Imagine Going To The Cinema Everyday With Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub


When I was in university we did a group project which surveyed the factors people take into consideration when deciding on a cinema. Location, price, variety of movies, comfort of seats were among the common and quickly churned options.

Then I said ‘popcorn’. And everyone looked at me like I just answered ‘elephant’ to what the smallest animal in the world is.

HAHAHA!! What!! I love my popcorn and how much I enjoy the movie is partially dependent on the quality of popcorn I put into my mouth. Some make it too sweet, some make too bland, some make it too crunchy, some are too lao hong.

I like my popcorn sweet most of the time, but not too sweet. Butter proportion is important too. I like the combination of Garrett Popcorn’s Chicago Mix – a combination of caramel and cheesecorn, however the crunchiness and freshness disappear within half an hour. Such short-lived excellence. :(

The topic of discussion isn’t popcorn though, we’re talking about this fun-tasting lip exfoliating scrub from Lush. It’s my first ever product from the brand too.


I was really excited when Lush first landed on our shores but when I came within 3 metres of the store at Wisma Atria, the pungent smell immediately consumed  me. From then on I would walk the other side of the basement level just to avoid the overpowering smells (to me) or aromas (maybe to you) emitting from the store.

But then one day I had enough of my lips peeling so often that I researched on exfoliating lip scrubs and somehow saw reviews on Lush Lip Scrubs.


One thing led to another and I found myself holding my breath and walking into Lush. Holds breath: *hurrgh!* >.<”


Let’s Get Married Part 2: Coastal Settlement For A Vintage Wedding


I knowwwww… It’s been F-O-R-E-V-E-R since I updated on our wedding plans. Well, that’s because there are NO plans!

I can’t believe the last post was in April, now’s October. I wrote that I was petrified. I think I still am, and more so because the clock’s ticking. Mr Mode and I had our very first ‘wedding planning meeting’ at a little cafe some time ago, we discussed the guest list………. and that was it. HAHAHA! Super inefficient meeting.

We’ve got our date sort of planned though. See, ‘sort of’. Can’t even provide a definite date. Am I getting married or not? =.=

It’s less than a year to our wedding and people always say that the most important thing to check off the to-do list of a wedding plan is to decide and book the venue.

Having started researching on possible venues for my kind of wedding, I dragged Mr Mode to Coastal Settlement on a bright and sunny afternoon.

I immediately fell in love with the walkway adorned with beautiful plants and lamps that would illuminate the path at night. I can only imagine how welcoming and romantic the scene would be for a wedding.





Get Beautiful, Silky Smooth Skin With SilkBath Botanics



Some things, we remember for life. Like that time when I fell into a drain and my mother laughed until she cried; when The Boyfriend of 10 years proposed; and when the same Boyfriend of 10 years said I smelt of curry.

Yes, you read correctly, CURRY. Pfft!

Now, now, I love my curries – Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese, Thai, but to be told I SMELL like I just had a curry bath really stank (literally)!

He probably asked it like this:


“Mode… hmmm… how come there’s a curry smell around you?”


But I heard it loud and clear as this:




That bottle of shower foam never saw the light of day again.

I wish I’d gotten acquainted with SilkBath much earlier, from the time it was first launched in 2005. But now I’ve got the chance! WOOHOO! Introducing the new SilkBath Botanics!



The new packaging appeals to me so much more, from the pretty pastel shades to the botanical illustrations.


I’m so happy to bid adios to shower foams that dry up my skin, smell like hospitals or leave an oily veil that make me conscious of getting near people lest they brush against my greasy skin.

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and HELLO! to a special blend of natural ingredients including Pure Argan Oil, Silk, Botanical Extracts and Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF) found in SilkBath! This unique formulation is coined Moisture Aid+.

When the structure of the outer layer of our skin is intact, our skin stays healthy – skin tightness, cracking, scaling and flaking are reduced.

NMF components mimic the structure and function of healthy skin, and maintain adequate skin hydration. Without NMF, water content in the outer layer would soon evaporate and the skin would become dry and cracked.

SilkBath Botanics shower foams defy dryness by being infused with NMF that allow our skin’s natural barrier defence to repair and regenerate itself despite being subjected to environmental distress, aging, diet, and long hours in air-conditioned places.

NMF in SilkBath is awesome because it:

–       Provides skin hydration retention 5 TIMES LONGER

–       Provides Skin Elasticity Retention 2 TIMES LONGER

–       Is the STRONGEST moisturizer available


Have you spotted the SilkBath posters at MRT stations, on buses and bus interchanges? 😀


SilkBath Ultra Nourish Cherry Blossom


The design on the Ultra Nourish Cherry Blossom bottle was what made me reach out to try it first.

Some shower foams made for dry skin might over-compensate with harsh moisturizers and leave those with normal skin with an oily after-wash feel.


Shu Uemura The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation | Shu Uemura Holiday Collection 2013


I don’t cover every event that I attend but because these two, coincidentally both by Shu Uemura, were the very first where I boldly appeared sans mask and with full-on makeup (complete with falsies because I missed being all dressed up!), I felt that they signified a big step towards my walking away from the shadows of the facial episode and into the light of a new me.


(Foundation: Lancome Mat Miracle BO-01)

It’s funny how I felt kinda nervous before and throughout the entire event where we got introduced to the new Shu Uemura The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation. I think I even looked awkward in these pictures. Forgot how to pose! HAHA!! Rusty round the edges!


Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation 10 shades

Shu Uemura launches the Lightbulb Foundation that delivers ‘natural glowing skin with perfect coverage to veil imperfections’ and ‘long-lasting moisture yet exquisite fit’. It retails for SGD75.00 and comes with the Lightbulb Sponge.

It is also known as 10克拉鑽石光粉底液 (10 carat-diamond foundation) in Taiwan and is madly popular there, as I’ve heard.


Salon Says It’s None Of Its F*cking Business



My dear friend,

How have you been? Thank you for staying with me.

Let me start by saying that it is no easy feat writing such posts – posts related to my horrible facial experience, my emotional and mental well-being, and the lengthy legal repercussions.

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for an update on this whole facial debacle. I know some people will tell me I don’t really have to apologize because I am entitled any length of time to recover, but as a blogger with a story who has touched the lives of many, I feel responsible to keep you guys updated, especially when I get asked about my case all the time.

But it is as difficult writing this as not writing this, if you get what I mean.

Every day as I go about my daily life and every night before I fall asleep, I weigh my options, I calculate consequences, I feel vexed. Underneath a cheerful exterior breeds tumultuous dark waters, suppressed only because my mind is strong enough to dispel negative thoughts. Most of the time, at least.

You’d think that by simply narrating one’s personal experience and sharing thoughts of anger, frustration, fear and moroseness is akin to writing a journal.

But NO, every single word that you read is borne from weeks, and for this particular post, MONTHS, of brainstorming, imagining best and worse case scenarios, conceptualizing angles, writing, editing, writing, deleting, writing, and wanting to give up.




*sian = slang for saying one is feeling despondent

SIGH. I am so tired of the salon’s nonsense. Are you tired of keeping up? Coz if you are, I totally understand. But this should be the last of my marathon of a case. More than anyone else in the world, I want to end this.

If you’re up for the last chapter of this story, let’s carry on. :)