WOOHOO! I Have Depression!

At a bus stop, she sits for half an hour.

Where am I? She asks, her throat sour.

I don’t want to go home,

But 17%, says the life of her phone.


What are these, these hot streams of liquid,

Copiously blanketing the scarred canvas,

Are they the proceeds,

Of feelings never spoken?


Where from did these emotions come,

When did the old ones depart?

She punches in some words,

Unsure of what to do with the racing beats of her heart.


A mentally-checked list of the signs

Tells her what’s going on.

At least she knows now,

How to carry on.


She grumbles in baritone,   

As time passed unbeknown,

1%, says the life on her phone.




Here we go.

I think I have depression.



Shocking news? Shocked that I have depression or that I’m writing about my mental state so openly and unreservedly?

Or maybe you saw it coming.

I didn’t, however.


Lawyer’s Letter From MedLife Clinic & Surgery Demanding Clarification

Suay is my middle name.

In Hokkien, ‘suay’ means unlucky.

Juli-Suay-Bun. (Okie, Bun isn’t my actual surname.)

On 27 May 2013, I was invited for a facial at a beauty salon. This event unfortunately became a tragedy, which led to me suffering a skin condition which terrified and traumatized me, and also to my inbox and social media accounts to be bombarded with hundreds and hundreds of messages – some of love and support, some, till this day, asking for the name of the salon ‘in private’.

Hello darling, there is nothing ‘private’ between you and I if I have never met you and may never know you. What if you’re actually a spy from the salon masquerading as a fellow prey of another salon, trying to suss me out, testing if I would loosely share the identity and then SUE ME? Think I’m stupid or what?

Many bloggers have asked me for the salon’s name and I have unflinchingly declined. Even my friends don’t know the name of the salon. Actually they don’t give a shit about knowing which salon it is because they don’t want to put me in a difficult position in having to choose between confidentiality and honesty in a friendship.

People who ask don’t know me, people who know me don’t ask (or are very smart people who understand why I have remain tight-lipped about its identity).

On 31 May 2013, four days post-facial, I wrote a post documenting my arduous journey from the day of the facial to Night 4. I mentioned that I had gone to see a doctor and he had given me expired medicine and creams.

This is the first clinic I visited:




On 05 July 2013, I received a lawyer’s letter from MedLife Clinic & Surgery demanding clarification. I am posting this in response to their demand for clarification.

Before I tell my side of the story and I will stick to facts, I wish to make known the following:-

It was never my intention to defame MedLife Clinic & Surgery, to question their competence or to raise any suggestion regarding their professional ethics.  If this appeared to be the impression I have given, I apologise unreservedly to them for having given any readers this impression.

So here is my story, true, unabridged and factual:-


Because Your Brushes Deserve The Best Treatment With Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove


Since I will not be able to apply any face makeup for the time being, I decided I should just give all my brushes a good wash. I wash my brushes every weekend actually, but now… I guess I’ll only get to wash them in a few months since they’re all just sitting there unused. :( BOO.

(Erm, in case you don’t know why => My Horrific Facial Story)

How do you wash your makeup brushes? 

I first started with shampoo and conditioner, then Michelle Phan said she uses washing detergent so I tried it and it made my brushes feel squeaky and stooopid, then I found the incredible Daiso detergent and loved it, and then finally found permanent residence in the Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap.

For a long time, since forever, no matter what cleaning component used, I would swirl the brushes in my palm. I actually didn’t enjoy having my palm tickled that much, and after each brush cleaning session, my left palm would feel slightly sore and fingers would be wrinkled from having them in contact with water for an hour.

Yes, that’s how long I took to wash my brushes when I first started out. And I didn’t even have so many brushes back then! But knowing the importance of having clean brushes, I HAD to make them as clean as I could, that’s why I took so long.

Imagine having to wash all these brushes with my previous methods! GAWDNO!!


These are just some  of my more regularly used brushes. I house them in an acrylic stationery holder that I found at Japan Home. $5.00 only! Score! I like that there are dividers so the brushes don’t topple and the small ones don’t get crushed under the larger brushes. I place The Brush Guards in one of the compartments.

As therapeutic as brush-cleaning can be sometimes, I’d rather the therapy session be shorter. Haha!


Eyeshadow Depotting Tutorial: How To Depot Urban Decay Vintage Eyeshadows With Flat Iron


How I missed depotting! What better time than now, when I cannot play with face makeup, to do an eyeshadow depotting tutorial? 😀

Let’s depot Urban Decay Vintage Eyeshadows today!

I have here Woodstock, Psychedelic Sister, and Dashiki.


Goodbye, bulky pot.


Step 1:

Pry separate the black case from the silver container with a sharp object. Some people use a knife, but I have a fear of knives, so I use a stainless steel nail cuticle pusher. Less dangerous, but equally effective. Just wedge the blade in between and push the black case up.