Behind-The-Scenes Of Philips VisaPure Halloween Theme Video


YAY IT’S HALLOWEEN AGAIN!! (Actually it no longer is, at the time of writing, but it was at the time of the shoot. Nevertheless, I love to pretend that it’s a day for dressing up every day HOHO)

To prepare for this shoot, there were weeks of conceptualizing and planning! UGH! I don’t know why I had to choose a Halloween theme for my Philips Visapure video. #liketomakethingsdifficultformyself. We had A LOT OF FUN though! So glad and grateful to have my girlfriends make time for me.

Shopping for props and costumes took days as well. I had to get appropriate props – we had wayyyy more props than they appeared in the video and pictures, think of how to execute the makeup in the best possible time, and how to do it all with the least possible cost. OMG I even did an Excel spreadsheet for cost budgeting.

What I totally UNDERESTIMATED was the amount of work needed to transform myself into a mummy. *slaps forehead

Oh, Mummy!

I bought 2 types of cloth – a coarse eggshell cloth and a softer light beige one, you know, coz the Egyptians didn’t have cloths all dyed the same shade, right?


Luckily my dad helped me with this! I was sulking at the sheer amount of cloth I had to cut when he came and taught me a quick trick. Just cut at the edges,


AND TEARRRR!! So easy! We were done in minutes! 😀



On the day of the shoot I went to collect the props and clown costume from the costume shop (super expensive, please! =.=”) and checked in to the hotel.


I tried wrapping myself up. It was very fun – AT FIRST. Then I realized it wasn’t easy doing it myself and the cloth kept unwrapping! Grrr!!


So I got started on the makeup, which took like, 10 minutes max to complete. I chose the mummy costume thinking I’d save plenty of time on makeup – no wounds, no blood, no contouring – but the costume took about 10 times as much time. Regret x 10!!


Luxury Makeup Shopping At Discounted Prices At Best Buy World

Best-Buy-World-Singapore-Review-Swatches-Chanel-Lancome-Benefit-Estee-Lauder-Banila-Co_COVER Advertorial

The thing I love best about online shopping is being able to shop at anytime, in my pyjamas with holes (HAHA!), with no makeup, untidy hair.

I also don’t have to wait in line at the store, no need to squeeze with smelly people, and no need to feel pressured into buying things from pushy sales people.


Here are 5 makeup products I got from Best Buy World Singapore!

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow #34 Eclosion




Retail price: $87.00

BBW price: $78.00 (10% savings)

Size: Full size. 1.2g

YAYYY to my first ever Chanel quad! 😀 Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow #34 Eclosion has 4 beautiful neutral shades that are work-appropriate and wearable for any occasion. They are all highly complimentary, ranging from matte to satin to shimmer.


Go Green With The New EVERSOFT 100% Organic Mulberry Liquid Facial Cleanser

New-Eversoft-Organic-Mulberry-Facial-Cleanser-With-100-Organic-Mulberry-Extract-and-Hyaluronic-Acid_cover Advertorial

Beauty trends come and go, but can you guess one that’s here to stay for a long time? GOING GREEN.


No, no, I don’t mean green eyeshadows, LOL – which I do love very much, oooh yes! – but going green as in using organic, plant-based, natural products.

Look around and you would notice that brands are recently gaining momentum in infusing products with natural ingredients that help keep skin supple and youthful-looking.

EVERSOFT, on the other hand, has understood the power of natural essences in skin and body since 1985. That’s about as old as I am. BAHAHA!! Eh, laugh what laugh, with age comes knowledge, experience and essential know-how, okie.


It is no wonder that, according to results from a recent research, EVERSOFT is the NUMBER ONE facial cleanser brand*.

New-Eversoft-Organic-Mulberry-Facial-Cleanser-With-100-Organic-Mulberry-Extract-and-Hyaluronic-Acid_1 *Based on AC Nielsen Singapore Supermarket/Hypermarket Scan Sales in volume from Nov 12 to Oct 13

The newest facial cleanser in the range, Eversoft Organic Mulberry Liquid Facial Cleanser is infused with 100% Organic Mulberry Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, both ingredients acknowledged as crucial in holding in moisture, improving skin clarity and creating a glowing complexion.


Key benefits: Whitening & Hydrating


Halloween Staycation With My Girlfriends And Philips VisaPure

Philips-VisaPure-Review-Photos-Singapore-cover-2 Advertorial

You’ve seen me at my worst – the brutality my skin was subjected to, the scores of injustice inflicted on my trusting nature that left me wounded with skepticism of the beauty industry.

Today, you are going to see me at my best. WITH NO MAKEUP.

You will see how one product created with consumers’ best interests in mind, backed with the highest level of advanced technology has made me feel honored to be gifted the opportunity to use it and brought great improvements to my battered skin.

You can stand to win a Philips Visapure for yourself! READ ON! 😀


But to get my skin to what it is and write what your eyes are reading now, I took a gamble.

