My Horrific Post-Facial Experience. You Need To Read This.


Caution: This post contains graphic images of a face inflammed with red, angry pimples filled with pus. You might feel itchy and want to vomit after seeing these images. I totally understand if you run away from me if you saw me. Reader discretion advised.

However, I beseech you to carry on reading – for my sake, and yours.

Once upon a time not too long ago, I looked like this.


In fact, this was taken on the day of The Singapore Social Concerts, just 3 days before the skin-ravaging facial on Monday, 27 May 2013 .

I’ve never had ‘flawless skin’ – I’ve discussed that in my Garnier skincare post. I’ve been battling acne my whole post-puberty life and scars, freckles, hyperpigmentation, dark spots have constantly made themselves very much at home on my face.

No Photoshopping was done on the previous photo, to show you how my skin looks like with only makeup. Just in case you want to know, I used Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB as a base, and Lancome Mat Miracle Foundation on my face. They’ve never given me any problems in the past few months of use. This is my best face paint combination in my life, in fact.

In this post, all the photos you see were edited only for size. There was no Photoshopping involved – I have no desire to make the condition seem better or worse than it really is.

I will not reveal the name of the facial salon in this post, NOT in the interest of protecting its reputation, but because I truly believe that no sane organization would intentionally cause harm to its customers. Okie, maybe you’d quote the China fake milk powder stories to show that people would do anything for a quick buck,  but this was a sponsored facial and the salon would obviously not want to incur the wrath of the blogger and its potential clients.

Mr Mode is livid that despite them inflicting so much pain – physically and emotionally – on me, I still choose to keep the identity of the salon a secret.

If you see me on Sunday at the Bloggers Bazaar, I’d most probably be wearing a mask so that I won’t scare people away, and also to minimize further bacterial infection.

Day 1

This was how my skin looked like minutes after the facial.




Juicy Couture Spring/Summer Collection 2013 | Singapore Social Concert 2013


Before I spam you share with you see the rest of our fabulously taken photos at the Juicy Coutur Spring/Summer 2013 launch, let me first tell you how excited I am about The Singapore Social Concert by Starcount that’s happening TOMORROW!


I don’t listen to English songs that much but I do know CeeLo sings ‘Forget You’ (and its alternative rendition), Carly Rae Jepsen sings ‘Call Me Maybe’, and PSY… who doesn’t know PSY, please!! Pardon me if you’re a fan of Blush, but I really don’t know who they are. Woops. (Tuning in to Chinese songs on the radio while typing out this post. Funny how my brain is able to listen to Chinese while I think and type in English. Lol.)

I chose to go for the 24 May concert which showcases these stars because the 25 May one only has Aerosmith and… I don’t think I’ll enjoy it much if I can only recognize ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ for the entire night. You still can get tickets here!

Thank you Nuffnang and Starcount for the tickets! It’s in 22 hours!!! WOOOOHOOO!!!! I’ll take plenty of pictures, I promise! =D

Okie! So before I come home tomorrow night and tell you how awesome that concert was, here are crazy pictures of us taken at the Juicy Couture Spring/Summer Collection 2013!

The (extremely subtle) theme was ‘modern pin-up’ and themed parties fuel me endlessly. ‘Pin-up’ in my impression was simply a beautiful woman with red lipstick.

Just to make sure, I Googled it.


I was mortified. WHAT SEXY SYMBOL!!??! Hello, not my style! Lol!!! I told the girls this style is all wrong for me.

But one must not complain about the theme and must do one’s best to adhere to it. So I went with a simple eye makeup, thick eyeliner (like I always sport anyway), and a red lipstick. Oh, and I stuck a flower in my hair. *cue Paso Doble Spanish Gypsy music*


From my Instagram (@bunbunmakeuptips)


My Mascara Soul Mate: Lioele Blooming Volume & Curling Mascara


We may have been in a relationship with several people in our lives, but truly loved only one or two. That one being in the entire universe who gets all your lame jokes, humors you, plays with you, laughs and cries with you and thinks of your socially awkward  nuances as special.

