MDD Skin Perfect Brightening Nano Gel & Skin Perfect CC Cream Review

Brought to you by MDD MDD-Skin-Perfecting-Brightening-Nano-Gel-MDD-Skin-Perfect-CC-Cream_Review_1

What we do to our skin in our 20’s and early 30’s can positively or negatively affect the health of our skin and the rate at which it *GASP!* ages.

This period is when we should be most cautious because that’s when the aging process starts to accelerate (our skin starts aging at 18. =.=”) >>> oxygen levels decrease, moisture levels drop, fine lines surface, dull and uneven skin tone occur, and pigmentation darkens.

We all know a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet do wonders to the skin, but as we live in this world that doesn’t sleep, it’s hard to keep 8 hours of sleep and have 3 square meals daily.

What we cannot achieve naturally due to work/study stress, environmental factors and bad lifestyle habits, at the very least we have HOPE in the form of MDD Brightening Skincare Range.

I have 2 products from MDD Cosmeceutical to share with you and you can get a FREE 😀 MDD Age Fight Repair+ Elixir and even a FREE MDD Skin Perfect Brightening Peel!

MDD Cosmeceutical Japan


MDD (My Daily Dose) Cosmeceutical empowers individuals with skincare that offers multiple benefits, for ultimate fuss-free skincare efficiency. MDD Cosmeceutical products are designed and formulated with 0% paraben, 0% scent and 0% fuss. Formulated by a lab in Japan, the products are created with the latest cutting-edge skincare technology to deliver key, active ingredients to the skin’s deeper layers.

MDD Skin Perfect Brightening Nano Gel

This high-performance day moisturizer contains Vitamin C and Pearl Essence to brighten skin and increase luminosity. The Seaweed Extract helps to keep skin moist and Cermamides calms the skin.



I like that the MDD Skin Perfect Brightening Nano Gel allows me some time to spread and work it into my skin, those few seconds of lightly massaging my skin promotes blood circulation and relieves stress. The lightweight, non-sticky texture feels extremely comfortable on the skin.


Heroine Make Reformulated Mascaras Take Lashes From Zero To Hero(ine)

Heroine-Make-Long-Curl-Super-Waterproof-Mascara-Volume-Curl-Waterproof-Mascara-Review-Photos-Event-Launch_cover-2 Advertorial

I LOVE brands who reformulate their products for the better. The reformulated Heroine Make Mascaras – Long & Curl and Volume & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara – will reveal lashes you never knew you had! I say this because I had a brief acquaintance with its previous Volume & Curl Mascara which didn’t quite impress me.


With their new products, Heroine Make, a popular Japanese cosmetic brand has not only convinced me that they are committed to provide long-lasting and smudge-proof makeup, they have re-invented mascaras to reach HOLY GRAIL status! I am SO SO SO SO impressed! You need to read this review if you are looking for a mascara that lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts and separates.

Let me give you a preview:

Heroine-Make-Long-Curl-Super-Waterproof-Mascara-Volume-Curl-Waterproof-Mascara-Review-Before-After-Photo-3.1 Like, HELLO?!?! What just happened to my left eye? You mean I have eyelashes there?!?! 😀 More before-after comparison photos coming up!

Here are the newly launched Heroine Make products. Love the girly packaging!


Heroine Make Long & Curl + Volume & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara


Heroine Make Pressed Powder Collection



Heroine Make Long & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara

The curved brush allows the bristles to grab very close to the eyelash roots so even the tiniest of your lashes can be easily curled up. Up from 3mm, the new 5mm fibres boast a 40% more lengthening effect as they firmly lengthen even the shortest lashes.


Groove Your Night Away With Top 15 Teams Of Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 5

Singapore-Dance-Delight-Vol-5-2014_2 Singapore-Dance-Delight-Competition-Vol-5-F&N-O-School-2014_Bun-Bun-Makeup-Tips-Blogger_21

“Everybody can dance, but not everyone is a dancer”

– Ryan Tan

Tough love and wise words from Ryan Tan, one of the esteemed judges of Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 5. He dished out this valuable piece of advice to all participating teams just before the announcement of the top 15 teams (out of 45) who made it to the finals.

You know, judging a dance is not as easy as judging a swimming or running competition where the fastest across the finish line wins. There were SO MANY good teams the judges must have had a tough time selecting the top 15 that would go on to battle it out for the top spot on 10 May 2014.  The champion team gets to represent ASEAN at Japan Dance Delight Vol. 21 on August 31, 2014 in Osaka!

Singapore Dance Delight Volume 5 is presented by F&N Sparkling Drinks and organized by O School.


Last week, Val and I, accompanied by our blog manager Amantha, attended the preliminary round of Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 5. Front row seats courtesy of F&N Sparkling Drinks! Thank you! :)


The amphitheater was on a CONSTANT HIGH pumped up by the enthusiastic cheers and applause from spectators.

