Protect Your Hair Cuticles From ‘Pillow Friction’ With Essential Sleeping Mask

Kao-Essential-Sleeping-Hair-Mask-Leave-On-Serum-Review-Singapore_Cover-3 Advertorial

Before I launch into my comic-toy illustration of how a lion and a steed exchanged hair tips that might throw your forgotten childhood memories into disarray, I must first make it clear that this post is about 2 new awesome hair products I’ve been introduced to – new Essential Sleeping Hair and Essential Leave On Serum, as you can see from the above picture. :)

Now, we start.

Once upon a time, a majestic beast with a mane of golden-brown hair walked the forest bed and through a pinhole constructed by thick shurbs, something caught his eye.


The lion advanced towards the gleaming light and displayed before his eyes was a steed dressed in the most beautiful of manes and the most flowy of tails.


Softly on padded paws, the lion emerged through the shrubs and politely asked the horse.


The horse was taken aback but composed itself in front of the beast with such an intimidating disposition.


March Favorites – Benefit, Guerlain, Chanel, YSL, Bourjois, Revlon, Hakuhodo, Lioele, MAC, Urban Decay, Shu Uemura


Funny how time flies! It’s almost the end of April and I’m now frantically posting up my March Favorites post coz doing this in May would be too much of a delay. HOHO.

Benefit Rocketeur Blush – This is easily one of my favorite blushes! The warm rose gold has enough shimmer to give radiance to the face but looks absolutely natural. I like that it’s buildable so you can choose to go for a light sweep or a heavier flushed complexion. I can wear this blush every day and not get sick of it since it goes well with almost all lipstick shades – warm pinks, cool pinks, corals, cool reds, warm reds. Great lasting power too.

Guerlain Meteorites 2 Clair – I honestly wasn’t that impressed with Meteorites when I initially used it with the Guerlain brush because the brush was too scratchy. :( But from the moment I used it with Hakuhodo B104, MY MY, I use this every day! Love the unique scent of Meteorites when I dust it all over my face lightly with the Hakuhodo B104, when I do that it’s like marking the start of a brand new day. That’s the reason you see it so often on my Instagram feed (@bunbunmakeuptips) when I show what’s on my face for that day.

Le Volume De Chanel Masacara – I was super apprehensive when deciding whether or not to sink money into buying another Chanel mascara. The first one I had a long time ago was super dry and crappy and when I brought it back to the store the assistant said “We can’t do anything since you’ve already opened it”. I was like =.=” Do I look like I have bionic eyes with x-ray capabilities to be able to see through a mascara tube?? But I did give Chanel another chance and then I fell in love. This is my favorite mascara of the moment. It instantly adds volume to my lashes in one setting and is SO BLACK. It doesn’t flake, doesn’t clump, doesn’t make my lashes sticky, and doesn’t create the horrifying spidery effect – just lush, thick, sexy lashes.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 13 Pink in Paris – I bought this on our trip back from Taiwan (for our wedding photoshoot). The misleading store lights gave me the impression that this was a peachy-orange. So I was a little pissed that it was way off what I envisioned when I saw it in natural light. But it has somehow become a HG lipstick for me! I’ve received plenty of compliments, both online and in real life. It’s a kind of pink that cheers me up and brightens up my complexion. It tastes slightly sweet too! :) This doesn’t bother me, but after it fades, there’s a trail of silver glitter bits left behind.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 06 Pink Pong – Super creamy and smooth texture that leaves a matte but not dry finish. This fuchsia is not your everyday kind of lip color as it’s very attention-grabbing and might wash you out if you don’t make an effort to make up the rest of your face. Definitely for a more glamorous occasion. Pity they only come in 8 shades. Pink Pong looks like a bright and vibrant pink in these photos because of strong fluorescent lighting, if under normal lighting it is more of a darker radiant orchid – pantone color of 2014. Bourjois has occasional sales, I got this at 20% off so look out for them!

Bourjois-Rouge-Edition-Velvet-06-Pink-Pong Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 06 Pink Pong

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm 210 Unapologetic –  Neon, warm pink and best shade out of this whole range. When I swatched them at the store only 2 shades appealed to me. The other shade I got was 235 Mischevious and the formula is just horrible – dry, chalky and flakes like crazy. I like that the jumbo pencil casing color reflects the real shade of the product. More products in the market like this, please! So I don’t have to spend time squinting at the tiny words on lipstick labels.


Win A VIP Brunch Experience With Power 98 & 88.3Jia FM Radio DJs At Cornerstone!

I cannot recall the last time I had brunch. Lol. But for Safra Radio VIP Experience, I woke up early and went downstairs with one of the nicest taxi drivers I have ever met waiting for me.


But what a way to start the day! OMG!! >.<”

My dress strap attachment came off when I sat in the taxi so I rushed back home to fix it. The second time my butt found its way on the taxi seat, the strap attachment came off again. Since I fortunately had a female taxi driver I thought I could just fix it in the taxi. But I realized to my horror that the attachment didn’t just come off, it had BROKEN INTO PIECES!! I was in such a state of shock I didn’t know what to do.


After many futile attempts to fix the broken attachment, I asked the taxi driver to send me home so I can get safety pins from my mum. She never sighed nor made me feel like I was wasting her time. I was in too much of a confused state and forgot to get her name. Thank you taxi auntie! :)

When I finally reached Cornerstone at Bishan Park, Gwen quickly came to help me affix the pins. So much drama even before brunch!!