Finding the perfect mascara is like meeting your soul mate. I may have gone through more tubes of mascaras than I have of fingers and toes, but have truly only loved two.

BAHAHAHAHA!!! What’s with all these analogies about soul mates and whatnots! Feeling particularly emotive on this cheery Saturday morning coz it’s Mode day! =P *whistles a happy song*

One of the two was the Lancome Oscillation Mascara, and the other, the subject of review for today – Lioele Volume & Curling Mascara.

How then, does one conclude that a particular mascara is destiny?

LOL! Okie okie, I’ll stop with all these cliched but nonetheless romantic finding-your-soul-mate talk.


Hello, soul mate.


If I had to choose between eyeshadow and mascara, I’d take mascara anytime. Mascara opens up your peepers, darkens your lashes, and depending on type, does marvellous things such as volumizing, lengthening, curling, lash-separation and the confidence to flirt your eyes out.


Beauty Blog Link Love 18/05/13


Bun Bun Makeup Tips wonders why it took her so long to finally try, review, and swatch the awesome Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows!

Musicalhouses tries out a summer staple (yellow nail polish), and thinks she just might like it!

Phyrra brings you all of the new Silk Naturals Chromatics Cream Eye Colors. Will you fall in love with them?

There’s makeup bases, and then there’s makeup bases. Don’t miss theNotice’s review of the super-cool shu uemura POREraser & Brightening Mousses — these are definitely the latter!

Jude reviews the WrinkleMD Eye Hyaluronic Filler Patch System. Is this really the No-Needle alternative to Botox and fillers?


How Does The Monistat Chafing Relief Gel Face Primer Perform After One Year?

Yup, this little tube of goodness lasted me one whole year and it cost me less than a haircut.

Nothing has changed one bit, the Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel is still my favorite face primer applied after moisturizer and before foundation, except the fact that it looks very much different from when I got it a year ago. The old one dries a lot faster on the skin too.

This extremely affordable primer is a must-have if you have oily skin and want to prevent makeup from sliding off your skin by afternoon. Make sure that your skin is not allergic to silicon though. I prefer the formula of the Monistat face primer over other popular face primers.


Teal-Turquoise Hair | 30% Off Hair Services at Salon Vim | Samsung Fashion Steps Out | CrabTree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow


When people ask me “Isn’t it damaging to change your hair color on a monthly basis??”, I smile and reply “Yes, if you don’t treat your hair after a dye/bleach job. But my hair now is SO MUCH healthier than it has ever been, all because of regular hair treatments”.


(I wonder if blonde works for me.)

Had to bleach it to allow the green/blue pigments to go on. I know bleaching sounds scary, I used to be fervently against the idea of bleaching because I’ve seen one too many cases of a botched bleach job. The idea of walking around with twigs as hair scared me endless.


6_With Wand_120 Just so you know: On one of the occasions I was at Salon Vim, Gary told me that hair, even without any chemical infusion, requires occasional treatments to combat the damage acquired from products and environmental factors, and bring back shine and volume. So if you’ve dyed your hair, shouldn’t your hair be given even more tender loving care? 😀



I was the first blogger to try out the Arimino Privy treatment (just happened to be there the morning after they launched it) and my stylist, Weng, was shocked that my hair instantly became so soft! Everyone who came to touch me hair commented that this new hair treatment is AMAZING!


You know what? For the entire month of May 2013, Salon Vim is giving a discount of 30% off all hair treatments! It’s a FANTASTIC deal, I must say. The Arimino Privy hair treatment costs $90-$160, depending on hair length, BEFORE DISCOUNT. What better time than now to give your hair some lovin’?

Oh, remember to quote ‘Juli‘ or ‘Bun Bun Makeup Tips‘ to get the 30%. Everyone at the salon calls me Bun Bun. Haha! I like to be called Bun Bun, it somehow sounds very endearing.