Woman To Man Makeup Tutorial For Nuffnang 007 Birthday Bash


The long weekend has arrived! WOOHOO! Was just lying on my bed reflecting on what has happened the past 7 months and I’m truly grateful for the many opportunities that have come my way.

Then I realized that I haven’t wrote about the fun we had at Nuffnang Birthday Bash 007 which was in FEBRUARY. Bahahaha!!

I always love dressing up for occasions, and better UN-pretty than pretty, because you know, it’s hard to beat pretty. Lol.



Got the old school red plastic piggybank from a neighborhood shop, they’re so rare these days! And the pirated nerf gun was specially chosen by Mr Mode. After the event he brought it home to play.

Woman -> Man Makeup Tutorial

Smirk It

First, practise the smirk. HAHAHA! The middle one was the one I used the most for the night. I don’t know why, but that’s how I’d smirk if I were a guy~. Heh.


Sideburns, The More The Merrier


The sideburns were the hardest to get right! >.<

I set the base with black/grey eyeshadow first, but it looked one dimensional and too gentle, so I used crayon eyeliner. It was tough finding the right eyeliner coz if it’s too creamy, it would smudge too well and look too soft. If it’s too dry, it would be impossible to smudge at all, and the strokes would look too harsh.

I even resorted to using mascara to replicate hair in the last picture. But that idea was scraped coz it didn’t work out quite as expected.


Whiten While You Protect Your Skin With EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF 55


Most people have this misconception that sun protection products are needed only when you intend to spend an extended period of time in the sun.

Are you one of them?

My own Mr Mode is.

It’s mainly because he got ‘sunscreen’ mixed up with ‘sunblock’. Many people use these terms interchangeably since they essentially provide protection against the sun, but they are in fact pretty different!

Sunblock Or Sunscreen?

Sunblock is the thick, opaque cream you see people lather on their bodies. Because they are designed to physically block the sun from entering the covered area of the skin, the thick consistency makes blending harder and makes your skin turn a shade or two whiter.

Sunscreen, on the other hand, is similar to a lotion in consistency. They are designed to filter UV rays from the sun and are much less visible. The lighter consistency makes it convenient and comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Sunscreens have a fairly broad range of UVA and UVB protection, and tend to be less irritating to the skin.

I try to avoid applying sunblock on my face coz I usually break out from that. So when I go to the beach or anywhere with little shelter, I’ll have sunblock on my body and sunscreen on my face.

The EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF55 is my new favorite sunscreen because it has such a high SPF yet feels so lightweight on the skin and does not leave a white cast!


(Sorry, can’t see the bottle coz of the reflective surface! Heehee.)

What Is SPF?

If you’ve ever wondered what the SPF number on your sunscreen bottle means, it stands for Sun Protection Factor. SPF is a measurement of a sunscreen’s effect against UVB rays and the amount of time you can be in the sun before burning.

So if you burn after staying 10 minutes in the sun, you multiply it with the SPF number on the bottle.

You don’t have to conduct your own experiment by staying out in the sun to test how long it will take to burn your skin, of course! Lol! Just take note that if you are fair-skinned or are at high risk for skin cancer (probably hereditary), you may want to go higher. The higher a sunscreen’s SPF rating, the longer it protects against sun exposure.

The EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion contains SPF 55, which allows me to stay in the sun for up to 550 minutes without burning. 550 minutes = 9 hours. (Nobody stays in the sun for THAT long right???)


High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF55

With the EVERSOFT White High Protection Whitening Sunscreen Lotion SPF 55 on your skin, you will have sufficient protection from UVA (long-waves – causes skin aging and wrinkling) and UVB rays (short-waves – causes burning and damaging). Both UVA and UVB rays can lead to skin cancer.


Sunscreen Myths:

I Don’t Need Sunscreen If It’s Not Sunny = Wrong!

Most of us apply sunscreen only for a day at the beach or pool. But regardless of whether sunburn occurs or not, and whether it’s summer or winter, the sun is up there 365 days a year, so we need protection all year round!

Remember to apply sunscreen even on cold and cloudy days! Even when it’s cloudy outside, you can still get sunburn through cloud cover.


Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush Delivers A New Kind Of Clean


You must be pretty accustomed to hearing and reading about facial cleansing brushes in the market, yeah? :)

By now, we all know that cleansing your face with just your hands, cleanser and a few splashes of water is not enough to remove the impurities and dirt accumulated on your skin throughout the day. Even a washcloth doesn’t quite make the cut.

It is with great excitement that I share with you the newest dermatologist-developed Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush! Woohoo!! Clinique collaborated with a Swiss (when I think of Swiss, I think of top quality) toothbrush manufacturer to incorporate Swiss Engineered Sonic technology in this facial cleansing brush.

In line with Clinique’s belief in simple, clean designs with form following function, Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush seeks to TRANSFORM SKIN via a gentle, custom cleansing experience.


Sleek, Travel-Friendly, Light

I’m quite a clumsy person. If I’m not dropping something on the floor, I’m creating an avalanche of falling items on myself, or knocking something over with my elbows. When Mr Mode and I go out, he will feel very stressed when we’re in a shop with delicate products. He said it’s like bringing out a bull. LOL.

What I love about the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush, despite its loooonnngg name, is how simple it is in design and form, yet resilient and consistent in function. And you know what they always say, the simpler something is, the harder it is to achieve.

I’ve dropped it quite a few times and it has remained solid and functional! Clumsiness-resistent! YAY!


The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easy to hold, and because it has a flat base, I can leave it on the edge of a table to air-dry. This is to prevent mildew from forming on the bristles if it sits in the humid conditions of a bathroom for too long.