Yummy food served at Cornerstone!


Safra-Power-98-883-Jia-FM-Cornerstone-Bishan-Park-Singapore_Bun-Bun-Makeup-Tips_9 (more…)

Get Enviably Beautiful Lips With Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick

Estee-Lauder-Pure-Color-Envy-Shine-Sculpting-Lipstick-Product-Asian-Review,-Swatches,-Photos_COVER Advertorial

When I see a lipstick with moisturizing qualities, the first thing that comes to mind is “Ah, this must not be very pigmented”. That’s the typical trade-off, isn’t it? You get hydration at the cost of pigmentation and lipsticks that are more pigmented are usually very drying.

Armed with years of history in producing high quality luxury makeup, Estée Lauder unveils the NEW Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipsticks, which keep my lips moisturized without compromising color.


Estee-Lauder-Pure-Color-Envy-Shine-Sculpting-Lipstick-Product-Asian-Review,-Swatches,-Photos_GIVEAWAY_1.1 Pink Dragon on my lips!

I tried on these Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipsticks with a very open mind (you know, bad experience with many others) and was BLOWN AWAY when they not only glided on my lips effortlessly, their pigmentation and longevity were impressive! WOWWW!!


Brilliant Shades Made For Asian Women

Exclusively developed to complement the natural beauty of Asian women, these 16 beautifully feminine shades are broken down into 4 categories – Nudes to Browns, Pinks to Berries, Corals to Red, Mauves to Plums, so you’ll definitely find a shade that suits you perfectly.


Left to right: Surreal Sun, Pink Dragon, Charmed, Innocent


Left to right: Surreal Sun, Pink Dragon, Charmed, Innocent

What am I talking about?!?! I doubt anyone can walk away with only one shade after getting to try first-hand just how amazingly comfortable and creamy these are on the lips without compromising color!

Read on for a MEGA GIVEAWAY!! You’re gonna go craaaazyyy!!! 😛


Step-By-Step Latin Ballroom Stage Makeup Tutorial


Of course, you know that this look is not confined to the perimeters of Latin Ballroom Dancing, right? I just entitled this post ‘Step-By-Step Latin Ballroom Stage Makeup Tutorial‘ because, well, this was my look for my very first Latin Ballroom performance! 😀

I photographed the steps for this look on the second day of a 2-day show as the check-in time was later for the second day. First day was a mad rush! Had to check in early in the morning for stage runs and rehearsals.

One reason for making a detailed tutorial for this look was because it really isn’t a complicated look. I completed my own makeup within 30 minutes (35 minutes, tops? I didn’t time myself but it didn’t feel very long) and if you were to follow through the steps below, you’d definitely have people complimenting your makeup next time. ^_^*

Another reason is that the only difference between this stage makeup look and my usual looks is the intensity of colors, and I have plenty of makeup tutorials here. So don’t overthink! It’s not that difficult. :)

The third reason is that I haven’t done a step-by-step tutorial in too long a time. HAHAHA! The last one was this.

I’m gonna jump right straight into eye makeup because while most people have minimal problems applying foundation, they are stuck when it comes to eye makeup.

These were the items used on my face, I think I forgot to place some more items like concealers. It’s actually not a lot…….. it just LOOKS like a lot. Lol. You probably won’t need most of what are shown here if you’re a minimalist.


Step 1: Prime your lids

Stage-Makeup-Tutorial-For-Asians_0 Naked eyes

Stage-Makeup-Tutorial-For-Asians_1 Eyes primed with UDPP

I primed my eyes with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden, a matte beige. You can use any eye primer of your choice, as long as it does the job of making your eye makeup last longer and enhancing the colors.

Here are other recommendations:

(Click on the links to see where you can get them)

If you do not own an eye primer and do not have time to get one, your concealer or cream eyeshadow (Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow review here) can double up as an eye primer, provided it does not have too much slip or too little moisture to hold the eyeshadows up.

Step 2: Set the base shade

Shades used:

Not shown here is MAC Shroom.


Voodoo and Shell Shock obviously didn’t come in this form. I depotted them from the Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette. I’m so glad I did! Wouldn’t wanna lug Vice 2 around. Too bulky and fragile!

Apply Shell Shock – highly pigmented metallic silver – all over the lids. Go higher than your natural fold, you will be blending it out later.




My First Dance Performance: NUS Cactus Viva Latinus 2014


I started writing this post with the intention to incorporate a full makeup tutorial plus some photos of the performance and what went on backstage. Turns out there were WAYYY TOO MANY! The step-by-step makeup tutorial will make the next post then!

That was the ending pose. SPOT ME! 😀

To get to the ending pose, there were weeks and weeks of training. Nobody in the team would know how it feels to do this at age 30.

When those sweet young things say they’re tired, they go “Aw… I’m tired. YAYYY!! Let’s do it again! ENERGIZER BUNNY!!!”

When I say I’m tired, I mean “FTS. I WANT TO GO HOME“. It’s really not easy, I tell you. But it was a promise to myself, that I would perform on stage before I hit 30. Okie, I am 30 by year, but technically only 29+ by month.

Anyhoooo, mission accomplished and achievement unlocked! 😀

Our dance item had a 70’s theme, hence the colorful leg warmers, leotards, sequined skirt and belt, and big poofy hair.






It’s funny that when they asked during practice who was performing on stage the first time, my hand was the only one raised. Wah, kids these days have so much exposure and courage. Must be the milk powder.