Goodbye, Old Makeup! + My Gratitude Diary


I come from a family of hoarders. I think I hoard the most, add to the fact that I’m easily the worst organizer, my personal space is perpetually in a mess and if my mother weren’t the world’s best packer right down to the smallest items, I would never be able to find anything.

“Mum, where is my…. Oh thanks!”

“Mum, did you see my… You mean it was always right in front of me?”

“Mum, I cannot find my… How come you can always find everything??!”

I am not looking forward to the day I move out and live with The Fiance who is not really a hoarder but is as messy as I am. Actually he’s worse.

Hoarder-Messy person + Very messy person = I don’t know if I can live like that

I love makeup, and I love to keep makeup. Even if I don’t like a certain product and am pretty sure I will never use it again, I’ll still keep it around. You know, for the I-know-I’ll-need-it-some-day-and-I’m-such-a-genius-for-keeping-it moment. Problem is, I have the memory capacity of a cardboard box so I can never recall if I even have it in my possession.

Some years ago, I just casually asked “Mum, do you know where I can get one of those music sheet stand?” And in a few hours she presented one to me.

Like, what the? Since when did we have such a thing and space in our house for it?! Mum’s a magician. Sometimes I think our store room is more like the wardrobe from Narnia, and only she can walk through it.

Anyway, I’m sure we all have a little hoarder inside each of us. Some things we hold dear, and due to emotional attachment we simply cannot bear to get rid of, but for most hoarders, we just… hoard everything. No particular reason.

You know, at the time I was typing the above paragraphs my mum came and packed my dance shoes and bag away and then she went on to pack some files. HAHAHA! I don’t know, it felt kinda funny that here I was writing about her being such a great packer and there she was packing, trying to make our humble abode a better place to live in. I hope my kid(s) are great packers too so they can help pack my stuff and find my things.

I decided that in order for some new makeup to take residence in my makeup drawers, it was time to bid adieu to the old. Not being able to wear makeup doesn’t stop me from buying makeup. There is absolutely no correlation.


I took a basket, opened my drawers and started filling the basket.


Eyeshadow Depotting Tutorial: How To Depot Urban Decay Naked Palette Without Heat


Were you one of the first who went all I-NEED-TO-OWN-THIS when the original Urban Decay Naked Palette came out in the market and made every neutral-lovin’ lady swear to own one and get it for all her girlfriends??

I wasn’t.

I took a while to let the hype hit me. By the time I finally got interested, it pulled a worldwide out-of-stock trick on me. GOSH! I had to wait like FIVE MONTHS for Sephora Singapore to finally have it restocked and get my hands on it! (Pssst! You can get it at Doll To Doll Cosmetics now!)

Everyone I knew loved it – the velvet casing that lent chicness and sophistication; the beautiful 12 neutral shades of browns, bronzes, champagnes and erm, more browns; the prestige of being able to get it at all.

Then one day I had enough of how troublesome it was to have to grab the palette for 1 or 2 shades, how the velvet casing had attracted dust and looked shabby, how my favorites from the Naked Palette made up only half of the full 12 stretch. I also got acquainted with the Z Palette. Never looked back since!

Check out my other depotting tutorials:



See those with a dent? They are Virgin, Sin, Naked, Smog, Darkhorse, and Toasted.

One day I finally decided to rip my Naked apart. I loved how beautiful the shades looked in their original packaging, but I wanted those shades I like to use to take up as little space as possible and be able to bring them around without having to lug the entire palette along.

Step 1:

There’s no need for rubbing alcohol or heat. Depotting the Naked Palette is SO EASY.


Super Short But Fun Weekend Getaway In Kuala Lumpur!


This extremely short two-day-one-night getaway to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with a couple of friends couldn’t have had come at a better time. Min, QY and I were to meet a friend who resides in KL but he had to go out of town at the last minute and couldn’t meet us. With our flight tickets and accommodation already booked, we just went ahead anyway!

KL – SIN. Choose To Fly!

It was our first time taking a plane to KL. I’ve always taken a coach and the last time I went to KL was probably about 5 years ago. When QY said his coach ride took TEN HOURS to return from KL to Singapore the previous time (coz the driver went up to Genting to pick up passengers), I immediately said “No, let’s fly”. TEN HOURS!! Seriously, I cannot imagine the agony being on a bus for 10 hours when we can pay a little more to reach KL in less than 3 hours.

When we were younger and had plenty of time to spare, a coach ride might have been manageable. But now that we’re all working adults (ah yes, I do work), time is money. And money spent on sitting in a coach is not worth it.

The plane ride was so fast we didn’t even get to warm our seats! Before we knew it, we heard “Cabin crew, prepare for landing”. It was so unsuspected we burst out laughing! We hadn’t even had time to engage in deep conversations yet! Lol!

Within 45 minutes we had flown from Changi Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport! WOWZA! If you ever need to go to KL from Singapore, and have about SGD100 to spare for a return trip, I recommend you fly.

It would save you the agony of sitting in a coach in an upright position for more than 6 hours, forcing yourself to watch videos on a small screen (if you’re lucky enough to have any in-coach entertainment at all), stopping every other hour for toilet break, breaking out in cold sweat if you missed one stop and have to wait another 2 excruciating hours for the next toilet stop. Imagine exchanging all these for more time in KL eating and shopping! 😀

After taking the Aerotrain to KLIA’s arrival hall and getting through customs, we bought a taxi coupon for RM74.30 for 3 people. They implemented this system to eradicate touting. I like that. The other option would be to take the KLIA Express to KL Sentral, with each ticket costing RM35.00. This option would be good for those who are traveling alone and/or want to go direct to KL Sentral. Just in case you might be interested!

Our taxi ride to Royale Bukit Bintang took an hour, during which we all took the opportunity to catch forty winks. Because we chose to fly really early in the morning (0550) to get a whole day ahead once we reach, it was obviously too early to check in when we arrived at the hotel at 0800. So we left our bags with the hotel and went to have breakfast! YAYYY!!!

Jalan Petaling

The taxi ride to Jalan Petaling/Petaling Street cost us RM20. As with all our subsequent taxi rides, we don’t know if we got ripped or it was the normal rate coz Malaysian taxi drivers don’t go by meter, they look at you, then give a rate.

This was the first place we went to at Petaling Street – Jin Lian Ji, which is famous for their chee cheong fun and porridge.


Love the homely atmosphere of the restaurant. I don’t know whether ‘restaurant’ is apt, actually. Haha. It’s so old and run-down, yet in every corner breathed the memories of generations of families who have stepped foot in this place, where millions of breakfast talks had taken place, and where people had bonded over a simple plate of chee cheong fun.

Its bustling with life so early in the morning was what made this place so charmingly unique to us urbanites. I was mesmerized by the charcoal-burnt ceiling, the vintage flooring from the 60’s, crooked aluminum-wrapped pipes, customers sitting just behind the preparation station, customers talking to the owners like they’ve known them all their lives.


Left: Original chee cheong fun, lightly seasoned

Right: Sweet and spicy chee cheong fun


The chee cheong fun was SO GOOODDD!!! The noodles were silky smooth, very fine and not greasy. I cannot decide which I like better.