My Lifelong Dream of Being Hairless At All The Right Places Fulfilled At Ginza Calla Hair Removal Specialist


If anyone has horror stories to share about IPL, it will be me.

I feel so strongly for this topic because I’ve been through the WORST kind of IPL treatments and concluded that IPL treatments were mere marketing gimmicks to con naïve consumers of their hard-earned money. *angry fists raised*

But it took just ONE session at Ginza Calla to change my perception of IPL, for the better, forever. :)

What sets Ginza Calla apart from other IPL services is its belief in caring for the skin during IPL hair removal.

Ginza Calla, an established Japanese Hair Removal Specialist with over 21 years of experience in the industry, and has celebrated beautiful skin with more than 300,000 Asian women through its 35 stores than span across Japan, Shanghai and Hong Kong, has REACHED OUR SHORES!!!


A Hairless Obsession

Due to an obsession over being completely hairless at areas most women want to be hairless – legs, underarm, bikini line, I allowed myself to be subjected to immeasurable pain and scrimped and saved to barely afford overpriced packages at salons, which I eventually discovered owned nothing more than just cheap talk and inferior technology.

You know the Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator doctors use to deliver electrical pulses or shocks to the heart to prevent death from cardiac arrest? That was the kind of SHOCK I was made to go through at a previous parlor. I don’t know what kind of inferior IPL machines they used, but with each shot adminstered to my bikini line, the excruciating pain sent tears to my eyes.


Beauty doesn’t come cheap, but surely it shouldn’t hurt so much, right? :(

To be Ginza Calla’s brand ambassador is such a tremendous honor and a dream come true because I’ve been searching for a good salon to do IPL Brazilian but kept holding back because of all my terrible past experiences.

I went on my own during the first session and it was such a wonderful and pain-free experience I wanted to share it with you guys!




The environment was so comfortable and I felt so safe that I fell asleep…. while the therapist worked on my Brazilian. Talk about letting go! LOL!

Oh, since I’m showing you my back……



6_With Wand_120 FUN FACT: In Japan, brides-to-be would go for upper back IPL. Why? To show off their sexy backs in their wedding gown, that’s why! I do have quite a hairy back and my wedding gown has a low back, so I’m definitely getting my upper back IPL-ed too!



Because Ginza Calla’s IPL machine is developed in-house, the quality of the machine is of top quality. While other salons have machines that send out 3 pulses of light, Ginza Calla’s IPL machine sends out 5 pulses of light, which means you get MORE done, FASTER!


See the slight indentation the green arrows are pointing at? (No, it didn’t hurt. More like getting kissed. *muack*)

Throughout the process, Ginza Calla’s ‘magic water’ aka Bihada-junbi was delivered to the deeper layers of my skin via the Ginza Calla high-pressure jet spray to ensure that my skin was well-hydrated. Bihada-junbi contains collagen, Vitamin C and plant extracts – all good stuff for the skin!


Smaller Face And Higher Nose Bridge With Fillers and Botox At Astique The Aesthetic Clinic


Most of the time, I get compliments for my big eyes and small mouth. But today, somebody told me “You have very nice cheekbones“. Happy little pixies burst out of a fluffy cloud in the air and rained upon the earth in yellow parachutes. 😀

The feeling was like… fulfilling a childhood ambition. LOL! I guess if I suddenly became tall overnight and could qualify for the minimum height requirement of being an air stewardess, that would be the level of elation experienced.


I can’t believe it! I’ve always had a flat face. If you look at me from the side, my cheeks would probably be parallel to a wall. XD That’s why contouring of the face was always difficult. If I contoured more, I ran the risk of having very obvious differing shades; if I contoured less, I might as well don’t contour since my face was so flat.

In the past, or maybe just a few years back, getting anything done to your face or body to look more beautiful was frowned upon, it was taboo and people judged. Patients went into hiding during recovery, gave all kinds of excuses for their absence and denied having had anything done even with obvious differences.

These days, having cosmetic procedures done is SO COMMON, especially dermal fillers and botox since they’re less invasive, that people talk about it as casually as buying new makeup / getting a Brazilian wax / having veneers and treat it as a lunchtime quick fix.

“Where are you going for lunch today?”

“Oh, just popping by Astique for some chin fillers. Be back in half an hour.”

Fillers can be used to correct most features – smoothen laugh lines, wrinkles, dimples; plump up lips and sunken cheeks, and one of the most popular desires of many Asians, redefine the nose bridge.

I have a very flat nose bridge. I mean, I HAD a very flat nose bridge.


No seriously, look beyond the eyes and hot orange lipstick and just stare at the space between my eyes. I looked like Voldemort. 100% NO PHOTOSHOP.

Fun fact: It was so flat I could hold a mascara wand across my nose bridge and not stain it. HAHA. #sadlaughter

Let’s go back in time for a bit.


WAHHHHH!!! Chubby cheeks and bad angles. These aren’t even the worst but I just couldn’t bear to upload uglier ones in this post. Sometimes I look back at my old pictures and wonder how these could have passed my own judgment to be blog-able. Thank you for loving me even back then. HAHAHA!!

Fortunately, with some weight loss due to a tremendous load of stress and then eating well and exercising later, I looked slightly better in 2013. Thanks to a better camera and knowing my angles too.


Early 2013


Late 2013

Nice people would say things like “You don’t need any corrections, you’re beautiful already”; nasty people would say “Now you’re not real anymore”.

Who are you to judge how I see myself? The beauty I see in the mirror is different from that you see and interpret of me. I don’t want a total face change, just some adjustments for an enhanced look. And honestly, most people only need very little adjustments to achieve very good results, they just don’t know that and think they probably need a lot of work done to look better. I’ll elaborate in a bit.


Here are 3 things I wanted to get done:

  1. A higher nose bridge
  2. Smaller jaw
  3. Less chubby cheeks