Look at the old Milo cans, tingkats and childhood snacks.


I was looking forward to the vintage market so imagine my disappointment when I thought reaching the tents signified the end of the market.

But see the brightly lit building on the far left of the above picture?

That’s the warehouse that contains all the beautiful things of the past.







Guess what is this?


Don’t Shop, Learn To Cook At Silom Thai Cooking School


Chatuchak weekend market, Chinatown, Siam Paragon, MBK, Platinum Mall are some must-visit places in Bangkok, but shopping isn’t Mr Mode’s thing and we couldn’t do any temple-visiting because I was on Code Red, so off the beaten track our itinerary had to be.

After recommendations and reading up on reviews, I signed us up for a Thai cooking class! We took a thrilling, 20 baht motorbike ride to the meeting place from Chong Nonsi BTS. Mr Mode’s was more thrilling and zoomed way ahead of mine. My driver probably sensed my fear of speed from my fingernails dug deep into his shoulders and went slower. Haha.

A trip to the wet market before class involved the introduction of different spices, vegetables, ingredients, some common around the world, some found only in Thailand.



Look who’s assimilating into the local culture.





Freshly grated coconut.

I was very intrigued by the sights, sounds and smells at the wet market. It was small compared to some I’ve been to back here in Singapore in my childhood years, but the last time I stepped into a wet market was years ago.

Oh, the last wet market I went to was probably Makishi Public Market in Okinawa, Japan.


So many OOTD-worthy spots on our way to Silom Thai Cooking School!

The route can be quite confusing if you were to take it yourself, so it’s best to be on time for the market tour and follow the guide to the school.