There was also CONSTANT HEAT. Hahaha! Oh my, it’s so hot and humid these days! Thank goodness for the refreshing F&N sparkling drinks in our goodie bags! 😀


There’s such a strong spirit in the world of hip hop! Actually, I’m not very sure about the different kinds of dances under the umbrella of hip hop. Breakdance? Popping-locking? House? Street? Pardon me if I’m using the wrong terms. 😛

By the way, I do latin ballroom (samba, cha cha, rumba, paso doble, jive) and street latin like salsa and bachata. I haven’t had too many chances to say hello to the world of hip hop, but I believe that DANCE IS A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE.

People may come from different dance backgrounds, they may not even speak the same language, but when they come together, suddenly there is a common stand point, a middle ground where they can all relate through music and rhythm. It’s a unifying experience.

A prestigious ASEAN dance event like Singapore Dance Delight provides dance enthusiasts a platform to showcase their final masterpiece they have poured their heart and soul into creating.

I haven’t performed much, but I know how it feels to go on stage and just savor the moment  – when you dance, when you finally get it down, in front of an audience, there is an inexplicable sense of adrenaline and pride that only fellow dancers and performers of the world will understand.

That’s why I LOVE watching dance performances and competitions. A person may not be a dancer, but that doesn’t stop him or her from appreciating dance. Dance is an art form, a language that is open to interpretation and is as much a delight to the dancers as it is to the audience.

Tell me, what do you make of this picture? 😀



SINGSALE Flash Frenzy 2014: Discounts Up To 80% Every 30 Minutes!

SINGSALE-Frenzy-Sale-2014-Blogger-Review_COVER-2 Advertorial

Mark these dates – 4 to 6 May 2014 – down on your calendar, my friends! 😀

From 4 to 6 May, you and I and exclusive members of SINGSALE will see up to 80% off best products by 60 leading local and international brands such as Coach, Bonds, Revlon, Zara, Quiksilver, Havaianas, Pandora, Dermalogica, Rayban, Redken, Australian Leather Uggs, Luxor Linen, Fitflop, Desigual, Thomas Sabo, Charlie and Me and many more!!

At SINGSALE.COM.SG, new items usually go up on sale every morning but from 4 to 6 May, there will be new sale items EVERY HALF HOUR!


SINGSALE has a dedicated team comprising buyers in Asia, Australia, Europe and New Zealand who work round the clock to find the best deals from suppliers so you always get best discounts.

You can find almost everything on this mega online retail store that offers exclusive discounts on over eight shopping categories spanning fashion (women, men, kids), accessories, beauty, home & living, gifts, and toys.


Good Stuff Don’t Have To Be Expensive

My new house with Mr Mode is going to be ready in a few months and I am SO EXCITED to be moving in with him, starting a new journey together, and having our own home!

When I have my own house I would LOVE to host parties. I will make roast chicken and super salads, make fancy Chinese food like Hongkong style steamed fish and hong zao chicken mee sua and cereal prawn, and bake my own cupcakes and pastries.

SINGSALE-Frenzy-Sale-2014-Blogger-Review_Cupcake-Stand-2.1 $15.00 (from S$25.00) is a small price to pay for such a pretty cupcake stand!!


I’ve always loved to have friends come over to play, but I don’t like to impose on my parents and make things inconvenient for my siblings. When I have my own home, I’m gonna host as often as I can!

When there’s a special occasion, some party deco like pom poms add cheerful radiance to the space and immediately transforms a room into a beautiful setting for a party.


Only S$20.00 for 5 HUGE pom poms! I went to do some research on pom poms available on some other websites and for the size of these pom poms sold on SINGSALE, these are one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, on the market!

Used to be S$40.00. Now $20.00. GRABBBB!!!!


Gum Grafting Surgery To Prevent Further Gum Recession And Reduce Gum Sensitivity


Hello! In my previous post on the completion of my porcelain veneers, I mentioned that I’d be back to keep you updated on my gum grafting procedure.

Here are the 2 previous posts of my Smile Makeover journey:


Look how far I’ve come! 😀 So grateful that I had Dr Jerry from Orchard Scotts Dental as my dentist.

While veneers were more for cosmetic purposes, my gum grafting procedure was to prevent further gum recession and reduce gum sensitivity.

Gum Recession

Several factors contribute to the recession of my gums.

The first would be the wearing of braces. I wore braces about 10 years ago and after extracting 2 upper and 2 lower teeth (my jaw couldn’t accommodate so many teeth so there was overcrowding), the dentist had to pull my teeth inwards to close up the gaps. This inward bending of teeth caused the stretching of lower gum and made them thinner.

Secondly, I grind and clench my teeth, which can put too much force on the teeth, causing gums to recede. After the completion of my veneers, I was given a mouth guard to wear to protect my veneers, and I think it has helped me relax so that I don’t wake up with a sore jaw from over-clenching.

Check out my receding gums and the ugly extended ‘root’ from before. :(


My gum had receded so much that a lot of my tooth was exposed and it HURT SO MUCH when I ate chocolate and cold food/drinks. This ugly filling was done by my neighborhood dentist who had no aesthetic sense but just fulfilled the fundamental job of covering the exposed tooth. It bothered me a little because it was kind of thick and when my mouth closed, there was a bit of a bump.