I’ll be very honest with you and say that given the extreme vulnerability of my skin after the facial scare, I was wary of putting anything else other than dermatologically prescribed products.

Let alone an electronic facial-cleansing device that rotates and pulsates and has a life of its own (for one full minute)!

My initial thought was, “This is gonna give me better skin!? Hell no, that’s what the salon said about their services and look what happened to me!”

I was highly skeptical, and had every reason in the world to be. But I took a leap of faith.

That leap of faith, to give the Philips VisaPure a try, is something I would never, ever regret taking. I cannot tell you enough how much this seemingly simple yet sophisticated device improved my skin that I am now ADDICTED to it!

It was a gamble I took. And won. *pumps fist into air


Halloween Fun & Staycation With Girlfriends



How To Look Perfectly Gorgeous In Photos And Perfectly Gory For Halloween Parties: Singapore Media Academy Makeover Extremes Workshop

quote-every-job-is-a-self-portrait-of-the-person-who-did-it-autograph-your-work-with-excellence-2 Advertorial

(Please note that the workshop dates have been changed to 29 & 30 May 2014)

The next worst thing after looking like a ghost bride in your wedding photos is to have your entourage of girlfriends looking like ghost bridesmaids in your wedding photos.


It didn’t happen to me – I wasn’t the bridesmaid nor a guest – but my friend was one of the bridesmaids and those photos never saw the light of day after the wedding.

Can you imagine a group of seven girls with faces as white as ghost/sheet/snow/toothpaste/putu mayam smiling and hugging the bride in all the photos? Funny thing is, it wasn’t a DIY job, they actually someone to do the bridesmaids’ makeup. I was like @[email protected]

If I were the photographer, my heart would be torn between taking photos of everyone at the wedding and trying to avoid these girls with distasteful white cast. LOL!

Yup, white cast is the term for the ghostly effect you see on other people (or maybe yourself! I have been there HAHAHA!) in photos. It is the UV filters in your sunscreen that make your face paler than your neck, look streaky or leave a white residue on your skin that shines even through the most opaque of foundation.

There are, of course, plenty of tips on how to avoid/minimize the white cast, and at the Singapore Academy Makeover Extremes Workshop, there will be EVEN MORE tips and tricks on camera-ready makeup to pick up! 😀

Celebrities always look immaculate on the red carpet, but even the biggest celebs aren’t immune to embarrassing makeup malfunctions!


White cast

I don’t profess to be a guru in makeup application nor am I a trained makeup artist, and most of us have a lighter tone on our face compared to our body, but at least I don’t look too bad right? 😛

(Oh but I have unsightly wrinkles on my neck. BOO. That can’t be helped la! HAHAHA!)


That said, I am still extremely looking forward to attend the 2-day workshop because there is never an end to learning and I thrive in constant acquisition of new techniques and skills to be the best version of me.

(Hence the cover picture of this post. ^_^* )

How Is This Workshop Applicable To You?

DAY #1

You could be an aspiring model looking for makeup techinques so that you can look your best in photos to put together your portfolio;

You could be a blogger who owns a photography ringlight and wants to know how to make your features appear more prominent;

You could be a performer, stage artiste, dancer, singer, or just be a person who loves taking selfies and wants to look better in pictures! 😀

I don’t know about you, but here are my top three concerns when it comes to taking camera-ready photos:

1. Shiny Skin 

My number one concern! I have such oily skin that it turns shiny within a couple of hours of makeup application. During my wedding photoshoot in Taiwan, my makeup artist had to constantly blot my face to reduce the shine on my face.

Ever wondered why the makeup artists of actors/actresses keep having to pat their faces with powder? It’s because powder is necessary to create that beautiful matte finish for photography.


Let Darlie Expert Fresh Toothpaste Show You How Having Longer-lasting Fresh Breath Can Help You Make More Friends


Darlie-Expert-Fresh-Toothpaste-Review-Price-Singapore-Bad-Breath-5 Advertorial

Guess what’s the next worst thing to dancing with a person with BO? Dancing with a person with BB – Bad Breath!!!

Firstly, yes, I am a dancer. I do latin ballroom, and also street latin.


Some people don’t even have to open the biggest gap in their head to emit a smell so pungent you wonder if they chewed a bowl of dung beetles for dinner and drank from the socks of a marathon runner.

IMAGINE DANCING WITH THAT PERSON. Because when you dance, you tend to require more air, so when you gasp, it’s……… *OPEN SESAME*!!!!

I usually almost pass out after dancing with a person who has BB. The horror threatens to haunt when the guy looks at me with intention for a second dance:


(Why is evil/foul air typically represented by the color green??)

When acting like an ostrich fails, and despite all subtle hints of avoid eye contact and folding my arms and looking disinterested, he still approaches me:


I will give my classic pose and say I have a headache/stomachache/somebody stepped on my foot/am resting/not in the mood. BAHAHAHA!!!