On the sleek-looking, pure-white body, there’s just one button to press. No fancy double, triple speed functions, just 2 different types of bristles on the brush head for you to manipulate according to what’s best for your skin’s needs.

Best part is, IT IS SO SMALL & LIGHT! Most brush cleansing devices are pretty heavy to accommodate all the engine work going on inside, so how Clinique managed to squeeze all that technology in a tiny body while keeping it light is remarkable.

And just for reference, it weighs lighter than my Samsung Note 3 – I think half of it!

Here’s a big picture of my holding the device close to my face to show you just how compact it is. 😀


Perfect size for small hands!


Bausch + Lomb Biotrue ONEday Lenses Let You See The World In A Whole New Way


It’s a little ridiculous how I became myopic. I was in my graduating year in secondary school and one day the classroom light above me became dim. They didn’t fix that so after 2 weeks I moved to another spot with better lighting, but the irreversible damage had been done and so from then on I was myopic. VERY SAD RIGHT!! It’s not as though I used the computer for hours, or sat too close to the TV, or read books lying down; all I wanted to do was study, but one stupid classroom light took my perfect eyesight away forever. :(

Fortunately my myopia isn’t too serious. I can do without spectacles or contact lenses, but I prefer to have crystal clear vision. It’s not a good feeling to be asked why I don’t respond when people wave at me.

The problem with most contact lenses is that they tend to feel very DRY and UNCOMFORTABLE after extended periods of time of wear. There was once when I removed my contact lens from my eye and saw that the LENS WAS TORN. It was so dry I think it tore in my eye. Where did the missing bit go??!?! =O

We all know Bausch + Lomb for their contact lens and solutions, but did you know that they are also one of the world’s largest suppliers of eye health products like medicines and implants for eye diseases? #learntsomethingnewtoday

Bausch + Lomb introduces their latest line of contact lenses called Biotrue ONEday lenses, which evidently from the name, are daily disposable contact lenses.


16 Hours Of Comfortable Wear

Optometrists always advise that contact lens should be worn for no more than 8 hours, but HELLO?, who is out for only 8 hours these days??

Work already takes up at least one-third of every 24 hours. Add to that traveling to and from work, going out after work, and other things we do like having:

  • Stairs to walk down from……



  • Social media to attend to……



  • Makeup to retouch……



AB Automatic Beauty Eyelid Tapes Review + Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Apply


You know what they say – ‘No two eyes look the same’, as with most features like eyebrows, ears, and boobies. Lol. Studies show that more symmetric faces are preferred because symmetry is a possible honest sign of superior genetic quality and developmental stability.

In short, the quest for SYMMETRY is deep-rooted in our human instincts. :)

Let me share with you today how, with the help of a simple double-sided eyelid tape called AB Mezical Fiber 2, I transformed my fickle-minded left hooded eyelid to not only be of symmetry to the right, but also created a higher crease!

(You stand a chance to win cash and products too! More in a bit!)




How To Get A Higher Crease & More Permanent Double Eyelids

Step 1:

Use the shaping stick that comes with every pack to mark out your desired crease. Go over several times to strengthen the line so that it’s obvious enough for you to know where to paste the Mezical Fiber 2 eyelid sticker.

Tip: I like to mark it higher to cushion the effect of gravitational pull.


(Sigh, that’s the scar from my recent eye accident. :( SO UGLY. )

Step 2:

Bun Bun shall take the stage for a while. Hoho.



Hand Chemistry Helps ‘Botox’ Away The Tell-tale Signs of Ageing On Your Hands


This must be my favorite photo of the year. :)

If not for the creation of this post, I would never have been able to hold my mum’s hands in mine like that. Cradling these hands that have been overworked and turned dry from sacrifices made for the family, my heart aches to see how much of her self-image has been cast to the back of her head from prioritizing the needs of her children.

For the wonderful woman who does the entire family’s laundry, washes the dishes, organizes the house and for whom we’re responsible for at least half of her worry lines and grey hairs, I wish I could thank my mum in more ways than I can currently afford.

While I got my dad’s knack for design, I inherited my mum’s writing skills. She was the one who drilled the foundation of the English language into me and taught me how to spell my full name. I was forced to walk around my dad’s office about 2,814 times while reciting the letters of my name because I could not, for the love of cookies, spell my name. LOL!!

Well, it paid off and I was quite a Spelling Bee in school. I can spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Hoho. And Bun Bun Makeup Tips would never be if not for her.

Aesthetic treatments like facelifts and Botox are seeing huge jumps in popularity as the quest to look younger or age gracefully has turned more apparent and socially acceptable than before.

I don’t know if people go to the extent of administering Botox to their hands and fingers, but I do know of a hand cream that has proven to reduce the lines on my mum’s hands. Introducing….. Hand Chemistry!

Hand-Chemistry-Deciem-Review-Singapore-Dry-Hands-Moisturizer_1   Hand-Chemistry-Deciem-Review-Singapore-Dry-Hands-Moisturizer_5.1

Hand Chemistry targets the 8 signs of hand ageing and promises visibly younger looking hands in just 10 days. With 19.5% active complex concentration, Hand Chemistry vows to improve firmness, elasticity, density, evenness, brightness, texture, smoothness and hydration.


As you can probably tell, there will not be any pictures of my face nor my mum’s in this post because she is incredibly shy, and it doesn’t make sense for me to put my face when the ‘subject of experiment’ is her. Haha.

So here’s her hand (and mine) before she started using the Hand Chemistry hand cream.


Same size! :)